tagIncest/TabooMassage Mat Ch. 03

Massage Mat Ch. 03


After his orgasm, Jason calmed down and became more aware of his surroundings. Seeing me covered with his semen seemed to horrify him for an instant, but then he smiled and hugged me.

"I'm sorry, mom, I think I got carried away," he said simply.

I smiled. "Uh, that would be an understatement, dear," I answered, "just let me get cleaned up a little."

"No, you stay here. Let me get you a towel," he commanded gently. I sat on the edge of the bed and he zipped into my bathroom for a towel. As I cleaned my face, I became aware of the large quantity of semen he had shot onto me.

"My word," I exclaimed mopping up a glob from my hair, "you're certainly fertile." Jason laughed then came over to me, hugged me and pulled me down on the bed with him.

"No more of that," I said firmly, "that was a one-shot deal--no pun intended."

"It's cool, mom," he replied, "I just want to lie here with you for a little while." He embraced me, forgetting about the goo that had splattered onto my shirt.

"Shit," he grumbled, "what a mess."

I chuckled and said, "Hey, this is your doing. Don't blame me for your messes."

He looked into my eyes saying, "Actually, it's not all my doing. You helped." He ruffled my hair and we fell silent, lying together on the bed. Soon, he began to breathe more slowly and fell into a deep sleep. I arose, washed my face and got a clean t-shirt. Returning to the bed, I arranged the covers over Jason and went to his room to get some sleep.

Morning came very early for me--I only slept a little, and when I looked in, Jason was still dead to the world. I went down to the kitchen and made some coffee for me, and got organized for bacon and eggs for him--his favorite. I soon heard footsteps and bathroom sounds, then Jason's quick steps down the stairs.

"Oh wow. Do I smell real bacon?" came the question.

"Yes," I replied, "I figured you deserved a little treat this morning. How do you feel?"

"Mom, I feel great," he said sincerely.

"You're still walking hunched over--you don't look 100% great to me," I said.

"No. I mean, yes. My ribs are still a little sore, but I feel great," he repeated. "You are the best mom in the world. No, the universe," he asserted.

"I better get that in writing," I teased.

I knew that "best mom in the world" had a shelf life of about ten minutes, and I was trying to figure out how to clear the air between us. I was concerned that Jason was more attached to me as a result of last night's activity, and I thought I should find a way to get some distance between us. Suddenly, I had an inspiration. While Jason ate, I phoned my friend Lori.

"I need some help," I said once we had exchanged hellos.

"Beth, you know we'll do whatever we can--just tell us what you need." Lori was a true, blue friend.

"It's a long story, but the short version is that I think Jason needs some time away from home--actually time away from me--for a little while. I know that John and the boys usually do a lot of stuff on the weekend so I was hoping that I could farm him out for a day."

"That could work," Lori answered, " Lemme check with John. Hang on." I heard a muffled exchange between Lori and John that ended in a burst of laughter. Lori was still chuckling when she got back on the phone.

"Ok. Houston, we have a plan," she said. "Why don't you both come over to our place? John, the boys and Jason will head out for a day of guy stuff ending with taking in the game tonight from John's box. The Rangers are in town, so it should be a great game. We can just hang out and relax around here so you should have some good decompression time."

"You guys are awesome," I said sincerely, "but what was so funny?"

"Oh. Well, John joked that you sounded like I do when I'm desperate to get rid of him for a day of husband-less sanity time. Somehow that struck us as really funny," she ended.

"Yeah," I replied, "very funny. Ok, we'll be out there in a little while." I headed back into the kitchen to find that Jason had finished, done the dishes and was cleaning up.

"What the hell," I began. He turned to me and smiled.

"I've made a decision," he began, "Um, I realized how selfish I am and how hard you work around here taking care of everything. I want to make things easier for you, and it looks like the best way is to pitch in and do more work around the house . If that's ok with you, I mean."

I assured him that would be just fine—a cynical thought flashed through my mind that maybe I should have helped him beat off a couple of years ago— and outlined the plan for the day. Jason seemed a bit disappointed that we wouldn't be alone together but brightened as soon as I mentioned the hockey game. Soon, we were on the way to Lori and John's.

We were mostly quiet during the drive but finally Jason asked, "Mom, about last night. I mean, how do you feel about that?"

I thought carefully before answering, "Honestly, I'm not sure how I feel. On one level it was wrong, and I wish it hadn't happened. On the other hand, I really believe that sometimes people wind up in difficult situations and have to do the best they can at the moment. That's what I believe we both did."

There was silence. Then he said very softly, "So you were just making the best of a bad situation? I see." I glanced over at him. He looked crushed, and my heart melted. I knew that he deserved a more honest answer.

