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Mary's Dream Boy


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Hello Mary my name is Ron. I was at the Ford dealership last summer; and I saw your picture in Joe's office; you are certainly a very beautiful and sexy woman. I couldn't help ask about you. Joe told me all about how you are full of confidence and drive no matter what you do.

Needless to say the more Joe spoke of you, the more I wanted to know. I must say, Joe is crazy about you. Anyways, Joe and I were chatting about what we like in a woman. The more we talked the more I found you to be very sexy.

Joe told me that he writes erotic letters for you; He says these letters really get you hot. I told Joe that I do something similar; I record erotic stories for women. When Joe told me that you too have listened to a few audio erotic stories; I couldn't help begin to think how much of a turn on it would be for me; knowing that a personalized erotic story I made for you; could get you so hot.

I asked Joe if he had a picture of you which he could let me borrow. Joe gave me a few; some of which are hot; I wish they showed more of you, but a few of them really show off your cute and sexy body really well.

Another thing Joe told me was that you are a great lover. I can tell by the look in your eyes; you do like to fool around. I can only imagine how wild and sexy you can become when you get really turned on. Just the thought of it is already turning me on. Well here's a little bit about me: I am 6'-2" , about 240 lbs and 38 years old. I have Brown curly hair, and green -- hazel eyes.

I try to work out 2-3 times per week; usually power lifting stuff; I am not a work out geek, but I try to keep the body strong and not too fat. My wife and my past lovers have told me that they really like my chest. It is quite large, I believe its about 48" with just a little chest hair. They also like thick muscular legs and butt. They also like another part of me, but we will get to that a little later here in the recording.

I guess I like small woman because they are easy to pick up and hold. There nothing like picking up beautiful woman like you Mary and feeling you slide down by body onto my penis. And then to be able to walk around with you on me, looking for a good place to lay you down and take care of some sexual business.

I am also married to a very beautiful woman like you. I would never cheat on her, but I love to fantasize about making love to other woman. You know, after a while in a long term relationship, a little fantasy brings some fire to the bedroom.

Joe tells me you and he have been married for about 15 years. And judging by your picture, I bet, even though you may not have told Joe, you have fantasized about another lover at least once in your relationship.

While looking at your picture, I asked Joe if you would possibly like me to make a personal erotic audio taping for you. Joe was a little hesitant, he at first laughed and asked me if I was joking; but then followed up with "why not, if you really want to".

If it's alright with you Mary, I want you to listen to my own personal erotic audio which I have made for you. We will probably never meet, except for this one opportunity when a perfect stranger, who finds you so sexy, fantasizes about having some excellent sex with you.

Do you want me to go on? Don't worry its pretty straight forward. If you want me to continue say yes to Joe and he will keep the player going.

Now I have found that for this to really work well you need to be blind folded. My past girlfriends and wife told me that this enables them to kind of open their eyes and not see anything and allow the fantasy to unfold better. Hopefully you are already blind folded and we don't have to pause the recording.

And hopefully Joe has given you some toy you like to play with. I hope it is a realistic type penis; because that will add much more to your experience. Please don't forget this is all about you; so let yourself go and begin to relax.

At this point you should be laying in your bed, warm, with only some panties you find to make you feel very sexy in. These are the panties you would wear if you were still single, going out on the "date" when you knew there was very good chance you would end up having sex with this guy you found to be very attracted to. I can tell from your photo you know how to make a guy really hot.

Also, you should have your blind fold on, and a favorite toy within reach on the left side of you. Now take a few moments to set the stage in your mind. You and I have been out on our 3rd date, we find each other to be extremely attractive. We have fooled around a little bit, but nothing serious. Tonight has gone exceptionally well.

We had a great dinner and just have returned from dancing to a rock-and-roll band. We are back at your place, I have already undressed and slipped into bed, while you were in the bathroom, getting yourself ready. You now are climbing into bed, laying down next to me on your left.

Your are already turned on, and just waiting for me to get the action moving. All kinds of thoughts are running through your head. Is he going to be the type of lover I need and appreciate, and is his "thing" in proportion to the rest of his very large and powerful body. Take a minute and get this setting as best as you can in your mind; I have done the same.

