tagGroup SexMary's Awakening

Mary's Awakening


The sound of a door closing woke her. Mary tried to see in the dark but the room was pitch black, the power must be out, she thought. She moved to get out of her bed but was pushed back down. Terror struck her! "Who is there?" she whispered in fear.

She felt his breath on her ear as he whispered back, his mouth close to her face. "Just do as you're told and everything will be ok."

Mary was more terrified than she had ever been but she knew from the stranger's voice that she had better just do as he wanted. Now that she was awake fully she could feel that she was naked and not even in her own bed. Her senses told her that the bed she was on was not hers and that the room she was in was smaller than her own.

The man leaned close again. "You are going to enjoy everything we do to you so just relax." His hand touched her breast and her body betrayed her as her nipple hardened in his palm even as her mind registered that he had said we.

She didn't say anything to his remark but silently feared that what he said was true. His fingers softly pinched the erect nipple to let her know that he was aware that her body was betraying her. Suddenly she felt another hand running up her right leg and still someone else's mouth clamped onto her other breast. She gasped out and tried to figure out how many different people were touching her, 3....4?

The mouth softly but firmly suckled her left breast and she felt her vagina moistening as the mouth nursed her. The hands on her right leg ran up and down her from foot to pelvis but not touching her vagina even though it leaked its arousal begging for release. Mary tried to force her body to stop betraying her but all these anonymous intruders would not allow it.

The fingers continued to pinch and pull at her right nipple and he whispered against her ear. "Yes, that's a good girl, a good nasty girl. You like the thought of all of us touching you and fucking you don't you?"

She shook her head in denial even as the scent of her own arousal hit her. Her body was screaming out for release but not from these intruders from her own desire. Touch my hot pussy. Her body screamed even though she would not allow her mouth to release the words.

A fourth set of hands lifted her left foot and a hot mouth began suckling at her toes and licking in between them. Her legs spread wider and wider as the two people worked at them. She could feel the cool air blowing against her wetness, caressing it even though they would not but it was not enough. The assault on her body was making her crazy and she heard a deep lustful moan come out of her own mouth.

The mouth that suckled at her left breast moaned along with her and the sound made her even hotter. She squirmed as the hands slid up her right leg again toward her open exposed vagina; her pelvis lifting off the bed inviting the hands to invade its warmth. Once again the hands moved all around her sex but denied it their touch. She groaned in frustration as they moved away.

The whispered chuckled "If you want fucked you have to beg for it."

Mary shook her head again but could feel her juices running from her vagina to the crack of her ass. She had never been so horny before in her life.

She told herself that she would never beg these animals to violate her even as her heart raced and her body continued to hope for total violation.

The man at her breast continued to suckle but now had moved her hand to his groin. Mary jumped as he laid his hard thick penis in her palm. She wanted to pull away but the feel of it, the weight of it, the silky feel of it against her palm and the size of it caused her body to refuse her mind. She felt herself begin to stroke it and it felt so dam good. The cock was already huge but she felt it strain and grow in her hand as she gripped it.

Mary swallowed hard. Her mouth watered at the thought of feeling it slide between her lips and running her tongue around the fat head she was now pinching between her thumb and finger milking the precum from it.

She could feel her clit swelling and pushing out of its shield of skin. It ached to be rubbed and her right hand slid toward it only to be snatched away and pinned to the bed. She screamed in frustration. She heard chuckles from all over the room. Oh my God! How many people were in this room?

She knew she should be afraid but the thought of 10 or more men having their way with her made her even more aroused. Her nerves were all on alert every inch of her skin on fire with the need to be satisfied. She moaned and her body twisted and arched begging for release.

Her hand stroking madly at the huge bulging cock in her hand until suddenly it was taken from her and hot salty jism sprayed all over her face. Her mouth opened and lapped frantically to devour all of the stickiness that she could manage to catch in it. When it stopped coming all she could think was how she needed more.....

Frantically she caught herself groping in the darkness for more cocks. Someone finally moved forward and let her find what she was after. Her small hand wrapped around the hard cock and she stroked it like she was pumping to save her life. As she stroked she could hear the man behind the cock moaning and the sound made her hotter and hotter until she finally burst out "Oh Fuck!!! Someone please suck my cunt!"

