tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMary at the Beach Ch. 04

Mary at the Beach Ch. 04


Mary looked at both girls. Their eyes would dart from Mary's face to the hand between her legs. They were waiting for something. "No, I'll move it," Mary complied.

She drifted the hand to the side, as she let the other two girls look. Although things were dead silent, Mary's ears were wringing from the sound of her pounding heart. She didn't know if what to anticipate or expect.

Julie gave a look to Jenny, and then the two both started to lower themselves, putting their heads on level with Mary's new exposed sex. They were getting a closer look, but Mary became too timid. She backed off a couple of steps. Julie giggled under her breath. "Oh come on, just come a little closer, we won't bite."

Mary shakily made a few small steps forward, but didn't get too close. She felt weird about just walking her naked lower half in front of Jenny and Julie. Jenny and Julie leaned in to bridge the gap. Again Mary was becoming all kinds of worried when Julie took awhile to not say anything. The teasing was bad enough, but just the silence of them staring and observing was killing her in a different way.

Mary almost wanted to run off. She was wondering if the naked streak over to her things at the beach, grabbing her dress, and then hiding in the car would be less embarrassing.

"I can't quite make a call, could you spread your legs just a bit?" Julie asked. Mary's heart practically stopped beating. She couldn't fathom opening her legs right there like that, with them so close. She knew that beyond the intimate view, they'd also know how all of this attention had been affecting her.

Julie without a word placed her hands on Mary's thighs. Mary felt a shiver go through her body. The touch was so warm; she almost wished it could stay like that for a moment. Julie had a mission though, and began to push Mary's legs apart. Mary was too wrapped up in the moment to fight back.

"Well I will admit that I wouldn't be able to make a call on who is more turned on, you both look like you're in a lot of need." Julie said, in a forced serious tone.

Mary was practically speechless from the claim, but Jenny actually spoke up for the first time in awhile, "Shut up!"

"I of course can't really call which I like better. I'm partial more to Mary since her hair is a little sparser, doesn't hide her as much as yours does Jenny darling. All in all though, I can't say I dislike either of your naked forms." She then got up, Jenny did too. Jenny and Mary exchanged awkward glances, knowing just how much they just revealed to each other. "Now time to get in the water!" Julie exclaimed as she gave both girls a swat on the butt and took running into the lake.

Jenny went along too, both girls already getting deeper and deeper into the lake. Mary approached much slower. Beyond coming off from such a crazy emotional rollercoaster, she also was hesitant to just run out into the water. She still wasn't sure how well hidden they might be. She made her way slowly make sure no one could seem them from close by.

Mary didn't realize until she was completely submerged that this was her first time skinny dipping. Every other time she'd gone swimming, she'd always have something on. Now she was completely naked, only the water wrapping around her flesh.

The cool water helped Mary relax a little, but her mind couldn't get off of what all just happened. She didn't get why all the embarrassment was so intense. Julie seemed to have some knack for turning things embarrassing. She figured it had something to with the teasing and the more thorough look. She also noticed though that Jenny seemed to be just as affected by it. She had looked very embarrassed, and it seemed far from an act. Mary was starting to understand that the embarrassment was always real for Jenny. She couldn't understand why she would put herself through it.

Mary didn't spend her time just wading in the water though. She took some time to swim. She swam over to a more open part of the lake. She could make out the beach, but couldn't make details of the people out there, so she felt safe enough. She actually admitted to liking the idea that all these people could potentially look at her, but not know she was naked.

Mary also loved how the water felt. She didn't know just how restraining a suit could feel till it was gone. Mary thought it was actually sort of like the sun or wind. All these natural elements had some form of amazing feeling when on a part of the body that isn't normally applied. Even a bath wasn't the same. Mary wondered if the thrill of being outside naked perhaps increased the feeling of these things.

The girls had their merriment in the water. Jenny though reminded them they shouldn't stay too long, the day was going to come to a close soon.

They got out of the water. Mary felt extra cold getting out, being naked after all didn't help.

"How about we walk the path a little, naked of course. I mean we haven't heard anyone come by. Just a few hundred feet before we reach the beach." Julie suggested.

Mary knew that the beach was busy, but Julie was also right. They hadn't heard or seen anyone on the path. Mary agreed and the girls grabbed their suits and pushed out through the trees to get back to the path.

Mary had gotten use to the secluded area they found. The swimming had actually gotten peaceful. Her heart started beating at its fast pace now that they were back in a greater risk area. She wouldn't have time to put her suit on if someone started coming by, and she wasn't sure how well she would be able to hide either.

