Masquerade in Venice Ch. 02


As she slowly regained conscious from her dream and emerging from a semi-conscious state, she slowly realized that there was an actual cock in her mouth. With her head facing down over the massage table, she opened her eyes to see a shaven pubic area and a man’s cock in her mouth, pumping slowly and gently. She removed the thick and 7” long cock from her mouth and looked up to the face of Marco.

“I was massaging your back, when you grabbed my penis from my pants and brought it to your mouth. You sounded like you were in a dream and I let you do what you want with me,” pleaded Marco feeling a little embarrassed with his actions with the guest.

“Don’t worry Marco it wasn’t your fault. I was dreaming and I was at a party and …..Oh well, I can’t leave you like this and after all I started it.” Sherri said feeling like a sexually possessed creature.

She immediately put her head down and placed her mouth over the still rigid penis. Her right finger was massaging her clit while she was sleeping and she continued to stroke it.

She thought of Ian and what he would say and felt a twinge of guilt with another man’s penis in her mouth without him being present. But the young man felt and tasted so good, she could not stop herself and she allowed her mouth to be used by Marco for his pleasure, allowing him deeper access to her throat then she thought possible. This continued for a few more minutes and she felt his penis starting to swell more and more and increasingly throb in her mouth and her throat. Her saliva and his pre-cum were flowing from her mouth as her mouth faced downwards towards the floor.

He is using me as his whore, she thought to herself, as she lay naked and very vulnerable to anything sexual. Marco placed both of his hands on the side of her head and was forcing her mouth to meet his upward movements. She felt the extreme wetness of her vagina leak onto her inner thighs and the massage table as her finger massaged her very very sensitive clit. I wish Ian was here so they could both share me at the same time and I could feel Ian’s cock in my pussy and another man in my ass.

He is getting close to cumming, she said to herself, as then the first surge of cum hit the back of her throat. He continued to pump and cum for about ten seconds as she allowed her open and receptive mouth being used for his pleasure.

She exploded with another orgasm at the same time with her mouth firmly around the pulsating cock. The only sound was a low grunt and half scream emanating from her mouth full of his cock, cum and her saliva.

For a minute or two, she continued to suck his now still pulsating cock and draining it completely. She then raised her head and stared up to his face and said with a sly smile, “How did this all happen? I fell asleep and I wake up with your cock in my mouth.”

Marco replied, “Senora, I was leaning over you and massaging your back when you reached with your hands for my cock and started to stroke me. I didn’t know you were dreaming and then you pulled me to your mouth. I very sorry, I thought you wanted this……. ”

Shelly looking at his growing distress smiled at him and said, “Don’t be upset. We both enjoyed it didn’t we? I was dreaming and well you know, I needed a cock at that moment and you were there. And, I am definitely not complaining.”

At that moment, she heard Gabriella’s voice behind her and a hand moving slowly up her leg.

“Are you relaxed now bellisima? It is time to get dressed for the party” Gabriella said to Sherri as she proceeded to kiss her on her cheek.

Oh, the party thought Sherri. She had forgotten about it and she remembered at that moment how much she missed seeing Ian and she was looking forward to seeing him at the party. It was only a few hours since she left him at the hotel but she had already had sex with two people and the night had not even started yet! I have to tell Ian the circumstances and how I just couldn’t help myself. I hope he understands!

As she raised herself off the table, Gabriella and Marco stared at her naked beauty. Gabriella felt an urge to reach forward and touch the large and horizontal D cup breasts but restrained herself realizing it was time to get dressed for the party.

Gabriella thought to herself, while gazing at her beauty, that Sherri is a special woman. She is a very beautiful, young and sexual woman with no hang-ups and very open to the erotic life. Our friends will welcome her as a new and special treat like a new, novel and delicious dessert at a dinner party.

Gabriella and her husband always looked for the older husband/younger wife combination in their search for new members of the secret erotic society, which they had belonged to for over ten years. The older men usually were ‘men of the world’, experienced in things sensual and did not have the possessive nature of many younger men. And in the case of Sherri and Ian, they had a wonderful combination of both being very attractive and exuding sexuality and not being afraid of sharing it with others.