Right now, as I record this, I am completely naked lying on my bed. And I am fantasizing that I am laying right next to you on your left. And you are right here with me, laying there with just a very sexy pair of panties on; wondering how well am I going to please you.

We have both had many lovers in our past. Some OK, and some really fantastic. Well, one thing learned is to go slow with my love making. I don't rush; I like to build it up over a long period. I hope you like the same Mary; because this is how our erotic fantasy is going to unfold.

If you can go with me and hold back a little, I am certain I will make you come harder than you have in a very long time. I have my cock in my right hand. It is very swollen and hard. It is huge, about 9" long and very thick. I am slowly squeezing it from my shaft all the way up to its huge purple head. I can feel a little pre-cum already oozing out. I am holding a picture of you with my left hand. Damn, you are a hot and sexy woman!

As I look at the picture of you and describe how I am playing with myself, please just listen and don't do anything. Don't worry I will have you playing with yourself quickly enough. Oh, and the other women have found that answering my questions to you out loud, really brings this fantasy to life; so don't hold back, the more you give in, the more you will get, I promise you. Be a good girl and have a little patience, OK? Great.

The first part of your body that captures my attention is your smile. It is so warm and inviting. It's like your giving the world a great big hello. I also notice your eyes. Your have an extremely sensual nature to them. It's as if they are saying to me; "Want to play with me big boy; are you sure you can handle me?" Your eyes, Mary, are the type which really bring out my manly desire for you.

Moving down I now gaze at your neck. It is long and sensual, holding your head up high, yet allowing it to tilt just so slightly as to give you just a little more attitude.

Moving down to your breasts. God, I love women with breasts just like yours. They are the perfect size. And man, do they have sensitive nipples! Are your nipples sensitive Mary? Go ahead and squeeze your breasts for me while I begin to jerk my cock a little harder.

Oh yes, my cock is dying to rub itself on your beautiful breasts. Please reach over and grab my swollen hard cock. Oh yes, your small hand wrapping itself around my thick huge cock feels so good. Tell me my cock feels good in your hand. Now, please take the head of my cock and rub it on your breasts.

Please go slowly I want my cock to feel every inch of those beautiful breasts. OK, please rub the head of my cock across your right nipple. Go ahead and hold and squeeze your breast with your free hand. I need to feel how perky those nipples are and how sensitive they are too.

How does my cock feel rubbing across your breasts? All I can tell you is that I'm getting harder and harder by the minute. Please give me a tight squeeze; yes, yes, Your tight grip feels so good. God, I bet your sweet little pussy is going to squeeze my big cock just as tightly. I can't wait until my big cock pushes its way into your hungry cunt. I know I am quite huge, but I will have you ready for me when the time is right.

The vision of you rubbing my cock across your nipples is driving me nuts! I am stroking my cock even faster. I can picture your beautiful body lying there, rubbing this huge cock across your breasts, seeing your breathing increase, and seeing your panties start to form a little wet spot. Please listen while I place the microphone down next to my cock as I stroke it faster. Can you hear me stroking my cock?

Now switch hands with my cock. I am now straddling your waist with my cock dangling above you. I am now lowering my cock to your right breast, to rub it all over it, teasing your nipple. Doesn't that feel good? Go ahead and squeeze your breast with your other hand, just like you did before.

Is your pussy getting wet? If it is, please tell me so. Go ahead, please tell me your pussy is getting wet for my huge cock. I knew it. I bet your clit swelling up too. If I was guessing, I would swear that you have the most beautiful pussy with the most incredible clit; twitching and itching for my cock right now.

Please go ahead and pinch your nipple for me. Oh, this must send shivers right down your body to your clit. Yeah, that's it, tug and twist that nipple. Watching you do this just makes me want to fuck you all the more.

Now take my cock and place it between your legs, pressing right up against those sexy panties. Go ahead and squeeze you legs around my cock. I want to feel your squeeze and sexy panties against my cock. Oh yes!, that feels so good. When you do that I can't help but stroke my cock faster; here please listen.

