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Maryse's Love Of Fat Ass


The new WWE divas champion Melina slowly rubbed soapsuds into her large breasts, caressing them in her hands and tweaking her nipples.

As usual after her matches she was as horny as hell, but her last couple of fucks had been less than impressive. In fact she hadn't had a good fuck since her latest injury, something Melina was determined to change tonight.

Sliding her hand down to her pussy Melina thought about each member of the RAW locker room, male and female, to try and decide who, if any of them she should go after.

She briefly got sidetracked from her selection as she thought about how grateful she was that her allies and enemies in the 6 diva tagteam match she had just been in had showered quickly and left, leaving her free to slide her fingers into herself and alleviate a little of the burning desire inside her before she tried to pick somebody up. Although now she thinks about it, there had been one exception.

Just then the one diva who had been in the tagteam match and hadn't showered yet made her presence known, "Ton cul a obtenu plus gros. Il doit être le plus grand, le cul le plus rapide et la plus dégoûtante que j'aie jamais. Il est révoltant, que vous êtes."

Turning around Melina saw Maryse standing behind her, naked except for a large dildo strapped around her waist which she was slowly stroking as if it was real.

"Ton cul a obtenu plus gros. Il doit être le plus grand, le cul le plus rapide et la plus dégoûtante que j'aie jamais. Il est révoltant, que vous êtes." Maryse repeated.

Melina smiled and turned off the water, "No hablo francés. Hablo español e Inglés, y desde Inglés es el único lenguaje que ambos hablan por favor, se adhieren a ella.

"Pardon?" Maryse frowned.

"I said, I don't speak French. I speak Spanish and English, and since English is the only language we both speak please stick to it." Melina translated, "Now what did you say and what do you want?"

"I said, your ass has gotten fatter. It has to be the biggest, fattest, most disgusting ass I have ever seen. It is revolting, as are you." Maryse translated in her sultry French accent, "And what I want... is to fuck your disgusting ass."

"Excuse me?" Melina said.

Maryse smirked and began to approach the other diva, stroking her strap on menacingly, "Graisse ânes dégoûtant me rendre si malade. Ils me font vomir dans ma bouche. Mais je les aime baiser. Il est ma plus grande honte, mais j'aime juste fucking gras, ânes dégoûtant comme la vôtre, et puisque vous êtes la putain plus grand coq sur RAW, j'ai décidé de prendre votre graisse, le cul dégueulasse et l'utiliser pour mon plaisir."

Melina glared at Maryse who translated, "Fat, disgusting asses make me so sick. They make me throw up in my mouth. But I love fucking them. It is my greatest shame, but I just love fucking fat, disgusting asses like yours, and since you are the biggest cock whore on RAW I have decided to take your fat, disgusting ass and use it for my pleasure."

Melina just stood there for several moments, unable to believe Maryse's arrogance. This bitch actually thought she could insult her and fuck her up the ass?

"Je peux te voir comme. I see you like." Maryse smirked, reaching out and touching Melina's wet pussy, "You want to be my little anal whore."

"No, I just had a shower and I was fucking myself." Melina pointed out, although it was noticeable she didn't slap Maryse's hand away.

"Thinking of moi?" Maryse smirked.

"Thinking of hot guys with big cocks." Melina said.

Getting so close that she was invading Melina's personal space Maryse whispered in the other diva's ear, "Je suis plus fort de la chaleur. Le plus sexy des sexy. Mon coq ... est plus grand que n'importe quel mec est là. I am the hottest of the hot. The sexiest of the sexy. My cock... is bigger than any guy's here."

"You would know." Melina said, forcing herself not to moan as Maryse toyed with her entrance.

For a few seconds there was silence as Maryse stroked Melina's pussy lips and the divas champion tried to convince herself to first slap Maryse's hand away, then slap the arrogant bitch's face before beating the hell out of her. It was definitely what she should do, but her body was forcing her to reconsider.

Melina was horny and in desperate need of a fuck, and that dildo looked so wonderfully big. Long and thick, just the way Melina liked them. The possibility of her finding such an impressive specimen on a guy was extremely unlikely, either tonight or in general, and even if Maryse had no clue how to use it Melina could probably get off with ease. The look in Maryse's eyes however suggested quite the opposite of her having no clue, and almost all of Melina's best fucks had been women, but no matter how horny she was she couldn't just sacrifice her dignity for a fuck. Then again, that cock was really, really big.

Maybe a compromise could be reached, something which would allow Melina to retain a little dignity and get a good fucking while allowing Maryse to get what she wanted. If the bitch continued to be mouthy she could always kick her ass later.