Couples and single men and women could never apply to be members of the Society. New members were identified by ‘scouts’ (Gabriella received a phone call from a member who was at the hotel who thought that the American couple looked like ideal candidates for the Society and qualified Americans were in short supply). Prospective members were chosen by a select few, similar to the way Sherri and Ian were chosen by Sergio and Gabriella to attend the masquerade party the previous night at the hotel bar. Although the American couple did not realize it, they were subtlety tested by the Italian couple before the invitation was extended to them. If their actions at the upcoming party proved acceptable to the rest of the members, they would be invited to become Members. Although most of the members were Italian, they made an effort to attract different nationalities and races. The ‘Societa Della Carne’ (Society of the Flesh) was worldwide but its orgiastic activities centered on Venice and other cities in Italy. It had a history that went back over 500 years and counted such notables as Casanova and Vivaldi as its members.

“I hope Marco took good care of you,” said Gabriella as she handed Sherri a glass of Champagne.

“He was a very good boy. He has a special touch!” Sherri said with a demure and sexy smile.

Gabriella held out the diaphanous red negligee for Sherri to slip into and once she had wrapped herself, Gabriella hugged her from behind and with her both hands on Sherri’s breasts gave her a kiss on her right cheek and said: “Let’s dress you like a “Regina’ for our party or as you say in English, ‘The Queen of the Ball’. Nina will take care of your makeup and costume. ”

As she walked out of the room with the young blond girl, she felt slightly lightheaded and felt her entire pubic area burning like it was on fire but in a very nice and sexual way. She did not realize that all her drinks contained an ancient aphrodisiac powder that was a secret to Venetian nobility and the Society for centuries.

Little did she know that she was walking the same path as many other young and beautiful women had for centuries into the very secret and wildly sexual underground which would open up a world she could never had imagined…….

Ian’s Story

Sitting at the bar with the beautiful Patrizia, transported Ian back several decades to his time he spent in Naples, while he was stationed in the U.S. Navy. It was during a six month tour that he had a relationship with a beautiful and fiery 19 year old Sicilian girl, very similar look wise to Patrizia. His first real girlfriend, Anna, was a part time model in Rome and also was part of the nascent Italian porno industry. She introduced him to the world of manage a trios with her girlfriends and occasional orgies in Naples and Roma. This was quite heady stuff for a young man of 21 but is set him on a life long fascination with group sex, bi-sexual women and the world of the swinging lifestyle. It was always a war with Ian between his rigid Catholic upbringing and his desire to immerse himself in the world of illicit sex ever since those early years. A subsequent marriage to a ‘nice’ Catholic girl was a mistake from the beginning and twenty years later it ended in divorce. While separated he met the woman he has been dreaming about all these years – Sherri. That was seven years ago and now he felt in a weird way that he had come full circle and was sitting with a hot and sexy Italian woman, who reminded him of his first girlfriend, Anna.

“Do you prefer Italian women or American Women, Ian?” she cooed to him almost startling him in her ability to read his thoughts.

He replied by telling her the story of his first girlfriend in Italy including an overview of their sexual activities together 20 years ago.

“That is so sexy and interesting Ian but you didn’t answer my question, Italian or American women?” She answered while leaning on her elbow with her head on her hand.

“To tell you the truth, my fantasy woman is a sexy Italian woman like Sabrina Ferilli or the women in a Tinto Brass movie”, replied Ian.

He added, “But Sherri is the love of my life and I can think of no other woman in the world who I would rather live with and make love to.”

Patrizia answered, “Now the way I interpret this and tell me if I am correct, you would like to see someone like me and Sherri sharing your bed every night. Correct?”

Ian looked at beautiful woman amazed at her intuition and insight.

“Are you a mind reader?’ replied the stunned man.

“No, but you have a very honest face and it is easy to see what you are thinking by looking at your expressions and beautiful eyes” Patrizia whispered and leaned close to his face.

Ian was overcome with her perfume and closeness and felt his self control slipping and decided to change the subject.

“Will you be at the party tonight Patrizia?” Ian said in choking manner.

