tagMatureMary's Day Arrived At Last

Mary's Day Arrived At Last


Dear reader, there is a little incest twist at the end of this story.

Mary woke in the middle of the night, or partly awakened, it was more of a stir. Her hands slipped between her legs and she squashed her knees and thighs together in silent remembrance of something deep in her sub conscience.

It was a dream, or part of a dream, she tried somehow not to wake up properly, she struggled to stay in slumber, her dream was so satisfying, so gratifying and deeply energising that her mind let her slumber on.

She dreamed of Tony and Roger, her son's friends, they were making love to her, she had tried to resist, but they were just too strong, she had no way of beating them off, no resistance, no defence, no protection. They had caught her at her lowest in terms of loving needs.

Mary was in her kitchen when they had called around 10am looking for Mike her 18 year old son. Her husband was at work; Mike was in town shopping or whatever, She greeted them knowing that they probably knew he was in town, it made her smile, she knew they had the hots for her, she could see it in their eyes, even a long time before now she had known, it excited her a lot sometimes.

And Mary was happy that she still had the looks to entice two young men such as these, even if she had seen them grow from boys to very good looking young men.

They entered and positioned themselves, she was stood near the table at the centre, Roger was nearest the sink, Tony on the other side nearest to the rest of her large ground floor home. They seemed nervous, fidgety; the air seemed to be charged with electricity, what was it? She mused. 'I must be affecting them again?' she thought, and inwardly giggled at that.

Tony was an exceptionally handsome boy, beautiful almost came to her mind, he was about 165lbs, his fair to blond hair was down to his neck, and girls loved his oh so blue eyes.

Roger was different in almost every way, he was over 6ft the same as Tony, but there any similarity ended, he was chocolate skinned, his parentage was Caribbean, but he was ruggedly good looking, the sportsman of the two, powerful in build, broad flat chest, and came in around 175lbs.

They went through all the usual excuses, 'sorry we didn't know,' etc. but she decided in her mind that they did, she knew they knew. Mary was feeling hot, aroused anyway, and having these two ogling her was such a boost for her ego, her womanly vanity. She was wearing a skirt an inch or two above her shapely knees, a blouse, high heels, no stockings, a thong and bra; over the top of her blouse she wore a cardigan.

As it was warm out so she made a show of taking off the cardigan, blowing out her cheeks in a seductive way, her full lips accentuating the move. 'Mmmm its warm out there boys isn't it?' she murmured, teasing them.

'It sure is Mrs T,' Tony replied, winking at her then Roger.

'Yea too hot for this,' he said, as he unbuttoned his denim studded shirt, revealing a flat strong chest. It made Mary draw in a deep breath, and look through the window beyond him.

Both boys were over 6ft nowadays, as was her own son and he himself was as good looking as his two friends, both had years beyond their 18 years, or so it seemed to Mary.

As she glanced from Roger back to Tony he innocently scratched his crotch, Mary gasped, 'did he do that on purpose?' she thought.

Her 39 year old nipples growled in heat. Now they were on full view through her thin blouse. She deliberately or otherwise pulled her shoulders back slightly making her nipples point through the thin blouse.

Mary was a sexual woman, her husband did his duty once a week on Friday nights, he was a on off, wham bam thank you maam these days. It was months, no, she thought, 'its years since he's made love to me properly, no wonder these lads can turn me on, he had better be careful or I might take a dip one day!'

Mary hated it, she would go to bed 15 minutes before him on Fridays to use her vibrator to at least get some satisfaction before he had 'performed,' saying as he rolled off, 'that was good darling?' and promptly falling asleep! Today was only Tuesday and Mary was needing attention, unaware yet that the boys were reading her like an open book.

She stood 5ft 5" tall but she was more than lovely, and Tony and Roger had watched, seen and lusted after her as they grew into puberty then young manhood. Now they were old enough to know what was what, they weren't worldly experienced but they knew enough about women and what it took to make them work.

Once when all three of them had been together talking about sex and fucking women, they had said to Mike that his mom was a real MILF. He had responded that he knew, he understood them, but she was his mom so keep off, but then said, 'I must confess, I would have a go myself if she wasn't.'

Tony looked at Roger, he sensed that his Mother Mary was the sensual needy woman they were believing her to be.

