tagFirst TimeMaryland History Teacher

Maryland History Teacher


It was second semester senior year. I signed up to take Maryland History. Last year Mr. Beans taught this class, he was a nice teacher. I figured the class would be easy.

First day I entered the classroom with a pleasant surprise. A new young teacher sat in the front of the class, Mr. Nearispicki. His attire was unremarkable, and his hair was untidy. His smile, however, was unbelievable. He stood about six feet tall, give or take a few inches. He was broad shouldered. He was muscular, but was no meathead.

Everyday I came into the classroom excited, with butterflies in my stomach. I would just await his entry and loved to hear him speak. I would stare directly at him, straight into his eyes. They pierced me, I had never seen anyone before like him, and he had so much love in his eyes. I loved talking to him one on one. I just could not get enough of him. The ninety-minute class flew by every b-day.

He was not a very focused teacher; he would stray off onto random topics. Nothing in the class ever pertained to the subject, Maryland History. Some days I would say something to Mr. Nearispicki about his lack of teaching. I would say "And what does this have to do with Maryland History?" He would then explain an instance of the history of Maryland to me. I loved frustrating him. It made me glow.

The semester continued, nothing happened. He never noticed me, aside from the normal student-teacher relationship. I was just an ordinary girl. I had strawberry blonde hair, average height, and fair skin. Other girls in my class were the stereotypical cheerleader type. They had blonde hair, were tan, with great bodies.

The year ended, I took my exam, I departed from his class. On the day of graduation rehearsal I decided to stop by his class and say goodbye. "I just wanted to say bye, check on my exam grade. Are they ready?"

"Yep, they sure are Bethany." Mr. Nearispicki responded while walking over to his computer where his grades were stored.

"How did I do?" I questioned.

"Well, you got an A." He said.

"I expected that, it was really easy." I insulted.

"Oh, was it not challenging enough for you?"

"No, it was perfect. Although, I do enjoy a challenge."

"Really? Well, I tell you what. I will give you another exam."

"That isn't necessary, I am perfectly okay with the A."

"Let me give you a challenge." He said with a mischievous look in his eye.

"Okay, what?" I questioned.

Mr. Nearispicki glanced over his shoulder and then looked around. It seemed to me that he was checking to see if anyone was around. To his satisfaction we were alone. He then grabbed a sheet of paper scribbled something down, he placed it in my hand. "Well, Bethany, enjoy college. You will do well. Goodbye."

"Goodbye!" I departed his classroom a bit confused. I walked down the hallway, which was decorated with the school colors. I proceeded out the front doors to my car. I opened the door and hopped inside. I then opened up the messy folded paper he had placed in my hand. I read . . . Do you like Frisbee? Meet me at Centennial Park for a match! That will be your challenge. I will be waiting Saturday at noon.

Now I was confused and excited at the same time. What exactly did that mean? Did he feel for me on another level as I did for him? I wasn't sure. But I was definitely going to the park.

A few days passed and Saturday came. It seemed like the longest three days of my life. I woke up around nine. I showered and prepped for the day. I wore a red tank top, and a pair of khaki capris with a pair of white Nike sneakers. I fixed my shoulder length hair, which flipped at the ends.

I told my mother I was meeting some friends at the movies. I headed to the park I arrived five minutes early and pulled up next to a dark blue Honda Civic. I walked over to the field and saw my teacher. He was wearing some denim shorts, and a button down blue checked shirt. He turned and saw me and walked up.

"Hey! I didn't know if you'd come." He said.

"Well, honestly I didn't know if I should!" I responded.

"I am glad you did. Now do you want your challenge?"


He walked over to his knapsack and pulled out a white Frisbee, he then tossed it to me. We proceeded tossing it back and forth. It became a serious game, neither of us missing a throw. We began throwing harder and faster. He threw it to high for me it went straight over my head. I missed it. Our game was over.

"I give up." I said.

"You couldn't handle my challenge?" He asked.

"Guess not."

"That's okay. You hungry?"

"Yep, but first I want to talk." I said.

" Let's eat first, if that is okay?"

"Fine." I agreed.

We ate a lunch on the grass, and he brought sandwiches with him. We didn't talk; we just stared at each other inquisitively. Why did he bring me here? What were his intentions? Didn't he have a girlfriend?

"What did you want to talk about?" He asked me.

"First of all, what is your first name?" I rambled. "How old are you and why am I here?"

"My first name is Mike, I am twenty-three, and you are here because I am interested in you."

