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Mary Ann's Valentine


Mary Ann Summers was more than a little morose. She liked many parts of her life on the uncharted island in the Pacific where she and six other people were shipwrecked, but she missed things she had always enjoyed doing at home in Kansas. Two things she missed the most were receiving valentines from her many suitors in her small home town and attending the annual Valentine's Day dance at the local high school of which she was an alumnus. With all days being virtually identical, she hadn't even realized the next day would be that most romantic of holidays until she heard a commercial on the portable radio The Professor managed to keep operable.

Gilligan heard the same broadcast, and it surprised and saddened him to see gloom casting such a shadow over the usually perky, smiling face of the pretty brunette. He was very fond of Mary Ann, especially since he had been fixed up with her by the matchmaker among the seven castaways. Besides the great sex he was enjoying with the sweet young farm girl, the best he had ever known, he genuinely liked her. Not being very sensitive about the moods and needs of women, he had no idea what the problem was, and wouldn't have known what to do about it if he had. However, he did know one member of the group of seven stranded castaways who would know such things, and he could ask her about it.

"Mrs. Howell, Can you help me? This morning, we were listening to the radio, and Mary Ann was her usual cheerful self until, all of a sudden, she became really unhappy. I don't know why, but I thought you might."

"Eunice "Lovey" Howell, wife of the wealthy Thurston Howell III did know what the problem was, but it was not from any shrewdness on her part. Less than an hour earlier, Mary Ann had told her in confidence how she missed getting dozens of valentines and attending the dance held annually on February 14. Nobody knew where she was and could neither send her the customary heart-shaped greetings nor escort her to the ball nor dance with her once they got there. She was not a gossip, at least in some matters, and would rarely violate a trust, but Mrs. Howell did know when to pass on confidential information, and she believed this was one of those times.

"Gilligan, Mary Ann is sad because..." She then went on to recount how much and why the pretty young woman missed her home town on Valentine's Day.

Gilligan listened and, oddly enough, he understood. Being the closest thing to a boyfriend Mary Ann had, he considered himself to be the person best suited to rectify the situation. Besides that, he took great pleasure in the mutual oral sex he had with her and wanted to do something to show his appreciation and affection. The problem was, he didn't know how to do that. He had no paper to cut into hearts and nothing to use to do the cutting. His sweater was red, but not dark enough and, even if he were able to cut it into the appropriate shapes, he would then have nothing to wear.

As for dancing, he was too clumsy to be any good at that, and the only source of music would be the radio, which was too important to the castaways to be entrusted to him. It was their only link to the outside world and The Professor, who had custody of it, would never let him use it or entrust it to anybody in his company. He and everybody else on the island believed, with good reason, that Gilligan would accidentally lose it in the deepest part of the ocean or drop it off a cliff or into the volcano. He very much wanted to do something, but did not know what.

Whenever Gilligan was perplexed, which was frequently, he walked by himself into the interior of the island. On that day, his thoughts were of Mary Ann, on her sweet disposition and pretty face and her surprisingly sexy body. Since the fixup by Mrs. Howell, they had frequently gone to a secluded part of the island and shared heavenly sexual pleasure, but strictly limited to oral. Mary Ann was a good girl and a virgin and determined to stay that way until her bridegroom took her maidenhead on their wedding night.

His wandering feet took Gilligan to their favorite trysting place, a small, flat stretch of land that overlooked the ocean and was screened from the interior of the island by a tangle of thick bushes. It had a southern exposure, and the soft ground would always be warm and comfortable to their bare bodies. There he stopped and looked around, hoping for an inspiration of some kind.

He found one. "Their place" was covered with soft grass, but the soil directly under the bushes that screened it from farther inland was bare and red. Not being a chemist or a soils engineer, Gilligan was not aware of how metallic compounds, such as those of iron, could color dirt, He just knew what was under the bushes was very close to the color he wanted for the heart on the valentine he wanted to make for Mary Ann. He went over to it, reached under a bush to scoop some up and sifted it through his hands.

"This is the right color," he mused out loud. "I wonder if I could mold some of it into a heart shape."