"No. Er—yes--but it wasn't that I didn't like it. It's just that... Shit, Jason, I don't even know how to talk about this." I found a parking lot and pulled in so I could look at him as I spoke.

"Look. Mothers aren't supposed to go around seducing their sons. It's just not done. I know you have special and unusual feelings for me. They are very difficult for me to deal with because I have similar feelings for you. But I'm supposed to be the one who does the right thing and makes the good decisions, and... Shit." Now what? Was I supposed to tell him that I was tired of being a good mother? That I was in love with him? How was I going to put this toothpaste back in the tube?

Jason was smiling now. "I know, mom," he said softly, "I think I just needed to hear you say that you enjoyed what we did. Thanks." He pulled me to him and hugged me close. As we parted he startled me with a quick kiss on the lips.

Once we got to John and Lori's, there was a whirlwind of activity that rapidly got our minds focused on other things. Once the cyclone of testosterone left, though, the house was blessedly quiet. Lori and I passed a very quiet day, and I napped, catching up on the sleep I had missed the night before.

I was surprised to find that I had a urges to phone Jason, though. I wanted so much to know what he was doing and to be a part of it. I resisted for a while, but it wsa very difficult. When I picked up my phone for about the 10th time, though, Lori intervened.

"Beth," she scolded, taking my phone out of my hands, "you said you and Jason needed time away from each other. There's no point to that if you're going to be phoning him every 15 minutes. Give it a rest." She was right, of course, but I missed him so much.

When the guys came back from the game, everyone was in great spirits. We chatted a bit then got in the car to head home.

As we said our goodbyes, John pulled me aside and said, "Beth, I have to tell you we had a great time with Jason today. He is a great guy. You've done such a wonderful job raising him, and he's a son to be really proud of. You're both welcome around here anytime."

I thanked him sincerely. It meant a lot to hear that, and I was happy that other people thought so highly of Jason. I was so proud of him--but I knew that it wasn't just a mother's pride that made me thrilled to hear John's words.

Once on the road, we drove mostly in silence, but as we got close to home Jason said, "Thanks mom, for arranging such a great day. I had a great time."

"Well," I replied, "I just thought it would be good to get out with other people for a bit."

"Yeah," said Jason, "it was. But I have to tell you that I thought about you every minute. I wished you could have been with us--well, at least with me." I was too confused about my own feelings to respond to that, so I let it pass. I knew, though, that our time apart had not really changed much for either of us, and I began to come to terms with a new reality that was becoming more apparent in my life.

When we got home, we headed straight up to bed. Jason headed into his room then peeped his head out.

"Massage mat, anyone," he said to me, grinning.

"Oh hell no," I replied, "that goddamn thing has caused enough trouble around here already." Jason laughed, and at that moment I felt very close to him. He came into the hall and we hugged, holding each other close.

"Goodnight, my love," I said.

"Same to you...my love," he replied. When we parted, he took my face in his hands and looked intently into my eyes. I didn't dare move--or breathe--not sure what I wanted to happen next. Jason seemed to consider his options, then kissed me lightly on the forehead before going back to his room. Goddammit, I scolded myself, you're supposed to be the adult.

Even though I had been sleeping alone for over five years, that night I felt lonely in bed by myself. I longed to feel someone next to me, and I grabbed one of my pillows and cuddled it to me like a security blanket. Having napped at Lori's I wasn't all that sleepy, and my mind was racing. A soft knock on my door almost made me leap out of bed. The door opened slowly and Jason appeared in the opening.

"What is it Jason?" I asked, rising up on my elbow. Jason didn't reply, but walked over to the bed. He slipped into bed next to me and put his arms around me.

"I need another hug," he said simply.

"Well, you got one," I replied, wrapping my arms around him. He plucked the pillow from between us, pulled me to him and rested his face against my blonde hair. I knew that I should not let him stay this close to me, but I too needed a hug--and I needed a hug from him more than anyone else. I allowed myself to enjoy the closeness of a man again. God, it had been ages.

I also enjoyed feeling my son's strength and... And what? Desire? Need? I held Jason close, and he began to rub my back. My heart was racing, and I could tell that Jason was trembling slightly.

As my son began to caress me, I made my peace with Dan. I knew I had been a good wife to him and had honored him in every way. I had cared for him when he was ill and raised his son to be an admirable man. I had done my duty as a wife and mother, even setting aside my need for companionship to focus on the needs of my sick husband and son.

The last five years had taken a toll, I realized. I was so weary of fulfilling my roles of dutiful wife and mother, exhausted emotionally and physically. I longed for someone to take care of my needs and to care for me. To be here in this embrace--to have this strong, handsome man holding me--was like a gift from God himself. Surely Dan would understand, I believed. What was happening now was beyond anything that could have been foreseen or controlled. It was like a force of nature that is neither good nor bad but simply exists.