All three girls naked and wet walked down the path though. Not much was said, they mostly took in the forest sights, not to mention the thrill of the moment.

Mary had some things she wanted to ask though. Her curiosity was peeking. It took her awhile, but she eventually got up the courage to talk to Jenny about earlier. "All this embarrassing nudity stuff, why do you do it? How are you not use to it?"

"It's hard to explain. I'm sure you know about the thrill to it. I guess because of that thrill, it's hard to get use to the embarrassment. You get addicted. Your mind regresses to a state where, even though you know people have seen your nips, or someone has gotten a little close to between your legs, it still makes your face go red and your heart race. In the moment you wish it wasn't happening, but you're off letting it happen next time. It's all a type of mindset, you get stuck in a loop thinking about it more than you should," Jenny actually again was blushing as she explained this. Normally Mary would ask questions and the two of them always seemed so confident. Mary didn't know if she was finding what made Jenny a little uncomfortable or if this was just Jenny being in that mindset she just explained. "I guess I'm not making the most of sense though, sorry."

"No it's fine. I guess that makes sense sort of. I'm not sure if I fully understand though, maybe it comes with experience," Mary reasoned.

"We could set up one last thing for you. A little something to see how you deal with a true embarrassing moment," Julie offered.

"What do you mean?" Mary asked. Mary began to put her suit on now that they were getting closer to the exit of the path. Not to mention that the look in Julie's eye Mary was starting to become wary of. She wanted to make sure she was dressed before she tried to get her into some kind of trouble.

"Oh, well for the most part most of the times that you've been exposed, you sort of know what's happening. Yet what if it was something you didn't know about. I know Jenny likes the surprise of it all, maybe it's time you try it."

"OH my no, I don't think that's the best, I mean to say that maybe I'm not the type for..." Mary wanted to come up with an excuse. The idea over all seemed scary. She was use to knowing or seeing her audience and stuff first. She couldn't imagine being in the total dark like how Jenny was half the time.

"We wouldn't strip you naked, and it would be pretty tame compared to some of Jenny's stunts. If she hadn't been exposed so much already, she'd probably be pulling the good lost bikini in the lake stunt," Julie said. She and Jenny were now getting their bikinis on too.

The whole stunt sounded wild. Knowing she wouldn't be stripped naked did ease her worry about the idea.

"Just try it out. You've never regretted our suggestions before. It's always good to try new things."

Mary thought about it. "And you won't warn me at all?"

"Nope, heck we might not even do it. We might not find a good chance and you'll walk out of here without anything being put on show." Julie was grinning, knowing just how much Mary was probably considering it.

Mary wasn't too sure, but she had trusted the two in the past, and although it's been embarrassing, she never was hurt, and she never truly regretted any of it. "I guess we can try."

Julie was happy to hear that. Now Mary had to wait for the moment they tried anything. On the entire walk back, even when there was no one around, Mary was still worried and cautious whenever Julie so much as took one step closer to her. She didn't know what she had planned or when she would strike. Her nerves were already shot.

She thought the walk out of the path was tough, but she found a new challenge now that they were back on the beach. The beach was still busy, and as they passed every person, Mary couldn't imagine what it would be like if she was stripped in front of any of them. She knew that she agreed, but she tried to keep a fast pace to avoid being near Julie. She didn't want so many people to view any hidden skin.

Packing their things was nerve racking. Mary figured that since they weren't in too busy of an area, Julie might choose to strip her now. She wondered if Julie would take her top or her bottoms. She knew that even though there wasn't anyone too close by, people would probably still notice something.

They got their things packed safely though. They began to walk away from the beach. Julie had her hands full with stuff, so Mary was starting to feel safer as they headed to the car. Julie wouldn't be able to grab anything with her hands full.

The walk to the car was short. Mary was starting to think that none of the situations looked right, that Julie had missed some chance like she said she might. Mary was feeling relieved now. Jenny got the trunk open and began to place her things inside. Julie still had her things so Mary knew she had to be safe.

She walked forward and began putting her stuff into the trunk when she felt it happen though. Her bikini bottoms were pulled right down her butt and to her knees. She didn't even have time to look back and see what was happening until they were already at her ankles.

Rather than finding Julie being the one to pull them down, Jenny was crouched at the ground, grinning madly as she started to pull the bottoms off Mary's feet. Mary didn't even know what to do. She wasn't happy that she had left her guard down. It was foolish to have not suspected Jenny to try anything.

