Mary XXXmas

byTx Tall Tales©

I groaned, then stopped her. "One moment," I pleaded. I moved sideways where I could sit back against the arm of the couch, gaining some much needed support. I had no doubt my knees would be weak before long.

I looked over at Helga, who still was wearing that beautiful smile, if nothing else. "Knight! Eggnog, now! Feed me."

While Mary played with my royal staff, I watched Helga take control of her own situation, getting on her hands and knees. She leaned her head over the end of the couch, her breasts resting on it. I only had a few minutes to admire her sweet ass, before Ron blocked the view, taking her again. Paul was finally naked, his cock long and narrow. He dipped it into the mug, and guided the head into Helga's waiting mouth. A few seconds later he did it again. And again. She pushed him away.

"Faster," she snapped. "Dip, suck, dip, suck. Do you understand?"

"Yes, my Princess," he whimpered.

"Princess of the Snows."

"Yes, my Princess of the Snows," he answered softly.

"Good. Serve me."

The Ice Princess may have wanted it faster, but my sweet Elven Queen was the opposite. The dips were becoming fewer, and the sucking more prolonged.

Watching Helga was almost comical. Paul had the mug directly under her chin, and was moving as quickly as he could. He'd make a small thrust in into the tilted mug, then a longer one into his Princess's pretty face.

My lovely Consort appeared to be tiring of this game. She looked up at me, smiled and drained the mug directly. "Thank you, your Highness. How may I serve you now?"

I sat on the couch, slouching down, hold my cock upright. "Sheath me."

That brought a wonderful smile to her face, and she hurried to straddle me. She raised her hips high, pressing my cockhead into her softness. "Will this sheath do?"

"Perfectly," I assured her.

She hesitated a moment. "My King?" she said softly.

"I've never...I've never had one so big."

"I've never had a sheath so beautiful. Take your time."

She slowly impaled herself, struggling quite a bit at the first, even with just the head. She fought to get those first few inches, crying out when I finally cleared the entrance. "I...I need a few seconds, please."

I fondled her pretty body, while she endeavored to get used to me.

I know I'm a little above average, but not porn star huge. She had struggled with the first couple of inches. I wondered if she'd be able to take it all. I hoped to God she could.

She gave me a small kiss. "Thank you for this." Then she resumed her effort to encase me. She had to work at it, slowly gaining ground. About halfway down she moaned. "I'm sorry your Majesty, your staff is bigger than my sheath. I'm so sorry." She looked in pain, almost in tears and was gasping.

"Fuck!" Ron yelled, and I looked over to see him watching us, while finishing inside of lucky Helga. She had pushed Paul away, and was watching us as well, while Paul stood there, tugging away at his now flaccid meat.

I was torn. I wanted to fuck my beautiful girl's brains out, but I certainly didn't want to hurt her. "Relax, beautiful, this is good. It's enough."

She shook her head. "No. It's not fair. How can I serve you like this? I'm...Let me try some more."

I saw Helga move behind my girl, and felt her hand on my uncovered cock. "Rise up cousin," she said softly.

Mary leaned over me, and slowly pulled off of my staff. I looked around her side, and Helga pushed her further forward, then gasped. She rose up and turned my beautiful queen and hugged her, whispering. The darling elf nodded. I saw tears rolling down her face.

Helga pulled her off of me and held her in her lap. "You should have said something."

"I couldn't. I wanted it. He might not have gone through with it."

I was thoroughly confused, and my dick was aching for attention. I looked down and saw the telltale streak of blood. "Oh, God. I'm sorry."

She looked at me, and attempted a smile. "Don't be. I never wanted anything more."

Helga, giggled. "I guess there are no more Virgin Queens. Are you sure about this?"

My girl nodded enthusiastically. "I want it. I want it all."

"Then let's see what we can do. You're Ok now?"

"Perfect, not even sore, at the moment."

Helga got up and ran to the kitchen returning with a couple of paper towels. She wiped me clean, then passed the streaked napkin to Mary. "A memento."

Then her mouth was on me. She fucked her face on my cock, taking me deep, gagging, slobbering all over me. I hugged my young Queen to me, and thrust up into our visitor's mouth, while she did her best to ready me for another try. I could feel the wetness dripping down to my balls.

"Now, Cousin" she gasped, backing away and guiding my sweet elf into my lap and onto my ready staff.

Mary slid downward, pushing further, still struggling.