Instantly she felt herself being lifted up and turned to the edge of the bed. Then two hands gripped her ass and lifted her pussy to a hot sucking mouth! The instant the mouth closed on her clit she came, squirting hot pussy juice all over the man's face and down his chest. He loved it and began lapping at her cunt; now spread wide open to his tongue; every swipe of his tongue causing wave after wave of orgasm though her body.

She felt the weight of 2 bodies getting on the bed near her head, one on each side and then felt a dick on each side of her mouth. Frantic to have them both she turned her head from side to side take one and then the other into her mouth even as her pussy continued to be assaulted by the lashing tongue. Her body and mind on the edge of madness and ecstasy.

She took each cock deeper and deeper into her mouth trying to get all of them. Finally one of the men gripped her hair in his hand and shoved his dick all the way into her throat and thrust over and over into her mouth. His sweaty balls hitting the side of her face with every thrust. Mary gagged and gasped as he filled her throat with his hard cock. Spit over flowed from her mouth and streamed down her chin as he pounded in and out. Finally her abuser held her head to his groin and exploded down her throat groaning out his pleasure loudly.

Mary gulped at the salty goo and managed to swallow his entire delicious gift. She immediately turned back to the other dick and allowed the assault to begin again. As she took the thick cock to the back of her throat the man at her pussy lowered her ass back to the bed and she felt a long dick rubbing up and down her hot slit. She squirmed trying to get the cock into her hot snatch but the man refused to impede her continuing to rub against her clit making it burn in desire.

The second stream of hot cum hit the back of her throat and she gulped and slurped at his now softening hose. More she needed more!!! Just knowing all these men, indescribable, horny men were here waiting to give her their cum made her ache to have it all.

Mary felt her hair being pulled and another dick stuck in her mouth. She quickly sucked it into her mouth and began milking it with all her might. How wonderful the thick hardness fit into her mouth and down her throat! She truly enjoyed the silkiness of it on her tongue. She bucked against the tongue on her tight asshole as she gulped at the probing cock in her mouth.

Then she felt someone licking her clit from underneath her as the tongue continued to pleasure her ass. They were driving her crazy! The pleasure these men were bringing her was almost unbearable. Her moans of pleasure were muffled by the dick down her throat but her trembling body told the assailants of her enjoyment.

"Oh yes, suck my dick bitch! Suck it all down and make it fast so everyone can get their turn filling your gut with cum!" The words drove her to suck and slurp harder and faster eager to get the next cock in her mouth. The man fucked her face hard never letting go of her hair as he roughly slammed the cock down her throat. "Aaaahhhhh!" he yelled out as he spewed burst after burst of sweet cum deep down her throat.

There was so much cum that she could not swallow fast enough and she gagged as streams of the white fluid ran from the corners of her mouth. Before she could catch her breath the spent dick was replaced by another bigger one. It slid into the cum filled mouth and immediately took over the assault on her throat. Mary felt the cum running steadily from her mouth as the new dick pounded away upset that it was being wasted, wanting to slurp up every drop.

The mouths on her ass and cunt continued their prodding and now someone was also shoving 3 fingers into her dripping cunt and her pussy spasmed and squirted all over the hand, mouth and bed. She never wanted it to stop! She wanted every one of these men in her, on her however she could get them!

Her nipples ached wanting attention again and as if they could read her mind instantly there was a mouth on each tit. Sucking, biting, pulling just as she had desired! The dick in her mouth exploded and filled her throat once again. Mary swallowed as fast as she could refusing to lose any of the warm nutrients this time.

It was time, she didn't care anymore about her pride, she need to be fucked and fucked hard and thoroughly. As the dick fell from her mouth she screamed out "Fuck me! Fuck me now, all of you! I need to be fucked like the dirty whore I am!" A cheer went up from the room and she was instantly lifted off the bed and impelled onto an engorged dick. As she sat atop the cock she felt herself being pushed forward until her body lay flat on top of her fucker. Someone spit on her asshole and she felt another cock pushing to enter her ass. She had never been fucked in the ass before but her body was so horny that she didn't try to resist. She allowed herself to relax and invite the thick pole to invade. It burned and hurt as he pushed past her sphincter but as he pushed though and buried the huge cock deep into her bowel her body shook in instant orgasm.

