tagErotic CouplingsMary's Delightful Charms Ch. 02

Mary's Delightful Charms Ch. 02


I had been out of high school now for several years, when one afternoon, a very dear friend of mine called me. When I answered the telephone, I could not believe whose voice I heard on the other end.

I said Mary, what a pleasant surprise! I am so glad you called, I thought that perhaps you had forgotten about me. Mary apologized for not keeping in touch; after all we did have a brief steamy affair at one time when I was younger. In fact, She was one of several mature married women that I had brief, passionate affairs with.

Mary seemed impressed that I was so happy to hear from her. I told her that I would never forget how special our relationship was. Especially one particular warm summer night that really defined my passion for older women. Mary was a fantastic lover and a wonderful woman, but our sexual relationship was based strictly on lust and not love. Had I been a bit older and met Mary before she married, I truly think that I would have fallen in love with her.

All the same, I never will forget the sensuous rendezvous that we had when I was younger. Her husband never knew and we thought that it was best at the time to discontinue our affair. After all, Mary had two small children to consider. We both agreed that the sex was wonderful and were mutually satisfied. I often wondered if Mary would ever contact me again after our amicable split.

Mary said that she realized this was really out of the blue, but could I possibly come by her house later that afternoon? I sensed a degree of urgency in her voice and even after all we had been through, I still admired her and I would do anything for her. I said sure, I would come by about five O'clock this afternoon. Mary thanked me and said that she was looking forward to seeing me again. I know that I definitely wanted to see her again, she was a fantastic lover and did not hold anything back.

The rest of the day I was so anxious about seeing her again, I could close my eyes and see her lovely face and smell her earthly scent. I was definitely smitten by her mature charms. I dressed casually and just before five O'clock I arrived. I was so giddy; I had a difficult time concentrating.

And I did not want to appear too eager.

As I approached her front door, I could see that Mary had the curtains closed in the living room window. Just like she used to do when I would come over for our special times. I was hopefully optimistic about this evening. When I knocked on the door, Mary answered and she was absolutely stunning. Just as I remembered her and her perfume was very sweet and inviting. As usual, Mary had applied her makeup flawlessly and her lips were shimmering.

She smiled so wide and we hugged and I wanted so desperately to pull her close and kiss her passionately. I exercised all of the restraint that I could mange. It appeared that this sweet woman had not aged a bit since I last saw her and she maintained her slim figure. We lingered for a few minutes and I felt ashamed that I was becoming aroused already. Mary always had that effect on me.

As Mary and I parted our embrace, I could yell that Mary had something on her mind. She seemed a bit distracted and this bothered me because I had such high regard for her feelings. Mary asked if I would like a cup of coffee and did I still drink it black? I responded yes to both questions. And as I observed her maneuvering about the kitchen so effortlessly, in cute little slippers with a small heel, making a light tapping sound as she walked.

I could see a slight bit of gray in her frosted hair and her hips were just a little wider than I remember, but by no means was she even overweight. More toward the voluptuous side if anything and I loved every inch of her. I particularly admired her petite ankles her shapely legs. Mary always did have lovely legs and a nice firm well rounded ass. She was still a very sexy and desirable woman. Not very many people would guess that she was in her mid forties.

Mary was wearing a big fluffy velour robe and I just assumed that she had recently showered and did not have time to dress yet. She often wore a robe before she dressed to go out for the evening. As she came towards me with my coffee, she was smiling sweetly and I suspected that she knew that I was ogling her, but I could not help myself.

As Mary handed me my coffee, her robe was partially open and I could not help but admire a glimpse of her milky white thighs. Mary was a Very light skinned woman and she did not particularly care for sunbathing.

When Mary sat down, she crossed her legs slightly and I could see that she was wearing some sort of satiny undergarment, perhaps a camisole.

It appeared to be a light blue with some type of dark blue trim.

I could not help but think that perhaps Mary was teasing me a bit, to see if there is still a spark. There was definitely more than a spark, she was still a stunning woman in my eyes and I wanted her desperately.