"Sir Knight, come to me, lay here," our visiting Princess commanded. "Your face here," she said softly, gesturing for him to lay down between her legs. I watched her straddle his head and saw her hands reach out and hold Mary's hips. "You're almost there," she said softly, and I saw her fingers digging into my girl's soft flesh, pulling her down.

Mary groaned loudly, then pushed hard, her sweet ass cheeks resting on my thighs.

She was breathing hard. "Sheathed, sire."

I pulled her forward, and nibbled on her breast. "You are amazing." It was fun to see her blush. "I don't believe this sheath has seen much use, has it, my glorious Queen?"

"None, my King. I've been saving it for you."

I held her. "I'm not worthy of such a gift." I whispered softly.

She struggled to free herself from my grasp. She held my face and looked me in the eye. "You told me never to settle. I believe it's my decision who's worthy or not. If not my King, then who?"

I felt my eyes getting moist. "How long?"

"Since my first interview," she smiled. "I was patient, but you never seemed interested, my handsome King. So I decided to go for it."

"Thank you. Both for persisting, and for choosing me."

She settled back into my arms for another hug. "Mmmm, your very welcome, my massive Majesty. Always welcome."

I liked being inside of her, but I wanted so much more. "It does seem a bit tight, does it not?"

"Very tight, your huge Highness," she whispered.

"Shall we test the fit?"

"Gently, please."

"Do so."

She moaned, rocking forward until I was barely inside of her, then slowly sliding back, taking my entire length. She struggled once again in completing the task, but was eventually able to accommodate all of me. Twice more she forced herself back and forth, before leaning into me shivering.

I felt pressure on my knee and I looked over to see Helga's head resting on it, her eyes closed. "That's good," she moaned, and I remembered Paul positioned underneath her. "Like that, just like that," she gasped, then her fingers were digging into my legs, her mouth open wide, her teeth digging in just above my knee.

She squealed, biting harder than was comfortable, while she came on her servant's able mouth. She released her hold on me, looking up sheepishly. "Sorry," she whispered, kissing the indentations her teeth had left.

Mary's breathing was under control, and she sighed. "It's better now, shall we test it some more?"

"Please say yes," a voice intruded.

The words surprised me, and I looked over to see Ron sitting on the arm of the couch watching us, stroking his new hardon. "You guys are fucking hot."

Mary looked at me, smiling, waiting for my answer.

"Pleasure me, my Queen."

She rose up and down, just a bit, the going slightly easier. She extended her movements, moving further up my cock, until she was riding the full length, up and down, driving me crazy.

I held her ass in my hands thrusting against her. Naughty Helga was reaching between us, fondling my balls, doing who knows what to my lovely elf maiden.

My Queen had her arms on each side of my head, clutching the back of the couch. She was watching my face, a rictus of concentration notching wrinkles into her forehead. I watched her pretty face relax, and she smiled. "I was wrong, your monumental Majesty. It fits. It fits perfectly."

"How is it someone as gorgeous as you was a virgin? You didn't seem THAT innocent."

She blushed. "I'm not. Who is? I mean, things start early, you know. My mouth hasn't been innocent for a long time. My butt since senior year. Between Mom and Church, and some of the loser's I was dating, I decided to save the real thing for the right man." She was riding me gently, and paused, full. "I'm glad I did."

I grinned, sitting up and hugging her tightly to my chest, pulling her all the way down onto me. I stood with her, while she clung to me with both arms and legs, squealing. Helga scooted away, leaving Paul squinting into the light, looking up at where I was impaling my young Queen. He scrambled away, wiping his sopping face.

I laid Mary on her back, and leaned over her, testing her ability to take me, now that I was in control. Deeper and harder I pushed, testing her, learning. Occasionally I'd witness a little discomfort, which quickly dissolved back into a smile. I found if I stopped just short of all the way, she took me without pain.

The position had placed her head almost directly below Ron's open legs. He was stroking himself casually, watching our every move. I rose up onto my knees, tugging her toward me, and opening her legs wide. I fucked her smoothly, holding back just that little bit, long even strokes.

She sighed. "That's incredible," she murmured. "Now that's what I've dreamed of, humongous Highness."

Helga seemed drawn like a moth to a flame. She leaned over my sweetie, playing with her tits, sucking on her hard nipples. It was a mixed blessing. I hated not being able to see Mary's gorgeous face, but the view of Helga playing with her breasts was quite a treat in itself. Our Swedish goddess's hand moved down to where I was joined with my young beauty, and she was rubbing the Royal pussy.