Mary screamed in pleasure "Oh my God. Yes fuck my ass, harder, fill me up with that dick." The two dicks moved in unison filling her pussy and ass. Mary could feel the two dicks rubbing against each other with just the thin membrane between them. The sensation was exhilarating and she felt wave after wave of orgasm running though her body.

"Yes tear that ass and pussy up! Harder! Deeper!" Her words drove the men to fuck her hard and fast. Soon their bodies shook as they filled her with hot cum. "No!" Mary cried out "Not already!" She was insatiable she needed more! Quickly both dicks were replaced by new hard ones and Mary reveled in the assault.

"Yes that's it, fuck my holes good!" She trust hard against their thrusts and worked her vaginal and anus muscles on the hard dicks milking the cum from them. She loved the feel of the dicks deep in her guts and the feel of the hot fluid as it shot inside of her! Soon the cock in her ass was spasming and filling her ass and the feel of one dick spasming against his caused the dick in her pussy to erupt also.

"More! I want more!" Mary demanded and was soon feeling two more cocks sliding inside her sloppy holes. "That's right just keep fucking me.....fill me with cum!"

"Shut up and suck this dick!" A voice from the dark said as she felt a dick against her face. Once again she was sucking and craving a mouth full of cum.

"That's just how I like it, a cum slut taking two dicks and sucking on mine! You are quite the slut. Someone put on a lite I want to see this whore taking all this dick!" With the request a lamp is turned on and she twists about to see all of her men. The man under her is white and in his 30's, the man she is sucking is also white but older, maybe 40. She turns her head and sees a muscular black man fucking her ass. She looks around the room and sees maybe 20 men in all; White, black, Hispanic all waiting with hard dicks to have a turn at her.

As she watched them stroking their dicks in anticipation she enjoyed putting on a show for them and fucked the three men even harder. The black guy pulled out of her ass and spread her ass cheeks wide. "Look at that gap." She could feel her ass was wide open and smiled as many of the guys moved to get a closer look.

"Fuck her ass is full of cum! Look at it!" He pushed his dick back in and pulled it out again over and over looking deep into her anus. "Oh yeah and I am about to add more!" He slammed back into her and gripped her hips as he fucked her hard. Every stroke he pulled all the way out and slammed back in to his balls;the force of his thrusts shoving the dick in her mouth deeper down her throat and the dick in her pussy deeper into her womb.

Mary loved being brutalized by this huge black cock! He started to shudder and pulled back one last time cumming into her gapped asshole filling it like a bowl to the rim! The man in her pussy pulled out and slid out from under her and added his hot jism to the black man's just as the dick in her mouth jerked and squirted its load into her. As the cock slid from her mouth she wiped the cum from her chin and licked it off her fingers.

Mary stayed on her hands and knees at the edge of the bed as stranger after stranger lined up to fuck her ass. Each man having his way with her gaping hole and depositing a new load of sticky sperm inside her. She had lost count a long time ago and didn't care how many had been inside her. Her body felt totally alive and on fire! She just didn't want them to stop. She turned to look at the line and noticed that many had lined back up for seconds.

Her eyes fell upon one extremely huge dick toward the back of the line. The dick had to be over a foot long and as big around as her wrist. It wasn't even fully erect as the man stood patiently in line. Mary licked her lips as she let her eyes trail up over the rest of his body. He was a tall, muscular black man with a shaved head. He had broad shoulders and a tapered waist with a perfect 6 pack. His body looked rock hard with muscles. Her eyes locked with his and he smiled as his cock jumped when her gaze dropped back to his unbelievably hugeness. My God she thought as it grew even larger.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on the pleasure she was receiving from the line of horny strangers. She moaned and groaned as she gyrated her hips against the many pelvises that slapped against them. Suddenly she felt a dick slap onto her back and knew the extremely well endowed man was up next. The dick lay on her back from ass to her waist. He wanted her to know how far he was going to invade her bowel. Mary shivered knowing he was about to tear her ass open. The black man slapped her ass with his huge cock causing welts to spring up on her hips and thighs with every slap.