Now grab the base of my cock, with your legs still tightly squeezing it, and pull it up, letting it tightly slide across those panties. Shit, that feels good. Those panties look so good on you. I can't wait to peel them off a get a little peek of your beautiful pussy.

Would you please do me a little favor? Would you let my cock rest between your breasts for a minute? Good, I thought you wouldn't mind. Now would you take your right hand and slowly slide it down over you belly and place your hand on your pussy over your panties for me? Oh yeah, doesn't your pussy feel great through your panties? I know you would answer yes Mary.

Ok, now lightly and gently stroke your pussy for me. That's it, stroke it from the bottom right up to the top, feeling your fleshy womanhood tingle under your touch. Go ahead and lightly stroke your pussy while you listen to me stroke my cock. Ok, wow, am I getting turned on! You are so incredibly sexy, just lying there stroking your pussy over your panties.

I bet you would like to slip your hand under your panties and feel your pussy, wouldn't you Mary? Well, now is not the time for that. But you can reach down and cup your pussy and give it a big squeeze if you like. Wow, you are getting quite turned on. The way you grabbed and squeezed your pussy really tells me you are enjoying our time together.

Please reach over and grab my swollen hard cock again that is lying between your breasts. I want to feel the head of my cock again sliding across your nipples. I bet now your nipples are even more sensitive than they were a few minutes ago. How does my cock feel rubbing across your breasts?

All I can tell you is that I'm getting harder and harder by the minute. Please give me a tight squeeze; yes, yes, Your tight grip feels so good. I can't wait to feel your pussy wrap its juicy wet lips around my cock and suck it in. God, I am so turned on by you! Listen to me as I stroke my cock for you.

Now switch hands with my cock. Go ahead and squeeze your breast with your other hand, just like you did before. Is your pussy getting wet? Go ahead, please tell me your pussy is getting wet for my huge cock. I need to hear you say it. Let me hear; "Ron my pussy is getting very wet for your huge cock".

Please go ahead and pinch your nipple for me. Oh, this must really now send shivers right down your body to your clit. Your clit has to be really going wild at this point. Go ahead and tug and twist that nipple. Watching you do this just makes me want to fuck you all the more.

For a second time take my cock and place it between your legs, pressing right up against those sexy panties. Squeeze you legs around my cock. I want to feel your squeeze and sexy panties against my cock.

Oh yes!, that feels so good. Now without releasing my cock from your clutch, grab it by the base and jerk it back and forth against your pussy a few times. Oh yeah, that's it. Do it some more. I just love watching you jerk my cock against your cunt. Listen to me while I watch you jerk off.

I bet now you would love to take my cock in your mouth. Would you? I am now moving my cock up your chest, across your beautiful neck, now dangling it only inches from your mouth. You want to suck it don't you? You want to see how I taste and how big I feel in your mouth. Come on, don't hold back; you know you love cock. Tell me you want my cock in your mouth.

Oh god, your mouth feels so good wrapped around me. I have to hold back on stroking my cock, or else I am going to come right now. Here I will let you listen again. Whew, just keep my cock in your mouth, but don't suck too hard, I am on the edge. Man are you hot!

Would you do me a small favor? Would you please reach down into those cute, sexy panties and touch your pussy for me? Oh yes, how does your pussy feel? Is it wet yet? Go ahead tell me; it will drive me crazy. Now take two of your fingers and slip them into your pussy. Go on, grab that hot cunt of yours and plunge a couple of fingers into it.

Now squeeze that cock hungry cunt around your fingers. Just the way you are going to squeeze my cock, once I am done teasing you and you are ready to be fucked by this huge cock. Doesn't that feel so good? Tell me that you love your cunt wrapped around your fingers; feeling your juices run all over them.

OK, pull those soaked fingers out and bring them up to your mouth. Go ahead and pull my cock out of your mouth. Yeah there; right. Now, taste your sweet cunt juice. Doesn't your cunt taste so good when you are turned on? Plunge those fingers again back down into your pussy; no rubbing; I don't want you to come yet. Now take those fingers, with your sweet juice, and rub it all over my cock.