Paul crawled up behind Helga, stiff cock in hand. He reached out and stroked her ass cheek. "My Princess, may I pleasure you? Please?" he pleaded, rubbing his cock between her cheeks.

She moved sideways, laying across Mary's flat belly. The top of Mary's thighs nudged her with each of my strokes. "Pleasure me," Helga said.

I was getting close, but all the commotion served to distract me a little. I pulled Mary's sweet legs together, closing them, and resting her ankles over my shoulder. She tightened and I thrust harder.

Ron had climbed off his perch and was leaning over her head. He looked at me nervously, and when I slowly nodded, he pressed his cockhead against my Queen's precious lips. "Please," he asked softly.

I saw her open her eyes and turn her head to him. She opened her mouth, and he eased his cock between her lips. "God, thank you," he groaned.

I stopped, too close to coming, but not wanting it to end. I pulled out of her to regain my composure. I opened her legs, looking down at this vessel of so much pleasure. I had to taste her.

Her legs were spread wide, one hooked over the top of the couch, the other hanging off the side. I looked around for a minute. Ron, sliding his cock in and out of Mary's perfect mouth. Helga, bathing my Queen's torso in a torrent of kisses. Paul sliding in and out of his mistress, his head tilted back as if gazing at the heavens.

I ate my new love like there was no tomorrow, licking and sucking, fingering her, nibbling on her clit. I toyed with her ass, teasing it open, nudging a finger tip in. I loved her taste, the smoothness of her flesh, the tightness of her openings.

"Don't stop," I heard her plea, "I'm going to come for you."

Then she returned to moaning, her mouth full of hard cock.

I fingered her hard, curling the fingertips upward, searching for her g-spot. My lips were curled around her clit, sucking while my tongue wriggled against her sensitive nub. I worked at it, yearning to feel her surrender. My tongue was aching, but it would fall off before I'd fail her.

I felt the tremors in her legs at first, the barely perceptible shaking. It was soon followed by the thrusting of her pussy against my fingers, intermittent spasms squeezing down on me. She was moaning loudly, but it was still muffled. I looked up and Helga was watching me from only inches away.

"It's going to be a big one," she said softly, a smile creasing her pretty lips.

It started with a little squeak, getting louder and more shrill by the moment. I felt her body tense up, her pussy squeezing down hard. She screamed out, "GOD!" and heaved underneath me.

I felt ridiculously proud. I got up on my knees and looked down at her. She was gasping for air, streams of cum criss-crossing her face. I took my hardness and pressed into her hard, filling her with one full stroke. Her head arched back, chin jutting forward, a primordial grunt escaping her lips. She was trembling uncontrollably while I pounded her, no longer wary of using my full length, stabbing her deeply.

I saw that Ron and Paul were both sitting back, hands in their laps, watching us. Helga moved up my sweet Mary's body, and licked her face clean, while Mary slowly came back to earth.

The respite had helped, but the urge was creeping up on me fast. I pushed her legs back, opening her up, and fucked her fast, using the new angle to prevent me from going to deep.

Helga had her arm under Mary's head, tilting it upward. "Watch, he's going to come for you," she whispered, caressing my angel's breast and kissing her forehead.

She was right. I couldn't hold it back any longer. I reached for my cock, ready to pull it out and spray her.

"Don't!" she gasped. "Finish inside me."

I thrust deep, forgetting to hold back, and erupted, my long pent up need flowing forth. Over and over I shot into her warmth, unable to stop. I groaned, pushing deeper, weak pulses still shooting through my shaft, each accompanied with a moaning thrust, until I was finally spent.

I leaned over her, and Helga moved aside to make room. I brought my mouth down to hers, kissing her softly.

Her eyes fluttered open, unfocused for a moment. Then she smiled. "Was I Ok? Not too tight?" she whispered.

"The best ever," I swore. "Incredible."

Helga forced her way in, stealing a kiss from each of us. "So hot. So beautiful. I loved it. Now THAT's the way to treat a virgin."

I was still nudging my cock into her, praying to keep my hardon, knowing how unlikely it was. I didn't want to pull out of her, ever.

Ron leaned over the the end of the couch, and pushed his way in for a kiss from my girl. "Thanks for letting me be a part of that. Too cool for words. Who fucking knew? You're an honest to God sex goddess."

Unbelievably, she could still blush.

Paul seemed content to cuddle up to Helga from behind, his hands wandering her sexy body.

Helga had other ideas. She had quite the 'take-command' personality. She got up and pulled me upright, against my desires, and didn't stop until I was seated on the couch. She slid between my legs and took my messy cock between her lips, sucking me clean. I felt a hint of firmness returning, and sighed.