This is also when Mary realized her surroundings. Not only was she now bottomless, but there were a few other groups of people around, going to their cars too. Mary couldn't believe they were all being treated to the view of her naked butt. Mary couldn't even cover anything with her hands being full.

"Oh my god!" She exclaimed, not thinking straight. Had she the moment to think about, she would have known loudly saying that would only draw attention, but she was too far gone to stop and think. She quickly dropped her things in the trunk and slapped both hands across her bare butt. She lowered herself more to the ground, as if to try and shrink and hide for site. She just looked back at Jenny, who was now waving her bikini bottoms around in victory.

"Come get them." Jenny said as she dangled them like a treat for Mary. Mary was frozen in fear though. A few people had indeed stopped to look, and Mary felt even more trapped.

Mary slowly stood up. She moved her hands to her front as she turned. She tightly had both hands guarding between her legs. She knew everyone around her now could see a lot of skin. Bare legs and bare hips, and only a small piece of fabric around her breast and her hands gave her any modesty. Mary slowly walked near Jenny, but Jenny just pulled away when she got close.

"Please, let me have them back," Mary begged, Jenny didn't seem to care though. She now held them high into the air. Mary tried reaching with one hand, but Jenny was taller. She was hesitant, but Mary began to hop to try and get them, but Jenny was quick to always pull the bottoms away. Mary was starting to feel the adrenaline. She was getting a point where she would do anything to get dressed again.

People were able to watch on as the bottomless girl tried to reach her bikini. Jenny was cruel and started to circle around Mary. Mary without thinking would turn to follow her, eventually turning so much that it turned her naked butt to the all the people watching. Her hopping only made her butt jiggle, to the delight of the people watching.

Mary tried to get closer and she could feel a lot of her bare flesh starting to touch Jenny's. She normally wouldn't be so bold, but she was becoming desperate. Jenny though mumbled, "Sorry," real quietly amongst the struggle for a moment.

Mary didn't know what was going on. In one moment she was reaching for her bottoms, in the next Jenny was grabbing both of her wrists and turning her around. Mary felt as if everything stopped. She saw the couple of groups of eyes looking at her. She saw the mixed expressions of shock and surprise. She could feel Jenny holding both her arms to the side. She now faced forward, bottomless, and arms bound at her sides.

Mary wasn't quiet about this. She gasped a quick scream as she started to grunt as she tried to struggle free. She couldn't believe all these strangers were able to see her nakedness like this. She wasn't able to hide at all her exposed pubic region. She tried to move her legs up to hide, but her struggling required her to have both feet planted on the ground.

Eventually Mary did get an arm free. She got it between her legs as she now twisted away and got her other arm free. Jenny and Julie were both laughing. Jenny was obviously done trying anymore because Mary was able to swipe her bottoms back. She didn't even put them on. She couldn't stand just standing there in front of all the witnesses of the scene that just went on. Everyone was able to watch Mary's naked butt as she ran and hid in the back seat of the car. Even though she was only fully exposed like she was for a moment, Mary was completely shaken to her foundation.

The car ride was quiet after Jenny and Julie got inside and left. They knew it was probably best to leave Mary alone for a moment. They could see that Mary's face was very red. All she did for half the trip just stare down at the floor.

Julie broke the silence though part way through the trip, "I understand that probably was a lot. If it's something you don't ever want to happen, just let us know. We're proud that you even tried it. If we crossed a line though, we want to know." Mary didn't respond, but Jenny and Julie weren't surprised.

They eventually stopped at Mary's house. They helped her carry her things in. A word still wasn't spoken, and Mary's face was still red.

"I guess we'll be going now. You're going to be ok?" Jenny asked. She gave Mary a hug, "I really am sorry if it was too much."

Mary finally opened her mouth, "its ok. It was very embarrassing, and I felt like I could just die, but," Mary paused for a moment to think. "It might be ok if something like it happened again." Mary's blush only brightened after admitting it. Jenny and Julie both chuckled as each gave another hug.

"So maybe next we'll meet we'll surprise you with a quick pantsing!" Julie said as she pulled Mary's bottoms down to the ground. They walked off to the car as Mary rushed to get her bikini bottoms up before any neighbors happen to look out their windows. Mary barely got the chance to wave goodbye to them as they drove off. She was wondering if she made a mistake when she admitted she might want to try more. However she had more pressing matters. Now that she had privacy, she had a day of events to relive in her head, and without anyone around, she would be a little freer to attend to any urges she may have.

The End

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