'Mike, my friend,' Tony said, 'let me say this, and I don't want to upset you, but you saying that, tells me that you should at least attempt it, she's right there in front of you all the time man, do it!'

'She's my mother Tone, he replied.

'And you want to fuck her; I can see it in your face Mike!' Roger added.

'Ah well, never mind hey?' Mike finished.

Mary still wore her lustrous auburn wavy hair long, down past her shoulders, her face was a thing to behold, she really was a lovely woman, but it was her lips, her mouth, that set her apart from others, it was so sexy, becoming, and totally fuckable that men gave her more than a passing look.

Her body was still good thanks to working out, but she had grown up looking that way anyway. She was still toned and sharp, her beautiful backside held men's attention when ever she passed by.

And Mary had more than gained the 2 boys full attention this passing day. They had discussed fucking her many times, seducing her, taking her, all the things that pass through young men's minds when with a beautiful sexy woman. The fact that it was their friend's mother made no difference to them, it was lust at dawn! After much discussion between them they had decided that if opportunity passed their way, they would take a chance and hit on her if they could.

They gave each other the eye, and a silent agreement went between them, 'today is the day' was the silent message from one to the other. They would 'have a go!' They had talked about her often, they had decided that she had been giving out signs and signals all summer, rightly or wrongly, but they did.

And to be honest, Mary had been giving out the signals, simply because she was frustrated and wanted attention from some one. Tony and Roger had decided she had been signalling them.

During the hot summer when they had been to BBQs at Mike's home, she had sidled up to one or the other at times, whispering to them, saying things like, 'why aren't you 2 hunks out somewhere scoring with lovely ladies, and, 'what I wouldn't give for some of this,' and squeezing a muscular arm.'

Now they were alone in her kitchen with her, and already she had flirted with them, but Mary was a flirter, not a doer. She was having fun teasing the boys, egging them on with flashing looks, swaying her shapely hips, pouty smiles at both of them, then she turned and deliberately pointed her extended sensitive nipples at them.

Both boys were getting harder and harder and finding it increasingly difficult not to respond, but she was trying their collective patience. Tony suddenly stepped around the table, took Mary in his arms and kissed her passionately, Mary was taken by total surprise, she didn't respond, but neither did she protest.

'Tony, what do you think you are doing?' she stammered and gasped when he broke it.

'Just giving you what you need and deserve Mrs T,' he said, just then Roger stepped in and took over, he kissed her too, Mary lost her breath, he held her in a way that she couldn't move from.

He pulled his mouth from hers and Mary tried to speak, but words failed her, she was stunned, she hadn't expected this, she had been teasing them yes, but this, no.

Finally Mary was able to speak, 'Tony, Roger, what the hell...' and that's when Tony kissed her again, and this time his prick scored a direct hit on her pussy.

'Humph,' was all that escaped from her succulent mouth into his.

Roger took hold of a nipple, squeezed it, pulled and twisted it, and suddenly Mary's head was spinning.

'Aaaargh, Oh Ooooh,' were all garbled into Tony's mouth as Roger attacked the nipple, then sank sharp teeth into her neck. Hot lips and breath surrounded her, if she hadn't been standing against the counter top she would have fallen down.

Roger continued torturing her nipple, nibbling, sucking and kissing her neck. Mary could only moan into Tony's mouth, her mind was sapped of strength, befuddled, unable to collate the sensual sensations rippling through her as the 2 boys kept up their seductive attack on her, her right hand had slid up Tony's back, her left had slid around Roger, she was open to them and there was no way she could compete with their lips, and fingers. Her nipples were drowning out any possible protest.

Any chance Mary may have had to stop this went the moment that Roger dropped his hand and cupped her pussy, her feet left the floor, she cooed and mewled into Tony' hot mouth. Tony took over her nipples, Roger lifted her skirt and tucked his hand into her thong, a finger blew her apart.

Tony broke his kiss, and looked into Mary's glazed aroused eyes.

'You want us to stop Mrs T?' he asked quizzically.

'Tony, oh Tony, Roger, oh me, oh my...' was all she could say as an orgasm bounced through her from Rogers fingers, it silenced any possible denial of what they were doing.

'Didn't think so Mrs T,' Roger said. And with that, they picked her up and walked her to her ground floor bedroom, it was at the back and over looked her expansive gardens.

