tagBDSMMary Gets What She Wants

Mary Gets What She Wants


This is not a romantic story. It is a story that includes cheating with multiple partners and an introduction to a, 'swinging' life style. It also includes bondage and discipline. It contains accounts of hard, rough sex with little, if any, 'love' and tenderness.

Fucking the boss's wife was always one of my favorite pursuits. We got a new, young boss every year. As commissioned, outside sales reps, we were expected to help and guide these young bucks to the next rung on the corporate ladder.

Most had sweet, young, attractive wives who were terribly lonely and frustrated with the corporate world and the lack of attention from their husbands. Most of the young managers were fucking some little tart in the office---and most of the young wives suspected, or knew.

If they were young, attractive and needing affection, I was on it. I was amazed what ass holes some of these fine young women's husbands were. One actually told me that he married his wife because she gave great head---and she certainly did! More than one bragged about having the, 'perfect corporate wife'.

A handful weren't worth my time. One in particular, while attractive, turned me off the second I met her. Mary was her name, and she led her husband, Carl, around by the nose. He was the most pussy whipped guy I'd ever met. She was a little brunette with big tits, and Carl was a serious tit man, often leering at busty women he saw at out customers' places of business. I often wondered if Carl even cared if they had pussies---as long as they had DDs.

Mary was Southern, a Louisiana girl, whose family had money. She had met Carl in college. She had a very pretty face, dressed to the nines, liked to show some leg and frame her fine young hips in the perfect light.

When it came to, 'managing' Carl, she could have given the meanest Paris Island DI a run for his money. Most of the other sales reps avoided her; some sucked up to her, scurrying to get her a drink or whatever, when she gave the order. She epitomized bitch with a capital 'B'.

I was kind to Carl, felt sorry for him, didn't really respect him, but didn't mistreat him. I was at least a decade older than Carl and his young wife. Possibly my age and the demeanor developed after ten years in the Army and two tours in combat made it obvious to Mary that I wouldn't respond positively to her crap. We would chat, briefly, at company functions. One day at an office picnic, I found myself sitting alone with Mary while Carl was off fetching something.

"Mary, do you beat him this badly at home, or just in public?" I inquired.

I thought she was going to fall off her chair laughing; she showed no indication of being insulted by my rude question.

"Mike, Carl is not exactly a self starter. He wouldn't have graduated from college without me on his ass and he wouldn't have this job if I hadn't pushed him hard. Hell, he probably wouldn't have ever gotten in my pants if I hadn't taken the initiative, and I'm sure we wouldn't have two kids by now if I hadn't fucked him to death every time I ovulated." She explained.

Somewhat taken aback by her candor, I replied. "Mary, I long ago learned never to judge other people's relationships. But sometimes, I think Carl is about to come unglued, he's so tightly wrapped. I'm going to stop right there; this is none of my business and I apologize."

Mary responded. "Look Mike, you obviously don't need any prodding to get up and go do what you do. You're very successful and disciplined. I respect discipline---more than you know. I had a good measure of it growing up. Carl didn't. Without a judicious use of the whip, as my granddad used to say, 'this mule won't plow', but maybe I do lay it on a little too hard in public."

She continued, almost as an after thought. "So, if I was your, 'woman' you probably wouldn't take my shit would you? You'd yank my drawers down, bend me over your knee and redden my little ass until I learned some respect, wouldn't you? Maybe even cut a fresh Willow switch and raise some nice welts on my tender little fanny? As I remember from that party at your house, you've got a couple of nice Willow trees that could provide the required implement. That might be fun---for both of us."

This conversation had gone in a direction I couldn't have predicted in a million years. I tried to reply coherently while crossing my legs to hide the growing boner in my pants. She was playing me. I carefully formed my response.

"Mary, I'm not a guy that gets off on beating up women, but a little corporal punishment, lovingly applied, of course, can go a long way toward attitude adjustment. A little bondage as part of the correction would help drive the point home. And, if we assume that the punishment was followed by some rough---no holes barred---fucking, I'd be up for it." I calmly replied, as if we were discussing politics or the weather.