“Do you want me there, Ian” she said teasingly looking into his eyes while touching his hand with both of her manicured and soft hands and leaning forward allowing him to glimpse her deep cleavage.

“To tell you the truth, yes, I want you to be there tonight,” replied Ian with his mind wandering to Sherri and Patrizia both being at the party together. Even in his growing sexual stupor, Ian realized that this beautiful Italian nymph was seducing him and he was helpless in her grasp.

Patrizia saw the lust and the terror on Ian’s face and decided to let up on him for the moment. She knew she had him in her grasp and he was as helpless as a puppy dog. She wasn’t always this talented in seduction but she had learned her lessons well over the last four years as a member of the Society. She was recruited while she was a freshman at the University. At the time she was having an affair with an older married but estranged Professor from an old Venetian family. He was the one who introduced her to the erotic world of the Society and she had learned very well the ways of the flesh. They had since parted as a couple but she remained close to him and also his new wife.

“Well, I’ll be there tonight with you and not only that, I will escort you the party myself,” replied the smiling woman.

She added, “We will get ready together in your room if that is okay with you?”

“Together in the room, alone? I don’t know about that.” Ian replied in amazement and shock.

“Yes, you silly man. This is Europe and not your puritanical and hypocritical United States,” Patrizia replied while stretching her shoulders and pushing her breasts straight out. She added, “I have already bathed so I will be putting on my makeup and getting dressed for the party. It is really no big deal.”

Patrizia has spent a vacation in the United States. While in San Diego, she was approached by a policeman on the beach to put her bikini top back on while she was sunbathing. She complied but asked him what the problem with being topless was. The policeman replied that it was the law…period and end of discussion. That night at a nightclub in the downtown of San Diego, she viewed hundreds of young women wearing party outfits that were practically transparent and XXX movies on her hotel television when she went back to her hotel, the Hotel del Coronado. She could not understand why topless bathing was so bad while rampant pornography was everywhere….billboards, movies, taxi cabs signs, etc. She concluded that Americans were hypocritical and totally contradictory in their thinking. So, it didn’t take much to understand where Ian was coming from.

“Are you afraid of me, Iannnn? She added elongating his name teasingly.

“No, and don’t take it the wrong way. I just don’t want Sherri to feel that something was going on in the room while she was away. It is not every day that I have a beautiful woman in a hotel room without my wife. It is difficult to explain, that’s all,” said Ian while staring at her incredible chest that he noticed contained no bra.

Patricia said, “I’ll tell Sherri personally that I invited myself up to your room to get ready. She’ll understand completely, OK?”

Ian nodded his head and felt relieved or something to that effect. He asked Patrizia if she wanted another round of drinks. She said yes and asked if they both could have a special drink that all her friends had before a party. Ian told her to order it while he visited the restroom.

When the drinks came Sherri poured the aphrodisiac mixture into Ian’s drink. For males it also included some ground up Viagra in additional to the traditional male formula for Society members.

Patrizia smiled to herself as Ian returned and remembered her first time at a Society party and the amazing virility of the men. She giggled to herself when she thought at the time, that all the Society men were sexual supermen. And, she also remembered, bringing an extra twinge to her pussy, that every man had sampled her charms that night not only once but many several times. She wore the red headdress and the red lipped mask that night. It would be the one that Sherri would be wearing at the party tonight…….lucky girl that Sherri will be tonight…...the target of every man!!!!

“Salute!” toasted Patrizia to Ian and she came out of her daydream. She added, “You will remember this night as long as you live. You and your beautiful wife will be the stars of the party I am sure. You are a very attractive couple and everyone will want your attention!”

“I left our costumes and such with the bellman in the lobby,” said Patrizia. “I will meet you in the room and we can get ready, ok”? She added.

After finishing her drink, she stood up and kissed Ian on each cheek while pressing her ample chest into him. “I can’t wait to see you dressed up Ian,” she whispered in his ear and added “I can’t wait till you see me….dreeessed for the party; Room 702, right?”

Ian looked at her swaying hips as she walked away from him. He thought to himself that they had only been together about an hour and already she could make him do anything she wanted. Well, I’ll go with the flow since Sherri is not here with me. He finished his drink and suddenly felt a hot flash as he stood up. Boy, did that girl have an effect on me or what, he murmured to himself. He headed back to his room to get ready.

