Mary's Evolution: Book 09


"Mom's out," Brianna said, kneading her father's shoulders. "We've got the place to ourselves."

"Can we talk, Daddy?" Brianna asked.

"Sure honey."

"Not here, Daddy," Brianna said as she waved her arm around the kitchen. "Follow me."

Brianna led her father down the hall to her bedroom. Greg Mullin was walking a little unsteadily, a fact that was not lost on her daughter.

"Here, sit down here," Brianna said as she helped her father over to the edge of the bed.

"Mary's bed," Greg mumbled, patting the mattress.

"I know, Brianna said, standing right in front of father. "I know about you and Mary."

"Huh?" Greg replied, squinting his eyes as he looked up at Brianna.

"I know that you and Mary were having an affair," Brianna repeated. "She had told me about it - not about you but about this older man she was fucking."

"But you don't..."

"And I saw you too down in the den," Brianna said as she cut her father off. "I saw you fucking her in the ass over the beck of the couch."

"Oh no," Greg Mullin said, trying to get up but kept in place by his daughter's hands on his shoulders.

"It's okay," Brianna said, pulling her father's face to her chest as he began sobbing. "It's alright."

"I miss her," Greg Mullin said between sobs, her face against Brianna's breast.

"I know," Brianna replied, leaning a bit backward. "I do too, but at least we have each other. She told me what you like. Mary, I mean, before I knew the man she was talking about was you."


"She told me you like big boobies," Brianna said, crossing her arms as she grabbed the bottom of her blouse before slowly lifting it up over her head.

"I don't have big boobies," Brianna explained, although no explanation was need as she stood inches away from her father, naked to the waist with her arms still stretched up over her head. "See?"

Greg Mullin shook his head, not wanting to but unable to look away from the sight of his daughter's perky little tits and their tiny pink caps.

"She told me other stuff you like," Brianna continued, letting her right hand come down to her left armpit, "I know I'm nothing like Mary, but I'll let it grow for you if you want. See?"

Greg's eyes followed Brianna's fingers as they ran up and down the narrow little strip of strawberry blonde hairs that graced the center of Brianna's underarm, feathering the hairs that were barely more than peach fuzz.

"You like that, Daddy?" Brianna asked, reaching down and taking her father's hand and bringing it up for him to do what she herself had been doing. "Mmm... that feels nice. Don't stop. Use your tongue too."

Greg Mullin's head was shaking no, but his hand was moving, stroking the moist hairs under Brianna's arm and then massaging her perky little breast as well as his tongue began to dance over the tiny patch of silky soft fuzz in his daughter's moist and lightly scented armpit.

"That's it, Daddy," Brianna cooed as her father began sucking on her breast, almost taking the entire bud in his mouth as he nibbled on her. "There's more too, Daddy."

Brianna tugged her shorts down and wiggled out of them, kicking them off of her ankles and making herself naked except for her pink socks.

"See how I'm letting my pussy hair grow too?" Brianna said. "Mary said that you liked that. It'll take a while for it to grow in, but I'll do it for you."

Greg looked at his daughter's pussy, with the faint blonde down that had grown in a tight V around her raised mound.

"I can't," Greg insisted.

"Stand up, Daddy," Brianna said, helping him to his feet. "Last week you got drunk and after you took a shower, I helped you into bed."

"You did?"

"Yes, I saw your dick and it was big just like Mary said it was," Brianna explained. "I sucked on it for a little while, and then I got you off by hand."

"No, please Bree," Greg mumbled, but his daughter was already on her knees, taking his slacks and shorts down, and then his cock was in her hand.

"I want you, Daddy," Brianna said, stretching out his flaccid member before taking it in her mouth.

"Can't do this," Greg kept mumbling repeatedly, but he stood there and looked down at the blonde head kept bouncing in front of him, and through the tears and protestations there was no getting over the fact the when Brianna's mouth came off of his cock, it was hard.

"It's beautiful. I want your big dick in me," Brianna said coldly, sliding the foreskin all the way back on the glistening cock that was pointed at her face.

Brianna turned and fell onto the bed, taking her father down with her. Somehow, Greg managed to fall right on top of Brianna, or maybe it was by design, because as he landed on her, Brianna's hand was bringing his cock to her opening.

"No!" Greg cried out as he felt his cock plunging into Brianna, but his cry was drowned out by Brianna's wail as his cock burrowed deep inside of her.

She was wet, but her pussy was so tight that it felt like she was a virgin to both of them, and as her father impaled her to the hilt Brianna grabbed at his ass cheeks, squeezing them and urging him to thrust into her.

After only a couple of seconds, Brianna started to cum. Arching her back as she clawed at her father's shoulders, her body thrashed around beneath him as the orgasm washed over her.

Greg felt himself cumming too, his cock spurting helplessly deep inside his daughter as he watched her eyes roll back in her head while her mouth opened wide.

"Come back, Daddy. Please," Brianna cried out as Greg rolled off of the bed and staggered out of the room, his dick still dripping as he stumbled into his own bedroom.

"It was good," Brianna mumbled to the door that had swung closed, and as she got up to pick up her father's clothes from the floor, she felt his cum oozing out of her pussy and down the insides of her thighs.

"I'm sorry, Daddy," Brianna said to her father, who was sobbing in his own bed, and as she set his clothes on the chair she told him, "It was my fault. Didn't you like doing me?"

"That was wrong," Greg said, turning his face away from the pillow. "I can't believe you..."

"We, Daddy," Brianna said, correcting her father. "We did it. We liked it too, didn't we? You came as soon as you put your big dick inside of my tight little pussy, and I came quick too, so don't tell me how wrong it was."

"But it really was good for me," Brianna said as she knelt on the bed beside her father, rubbing his back before letting her hand slide down further. "Really good, even if it didn't last long."

"I know you can last longer than that," Brianna said, letting her hand slip down the crevice between her Dad's buttocks. "Mary told me how good you were, back when I didn't even know that you were the guy she was talking about doing. She told me everything about you. Everything she did to you and everything she said you like."

"Please," Greg whimpered as he felt Brianna's hands spreading his ass cheeks apart. "Don't."

"I never did this before," Brianna said, letting her fingers rub against her father's puckered anus, "But Mary told me how much you like it. Told me how it would get you hard no matter what."

"And that's what I want, Daddy," Brianna said seconds before her tongue burrowed into his ass. "I want you hard again. I don't care how. You can even call me Mary if you want."

Greg's voice protested, but his body spoke differently, and even as he cried no he was lifting his lower torso up off of the bed, giving his daughter a better angle in which to rim him.

"I'm sick," Greg whimpered into the pillow as Brianna's inexperienced but eager tongue snaked into his ass, and when her hands slipped down between his legs and began milking his cock, he felt the unmistakable surging of blood through his already thickening organ. "Sick."


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