tagIncest/TabooMary's Wheelchair

Mary's Wheelchair


Daddy wants to see her happy, and to get rid of that damned old wheel chair!

My name is Mike Wilson, I've just turned 50 years old, and I'm a good friend of Mary's father, John. He had asked me to try and use my charm to get his daughter Mary, back into the dating scene. Ever since her accident she has become a recluse. I said I would try my best, but couldn't promise anything. John said to me Mike, she does need a good fuck, so give her at least that will you. Mary is beautiful, so that won't be too hard of an assignment.

So this is our story, of how we met, and fell in love.

The Accident;

While jogging one day, Mary was the cause of her own disability. She wasn't paying attention, her mind was on the new promotion, and raise in pay she had just received. Mary Clark was a beautiful 22 year old woman, with long legs, beautiful tight ass, lovely breasts and nipples that would get your attention even while she is jogging. She came out into the street, from between two parked cars, something Mary wouldn't normally do. This being Mary's normal jogging route, it had become passe' to her. This lack of attention would cost her the use of her legs.

When Mary came out from between the two vehicles, she was struck by her neighbor Betty Cranston. Betty was not driving that fast, maybe 20 miles an hour, she still could not avoid striking Mary. EMT's and the Fire Department did a wonderful job on Mary. Betty, however, suffered a heart attack at the scene. When she discovered it was her young neighbor Mary, whom she had collided with. Both women were taken to the same Hospital. Mary had two broken legs and a crushed vertebrae. Betty suffering a heart attack, and was put into the Cardiac intensive care unit.

Dad Arrives:

A couple of weeks later, John Clark came to the hospital to see his beautiful daughter. John made it a point to stop at the nurse's station, and ask how Mary has been holding up.

They told him that "Mary has been depressed," but that would be normal for someone with two casts on their legs and also to be in traction. "She has not responded very well to treatment."

John said, "I'll see if I can do something about that." He then proceeded to Mary's room. John stuck his head into the doorway and said "Hello, Baby Girl," giving the nurses a hard time are we.

"Dadddyyyy" you could hear Mary say with a smile in her voice. I thought you were in Alaska at your mine.

"No sweetheart," Jeb Cranston called me. He told me what happened. "I closed things down at the mine, and took the first plane, I could get home."

"Oh Daddy, it was all my fault," I wasn't paying attention. Now I'm here without legs to walk on, Betty almost died because of me.

"My Mary's eyes now fill with tears." I lean over her, and wipe them away, kiss her softly on her cheek.

"Daddy," how long are you going to stay. I mean I know you have to get back to the mine, but are you going to stay for awhile. "I've really missed you Daddy, I need you right now."

"Don't you worry your pretty little head off about me sweetheart." I'm doing fine. You know I will stay as long as you need me. Baby they said I was crazy for mining that old dig. Well; I hit the mother load. You are now looking at one of the newest, "millionaires" in the country. So I have set up a nice fund for you, and myself. "We can do whatever, we want to."

I'm just sorry your mother didn't live through her cancer Mary. Connie was a fighter, and you know it. She gave cancer, one hell of a battle. So do what your mother would do, "beat this thing," don't let it beat you sweetheart. "Mary I love you," you look just like your mother. That raven hair, those; all most lavender eyes.

"I can see the out line of your beautiful breast, and the nipples are superb." I then picked up the sheet and asked her, you don't shave to do you, and checked out her vagina area with a large amount of thick black hair. "Yes I said, just like your mother, you have to go on safari to find it."

"Daddy" you are bad, you're my father, you're not supposed to look at me like that... "You are not supposed to go hunting in your little girls jungle."

Mary had this happy grin on her face, I was pleased, I could be the one to put it there. Just like Connie her mother, she has those little impish grins.

"Daddy you really are bad," and if you keep this up, you are going to get me all hot and bothered. "You'll have to sneak boys into my room for me at night." That is, unless, "you want to take care of me."

She says to me with that grin on her face. "Mary, you are a naughty, naughty girl, and I should spank you," but you just might enjoy it too much. She had this wonderful smile on her face. That smile to me was priceless, but it would be a long time before I would see that lovely smile of hers again.

Mary's rehab was slow she became more frustrated every day. I stayed for about six months, and then she began to tell me to get away from her. I guess she had had enough of my ugly face, so I took off for parts unknown.