"Fuck my pussy first." Melina relented.

Maryse face filled with disgust, "Non, I am not your lover. You just bend over and take it in your disgusting fat ass like the whore you are."

Melina bit her lip. She really wanted that cock but Maryse wasn't making it easy for Melina to justify allowing them to fuck. Really she should just slap the bitch stupid, but again Melina's horniness for a fucking overcame her.

"You at least got lube?" Melina sighed, hating herself for this decision.

Maryse spat on her hand and rubbed it over the cock, "There, that is all an anal whore like you needs. Now, bend over. I have other, more important things to do tonight so I wish to get fucking your fat whore ass over with as soon as possible."

Melina glared. Maryse was just begging to get her ass kicked.

"Not good enough." Melina said, feeling as if she should leave it there... but, "I have some lube in my bag..."

"Non." Maryse snapped firmly, "Lube will make that fat ass too loose. If I am to get any pleasure from using your disgusting ass it must be as tight as possible."

"Well then you can shove that strap on up your own ass." Melina mocked Maryse's accent and tried to leave but the French-Canadian moved to block her path.

"Fine." Maryse sighed in annoyance, before spitting on her fingers, "Je vais utiliser mes beaux doigts pour étirer votre gros cul dégueulasse. Maintenant, demi-tour et me montrer que la matière grasse, cul dégueulasse. Je veux voir ce que je vais utiliser pour mon plaisir. I shall use my beautiful fingers to stretch out your disgusting fat ass. Now turn around and show me that fat, disgusting ass. I wish to see what I will be using for my pleasure."

Again Melina should just kick Maryse's ass, but again Melina's pride was outdone by her horniness, the feisty Latina gritting her teeth and glaring at the French-Canadian before slowly turning around, leaning forward and placing her hands on the wet shower wall, pushing her ass out for the fucking that better be worth it.

Maryse licked her lips as she was finally presented with her prize, the biggest, fattest, most disgusting ass she had ever seen. Bile slowly inched up her throat, threatening to spew from her mouth as her pussy felt as if it was on fire with desire. She had to fuck that ass and she had to fuck it now.

By all rights she should just shove it up Melina's ass to teach the bitch a lesson for keeping her weighting. She could be balls deep inside that disgusting ass by now, so she should be making up for lost time, but Maryse had already suffered enough of Melina's bitching and if she didn't want to suffer any more she was going to have to give the anal whore some unnecessary stretching.

On the bright side it gave her a chance to get a closer look at that ass, Maryse feeling as if she was going to throw up at the same time incredible lust flooded her body as she slowly got onto her knees behind Melina, bring her face inches away from that disgusting fat ass.

The cheeks were so big and large and full of fat, just the way Maryse liked them.

Why the WWE would employ a diva with such a big butt was a mystery to Maryse. Weren't divas supposed to be sexy? K, so Melina had a slim waist, a face which was... ok, long silky hair and a pair of tits almost big enough to rival her bubble butt, but she didn't compare to the sexiest of the sexy. None of the other divas did, but Melina looked like she was carrying most of her weight in her ass. It was disgusting, and yet for some perverted reason Maryse lusted after this fat ass above anything else in the WWE.

Up until now Maryse has resisted her craving every brief time her path crossed with Melina's, but now Melina was back with her ass looking bigger, fatter and more disgusting than ever Maryse just couldn't resist.

Raising both her hands high Maryse brought them down in a forceful double slap, grinning widely as those meaty cheeks jiggled from the impact.

"Mmmmmm, Ces un gros cul. De telles matières grasses, le cul dégueulasse." Maryse murmured lustfully, rubbing her hands all over Melina's luscious backside, "Mmmmmm, Such a fat ass. Such a fat, disgusting ass."

Spreading Melina's ass cheeks Maryse stared lustfully at the surprisingly tight looking puckered hole.

"Ooooooo, une telle mignon, petit trou d'une telle matière grasse, cul dégueulasse. Votre trou du cul fait ton cul l'air si la graisse, donc très, très gras." Maryse said, staring at Melina's ass hole and then spitting on it before translating, "Such a cute, tiny hole for such a fat, disgusting ass. Your ass hole makes your ass look so fat, so very, very fat."

Melina's teeth gritted tightly together as she again reconsidered letting Maryse fuck her, the Latina about to say something when she was cut off and forced to moan as Maryse forcefully pushed a finger into her ass hole.