As Mary began her conversation, her lips and her gorgeous eyes mesmerized me. I could not take my eyes off of her; I have had younger women who could just not compare to her charms. Mary confided in me that she and her husband were no longer intimate and she needed to be romanced and loved. After all, she was younger than he was and she had urges and desires that needed to be fulfilled. I almost jumped from my seat and volunteered for the task.

Mary further elaborated that she and her friends have compared notes and she knew of the intimate encounters that I have shared with them as well and she admittedly was a bit jealous. I assured Mary that she did not need to be jealous because after all, She was the first mature woman that I ever had an affair with and by far the most satisfying. Not to mention the fact that she did introduce me to her friends because she wanted them to experience for them selves what you too enjoyed.

Mary placed her soft slender hand in mine and I immediately wanted to take her beautifully manicured and painted fingers into my mouth and suck them. That was one of the first things that I did for her when we became intimate and she enjoyed that very much. I was in heaven with her hand on mine; she was so warm and sensuous. It was quite difficult for me to keep my emotions in check, as Mary looked me in the eyes and spoke.

I asked Mary where her husband was now and she explained that he was away for the weekend on a bowling tournament. I could feel the heat rising in my loins as Mary spoke and I detected a glimmer of lust her eyes as well. I was by no means a stud and for the life of me, I could not understand what Mary saw in me. I was just this young geeky kind of guy that loved older women. I was truly flattered that Mary even gave me the slightest chance as a lover.

I asked her where her boys were and she explained that they were on an outing with their friends for the weekend as well. I could not hold back any longer, so I made a bold move and I leaned over, put my hands on Mary's shoulders and pulled her towards me and gave her the most passionate kiss. To my delight, Mary did not hesitate to return my kiss eagerly with open mouth and our tongues were wrestling frantically.

I missed her passionate kisses so much, I just wanted to devour her and never stop. Mary so loving, she placed her hands behind my neck and pulled me even closer to her as I cupped her face in my hands and gently caressed her beautiful face. I could not get enough of her, I would have been content to just kiss her and hold her close while inhaling her intoxicating fragrance. Mary was truly an exceptional woman.

I gently ran my hands through Mary's hair and massaged her neck and let my hands glide up and down her slender shoulders. Mary was the first to break our embrace and as she caught her breath, she told me that she missed that most of all. I confided I her that not a day went by that I did not yearn to hold her and share her sensuous kisses. Having told her that, I put my arms around her waist and pulled her to me again and now I could feel her trembling, just like the very first time that we kissed.

I was not only in lust with Mary, I realized at this moment that I was in love with her. I gently kissed her graceful neck and gave her little love bite from her ears to her shoulders. At One point, I felt her quiver and she held me tighter. I felt compelled to tell her that I was in love with her and she surprised me by saying that she was falling in love with me too. However, she tempered that statement by telling me that she could never leave her husband and she did not to hurt her family.

Reluctantly, I told her that I understood and did not want her to feel pressured into loving me too. I noticed tears in her eyes and I apologized for upsetting her. She replied that she was not upset, those were tears of joy and she so wanted to hear me say those words even though we could only have our special times together. I kissed her tears away and gently kissed her face all over and told her once again what a beautiful desirous woman she was and I will always respect her.

I told Mary that our intimate moment would be the most treasured of all my memories and I was glad that we could have them. As I continued kissing Mary, she slowly began rubbing her hips against mine and I pulled the sash loose on her robe and exposed her beautiful body. Mary gasped as the cool air swept over her warm exposed flesh.

As my greedy hands explored her full luscious body, I felt the very smooth material of the sexy fabric covering her soft abdomen. I held her at arm's length for a moment to burn this vision of loveliness into my mind forever. Mary was the most stunning woman that I have ever met and I kept telling her over and over that she was so sexy. I have met more attractive women since, but no woman will ever rival Mary's charms and sensuality.

Mary was wearing a very alluring garter belt, silk stockings and sinfully low cut bikini panties. I must say not many women her age could achieve this totally wanton image, but Mary absolutely made it work for her effortlessly. There is not a male around that would not have been absolutely smitten by her appearance. I could not keep my hands of Mary, as I repeatedly caressed her little tummy and nuzzled her beautiful neck. I wanted her completely and I would do anything to make this moment the most memorable for her as well.