I still had friends in the area, and I could get a steady report of her progress, also if she is seeing anybody regularly.

Mary enjoys going to the park and watch the children play. The fact she uses that damn wheel chair that keeps breaking down, drives me up a wall. I know she can afford a new one.

Mary's apartment is on the fourth floor of a beautiful building right across from the park. It sits right on the avenue. Plus from her windows, she can see who's on the avenue, and what the weather is like outside, rain or shine.

The view from her windows in her living room at night is marvelous. There are two spacious bedrooms and baths, a fair size kitchen and a small room that she uses for her workstation at home. In the confines of her apartment, she uses her crutches to get around. One thing her guest notice right away, is that Mary has acquired a taste for Scotch. There is a bottle of J&B in every room; that includes bathrooms.

It has been seven years since the accident and the start of Mary's rehab. She is still going to the park almost every day. Still uses that same damn wheel chair; and that drives me crazy. I spend hours watching her; I know she cannot see me. It was braking my heart to see her like this, such a vibrant woman and so beautiful. Mary needed someone to take care of her, and to give her the loving and enjoyment that she needs. That's when I contacted my friend Mike. If ever there was a man that young women adored, he is the one, and if I know my Mary, she would be no exception.

I have kept tabs on her by getting the Penthouse suite at the Overly Arms, just two blocks from the Plaza. I used an alias so no one would know Mary was my daughter. These last two years have just torn the heart out of me, watching her struggle like she has.

A Helping Hand

Mary was sitting in the park watching the children play, when the skies opened up. She headed for the other side of the street and the awnings. She wanted to get some relief from the rain.

It just seems to happen at the most inopportune time; that her wheel would come off. She is struggling with the chair, plus cussing it out, when a pair of strong hands grabs her.

"I tell her to calm down." I then tell her my name is "Mike." I pick Mary up with my left arm, then with my right, I grab the wheel chair and parts, then proceed across the street and get under one of the canopy's. Once the rain stopped, I'm able to fix the chair, so it will be usable.

"My god; where did this man come from?" He is fucking gorgeous, and he is about my father's age. "Damn I can't believe I'm already wet." The last time this happened, I was in the hospital, and Daddy was checking out my bush. Mary is thinking to herself, as Mike works on the chair.

With the chair fixed in nothing flat Mary smiles, I tell her, "You know you need a new chair don't you."

"Mary smiles and says yes," but if I had gotten a new one, I won't have met you. My name is Mary Clark, by the way.

I could see the flames of lust burning in her eyes. "My name is Mike Wilson," and I am more than happy to meet you sweet Mary. Where do you live? I would be happy to escort you home if you'd like.

I live up the street in the Plaza. Since you have done such a marvelous job on my chair, I would love to offer you a drink for your troubles.

"Well thank you Ma am. I'd be more than happy to accept your offer."

I escort Mary to the Plaza. "Syd, who is the door man," gets the elevator, seeing Mary and myself approaching. "Syd" overhearing Mary talking to me, sees something different in Mary's eyes.

"Mary" it looks like they take very good care of you here. I see they haven't forgotten, "how to attend to a beautiful woman."

"What beautiful woman, you really must need glasses Mike," she says back to me with a little smile on her beautiful face.

"Come on Mary," you know you are a beauty. "Am I right Syd?"

"Mr. Mike," you sure are, but "Ms. Mary," gives us hell if we tell her so.

"I know Syd," Vain women are a pain in the Dupa, but they're still beautiful, and "Syd it's just Mike OK."

"Will you two get me on to the elevator," and knock of this dick checking contest. I need a drink and something to eat.

"Oh, Ms. Mary is a naughty girl." Mary looked at Syd and I; and just laughed, as we got onto the elevator and headed for the forth floor.

Entering Mary's apartment, I found it to be quite beautiful inside. It was decorated very tastefully. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it was quite pleasing. I watched Mary grab her crutches and leave her wheel chair by the door.

"Mary said," make yourself at home, there's water in the pitcher and ice in the bucket, and Mike there is Scotch in every room, so drink up.

I need to get out of these wet clothes, so make your self at home Mike. Also if you'd like you can take a shower, my dad left a robe that should fit you on the door of the second bedroom. There is Scotch in the bathroom as well.