He tried, but the dirt had too much of a sandy texture, and would not retain the form he was thinking of. After a few minutes, he gave up on the idea and dropped the handful of sand. It landed a few feet from the bushes on ground that was a lighter shade than the dirt he had been trying to mold. Gilligan sat and stared at it and an idea came to mind.

According to legend, many great discoveries have come about because of lucky accidents. It is said that Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity when an apple fell from a tree and struck him on the head, and that Archimedes discovered his famous principle when his bathtub overflowed after he got into the water. So it was with Gilligan. The dirt he dropped landed on the ground roughly in a heart shape, and he realized he could use a larger quantity of the red soil and spread it on darker ground in the shape of a heart.

While still in high school, he had read about sand painting by Navahos in the American Southwest, how they poured colored sand and other materials into shapes on the ground or other surfaces. Gilligan had no artistic skills and no tools but his hands, but he didn't need anything else. The first thing he did was to go back to the open area overlooking the ocean and denude a small area of grass. The dirt there was loose; the grass pulled up easily, and he continued until he had a bare spot about five feet square, which he smoothed and firmed with his hands.

With the surface prepared, he started adding his painting materials. He made dozens of trips between the bushes and his "canvas," dumping double handfuls of red sand until he thought he had enough. "I can always go back for more," he told himself.

After smoothing those materials into a flat surface that occupied almost all the bare dirt he had exposed, Gilligan used a stick to draw the appropriate shape. It wasn't perfect, and he had to make corrections as he went along but, when he was done, the shape he had drawn was easily recognizable as a heart. Using his hands again, Gilligan cleared away all the sand outside the perimeter he had drawn so the red heart stood out clearly against the dark brown of the dirt background. He stepped back to admire his handiwork.

It was a good start, he decided, but it needed something more. Before becoming a sailor, Gilligan had sent hundreds of valentines and had even received a few. All those greetings included some kind of sentimental or affectionate message, and the one he had made for Mary Ann said nothing at all. Using the stick he had used earlier, he printed "Willy Gilligan loves Mary Ann Summers," using his full name that nobody ever used.

With the message printed, he looked at the valentine again. It was better, but the romantic words still did not stand out enough. That lack would be easy to correct, he opined, because there were millions of blossoms on the bushes and trees all around him, which was another of the reasons Mary Ann enjoyed going there for their sexual adventures. He set out to collect enough to press into the scratched out words and make them stand out.

"Written in flowers should be good enough," he told himself.

Only on rare occasions did Gilligan bare his head, and this was one of them. The small white and pink blossoms he chose were fragile, and would have been crushed if he had tried to hold them in his hands, so he took off his hat and used it as a basket when he collected the flowers. Once again, he made many trips, enough to gather his materials and insert them in the words he had scratched out but, when he was done, the valentine looked as good as any he had ever seen in a store. He was satisfied with what he had spent all day making, and hoped Mary Ann would like it too. It was already dusk, and time to join the others, but he would bring his sweetie to see it the next day.

In the morning, which was Valentine's Day, Mary Ann was even more unhappy, and seemed to have hardly any appetite. At the community table, she didn't take much interest as she picked at her breakfast of fruit and freshly baked bread, staples in the diet of the castaways. When she pushed away the large leaf which had been serving as her plate and got off the bench to walk back to the hut she served with Ginger Grant, the movie star, Gilligan hurried to join her.

"Mary Ann, would you like to go for a walk with me? I've got something I want to show you."

"What is it?"

"It's a surprise."

"I'm really not in the mood for surprises."

"C'mon, you'll like this one."

"Oh, alright."

Although feeling glum about the rather dreary Valentine's Day she expected to experience, Mary Ann gave in. She liked Gilligan, not just because of the way he ate her pussy and the way his cock felt in her mouth, but also for himself. Although not very bright and a bumbler, he was a good-hearted young man, and she saw no reason to refuse something that was probably harmless and that seemed to be important to him. They set out into the jungle, which was quite familiar to them by that time. Ten minutes after they started, she realized he was taking her to the place where they had shared sexual pleasures in the past.

"Gilligan, I don't feel like doing that today."

"Doing what?"