"What do you mean by 'I am interested in you'?"

"You always made me perplexed, I couldn't get you out of my head. The things you say to me, and how you look when you say them." He explained.

We continued to talk about how we felt for each other. I explained my innocent crush as he explained his. He then told me that he recently broke up with his girlfriend who he lived with.

"Hey do you want to come see my dogs?" He asked.

"Sure." I responded.

We both got into our cars. I followed him to his home ten minutes away from the park. We pulled up into a parking lot in a community of town homes. His was number eleven. We went inside and were greeted by two large dogs. I immediately fell in love. I am an animal person.

He watched me as I played with his two dogs. They jumped all over me as I sat in the floor with them. They were licking my face and sniffing me. He laughed at me as I was engulfed by the two furry beasts.

I stood up and looked at him. He stared into my eyes leaned down and kissed my lips softly. It was an innocent kiss. I pulled back very startled. I then grabbed his arm and slid my fingers from just below his shoulder to his elbow, then to his wrist until my hand slipped into his and our fingers met. Our hands held each other's.

His other hand slipped behind my lower back and he pulled me forward. Our chests met each other. He leaned down once again touched his lips to mine. Only this time I did not pull away. Instead I opened my mouth to his as he grabbed my lips with his over and over. He then began placing his tongue against mine. It was sweet, wet, warm and absolutely unbelievable. I trembled in amazement; I could not believe this was actually happening.

He pulled way from me with his hand still in mine. He proceeded up the steps and down a hallway to the master bedroom of his house. He opened the door and walked me over next to his bed. He looked into my young, innocent, eighteen year old eyes. "Is this too much? Are you okay?" He asked, with a patient tone.

"It is perfect. Just be careful." I responded, hinting to my innocence and virginity.

"Okay." He then slid his hand over my shoulder taking the strap of my tank top with him, carefully undressing me and he leaned in and continued kissing me.

I unbuttoned his shirt and his pants leaving him in nothing but skin and boxers, as I stood before him in matching pink lacy panties and bra. He walked to the left side of his queen-sized bed and pulled back the white down comforter. I climbed in the bed on top of him as he explored my body with his hands and we kissed passionately. He unfastened my bra, revealing my b cup breasts and pale pink nipples. He rolled on top of me, and I could feel his hardening manhood against my body. He began kissing my breasts and making me feel intense waves of warmth and coolness all over my body. He worked my body in such a way that I could feel my pelvis rising against his. He worked his mouth down toward my hips and my vagina as he pulled my pink panties off. He then kissed all over my lips and then began sliding his tongue over my clitoris. I felt intense pleasure, almost too much to handle. He continued his feast on my pussy like it was a tasty treat. I could feel my body tensing up, it was a new feeling to me. I panted and moaned as I experienced my first orgasm as his tongue was agitating my clitoris in the most incredible way.

I had never performed oral sex. But as I threw my body on top of his I worked my mouth up and down taking off his boxers and then continued to his penis, which was now completely aroused and full in shape. I lifted it with my hands and worked them softly up and down. I then replaced my hands with my mouth, I could feel his muscles tense up as I worked my tongue around the head of his penis.

He placed his hands on my shoulders gently and pulled me up toward him. He rolled me on my back. He opened the drawer of his end table and pulled a condom out of it. He placed it around his manhood. He crawled on top of me. He touched my slippery pussy with his penis, he slid it up and down my clitoris. "Are you sure?" He asked.

"Yes." I whispered in his ear.

He forced his penis inside of my vagina. He was gentle but it felt very painful, like it shouldn't be there. As he slowly continued in and out of me the pain began subsiding, it was replaced with pleasure. He stared into my eyes. I felt so much love and knew that he did also. I could feel my vagina tightening around his penis and it delighted both he and I. He began rapidly moving in and out of me. He rolled onto his back holding me close.

I was now positioned on top of his pelvis as I climbed up and down his penis. He held my waist. We kissed and stared into each others eyes. I felt the intense pleasure once again as I shuddered while riding his manhood. I moaned as I orgasmed once again.

He held me tightly and pulled me on and off of himself. He began panting in delight as he released his juices within the condom within me. I could feel his penis becoming flaccid as he pulled out of me.

We laid in his bed in each others arms. We had sweet sweat all over our bodies.

I phoned my mother and told her I was sleeping over a friend's house. The night I spent with him was one of the best of my life, we slept in our skin with each other and I knew that this was just the beginning.

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