"Don't lose that thought." She whispered, dragging the back of her hand over my hard dick, as Carl returned with her drink.

Not long after, the picnic began to break up; I said my goodbyes to the 'hosts' and Mary shook my hand as a gracious Southern lady should and thanked me for coming to the picnic. I couldn't get our overtly sexual conversation out of my mind, but was sure it was all just banter.

Carl's boss was a complete ass hole and loved nothing better than dragging his stable of young managers up to the area office at least one weekend a month. Carl would leave his young wife for another weekend the following Friday night.

That Thursday, Carl had scored some tickets to a concert by one of my favorite jazz artists. I didn't have time to get a date, but one of my customers, who Carl knew, was also a big fan of this artist and Carl was actually looking forward to having him use one of the tickets.

I love jazz, I love live jazz performances. I hate taking a date that doesn't appreciate the art form. I picked up the customer, who was also a really good friend, and we met Carl and Mary at the ticket window of the concert hall. Mary looked fine as she always did, but this time I was more attuned to her treasures.

We went to our seats; Carl sat on the far left, the customer sat next to him, then came Mary, then came me. Carl and my customer chatted during the run up and during the breaks. Mary did most of the talking at my end of the seating.

She started out by telling me how pissed she was that Carl was going to be gone all weekend---she had a lot of work for him to do in the yard. She asked me what I had planned for the weekend; I told her I might take my sail boat out, might go diving or might just hang out.

"Do you want some company, or have you already got something lined up?" She boldly inquired.

"What about your children?" I asked.

"They're spending a week with the grandparents. I've already hired a company to come in and do the yard work---don't tell Carl---so I'm very free, and easy this weekend." She retorted.

The lights went down and she, also a fan of this artist, had the decency to shut up and enjoy the music. She did, however, press her knee tightly against mine, put a hand on my arm and, on more than one occasion, graze my groin with her hand.

During the intermission we all went to the lobby to get some drinks, and Carl asked me what I had planned for the weekend, while Mary was charming my customer. I told him I had settled on going out on my boat with some, ah, friends, nothing intense; we might fish if we felt like it, or maybe snorkel. He told me what I already knew; that he had to work all weekend and Mary was really pissed about it.

"I know I have no right to ask, and if this is an imposition, just say no. You're the only guy in the sales force Mary can stand and I've noted that she doesn't irritate you as much as she does the other guys. Would you mind taking her out on the boat with you and your friends? I know she'd have a great time and it might get me out of Dutch." Carl begged.

I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing. "Absolutely, Carl, not a problem at all. Do you want me to ask her, or do you want to handle that?"

"I'll tell her; it might put her in a good mood for, ah, later." Carl replied. And with that, we smoothly switched talking partners.

I could see, as I glanced in their direction that the little bitch was making him sell her on what she already had wanted to do. What a little operator she was. It seemed to be settled. I had told Carl not to say anything to my customer, since he was not invited on this particular outing.

As we returned to out seats, she again leaned in to whisper in my ear. "Will wonders never cease."

During the second half of the show she got bolder with her hand, gripping and stroking my cock through my trousers.

"Cut that out." I whispered sternly. "I don't enjoy cumming in my pants, so unless you're going to pull out my cock and let me dump a load down your throat, enough!"

She sweetly whispered in my ear. "Great minds think alike! A good mouth fucking every now and again is good for a girl!" And she squeezed my dick one last time.

Between songs and during the applause she would invariably lean in to whisper her nasty thoughts. "I don't think Carl will ever fuck me in the ass; I'm not sure I'd let him, just yet. He thinks it's gross, but there's nothing remotely gross about my tight little hole. You want my ass, don't you Mike? You want to force me to take that big cock of yours up my tender little pooper, don't you? You want to tie me up and fuck my little ass, over and over, until I beg you to stop."

And she continued. "I shave my pussy---not a cunt or ass hair anywhere. It makes Carl think he's fucking a little girl with his little dick. Will you fuck my little girl pussy with your fat cock?"