"You know. Fooling around up here like we do sometimes."

"That's not why I'm bringing you here. I just want to show you something, and you won't have to do anything you don't want to."

"Oh, alright," she muttered, and continued to allow Gilligan to lead her to their trysting place.

They pushed through the bushes until they came to the open space that held happy memories for them. Even in the middle of February, the air was warm that close to the Equator, and the sun was high in the sky, shining down on them and their surroundings. The valentine Gilligan had made for Mary Ann was not visible because of the tall grass that surrounded it, but he knew where it was and wanted to lead her there.

"Okay, now close your eyes."

Having come this far already, she went along with what was asked of her, tightly closing her eyes as he led her out into the warm grass and the soft dirt until he stopped her. Gilligan went behind her back and gently held her arms and gave her the next instruction.

"Okay, now open your eyes and see what I made for you.

Mary Ann opened her pretty blue eyes and stared at what was in front of her. She opened them wider when she saw Gilligan's work of art, which was the most beautiful thing she had ever laid eyes on. Her two-day gloom vanished; a wide smile spread across her face and she turned to embrace the man who had worked so hard and so diligently to do such a wonderful thing for her.

"Gilli..er, Willy, you are the sweetest man in the world. Nobody has ever given me such a beautiful valentine before."

She kissed him on the cheek and leaned back, smiled up at his face and kissed him again, full on his lips this time. As Mary Ann pressed her soft, red lips against those of Gilligan, she opened her mouth wide and tried to plunge her tongue into his. She succeeded, something they had never done on any of their previous sexual encounters.

When she broke off the kiss and stepped back, she still held his arm. "Let's dance," she sang out sweetly, continuing to favor him with her dazzling smile.

"I can't dance."

"Don't worry. I'll dance with you anyhow."

The happy brunette released her grip on his arm and twirled away, returning to hold his hand in hers and raise his arm to twirl under it and back again. Once again, she pirouetted away, this time returning to embrace her beau and press her gorgeous body against him. Mary Ann took hold of the hem of Gilligan's sweater and started to pull up on it. He raised one arm, while holding his hat on with the other hand and, when the sweater was pulled free of his head and that arm, held out the other so she could strip the garment off him. With that gone, she started on the buttons of his shirt.

"C'mon, Willy. You have to do some of the dancing," she urged.

He didn't know exactly what she meant, so he just allowed her to unbutton and pull off his shirt. Facing him again, she showed him what she meant. Mary Ann held the fingers of both his hands and raised them to the neckline of her red and white gingham blouse. Not being overly bright, but also not being a complete idiot, Gilligan knew what she meant then, and he started unfastening the buttons. Unaccustomed to such delicate work, he had some trouble, but eventually succeeded in opening the front of Mary Ann's blouse. She gaily turned her back on him and let him pull it off her.

"Now my bra," she told him.

He was even more unaccustomed to unfastening that kind of thing, having never done it before, but he persevered and unhooked the clasp. The pink garment came off in his hand, and Mary Ann turned back to face him again, her arms spread and her luscious breasts bouncing and swaying. Once again, she embraced and kissed him, but quickly let go and unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his ankles.

"Lie down," she told him. "No, not there. Right next to your beautiful valentine."

He did what she wanted, and Mary Ann removed her sneakers and bobby sox as she knelt beside him, facing the sand and flower heart which was so special to her. She gazed happily at it for a few more seconds, before removing the shoes and socks of the man who had made it for her, followed by pulling his pants the rest of the way off around his feet and setting them aside. His undershorts quickly joined the pile of clothing, and Gilligan lay naked in the soft grass with his cock sticking up into the air.

Still looking at her valentine, Mary Ann put her arm under Gilligan's head and kissed him long and hard, their tongues mingling again. During the kiss, she reached down with her other hand to fondle his cock, which was almost fully hard already. The touch of her soft, warm hand quickly turned it completely erect, and she began kissing down the length of his body until her lips were at its base. She didn't particularly care for the feel of his pubic hair, so Mary Ann raised her face until her mouth was directly over Gilligan's stiff cock.

