tagRomanceMary, the Beginning

Mary, the Beginning


Never before had I wanted anyone but my wife of 11 years. She gives me everything I had ever wanted and I love her more then ever. I had never even thought of another women around me at work or anywhere anymore then just acquaintances. Mary and I had worked together for a couple years but never really knew each other until another acquaintance introduced us. When I had seen her I always thought of her as untouchable-young (10 years my junior), very pretty, shy and married. I have always known and talked to everyone within the office, so I had spoke with her but never in a flirty way. One of our acquaintances was a huge flirt and she decided to get Mary and myself flustered one day and this brought us both together enough to start talking.

For a man that hasn’t been in highschool for 17 years I felt like I had the youthful lust and butterflies in my stomach of yesteryear. I always thought that excitement was gone in my life but Mary had proved it all wrong. She made me nervous to be around-at times, I couldn’t talk or think straight. For I am someone that gives presentations in managers meetings and has to get in front of many strangers to speak. I knew she had effected me with something very special.

We kept to light chitchat at work, I started flirting with her feeling comfortable enough to start telling her how good she looked and how amazing she was. This considering what she has to go through in her, away from work, life. The orneriness grew considerably after several weeks and we was soon chatting about what we like to do sexually. She blew me away when I mentioned dropping hotwax on my wife’s tits and she moaned while saying that sounded like good idea that her and her ol’ man hadn’t tried. I was beginning to find that this shy quiet little woman also had a lust for things I had never imagined.

It seemed to take weeks to set up our first get together, with spouses, kids and work. I was going to take her to the city where we was hoping not to see anyone we knew. I was going to take her out to dinner and then to a nice hotel downtown. We met as planned after nervously waiting to see her park her car in a storage shed I had rented. She was always stunning without all the fancy clothes and makeup, but she blew me away when she came walking out from parking her car. She had on a nice summer dress that showed the tan that had always hid from us with her conservative clothes at work.. Her hair shined almost like a halo as the sun shined from behind her. She met me with a kiss and her dazzling big beautiful blue/gray eyes. I reached around to hug her and pat her on the ass when I realized that there was no panties on under this thin dress, I leaned back to ask and she stopped me to say that her panties and bra where a matched set. I wanted to throw her back into the garage right then and there, but no. I thought it would be best if we went on in town. The whole way there and at the restaurant we treated each other like we was a couple, for once not worrying about anyone seeing us.

The trip to the hotel was the perfect ending to a perfect day. We signed in under my last name, she giggled as she leaned on my arm watching this. I grabbed my bag and was heading for the finale. Soon we was in the room and drinking a couple beverages from the mini bar to loosen up some more as we chatted.

Soon thereafter I decided to get into my bag and pull out the oils, she easily disrobed and layed on the bed to allow me access to her body. She was more beautiful then I had ever imagined. Her soft tanned skin with thin tan lines from her thong wrapped around a firm ass that I could have licked and rubbed all night.

Her body firm from working out looked so hot laying there and her soft blonde hair laying out on her shoulders. I was soon running my fingers through it, then moving to outline every feature on her face ever so softly. Then I got the oil out and started rubbing on her body trying to be sure that every square inch was not ignored. Not really even trying to turn her on, I was just trying to feel her and her me. This went on for the longest time before she said she couldn’t take it anymore and kissed me like she had never kissed me before. It was so deep and passionate that I almost came right there. I started kissing her all over licking up and down her chest, to her pussy that was so wet I thought she had came already. I dove into her soft shaven pussy like I hadn’t had access to one in years. I licked all around her clit and went down to her sweet ass lapping up all the wetness that she had running down her. I started fingering her tight pussy while sucking and licking at her clit. She came immediately,

I had waited for this moment for months, it was so hot and sweet tasting. I loved the feel of her already tight pussy clinching down on my fingers as she contracted to come and to feel the size of her clit grow in my mouth as I sucked her. Her orgasm was so ferocious and loud that I didn’t know whether to worry about my head getting popped off from her legs tightening down or the neighbors hearing her screams of ecstasy. As she laid there regrouping herself I started licking all the wetness from her pussy, up and down her lips, to her ass on my way to kissing her inner parts of her legs. I slowly and lightly started dragging my finger nails up and down her body while I continued to kiss her all over her legs and around her pussy. Ever so careful not to touch her clit, I was wanting to just let her feel me feel her without getting her aroused, to much, again. I could love on her all night long taking her in, breathing in her every scent. She laid there as I caressed her body into arousal paying close attention to her firm breast, touching her where I wasn’t kissing . I wanted her to know that she was now my thoughts, dreams and passion and I would do everything to her tonight to show her what she meant to me. She had caught a part of me that has never been, or has not been for a long time. I wanted to let her know through this night what she does for me.

We laid in the bed intertwined for a what seemed like hours when she rolled over on me and started playing with my chest running her hands up and down, every so often running her nails over my very sensitive nipples. She brought her lips to mine , without kissing me , gently run hers over mine over and over. I laid there to see what she could possibly do next to make the moment even better….I felt her position her body over mine. She had moved around so she could straddle me, I could feel her chest press against mine and then lay her head on my shoulder. I couldn’t think of anything else to do but just hold her, her warm back felt so good under my hands, it was like feeling silk for the first time. I loved feeling her firm back and shoulders under my fingertips.

We laid there until the phone rang , “wake up call!”

We was heading home to what was, before now. I know this was our first of many outings and knew if it was only next weekend before we could be together again it would feel like 4 weeks, to get there. She set her head on my shoulder the whole trip home not saying much. I could tell she was very content and happy by the way she was touching and holding onto me. Unfortunately, we knew this would be over soon and we would have to hang onto this until the next time together.

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