Mary came out of the shower about fifteen minutes later with her hair up in a towel and a silk robe on. "Even on crutches she looked beautiful and I told her so."

What I'd like for lunch Mike, "Mary asked me."

"I said, I'd have to take a rain check." I have another appointment at 2pm that I must keep.

"Mary just said Oh."

I could see the sadness in her eyes and I was sorry that I had to go, anybody else but my daughter, I would have cancelled the appointment. I asked her, when we can get together again for lunch and "I'm buying."

"There's always tomorrow Mike," or is that too soon.

What time and where "Mary"

Here and at 1pm Ok.

"Ok Mary," I'll be here at 1pm.

The Lunch......

I rang Mary's Door bell, and she comes and lets me in. She is wearing this light blue silk robe that only ties at the waist with a light blue pair of Fuck Me Sandals with 4" heels and ankle straps. Even with crutches she looks Hot. "Damn my dick is already hard as a rock." I ask her if she is going to get ready.

"Mary reply's," that she wants to eat in, and do her own cooking. She also offers me the shower again and her Dad's robe, so what am I to do.

Now a woman gives you that kind of invitation twice, you can do only one thing, "you have to accept."

About fifteen minutes later, I had just came out of the shower and was very relaxed, when Mary came out of the kitchen in this little blue silk night dress.

"My dick immediately became like a piece of steel." You could see thru that dress and she did have a beautiful body. There was no hiding that dark patch of jungle. Her nipples looked like someone cut off their finger tips and glued them onto her breasts.

"Mary said," she would toss us a salad. How would I like my stake?

I said this is not necessary. "Mary," you really don't have to do this. The Scotch and a simple thank you are enough. Plus seeing that beautiful body just by itself, is thank you enough. "God my dick is hard." I just smiled.

"Mary said I know your looking at dessert, stop drooling." Dinner will be ready in about twenty minutes, put some soft jazz on will you, and she went back into the kitchen.

Fifteen minutes later Mary comes out saying to me. "Mike," sit here at the table and enjoy the meal. The salad and steaks I made just for you Mike; and I will keep the dessert warm. Mary opened a bottle of Chianti with a big smile. "Damn, it just doesn't get any better than this, I thought to myself."

Mary I can truly say, that I can't remember when I enjoyed a meal more than this evening. You are not only beautiful, but can cook also. "You are a most wonderful hostess."

"Mike," it has been over seven years since I've been with a man. I've picked you because you are so attentive, and seem to know what to do, and how to

make a woman happy. "Please be gentle with me."

Mary, some how I think it should be the other way around. Seven years and I should be gentle with you! "I think I will keep my cell phone set on 911, just in case of a heart attack." I looked into Mary's eyes and asked her if she mined telling me what had happened to her. You could see even though her legs did not permit her to walk, she has still been able to keep some muscle tone. The more I look into those beautiful eyes the more I want to get to know this woman. "John asked me to take care of her," he said nothing of her being this wonderful.

I picked Mary up and carried her into her bedroom, placing her in the middle of her very large round bed.

She asked, where are my crutches Mike, I'll need them?

I tell her, "that she doesn't need them."

"Mary asks," what do I do if I need to go to the bathroom.

"I'll carry you," I tell her then place her down on those satin sheets in the middle of her very large bed.

"Mike" you will not take me to the bathroom, "that is to kinky, even for me."

"I think it might be kind of fun Mary," I say with a smile on my face.

"Mary had this big grin on her face, and she just said you son of a bitch."

I pulled that little night dress off of her, and I just said softly, "my god you are gorgeous Mary." "You are truly a beautiful woman," I said to her. Then I slowly kissed her eyes, her cheeks, her nose, her lips, probing with my tongue, then down her neck, her ears. I whispered softly, blowing warm air into her ear, at the same time telling her how beautiful she is, and how much she is turning me on.

Then I licked down onto her breasts, around each nipple, and over each one, then under each breast and I could see the color rise in them like a thermometer, her nipples became a dark pink and hard as a rock.

I started sucking on them, taking turns at each one. I put my lips to her breast flesh as I sucked; then caressed each beautiful globe. I put my right hand in her bush, and found it soaked. "Mary was juiced;" and had so much fluid, the bed was now wet, like some one had peed in it.