"Ohhhhhh ton cul ... il est si serré. Donc, très, très serré. Comment est-cul tellement serré une pute anal? Votre fesses sans cesse croissant écraser le petit trou entre eux, en gardant les anales peu putain de Nice et serré? Ou bien vous venez de faire pour baiser le cul? Dites-moi peu anal putain, pourquoi est ton gros cul si serré?" Maryse asked softly in amazement, slowly sliding her finger in and out of Melina's back passage, pausing a little to enjoy the exquisite feeling of tightness around her finger before translating, "Your ass... it is so tight. So very, very tight. How is an anal whore's ass so tight? Does your ever growing ass cheeks crush the little hole in between them, keeping the little anal whore nice and tight? Or were you just made for ass fucking? Tell me little anal whore, why is your fat ass so tight?"

"Maybe I'm not the anal whore you think I am." Melina said through her still gritted teeth.

Maryse burst out laughing, "Allons, vous êtes bien le plus grand anal putain la WWE n'a jamais vu. Il est douteux qu'il y ait un seul homme dans le vestiaire ensemble, ou de la société, qui n'a pas baisé ce gros cul. Et qui pourrait les blâmer? Qui peut les blâmer de vouloir foutre un tel gros cul rond, avec un tel trou serré peu entre eux. Nonsense, you are clearly the biggest anal whore the WWE has ever seen. It is doubtful that there is a single man in the entire locker room, or company, that hasn't fucked this fat ass. And who could blame them? Who can blame them for wanting to fuck such a big, round ass with such a tight little hole in between them?"

Maryse pause to add another finger before twirling both digits inside Melina's bowels, really stretching out her ass hole for penetration.

"Mmmmmm, comme un âne fuck-mesure. Il ne demande qu'à être baisée. OOOOOOO, je parie que vous en prie aussi. Je parie que vous en prie pour lui dans le cul. Je parie que vous en supplie pour obtenir votre gros, gros cul baisé tout le temps. Mmmmmm, et vous prie maintenant. Vous prie pour ma grosse bite. Vous prie de me foutre de votre graisse, le cul dégueulasse avec ma grosse bite." Maryse taunted, pounding her fingers in and out of Melina's ass, "Mmmmmm, such a fuck-able ass. It just begs to be fucked. Ooooooo, I bet you beg too. I bet you beg for it in the ass. I bet you beg to get your big, fat ass fucked all the time. Mmmmmm, and you will beg now. You will beg for my big dick. You will beg for me to fuck your fat, disgusting ass with my big dick."

Even more than ever before Melina wanted to kick Maryse's ass, but those fingers felt so good inside her own ass and they promised much more pleasure if she continued to play along, so yet again swallowing her pride Melina said, "Please fuck my ass. Fuck my ass with your big dick."

"Ton gros cul. Tu veux que je baise ton gros cul avec ma grosse bite. Your fat ass. You want me to fuck your fat ass with my big dick." Maryse corrected, slapping Melina's fat ass with her free hand.

"Yes... I want you to... I want you to fuck my fat ass with your big dick." Melina forced herself to reply.

"Mmmmmm, good whore." Maryse said, pulling her fingers out of Melina's ass hole and slapping her extra hard on her cheeks.

Melina waited for the penetration but it didn't come and she could sense Maryse fumbling with something behind her. Turning her head around Melina's blood boils when she saw it was a condom.

"What?" Maryse questioned before tearing the head of the wrapper off with her teeth and chucking it aside, "You expect me not to protect myself against your disease ridden shit hole? Who knows how many STDs that thing has as a result of your relentless anal whoring."

Maryse rolls the condom she had been hiding beneath the straps of her harness onto her dildo, stroking it up and down to make sure it was properly on, "You wouldn't expect one of the countless men you've let up there slide in without protection, why should I be any different? Don't I deserve the chance to protect myself against your diseased filled fat ass?"

The whole time Maryse was talking Melina was thinking about beating the shit out of her, or at least slapping her and/or giving her a piece of her mind, but instead settles for smiling and replying, "You know what, the condom's probably a good idea. I don't want to catch any of the numerous things you have, like say, lack of talent or the even worse things that must be crawling around inside you."

Maryse smirked, "Je ne suis pas celui qui est courbé juste parce qu'ils sont présentés avec une grosse bite... I'm not the one who's bent over just because they're presented with a big cock."

"Fuck you whore." Melina spat.

"Non, fuck you whore!" Maryse yelled back, shoving the head of her strap on through Melina's ass hole in one hard thrust.

Melina cried out in pain but she was given no time to relax, the compassionless French-Canadian delivering hard thrust after hard thrust which forced inch after inch of dildo into Melina's rectum until finally Maryse's hips met meaty ass cheeks, the big fake cock all the way into that bubble butt in less than a minute.