After a few minutes of letting me worship her beautiful body, Mary suggested that we move to the bedroom. I told her that I would take her right there, I was so filled with lust. Mary reached down and grabbed my aching stiff cock whispered come on sweetheart, follow me. I followed her willingly and groped after her like a sex-starved teenager on his first romantic evening.

Mary opened the bedroom door to reveal that she had lit some very exotic smelling candles and the ambience of the room was custom made for a romantic evening. She turned to me and told me that she ahs been anticipating this moment for such a long time and she promised that I would not be disappointed. I assured her that I was never disappointed when we were together.

As Mary began to remove her robe, I asked to allow me because I wanted this moment to last and I needed to slowly explore her beautiful body .I slowly and deliberately remover her robe, baring one shoulder at a time while kissing and sucking her smooth soft skin. Mary was wearing the most intoxicating and heady perfume that I have ever experienced and it was driving me insane. I showered her with wet loving kisses from her shoulders to her wrists.

I could feel the anticipation in Mary building as I held her waist and kissed her slowly everywhere. Mary was purring with contentment and she was pleased with all the attention. As I let her robe fall to the floor, Mary just smiled at me while I stood there with a gigantic erection and my mouth all agape in awe of her mature beauty. She truly was a very beautiful woman and she seemed to be ageless.

Mary asked if I approved and she blushed when I said baby you are a fantasy come true for me over and over. I immediately took this gorgeous mommy in my arms and kissed her passionately as I devoured her lips and sucked her willing tongue into my hungry mouth. I allowed my hands to press and squeeze the fleshy globes of her wonderful ass and Mary sighed with contentment.

Mary was every bit a woman as any female that I have ever met, she was so sensual and truly caring. As I fondled and groped her sexy body, she deftly unfastened my pants, and let them fall and as I stepped out of them, Mary skillfully released my throbbing manhood from my shorts. I was in a state of unqualified ecstasy as Mary stroked my cock slowly. Mary gasped as well as my cock continued to swell with her tender touch and all I could respond with is ohh baby that feels so good. Mary cooed and gingerly pulled me tighter to her as I moaned with pleasure.

As Mary stroked me consistently, I began removing her intimate under garments while kissing and sucking every bit of exposed flesh greedily. When I arrived at her magnificent breasts, I feasted like a hungry baby and her nipples became swollen and bright red as my lips sucked and teased them without mercy. Mary was sqealing with delight as I ravaged her breasts and breathing hotly in my ear as I clutched her beautiful ass tightly.

Mary in turn thrust her pelvis into my hips and slowly rotated her abdomen against my tortured cock.

As I gazed into Mary's beautiful blue eyes, I whispered to her that I would be content to hold her close like this for the rest of my life and never let her go. She responded by kissing me frantically all over my face while showering me with wet sensuous kisses. My god was I hopelessly in love with this beautiful woman,

Mary told me that she felt so nasty and incredibly horny and I was totally responsible and I gladly agreed. I took that opportunity to see just how aroused Mary was and I slipped my fingers under the elastic leg band of her sexy panties as May gasped. I was delighted to find her pussy sopping wet with lust and I managed to insert several fingers and explore her lovely treasure.

Mary responded by swiveling her hips gently to allow me better access to her vagina. I boldly inserted four fingers now and moved my hand under her panties in a small circular motion. This elicited not only screams of delight from Mary, but a shattering orgasm as well. As Mary's sweet juices gushed over my hand and down my wrist, I sucked on her breasts like a baby possessed. Mary dug her slender fingers and long nails into my shoulders and said yesss oh my god, baby yesss. Please don't stop unghh, unghh, and unghh.

Mary was trembling severely and I dug my hands deeper in to the crack separating the lovely globes of her ass. She started thrusting her hips at me as if she was seizing and then she relaxed and sucked my neck and tried to breathe. When Mary could speak, she said oh honey that felt so wonderful and I replied that there would be many more if I had anything to say about it.

I showed my appreciation of her lust by holding my hand to my face and slowly licking each finger and then holding my hand to my nose and saying how absolutely luscious she tasted and smelled. Mary was kissing my chest now and stroking my manhood rapidly.

