tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMary on Her Own Ch. 02

Mary on Her Own Ch. 02


She was able to keep her clothes on for the last stretch of the walk, and she was finally back in the park. She made her way to the other end and got in her car. She knew now was the moment of truth. Even though she was more confident than ever a few moments before, her hands were starting to tremble. "You can do this Mary. You just tested it all out; it will be fine, with or without clothes."

She pulled her shirt up over her head. She sat topless in her car. She got her shoes and socks off, and removed her pants. She knew her underwear was still in her pocket, so she was now naked.

She looked out her car windows. It was still plenty dark and she didn't see any signs of life. She folded her clothes and sat them on the passenger seat.

She opened her door, and slowly got out. The lights from inside her car made her feel more revealed than she needed to be. She couldn't believe how fast her confidence was dropping. She figured that was the difference with just pulling your clothes off, and actually stepping away from them.

She stayed crouched near her car door, naked and wondering what to do. She saw the lock button for her doors, and she pushed it. She heard them all click. This was going to be the moment!

She stood and looked around. She was still very alone. She ran the whole route in her head. She would probably only have to hide once or twice and she wouldn't be caught. It wasn't a long distance, and it would be over in no time she thought. Yet still, she stalled her hand on the door. She knew there would be no going back, but she knew also she had to try this.

With one final breath, Mary swung the door shut, and in an instant her clothes, her way home, and her fate were sealed. She was now locked out naked, and any chance to get out this easily was to travel multiple blocks completely naked!

Later when Mary would think back about this adventure, the total contrast between a few moments ago, and the moment the door locked would be astounding. However at this time, she wasn't thinking anything about that.

When she had been imagining this adventure, she tried to picture this moment. She didn't drop over dead, and she didn't feel she had the strength to tear a hole in her door to get back in, but she still couldn't believe what was going on.

She was very naked, and she couldn't get at her clothes. She couldn't even tell how she felt. One thing was for sure, she did feel vulnerable. She felt the cold night air touching every inch of her skin. She was completely stranded. She was essentially trapped and helpless.

In a few moments, the interior light of her car went off. Although the added darkness perhaps hid her more, it didn't help her chaotic mind. She now felt even more alone, adding to her vulnerability. She didn't have Julie and Jenny here to help her. She had put herself into this situation, and the fact that she did this all to herself scared her, almost as much of the idea of having to walk such a large distance naked.

Mary had been confident moments earlier. She didn't know where it all went though. When she was in control, and could see no one was around, she felt like nothing could go wrong. She was able to convince herself to pull her clothes off on whims. Yet it was different now. Was it because her clothes were locked away and she couldn't choose to get dressed? Was it because now she had no choice? Was it because now there was no way of stopping or avoid the unknown?

She gripped her bare body with her hands. She ran her hands across her skin. She knew she was without a stitch head to toe, but she still was trying to straighten out her mind. She was starting to remember she couldn't sit there all night.

She finally began to stand, or at least stand to a semi-crouched position. She looked all around the park. A path lay before her, lights shining her way down to the other side where she would have to go. "Why did I choose this as the first obstacle?" She asked herself.

She looked at her car. She could see her clothes lying on her seat. It was tortuous to know that they were so very close, but she couldn't get them. She couldn't stop herself from trying the door handle. Without surprise, the door didn't open.

"Mary, you have to do this. You wanted to try it so bad, you saw it was dead out tonight, no stopping now!" she tried to convince herself. It was enough though to get her feat moving.

Walking the path naked was very different than when she was clothed. The lights lining the path didn't seem nearly as bright before. The path also didn't go near the trees lining the park, so Mary would have to run fast to get to cover. Essentially, she had little chance of avoiding anyone coming by.

Mary tried to tell herself no one else other than her would be out this late. Who other than someone wanting to walk around naked would be in the park so late? Mary almost chuckled at the thought of a second naked person who might be out thinking that she too would be safe at this late hour. Mary knew though that she wasn't guaranteed anything, and she couldn't shake the feeling she bit off more than she could chew. Even without Jenny or Julie around she had found a way to push herself farther than she would have liked. She was starting to think she needed to start taking lessons on saying "no" to this type of stuff.

Even if alone, Mary had her hands covering her body. She had an arm over her nipples and a hand between her legs. It seemed silly since she was alone, but it was the only thing that felt natural to her. It at least made her feel a little less naked, although it did make her most private of places feel less clothed since she could constantly feel them. It was quite the double edged sword.

She amazed herself when she did make it to the end of the park. She didn't think she'd make that whole distance naked. She was starting to remember a little why earlier she thought this crazy idea was possible.