I inserted one finger and her vagina was slick, so I inserted a second, and started looking for that little G-spot, as I continued to administer to her nipples and breasts. Her pussy lips were swollen and the inner lips as well. "Mary's pussy was juicy and as slick," as any woman's I've ever encountered.

I hear Mary start to moan; "suck harder, suck harder, make me cum Mike."

"I found her G-spot," and was rubbing away at it, while sucking on "Mary's tit's." I did everything, as I heard her say, "I'm cumming I'm cumming, I'm cummmminnnnnnnnnnnnggggg, godddddddd Yesssssssssssssssssssssss,


"Mary collapsed on the bed," her breathing was shallow as she passed out. I could see she was alright and I'm glad the noise abated.

"Mary was screaming so loud," I had to put a pair of her panties in her mouth to keep her quiet, or somebody may have called the Police on us. She was clutching the sheets, and even her knees came up and hit me in the balls.

Her legs do move; she just can't walk on them. Even her toes curled, as her

Orgasm, increased in intensity. I went and grabbed a cool damp wash cloth and wiped Mary's forehead. I asked her if she was alright and how did she feel.

"Oh Mike, I have never, ever, experienced anything like that before."

I've never cum, just by having my nipples sucked. "Mike;" how did you do that? "God you are marvelous..."

"Mary," that is a trade secret and I can't tell you. There are a few more things that I want to teach you, if you'll let me.

"Mike you are a dirty old man," and I'm going to tell my Daddy.

You are not going to tell John on me are you?

How did you know his name was "John," I don't recall telling you my fathers name?

"No you didn't sweetheart," it's right on the picture marked, {me and Daddy} at my graduation. Then another one that says, John Clark. That tells me who your daddy is, and what he looks like. "Damn I almost blew it," she shouldn't know that John and I know each other.

"Oh Mary says," I never thought of all those pictures sitting out there.

I watch her stretch out, and that body is driving me crazy. Mary do you know how loud you are when you cum. God I had to put a pair of panties in your mouth to keep the noise down. I bet the whole building knows you are getting laid tonight.

"Ummm, I don't care," if it's this good the rest of the night, they can even come and watch. Plus I have to go pee, so big boy, "take me to the pot teeeee..."

I picked Mary up and carried her into the bathroom, and set her on the toilet. Do you want me to wipe also. "No," she smartly answers back. We both look at each other and laugh. I pick her back up, and back to bed we go.....

We laid there for some time talking about our pasts and sharing our hopes for the future with each other. I could tell Mary was still bitter at herself for this predicament she was in.

"Mike," were you ever married before? You seem to know a lot about women and what they like and don't like.

Yes sweetheart I was, fifteen years ago. She decided to leave for greener pastures and give me the kids. So I raised my son and daughter, both are grown and living on their own.

"How old are your children Mike," and what's they're names.

"David is 28," and "Janis is 26." Both are High school teachers. I don't know how those young boys are able to learn anything in "Janis's classes?" With her mother's looks and body, "those young dicks have to be like a solid bar of steel in her class." I should know, I see her around the house some times and my dick gets that way. Those lovely blue eyes; blonde hair, and she shaves' that pussy. Jan doesn't have one hair on that beautiful pussy of hers. "God I love G-string Bikinis."

Now I know I'm telling my Daddy on you. "You are a Dirty old Man." So you had better teach me all of the stuff that; "dirty old men teach little girls." So I can learn to do things like this, and I started to stroke his beautiful cock. Now running my finger thru the slit and rub the pre cum into the head, I take my tongue and circle the ridge of the head then put his cock, "down my throat as far as I can with out choking."

"Damn Mary that is good," woman you sure can suck a cock, god that is good. Mary was running her tongue around the ridge of my cock and then under the head of the helmet. My cock isn't that long, but it is as fat as they get. Mary tried to take all of it down her throat but it was just to fat for her. She loves the taste of my cock and wants more of it. Mary is determined to give me the best blow job she can. My balls are starting to get full and she knows it won't be long before I will fill her mouth, with my sweet juices.

"I stroke his cock, and I can feel him ready to cum.' I love the taste of him and I want every drop of his sweet juice. I feel that first spurt, I pull the head just to the edge of my mouth, and "suck all of his cum right down my throat." This way I don't miss a drop. "Damn does he taste good," it's been quite a while since I've had a man this way.

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