And my favorite. "Oh God, I'm so fucking wet. I guess I'll have to give it up to poor little Carl tonight. Thank God I've taught him to get me off with his mouth since he's never made me cum with his little dick. I want you to have no doubt what a bad little girl I can be---how much I need to be shown some discipline, and how much I know you're the man who can make me behave and show respect."

The concert ended; we said our goodbyes and headed home. My customer, still a great friend, two decades later, had not missed all of Mary's little show.

"Was Carl's wife rubbing your cock through most of the second show?" He inquired.

"I hope so, because if it wasn't her, it must have been you, and that's not an aspect of our relationship I would want to explore." I calmly replied.

We giggled like school girls as I drove him home.

I called Carl the next morning. "Carl, I've got several friends who want to go out on the boat tomorrow who are thinking of staying here, since we want to get on the water by 6:00 AM, before the crazies get tanked up and rev up their speed boats. It might be easier on Mary if she spent Friday night at my house, rather than driving over in the morning in the dark." I was single, or more accurately, divorced, with five bedrooms and four bathrooms on a lagoon, which fed out into open water.

Not being permitted to make such an important decision for his wife, he put me on hold to call her. He came back on the line.

"She said that sounded like a plan." Carl told me. "Hell, I can drop her off at your place on my way to the airport, if you don't mind taking her home, or if you guys have a little too much to drink Saturday after sailing, I can pick her up Sunday evening on the way home from the airport."

Carl knew I never drank much the night before I sailed, but often did afterwards. He also knew I lived a swinging singles life; I often brought hot babes to company functions. He knew of my absolute obsession with tall young blonds and it never occurred to him that I might be planning to nail his little wife; she just wasn't my type---and she was a bitch.

Carl dropped Mary off a little after 5:00 PM. I did, in fact have some other house guests, all hanging off the upstairs porch and waving, a fact that Mary showed some disappointment in. As Carl drove off to the airport, she expressed her disappointment.

"I thought we were going to be alone." She said, with a hint of irritation.

"All of these folks are very good friends and neighbors. I told Carl I had guests and I didn't want to disappoint him. Plus, I think you'll find these people delightfully depraved." I told her, leading her into the house.

I continued. "Get settled in. This bedroom adjoins mine, but it will give you some closet space for your clothes. There's a pool deck on the back overlooking the lagoon. There is a sixteen foot hedge on both sides and it's high enough that the occasional fishing boat can't see in. This is a very laid back group of people. None of the girls wear tops and most shed their bottoms before the sun sets. The guys get down to Speedos or nothing. Most, if not all, will fuck and suck openly, not always with their regular partner and often in the pool, as the evening progresses. There always some girl on girl, and the occasional ménage. No one will judge you and you are welcome to dress as you want. One last thing."

She was wearing a little tennis skirt with nylon panties underneath. With no further ado, I pulled up her skirt, yanked down her panties, grabbed her behind the neck, bent her over the dresser and gave her a firm slap on her delicious little ass. She cried out in surprise.

"That was for getting bitchy with me the second you arrived. You're not a Southern lady here or the boss's wife. You're just a little slut who wants to take a walk on the wild side. Show the proper respect, is that clear?" I admonished.

"Yes, sir!" She replied and I slapped that pretty little butt again.

"That was for being a sarcastic, wise ass." I replied, and left her to get settled.

Mary came down to the pool deck a few minutes later; she looked fine. She was wearing a semi transparent top which clearly accented her firm, large, young tits. Her bottom was a thong bathing suit bottom, which, revealing under the flimsy extension of her top, properly displayed her fine, firm young ass. She seemed a bit tentative at first, but on noting that she could compete with the women on the deck with no problem, she became more confident.

All of the men and women on the deck were reasonably attractive; none had pot bellies or sagging butts and tits. They were a friendly group and each, in turn, reintroduced him or herself to Mary. No one had gone naked at the time, but all were wearing outfits equally revealing to the one Mary had chosen. She made the rounds, getting to know the guests and growing more comfortable as she moved around. When she got back to me, I began giving her an overview.

"Mary, this turns into a fuck party, and as I told you, there tends to be a bit of swapping. Some of these folks like their privacy; they may start making out in the open, but will ultimately steal away to one of the bedrooms. Others are outright exhibitionists and get off on knowing that others are watching their carnal activities."