Damn, that feels so good. You are driving my cock nuts. I can't wait to plunge into your hungry little cunt. I am now moving my body down, down, towards your pussy. My cock is now resting on your pussy over your panties. Go ahead and spread your legs for me. Ah yes, look at the wetness coming through your panties; I knew you would want to fuck my cock.

But not so fast. I want to make sure you are ready for me; almost begging for me. Now place the head of my cock down between your legs with it near that fantastic butt of yours. I want to lay the length of my cock right across your entire pussy, feeling its heat and wetness through your panties.

There, that's it. Now, close your legs and squeeze my cock against your pussy. Oh man! Does that ever feel good! I can't believe how beautiful and sexy you are. With my cock between your legs, go ahead and pinch and twist each one of your nipples. Yes, that's it. Wow, is that making you hotter?

I am oozing all over myself seeing you so turned on. My pre-cum is all over my hand and my balls are beginning to tighten. I am squeezing my cock so tightly right now, just imagining how tightly you are squeezing that cock. God, I can't wait to stuff all 9" of my cock into your tight little cunt. Here's a little of the mic. so you can hear how hard I am jerking my cock fantasizing about you.

I bet right about now you are dying to peel off those soaking wet panties and feel my cock against your pussy. Am I right? If I am go ahead and tell me. Go ahead and say; "Ron, please peel my panties so my aching cunt can feel your hard cock."

Oh God that's it. Yes. Go ahead and take those panties off. Now bring them up to your nose and smell your scent. That's your sweet cunt oozing all over your panties, dying to have a nice long, thick cock fuck it. Doesn't your cunt's scent turn you on?

Go ahead and tell me; I need to hear it; "Ron I love the scent of my cunt" Shit, you are so hot! Now, find the wetness of your panties and now suck on your panties where your cunt has creamed the most. Wow, that is so hot! I have to hold back or I am going to come! Whew, I need to catch my breath.

Save these panties for me. I want them. It can be a symbol of our time together. You are so beautiful! I am now laying my aching, throbbing cock across your pussy again. Shit, your lips are so swollen and wet, you are driving my cock crazy!

You have to listen to me stroke my cock. Look what you do to me and I haven't even met you yet. Now, while I stroke my cock, you need to keep your hands off of your pussy, I bet you are on the edge right now, and I certainly don't want you to come yet. But don't worry Mary, I will make you come really hard all over my cock.

Mary your pussy feels so good against my cock. I need to lift it up and run my cock head all over your lips and clit. There, that feels great, your pussy is so wet for my cock, you couldn't say no to it even if you had to right now. Oh man, you are driving my cock wild. All I can think of is burying it to the balls in that tight little cunt of yours, and then coming so deep inside you.

Are you feeling the same way? Do you want me to bury my cock in your cunt? Who you kidding? You are dying for it! And I am dying for it too? You are so hot and turned on right now. I am afraid as soon as I stuff your cunt with my huge cock, you are going to instantly come all over it. I am on the edge too, but this is probably a one shot fool-around for me, so I want to make sure I can fuck your cunt for a while before you explode.

Mary, do you think you can take my cock to the balls without coming all over it? Go ahead, tell me, and please be truthful. Hah, I can't believe my ears. You are telling me you will not come instantly with my cock buried deep in your cunt? Wow, I think you are so cock hungry right now that you will say just about anything to get my cock in you.

Ok, Ok, I believe you; but I am going to go very slowly. And if I think you are going to come too quickly, I am going to pull back. Now, take your hand place the head of my cock at the opening to your pussy. Oh, yeah, that feels so good! Go ahead and just slip my cock head into you. Man you are so tight Mary! I think I am the one who may come too quickly!

Mary, how does my cock feel? That's what I thought. Are you dying to have all of me in you?

Ok then push another couple inches of my cock in your cunt. That's it, about half of my cock is in you and the other half is dying to get in you. You are so wet and open for me. You just want to swallow me up.

Whoah, whoah, easy girl, pull my cock back out, I see you are too close. You can't come yet. Ok, I am going to rub my cock all over your sopping wet pussy. Wow, your lips are so swollen. And, your clit is just poking out of its hood, trying to feel a little bit of my cock. Go ahead and very slowly and gently stroke your clit with my cock.

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