Now in front of her lay the rows of houses that she'd have to walk in front of to get to her destination. Luckily all their lights remained off, but it sent shivers across her body to think that every house had people inside. Even if they weren't watching her, she'd be walking right by many people while completely naked.

She began her walk even still; she had to get her key after all. She didn't know what she would do if it became early morning and people would start walking out their houses for work. It didn't help that she felt like she was on a stage with all the houses looking down on her.

Mary was also approaching her half way point, and not a soul around. She finally dropped her arms to her sides, figuring that running to the tree line would be more than enough cover.

She wasn't sure if she should be more worried because she was now even farther from her clothes, or if she should be more confident since she was closer to the key. She knew that being near her clothes wouldn't help since they were unreachable without the key, but it still felt strange walking away form them.

With no cars or people to be seen though, Mary was again building confidence. She could see far up and down the road, no one was near. She started to step out onto the road itself. She did a full slow turn just to look around and to flash her body at her nonexistent audience again. She remembered back when she was just letting her pants fall or holding her shirt up.

"I was plenty safe before showing my body, and had I been caught then it would have been plenty embarrassing, this is almost no different," Mary told herself. She knew though there was a difference. She had no clothing to put back on yet, and she had a lot more skin showing.

She walked along the road now. Mary honestly wanted to hide, but something was nagging her. The want to push herself, the want to impress Jenny and Julie, and the want to try to be brave were all working against her.

Looking around again, Mary walked over to the center of the road now. At first she just stood, but then she spun around slowly again to show herself to everything around her. She began to smile as she tried to push the fear out of her mind. She still felt vulnerable. Her body was naked, and her hands weren't even hiding it. Her legs were even slightly apart, the breeze reminding her of that fact. Yet now she was starting to feel the excitement of the whole event too. She probably had the thrill and excitement in her form the start, but now she could recognize it. The beating of her heart, the shivering going up and down her spine, and even the growing wetness between her legs was all signs of this.

Mary didn't like to admit too often that these adventures of hers excited her. It was very embarrassing, and she couldn't see how stuff that was so embarrassing or scary could excite her. Yet at times like this, she couldn't just ignore it.

She wasn't going to let herself get carried away, but she did continue to walk down the road towards her destination, in the center of the road. No one was around, and she felt she had to push herself. She had to force herself to be extra brave, or else she'd fall victim to her fear again.

Although she was feeling more and more naked now, being out in the open again, she was able to stay in the center of the road. She was farther from her tree cover, and she could barely believe it.

"Just a little more, and then I can go back," Mary thought. She eyed up the side walk near her. With a slight change in her angle, she was soon placing her fee on the side walk. Now she was on the opposite side of the road she had planned on.

Mary was far from her clothes, far from the key, and even a good distance from cover. If someone did come, she'd have to hope that she was near a parked car or bush at that time.

Mary looked down the road and at all the houses she would be passing. She shivered thinking about any of them looking out at her. None of her bare skin would be hidden from them.

She was going to give herself a goal. She would stay on the side walk for another 2 houses. Once that was done, she'd go back to the other side of the road.

Mary was almost holding her breath past the first house. She was going away from her night's plan with being over there. It seemed to be only about a 15 ft difference, but to her it was a lot.

Mary forced herself to walk the whole time though. She didn't want to run tonight if she didn't have to. She was pushing herself to go no faster than a jogging pace as she was passing the second house.

She sighed with relief as she got past the last one. She looked up and down the road, and quickly got back over to the safer side.

It was probably best too she did. Not too much later, Mary could see car head lights down the road. She was able to get to the tree line in time to get out of site before it got close. Her heart was beating rapidly from that alone. She wondered how bad it would have been if she had been on the other side.

Mary left her cover when she was sure she was alone again. Mary knew she was almost halfway there. She could see where the line of houses would end, and the bridge over the creek began.

Mary saw the spot where she would have hid her key originally. Her little walk would be half done if she had kept it at the intersection. Mary's walking speed slowed as she was approaching the intersection. She knew that once she got up that far, she would be essentially be out of the more safe residential areas, and instead in the business area of town.

Mary finally made it over the bridge and the tree cover disappeared. Mary lowered her stance as she got up behind the same decorative bushes as before. She was now fully naked this time around and still had to cross over the parking lot to find her key.

Mary didn't move for a bit. She wanted to wait until she was sure the roads were still dead here. She saw one car go by as she peaked over the bush. She then had a large amount of silence. Things were looking good; she was about ready to make a dash for the key.

She stood and made one final scan of the area. She wanted to make sure it was all good to go. It was a good thing too that she looked. As she looked over at the parking lot, the corner near the first store that she couldn't see from under the bush, she saw a group of people there!

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