I gently eased her backwards onto the bed and pulled her gorgeous stocking clad feet over my shoulders and kissed her wet slippery panties. I was so turned on by her heady scent, that I lingered at her crotch and sucked ravenously at lovely slit separating her vaginal lips. I had the fabric of her panties between my teeth as I sucked and bit at her clit through the thin fabric of her panties.

Mary was squirming and thrashing about in a state of total delirium as I tugged on her panties with my teeth and raised her sexy bottom slightly off of the bed to remove her panties. When I finally pulled them to her petite ankles, I removed them and inhaled their sweet and pungent aroma. I could not get enough of her beautifully intoxicating scent. I loved the smell and feel of her tiny underwear next to my mouth.

Mary was perspiring profusely now and I crawled between her wet sticky thighs and licked her armpits and kissed her gently as she continued to thrash about on the bed from yet another gut wrenching orgasm. She was so hot and beautiful, I wanted to devour her and worship her body at the same time. Oh how I wanted this night to last forever, I truly wanted Mary like no other woman ever before.

When I finished licking the sweat from Mary's torso, I turned my attention to her glistening thighs as I slowly peeled her stockings from her long sexy legs. While doing so, I kissed and caressed her thighs and massaged her legs behind her knees. When I got to her ankles, I grabbed them firmly and began sucking her toes and this drove Mary wild. She was literally bouncing from the bed with fits of passion as she continued gushing.

Mary was so wet from cumming, that every time she moved her hips, she made a squishy sort of noise and this only spurred me on. When I had fulfilled my desire to kiss her lovely toes and lick her feet, I finished removing her stockings and held them to my nose and inhaled her lovely scent once more. Mary was whimpering for me to take her now and I wanted so badly to just fuck her senseless, but I restrained myself.

I put Mary's stockings beside the bed for a souvenir to take home and I turned my attention to her chest. She was still moaning incoherently when I buried my face into her soft chest and sucked her nipples gently while she rolled from side to side begging for a hard fucking. I told Mary that I could not get enough of her lovely mature body and I wanted to make the moment last.

As I suckled greedily on her engorged nipples, Mary reached out and grabbed my throbbing cock and began furiously pumping me and whipping herself into an excruciating frenzy. I wanted more and more of her body, so I reached under her sexy ass and clenched both cheeks so hard that I could touch my fingertips together. I kept inching my fingers toward her tiny rosebud and Mary went absolutely wild.

I delicately slid one finger into her tight rectum and swiveled it around and Mary began sucking furiously at my neck as I let my thumbs slide under her panty legs. I encountered not only a puddle of her lovely juices, but her clit was actually throbbing as she was having an incredible orgasm. Mary certainly needed this release almost as much as I needed her.

I could not believe what I felt under her sopping wet panties, she was absolutely hairless. Mary had shaved completely and her pussy lips felt almost twice their normal size as I caressed them and slid my thumbs in and out of her slippery slit. Oh was she a delightful sex partner, I wanted her forever, Mary was definitely a very feminine woman and she was not afraid to show her desire.

I could no longer deny her what she wanted, so I placed my hands on her knees and gently held them apart as widely as I could without hurting her and I propped my self up on my knees. Before I could grab my throbbing, pulsing cock, Mary deftly reached out and wrapped her fist tightly around my cock and pulled me as I aimed towards her steaming pussy.

Mary was quivering uncontrollably now as I neared her beautiful entrance and I thrust forward with all of my might and impaled her.

The only sounds that could be heard were the bed springs squeaking and mar screaming for me to pound her pussy harder. I diligently obeyed and this beautiful woman had an expression of absolute unbridled lust on her face.

I will never forget the contortions that her facial muscles made as I repeatedly withdrew and brutally battered her pelvis with mine.

I kept asking Mary if she was OK and she just dug her nails deeper into my backside and at one point she raised her head up soaking in sweat and began biting my lips and simultaneously forcing her tongue down my throat. Mary was pulling me deeper into her womb as I pounded away and when she tensed up and clenched my ass I had the most pleasurable orgasm of all time.

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