Once there they laid her down on her back and gathered themselves around her. Immediately they went back to work, kissing her, fiddling her nipples, both of them were under unassailable attack, her pussy was being mangled along with her brain by knowing fingers.

Roger got to his knees but never took his eyes off her, Mary was as if hypnotised, she watched as he stripped off his shirt to reveal his tight hot upper body, she had seen it many times but not in this situation, today it was the magnet from which she would not be able to drag herself away from.

Rising from the bed whilst Tony worked on her keeping her up to speed, Roger dropped his pants and shorts, Mary gasped when she saw what was sticking out from his slim powerful dark hips, it was magnificent tool, a wonderful throbbing prick, a black one, Mary had never seen a real black cock, only hazy photos.

She drooled, saliva tried to drip from her lips, naked now he got back on and took over from Tony, he kissed her fabulous pouty mouth, crushed a nipple making her squirm under him, and Mary kissed him back, fervently now.

'Watch Tony,' he told her, she did. Tony stood at the bed, looking directly at her, almost daring her to look away, she didn't, she was transfixed as Roger murdered her nipples, she was on the boil and ready bubble over from her internal cauldron.

He pulled his shirt off to reveal the chest she had seen lots of times before today, but this was different, this wasn't the Tony she knew, this was Tony the man! He undid the zip on his slacks and let them fall to the floor, both boys knew they were on safe ground now, Mary had hardly put up a fight barely worth noting.

She gazed at the obvious huge bulge in his shorts, using his blue eyes on her he said, 'Look Mrs T,'

He turned around showing his tight muscular buttocks, as he dropped them, Mary almost strangled, her breath was getting hotter and harder to inhale and exhale.

Turning to face her she was confronted by the most intense sight that she had ever witnessed, his gorgeous prick was pointing right at her, the big mushroom head was angry and purple, it was bigger than Rogers, but she was to find out Roger's was thicker. She reached out to take hold of it.

'What am I doing?' She asked herself, as her hand closed over it, but she knew very well what she was doing, her other hand had already collected Rogers, these boys had taken her from her safe place, they had caught her in her most vulnerable time, desperate for love, desperate for cock, desperate for sexual release. And now they deposited her into a world of sex, a world she would come to know, and from different sources she was sure.

Roger rolled his dark body over her, he was taking first hit, taking first prize. She was going to experience another cock for the first time in her life, and it was going to a black one too! She had had many chances before to gain relief and the attention she needed and deserved. But she had always reined in her desires, but not now, she couldn't rein these feelings in, They wouldn't have let her anyway, it was far too late for that.

He raised himself above her and got between her knees, she was open for business whether she wanted it or not, but she did. Her mouth was wide open waiting for that inexplicable moment when a cock entered her, she had always had this sublime sensation that it surprised her, even when she knew it was coming.

Roger pushed in all the way in one thrust, she gagged, gurgled, Oooohed and Aaaahed, grabbed hold of him, she surrendered straight off.

'Oh Roger, oh my god Roger, Mmmm...'

He fucked her with all he had, he wanted to cum, that's all he wanted, his young body wasn't geared for this, but it was geared for stamina, and knew the next time he got his thick black prick lodged in her hot puss he would deliver her to heaven.

He shot his load, all the lot of it, it filled her, she felt her stomach expand, then an orgasm blasted its way through her, it totalled her completely.

Roger fell on her, and 2 seconds later Tony pushed him off, he got on and thudded his prick all the way in, Mary could feel the bulbous end of it at her cervix, she had never had one this far in, she was majoring in firsts today. Another orgasm hit her, she clamped herself to him as he completed what Roger had started, he blew a huge wad of cum into her, it flooded back out mixed with Rogers, more orgasms followed as she gradually came down from the high she was on.

'At last,' she thought through her scrambled mind, 'I've been fucked the way a woman should be fucked, I hope they don't leave me, not yet?'

She turned to Roger and kissed his soft black lips and said, 'I love you baby, you are fantastic,' Then turning to Tony she told him the same, kissing him as she said it. Hoping this would convince them that she okay with what had happened, what they had done, but what had they done? They had seduced her into fully giving in to them, they had fucked her unknowingly properly for the first time in her life, and she wanted more, a lot more.