Mary looked back at him with lust in her eyes. Yes she wanted that monster dick inside her! "Some body get me a wash cloth. I want to give her this with out all this cum to lube her!" The next thing Mary felt was the man cleaning her ass and pussy with the wash rag. He took his time and cleaned up as much as he could. Once her ass was clean and dry he pushed the fat head against her gapping hole. Even though it was still gaped open the head of his dick was bigger around then the hole.

"Are you ready for 14 inches of hard fucking steel in your ass?" he asked her. Mary could only nod. Slowly he pushed the massive penis into her ass. Inch by inch he stretched her bowel open. She had never felt so full in all her life! He pushed farther and farther into her until his entire pole was inside her intestine! Mary pushed back against him as he ground his balls into her crack. She purred out in pleasure.

"Oh yes baby grind that fat dick into me! Aaahhhhh it is so fucking wonderful!" The man rotated his hips deeper into her ass and gripped her shoulders in his hands. "Mmmmm what a perfect cock. Yes just give it all to me....."

The man growled deep in his throat as her began to slowly pull all the way back to the head and then back in again. This bitch was something else..... no one had ever been able to take all his dick! To top it off she was loving it and would take more if he had it! He drove into her tight ass over and over giving her what she wanted! He could feel his cum building in his testicles, the tightening in his sack told him he was about to blow his load in her shit hole. He grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair and thrust as hard as he could into her filling her like a fire hose.

Mary's stomach was cramping from her many orgasms and the gallons of cum inside her but she loved the feel of it all. The man spread her ass and exclamed "Look at that gap now! Looks like she was fucked by a baseball bat!"

She heard another guy say "It will take two dicks to fill that nasty ass now. Who wants to double tap that ass with me?" Soon she was straddling him and he was guiding his dick into her ass along with another guy pushing his fat dick in at the same time.

Mary closed her eyes and pictured the two large cocks gliding in and out of her ravaged ass. The thought of the two mens cocks rubbing against each other inside her cum filled hole was the nastiest thing she had ever imagined. As they pumped and pounded their hard members into her she knew she had officially turned to the dark side. She didn't ever want to be plan boring Mary again. She wanted to fuck and suck anyone she chose whenever she got the urge to and not care about what was right or wrong. This felt good, it made her happy and satisfied and she would have this feeling again.

By the time the two men had erupted inside her ass her body was worn out. She had managed to fuck all the men in the room; some more than once and she felt completely fulfilled. Her body collapsed on to the bed as the men pulled out of her and she felt content.

"I just want to thank you all for showing me what a little slut I am and I hope I will see you all again." she stretched in contentment and smiled at them all.

The man that seemed to be the ring leader stepped forward. "We have one more surprise for you before we take you back to your house."

Mary raised her eyebrows questioningly. What else could they possibly have in store for her? Then she heard the door open and she turned to see a young girl about 19 come in. They lead her to the bed and she stood in front of Mary looking very shy and innocent. The leader told her to undress for Mary and she let the thin cotton dress she was wearing fall to the floor.

The girl had small breasts with hard little nipples. Her pussy was not shaved but had very little pubic hair on it. She was thin and small all over, maybe 5'1 and only 100 pounds. Her eyes were a startling emerald green and she stared directly at Mary. She looked very innocent but Mary saw the lust behind her beautiful eyes.

" This is Amy and she is going to clean you up. She knows what to do so just lay back and enjoy." The leader told her before she could ask what the girl's purpose was.

Amy slid her body over Mary's and let her hard little nipples brush against Mary's large full breasts. She placed her mouth on Mary's and began kissing her. Her tongue invaded her mouth and searched every corner and crevice for remnants of sperm. It was very sensuous but Mary knew there wasn't much as she had swallowed all she could and had even craved more. Amy then licked the residue off of Mary's face and neck. She eased down Mary's body and kissed and licked her tits. Mary moaned in pleasure. She had never had another woman touch her sexually before. It was so forbidden and erotic.

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