"Oh... si serré... très, très serré..." Maryse moaned as she enjoyed just how tightly Melina's rectum clampdown on the dildo as she began slowly moving in and out of her, "Je l'adore quand gros, gras ânes dégoûtant ont serré des petits trous. Mmmmmm, ils sont tellement fun de baiser."

"Speak English bitch!" Melina said through gritted teeth.

"Silence putain sans valeur anal. J'essaie de profiter de votre gros cul gras." Maryse scolded, smacking Melina's rear, "Silence worthless anal whore. I am trying to enjoy your big fat ass."

Clearly not giving a damn about Melina's protests Maryse continued talking incessantly in French, translating most of it so Melina knew exactly how much she was being insulted. Melina was no stranger to insults, either giving or receiving, but never in all her life had she been verbally abused to this extreme. In less than five minutes Maryse had insulted her more than anyone else combined, something Melina couldn't stand for. She was going to kick Maryse's ass... just not now. She was definitely going to do it, just later, much later.

For now no matter how much she was tempted to kick Maryse's ass Melina just couldn't do it because she was enjoying getting her own ass fucked too much.

Despite the rough penetration Maryse had quickly began fucking Melina's ass at an incredibly slow and steady pace, somehow able to occasionally grind her hips around and thus moving the dildo around inside Melina's bowels without actually hurting the divas champion. In what felt like less than 30 seconds the pain was gone, and in another 30 seconds the uncomfortableness was gone too, leaving Melina with just the pleasure which had slowly been building from the moment Maryse began stretching out her ass.

As impressive as Maryse's butt fucking skills were Melina was gritting her teeth in an inevitably futile attempt to stop herself from moaning, Melina knowing it was only a matter of time before the French-Canadian bitch squeezed one out of her but still trying to avoid it as long as possible because she knew Maryse would gleefully rub it in her face. When Maryse suddenly gave her a extra hard thrust, spreading pleasure throughout Melina's body and forcing her to moan the Latina was proven right.

"Oui, c'est ça salope... gémissement. Moan for me. Moan like a whore." Maryse said, her accent coming in thick as she lustfully sawed in and out of Melina's ass hole, "Mmmmmm, you're such a whore... such a disgusting anal whore. It is so easy to make you moan. I bet everybody already has. I bet I am the last in the WWE to make you moan like a whore. An ass this fat has probably been fucked by every man on the roster... ooooohhhhh, and everyone knows what a slut you are for women. Oh, you revolt me, you revolt me so much. I am so ashamed to be ass fucking you, but I just love your big butt and the way you moan for me while I'm fucking you up your stupid fat ass. Tu es une pute ... telle une putain dégueulasse anal. Il est si facile de vous faire gémir. Je parie que tout le monde a déjà. Je parie que je suis le dernier de la WWE pour vous faire gémir comme une putain. Un âne cette graisse a probablement été baisée par tous les hommes sur la liste, et tout le monde sait ce qu'est une salope que tu es pour les femmes. Oh, vous me révolte, vous me révolte autant. Je suis tellement honte d'être le cul tu baises, mais je viens de l'amour de votre grand bout et la façon dont vous plaindre de moi pendant que je te baise votre stupide gros cul."

Maryse love to hear whores moaning for her. It was undisputable evidence just how good she was, regardless what the worthless whore might say. Of course whatever a whore had to say was as worthless as every other part of their body, except maybe their ass.

Some whores were blessed with asses which justify their existence. Melina was definitely one of these whores.

For years Maryse had been asking herself why she would lower herself to this, to fucking a fat ass whore like Melina, why she would run the risk of humiliation if anyone was to find out she liked to fuck so below her level, and most importantly of all why did she find rounded asses like Melina's so fascinating.

Maryse honestly wasn't sure, but at least she could always comfort herself that part of her enjoyment came from humiliating another woman. Sure whores like Melina loved their humiliation, but that didn't change the fact that Maryse was literally misusing their ass holes for her own pleasure. In fact when a whore enjoyed it so much it only made it sweeter because it proved yet again Maryse was better than them. She would never allow a man or woman to penetrate that hole, but a disgusting whore like Melina would rejoice in it.

Looking down Maryse once again felt like she was going to throw up as she saw the massive dildo strapped around her waist sliding in and out of that little hole Melina shit from. To think Melina enjoyed being penetrated in that hole... it was disgusting. If Melina wasn't embarrassed and humiliated then Maryse felt embarrassed and humiliated for her. Of course those feelings only made Maryse enjoy slowly stretching her fellow diva's ass out even more, the French-Canadian fascinated by that hole which disgusted her and turned her on like nothing else in the world.

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