About ten minutes later he heard a knock on the door, and of course it was Patrizia followed by a bell man.

“How many things do we need to wear?” exclaimed Ian as the bellman placed the boxes on the floor and hangers in the closet.

“Not much,” replied Patrizia, “but we need a separate box for each item.”

“Please place the Champagne over there” Patrizia told the bellman.

Ian tipped him and he closed the door and then he turned around.

Patrizia had already removed her blouse and was in the process of removing the rest of her clothing. She was utterly magnificent. She stood about 5’5” and weighed about 105 lbs. Her breasts were on the verge of being DD cup, completely tanned and her areolas were the size of half dollars. They were also defying gravity and stood almost horizontal. Her thin and shapely legs were supporting a perfect ass with white thong bikini tan lines.

His throat went immediately dry and he flattened his back against the door speechless.

Patrizia broke the strained silence by saying, “Ian haven’t you ever seen a naked woman before? Please give me a glass of champagne while I put on my makeup in the toilet”, she added.

Ian stumbled over to small table and shakily poured the champagne into the two glasses.

When he turned around, Patrizia was lying on the queen size bed completely nude and asked him to join him on the bed, patting the area where he should sit.

“Don’t be shy I won’t bite you,” she sighed.

As he walked to the bed she noticed the bulge in his trousers. He was aware of it also and tried to walk a little sideways so she wouldn’t notice.

“Ian, please take off your clothes for me before you sit on the bed with me,” Patrizia seductively asked Ian.

Ian reached the point of no return. There was no use arguing with this beautiful creature. He was putty in her hands.

As she removed his shirt she stared at his chest and said, “Would you like to see your wife eat my pussy tonight?” As she said this she spread her legs and ran her two hands up the insides of her thighs.

“I would like to see you fuck her from behind as she is doing me”, she added.

“I am so horny, Ian. I haven’t had sex or an orgasm in one week. We always fast before a party so our anticipation and pleasure is so much greater when we are at the party.” Patrizia said as she squeezed her large breasts together. “Only two more hours to go, I can’t wait” she added.

Ian slightly recovering and now completely nude and standing in front of Patrizia, said, “Are you positive that there will definitely be sexual activity at the party or are you just teasing met?”

“Oh, Ian you are so sweet and naïve. Don’t you realize that you have been invited to an orgy with your wife,” she replied.

Ian slowly nodded and noticed Patricia’ stare at the same time. His cock was erect and he had the two glasses of champagne in his hands.

He handed her a glass and sat on the bed next to her.

“I really don’t want to have sex with other women besides my wife,” said Ian. “But I’m worried about Sherri at the party without me and the other men,” he added.

“Well your brain is saying one thing, but this (she reached over grabbing his penis) tells me something else!” Patrizia exclaimed and laughed.

He reached over and started to feel her large breasts.

“I love your penis. It is so perfect”, said Patrizia as she slowly stroked it up and down.

“Well, I am not large like the men in porno, you know like that Rocco guy, from Italy,” replied Ian.

“When will you men understand what women want. Yes, of course if the man’s penis is too small, well that’s a problem. But it is also a problem if it is too big. The men with big penises use it as a battering ram and it does not feel good either,” she explained as she leaned over and licked the head of his cock with her long tongue while staring at his eyes.

He said, “You are right, I could fuck you here on this bed the rest of the night.” As he said this his hand traced a line around her body while she slowly licked his erect cock. He found her clitoris just be blow the small triangle of hair shaved to perfection.

“Don’t stop, grazie, per favore,” Patrizia cried as her English and Italian jumbled together.

Ian stood up and grabbed her legs and spread them. He knelt between her spread legs and whispered that he wanted to give her pleasure but he was in control from this point on. No more teasing for him, she was going to get it now………

His tongue on her pussy sent electric sparks through her body. Her inserted one then two fingers in to her wet pussy while flicking her clit slowly. He could sense her orgasm building as the walls of her vagina were staring to spasm. He picked up the pace of his tongue and she tensed up and let out a scream: “SSSSSSSSSSSSSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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