I continued. "They're all clean, all of the men have had vasectomies and they restrict they're sexual escapades to this select little group to avoid exposure to either disease or dangerous folks. Some of the women are bi. Three-way action is not uncommon. Open oral, vaginal and anal sex usually occurs. Nobody forces anyone to do anything."

I continued. "You're looking very hot tonight. If you're interested in some wild activity, you're more than welcome to participate, and I assure you that you will get lots of attention. Furthermore, there are no surprises with these folks. If someone wants to get you involved in their activity, they'll spell out what they have in mind. If you're not interested, just say so; don't be offended by their overtures; they won't be offended if you say no." I explained to her.

"I never dreamed that these kind of parties actually occurred. It is kind of, ah, exciting." Mary softly replied. "I've never done anything like this before."

"Have you ever made love to a woman?" I asked, very directly.

"No, but I've often been curious about what it would be like." Mary indicated.

"Well, that exceptionally hot little blond working her way toward you is Jenna. I have it on good authority that she is the best pussy eater in the room. She prefers women who are having their first experience. She's a fabulous kisser and very gentle with, 'newbies'. She's a bit of an exhibitionist. She would enjoy making out and fingering your moist little quim out in the open. She's not into strap-ons, but you could easily get her off with some serious cunt to cunt friction, which Jenna prefers in a king sized bed." I told her.

I moved on as Jenna worked her way toward Mary. As I would check on them over the next half hour or so, it became obvious that they were getting very friendly. A few minutes before they disappeared into one of the bedrooms, I noted that they were seriously lip locked and fingering each others cunts. Mary was about to get her first taste of pussy.

Tops and bottom were beginning to disappear. By the time Mary returned to the pool deck the party had settled into small groupings of two or three. There was a lot of touching and fondling going on. Over in a corner nearest the water, Marta was sucking Gary's cock while Dennie was servicing Marta's cunt and ass from behind. Jack was slowly plowing Marie from the rear, but I couldn't tell if he was taking her ass or pussy. Mary came over to me.

"That was incredible. I never thought I could get that turned on with another woman. And, you were right, Jenna gives astounding head. It was all very tender but incredibly hot. The pussy to pussy was so erotic---God I loved it" Mary gushed. What a slut, I thought.

"While you were gone, the group has sort of paired and 'trioed' off---as you can see. So, for the moment, you're stuck with me. I haven't been involved in any of this stuff, but as you can clearly see, I've got a raging hard-on." I told her, as she, not so coyly, reached out and stroked my boner.

I reached out and grabbed one of her stiff young nipples, pinching hard enough to get a reaction without causing too much pain. I firmly pushed her down to her knees so that she would have no doubt as to what was expected. With as much sternness as I could muster, I told her what was going to occur.

"I sure hope you weren't teasing when you said you liked to have your face fucked, cunt. Now be a good little bitch, open that pretty mouth as far as you can and prepare to have your throat filled." And with no further ado, I shoved my eight plus inches all the way into her mouth---and she took every inch without a whimper.

As some of the others paused in their own activities to look on, I proceeded to long dick her astoundingly accommodating mouth. I grabbed her hair and proceeded to simply fuck her mouth. This was not a tender blow job, but it was what I believed she wanted and needed. I slapped her titties and, increasing my pace, began to seriously abuse her pie hole. She began to gurgle and gag and her eyes watered. This could not have been comfortable for her; on the other hand, her fingers started to work her little love button, so I sensed that she was getting off on it.

"Stop playing with yourself, cunt!" I firmly instructed. "You don't cum until I want you to." And I pinched both of her rock hard little nipples firmly enough to elicit a cry.

I forced her head tight against my groin and shot a massive load at the back of her throat---a load I'd been saving up for this moment for several days. She blew snot and cum out of her nose, but never spilled a drop from her mouth, which would have been difficult anyway, since I was sure her mouth was stretched to the limit. I withdrew from her mouth and pulled her up by her tits. I gave her rough, probing kiss.

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