Snaking out her tongue, she licked the head, relishing the texture, like warm velvet. She was a virgin, and had no intention of changing it that day. No cock had ever been inside her pussy, but more than a few tongues had stroked all around her there, and she always sucked off her boyfriends and even casual dates. Mary Ann saw no reason to eschew sexual pleasure when she could enjoy orgasms, both her own and those of boys in the back seats of cars and still retain her maidenhead. However, with boys and men she really liked, there were some special things she did, and she liked Gilligan more than any of them just then, so she would do some of the things that had given her partners the most pleasure in the past.

While continuing to gaze at her treasured valentine, she slowly, lowered her face, licking Willy's cock in concentric circles until she was caressing under the ridge. She nestled the head between her lips and kept licking, concentrating on the slit for a minute, before lowering her head farther, engulfing his cock in her mouth, her tongue fondling the shaft while she enveloped it. Moving slowly, wanting the wonderful man with her to fully enjoy what she was doing, Mary Ann took his cock all the way into her mouth, even opening her throat so its entire length slid in and his brown pubic hair was tickling her nose and lips.

She left it there for almost a minute, her tongue curling around and all over the shaft while she alternated gazing at his cute face and the marvelous valentine Willy had made for her. She had to breathe, though, so Mary Ann slowly raised her face, continuing to lave the cock in her mouth until just the head was cradled between her lips. Not wanting him to cum too quickly, she continued moving slowly and engulfed the hard shaft again, letting her tongue give him the most pleasure she could.

For ten minutes, Mary Ann lovingly stroked Gilligan's shaft between her lips and watched the expressions of pleasure flicker across his face while his body squirmed under her. She enjoyed what she was doing too, the feel of his rigid cock surging into her warm, wet mouth and the smooth skin stretched over its hard roundness. It was a delight to both young people, but Mary Ann decided to change slightly and give Willy and herself another kind of sexual pleasure.

She took his cock out of her mouth and held it with the fingers of one hand while her other hand held a breast. This was a treat reserved only for her favorites, and she derived a great deal of pleasure from it too, so she started rubbing her nipple against his cock. After a few seconds, she switched breasts and applied her other hard nubbin. Pleasure coursed through her body, and the three-way connection was established between her nipples and her clit. Mary Ann could feel juices begin to flow and drip from her pussy, and she knew this would be another kind of treat for her beau, because he loved licking up all her juices while eating her pussy.

Nothing like what Mary Ann was doing had ever happened to Gilligan before. He was getting a tremendous sexual treat, as well as the visual one of looking at the lovely breasts providing it. The slow caresses of Mary Ann's lips had been bringing him slowly in the direction of a climax, but the actions of her erect nipples increased the pace. It got even better for him when she moved to a place between his outstretched legs so she could stroke his cock between those lovely soft mounds.

Still gazing raptly at her beautiful valentine, Mary Ann leaned forward until his cock was pressed between her breasts and used her hands to squeeze his shaft between the succulent orbs. This created a delightfully soft channel, and she began slowly caressing Willy's cock between her breasts. The head was close to her mouth with every stroke, and she snaked out her tongue to enjoy the soft, velvety surface again.

She continued like that for a long time, pleasuring her boyfriend and herself with her breasts and her soft, smooth face. Sometimes she kissed the head when it approached her mouth. Sometimes she nestled it between her lips and fondled it with her tongue, paying special attention to the slit. Sometimes she licked it and other times Mary Ann turned her face slightly and caressed his cock with her soft cheek. With every stroke, she gave pleasure to her sweetie and to herself, from the sensations her breasts were feeling and from watching the movements of his face and body and knowing she was providing Willy with so much joy.

They had plenty of time, so Mary Ann was moving slowly and making their sexual delights last, but she finally felt his cock throbbing between her breasts and knew he was close to cumming. That has always been her favorite part of sucking off a man so, while still observing Gilligan's face and contemplating the valentine he had made, she took his cock back into her mouth. Not wanting him to cum directly down her throat and deprive her of the benefit of the taste and texture of his semen before swallowing it, she only took his cock in as far as the back of her mouth. She sucked faster too, and kept her tongue prepared to catch the viscous fluid he was about to ejaculate.

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