Mary had raised up on her elbows and was watching the action with a hint of a smile.

Helga pulled off of me, sucking hard, with a loud, POP! She had the cutest smile splitting her face. "Wait. I'm not done with you yet."

She went to Mary and drew her into a position similar to mine, right beside me. Then she called Paul to her side. I was surprised to see her give him a tender kiss. "You are so sweet, my brave soldier. Take care of our Queen, and if you do an excellent job, I may let you have my virgin ass."

She stood and went to Ron, giving him a hand up off the floor. "More eggnog for everyone, before I lose my buzz." She gave him another sweet kiss. "You're not done yet, are you?"

"Not likely," he smiled pulling her close and running his hand across her back and butt.

"Good," she said softly, hugging him. "Let's get started."

She disappeared into the kitchen, returning with a roll of paper-towels, and some wet shop towels. She went around to the couches, wiping up our mess, even breaking Paul and Mary apart for a minute to clean up around them. When Mary eased back down with a sigh, I reached out and held her hand. She gave me a squeeze. Paul resumed his position of worship between her legs.

Mary reached down, and tilted his face up. "You don't mind serving your Queen?" she said softly, smiling for him.

He moved back and kissed the insides of her thighs. "I live to serve you," he said so fervently he made me nervous. "Anything you want. Not just tonight. Always, anytime, anything. You are my Queen, and I'm not worthy to kiss your feet. Thank you for letting me service you." I swear the boy had tears in his eyes.

She slid forward a bit, and pulled his mouth back against her. "Serve me well," she said, stroking his hair.

Helga was back between my legs, worshipping the Royal staff. She was working wonders, as the steel flowed back in. Ron handed us each a mug of that wondrous eggnog. I looked over and my gorgeous queen was watching me. I held my mug up for a toast, and she tipped hers against mine. We drank together.

We were both wearing the biggest silliest grins. "A penny for your thoughts?"

"It's good to be the Queen," she chuckled.

"It's even better being your King."

"My colossal King."

I was hard. And ready for round two.

Helga stood, and addressed my Queen. "Cousin, I'd like to check that his Majesty is ready. May I?"

She nodded. "I'd like to see that."

The Princess of the Snows straddled me, with a mischievous grin. "Ready to test another sheath, your Majesty?"

"I'd love to."

She lowered herself slowly onto my hardness, taking her time. She took a break, with a third still exposed, and leaned in for a kiss. It was sweet and had me aching for her. She pressed her lips to my ear and whispered, "You are a man among men. Be gentle." She kissed my neck then sat upright closing her eyes. With a series of careful bounces, she'd raise up and press down, taking a little more each time. I watched her grimace, breathing hard through her nose, her nostrils flaring. She slowly rose and dropped down hard, gasping, as she felt my full size.

"Jävlar, han är skitstor!" she gasped.

Mary and I glanced at each other and we both giggled.

Helga glared at my favorite elf. "You laugh? He's HUGE!"

She proceeded to gently fuck me, working her way up to longer, fuller thrusts. I slowed her down, then pulled her in for a kiss. "You feel wonderful."

She smiled. "This is an awful lot of cock for a virgin. It's about the biggest I've had. Certainly the fattest. Don't get too rough, Ok?"

"Of course not. We're just testing, right?"

"Right. I think I'm ready now. How do you want me?"

I looked over at Mary, checking in. "Ok?"

"Have fun. I'm very happy right here." She reached down and checked in with her willing servant. "A little while longer?"

"All night, if you wish, my Queen," he assured her.

She nodded to me, and pulled him back in.

Helga had already climbed off of me, and I lead her to the end of the couch, bending her over. She wasn't the slender beauty my Mary was. Much more Marilyn Monroe, deadly curves. Full hips, round ass, narrow waist, huge tits, she was built for comfort, designed for pleasure. I loved her butt, so full and soft. She had a cute tattoo on her lower back. I couldn't believe I hadn't notice it until then. My first tramp stamp. I had to smile. I guided my stiffness into her, and worked my way in, until I was able to thrust freely.

She sighed. "Much better. That feels good," she said.

It certainly did. I got into a nice steady rhythm, enjoying the ride. I felt strong and hard, but no intense urge to pound her, or to speed up. I took my time with her, caressing her skin, talking to her softly, letting her know how good she felt. I held her full cheeks in my hands, massaging them, while my cock made itself at home.

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