'Please stay, don't go, don't leave me, not yet?' she was almost begging them, she hadn't intended to say this, but she had to let them know she was in, all the way.

'Neither of us is going anywhere Mrs T,' Roger told her, 'we've only just got you, we're staying, and what have you got for us?' he said, as he sucked in a turgid nipple, Tony doing the same, it flattened Mary to the bed as if crushed down.

Her hands flew to their pricks, another first, two fabulous cocks in her hands at the same time, she slid the greasy poles up and down, soon they rejoined their advance on her.

Tony went first this time, he swung on, he ploughed his prick all the way in, Mary gasped in pain, lust, desire, utter arousal, need, yearning for more, she howled to him, 'fuck me Tony, please fuck me, give me all of you, hurt me with your beautiful prick, power me to insanity, do me baby, do me please!' she yelled insanely to him.

Tony hammered at her, gripping hr by her shoulders, he really did try to hurt her, to make her cry out, she did, but it was lust and orgasms she blasted from her mouth. Tony pummelled her with his prick, Roger had fixed his middle finger into her beautiful arse, forcing it all the way into her tight little wrinkled puckered hole. She didn't know it, but she knew something had changed in her, she was getting so hot and aroused she feared for her life.

An orgasm of such proportions and density demolished her, she seemed to faint, her sight went black, dazed and stunned she refocused gradually, only to witness and feel Tony blowing his second load into her.

Mary was laid prone on her bed, the 2 boys either side of her, she didn't know what to say, even if she could, her breath and strength was gone. She lay back and rested, not knowing what was to follow, but she knew she was already looking forward to be taken there by these young men. She was also safe and certain in the knowledge that she would exact some sort of revenge, if that was the right word for what they had given her.

Tony and Roger seemed to hold off, maybe they had realised that what they had done. But Mary wasn't feeling that way, they had opened the door that she had held shut for all these long years, and she was on her way through it, and indeed intended to close it behind her if she had to. Her husband was in for one fucking big shock, she told herself.

'Tony, Roger,' she whispered, 'are you okay, I hope you aren't feeling upset, what you have done to me today would, be regarded as rape in the eyes of the law, but I don't, I loved what you are, who you are, and I want you to do me again and again, whenever we can, do you want to?'

Roger was the first to react, 'you bet Mrs T,' he said, with a great big smile on his handsome face.

'And me Mary, and me,' Tony added. He had used her first name for the first time in his life.

Roger moved her out of the way and got on his back in the centre of the bed, knees bent and open he looked at Mary, looked at his cock, and said, 'when ever you're ready Mrs T!'

Mary ogled the thick black cock and dove on it, her mouth opened in it went and she was sucking him off as hard as she could.

On her knees before the black Adonis below her Mary gave him her all. Her soft hands were all over him, she wanked him, played with his balls, fingered his tight little black hole, as he had fingered hers.

Tony meanwhile, not to be out done got behind her. Mary was in for a surprise beyond surprises; he positioned his re erected hard young prick, pointed it at Mary's dripping pussy and thumped it right into her. It took Mary's senses from her, it drove her legs backwards and her forward but only as far as Rogers prick would go in her mouth and down her throat.

'Aaaargh Aaaargh Aaaargh,' she gruffed, as Rogers prick slipped down past her tonsils, she was deep throating him, she had to pull back, but never got off, she went at his cock like a banshee, screaming around it as Tony fucked her unbelievably hard, he showed no mercy, his balls slapping at Marys wanton pussy second after second.

She raced through a huge orgasm as Tony refilled her pussy again, the bed seemed to be awash with her cum Tony's cum and Rogers. As her orgasm hit, Roger blew his cum right down Mary's throat, she gagged and choked but steadfastly refused to lose a drop, he pumped glob after glob into her and Mary sucked it all down gratefully.

Tony fell sideways, Roger stayed where he was and Mary lay comatose on his stomach, never in all her wildest dreams could she have imagined anything this monumental, so astounding and so wonderful event that had taken place today, she would be forever in their debt, she would never deny them, ever!

They slept, Mary where she was, on Rogers body, Tony's arm was around her, it wasn't a long sleep because she was wakened by a finger sliding in and out of her virgin puckered brown hole, it was easy to do because she was soaked in cum and her own love potions.

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