Jason seemed to know that I needed time to come to terms with things—he was so grown-up, I realized, probably more mature than I. He continued to rub my back, to hold me close and to nuzzle my hair. Lying there in his arms I began to recognize that there was no stopping what had begun between us a few days earlier. Like a small mountain stream that becomes a mighty river, the stirrings of desire and love between us were growing into an irresistible force. It was very simple, really. My son was going to make me his woman. And I wanted that will all of my heart. "God's will be done," I thought.

Jason's hands began to roam further over my back, slipping down to my ass. His caresses there really got to me, and I relaxed into his strong embrace. He pulled my head down to his chest and I began to nuzzle him, running my hands up and down his legs. His shorts tented out, filled with an enormous erection, and I looked down to see his enormous cock only inches from my face. As I gazed at it, I could see the head enlarge and throb slightly.

It felt like his penis was pulling me downward with a magnetic force that I could not resist. As my face came level with it, I liberated it from Jason's shorts. I extended my tongue and licked the head gently. I heard a quick intake of breath as Jason's body tensed, then he groaned and relaxed. I licked again with the same result. Then again. And again. The musky, manly taste of the huge penis made me light-headed, and I delighted in teasing it, knowing that I was making Jason frantic with desire. I began to lick faster, feeling like a kitten licking up some delicious milk.

Finally I could stand it no longer. I opened my mouth wide and took in the swollen head. I began to swirl my tongue around as I moved my head up and down the shaft. It had been so long since I...

Who was I kidding? I had NEVER had a cock like this in my mouth before. Huge, beautiful, potent. Filling. And fiercely, almost viciously, erect. I thrilled as I sucked hard, moving my head up and down slowly. I heard Jason moaning a soft counterpoint to the sound of my sucking. Were blowjobs supposed to be this exciting to give? Is this what women were supposed to feel when they made love to a man? For the first time in my life I began to understand what it was to be completely consumed with desire for another. I wanted to take in Jason's scent, his taste, his love, his soul--to lose myself in his essence.

I brought one hand up and wrapped it around Jason's shaft to give him more stimulation. I followed the movement of my head with my hand. Up. Down. Up--tease the head--down; I went on without tiring or stopping until Jason's moans turned to "ahhhs." When he began to thrust his hips, I used my other hand to gently caress his tightening balls and to tease his asshole.

My mind drifted back, and I recalled Jason as a young boy, remembering what his little penis looked like when he was a child. I marveled at what a strong man he had become so quickly. I sucked more eagerly, helping to enlarge his tool, helping him to even greater feats of manhood. My son: so splendidly masculine. And mine.

I became even more intoxicated with the smell and taste of him. His hands ran through my hair, urging my head further down his shaft on each stroke. I complied, wishing I could get the whole length into my mouth, watching his balls tighten and begin to disappear. Within seconds, he began groaning and my teasing finger felt his asshole begin to spasm. I pulled my head up and opened my mouth, my hand now swirling around the head of his cock. After just a few more strokes a bead of semen appeared at the opening of his urethra. Then his body jerked and he began shooting off into my mouth. As he ejaculated, I licked the head of his cock, stimulating further spasms from him. After finishing his powerful orgasm he relaxed and laid back. I swallowed his seed, still unable to get enough of the taste and smell of him to satisfy me.

I raised my head and looked into his eyes. They were aglow with love, wonder and overpowering desire.

"Oh my God, mom," he whispered, "I never would have believed you could do that." We kissed deeply, and I felt the power I had to inflame Jason's desire even as I knew how powerless I was to resist him. We were locked in the dance of life itself: surrender and irresistible power wrapped up into one consuming experience. Two small beings spiraling into the infinite.

Jason began kissing me deeply again. Neither of us seemed able to get enough of the other to be satisfied. We broke the kiss and I burrowed under his t-shirt to nibble on his neck and chest, delighting in my womanhood and my ability to bring my man to another frenzied peak of desire.

He ran his hands through my hair then pulled my face up to his again. This time the kiss was even stronger, deeper and more urgent. I felt my nipples becoming wickedly erect as his hands played over my breasts. When we came up for air, he whipped my t-shirt over my head with the skill of a man who had done this many times before. He stared at my breasts, mesmerized. I brought one erect nipple to his mouth and let him suckle me. When he had nursed a bit, I gave him the other. He licked and sucked with an air of contentment and comfort, even as his ministrations brought my desire to a higher pitch. He began kissing his way up my neck and we soon were back in our favored embrace--a deep, passionate kiss. I rolled on top of him, rubbing my nipples lightly against his chest. He reached down and began kneading my ass. I felt his cock stirring back to life as my pussy brushed against it.

Jason pushed me back onto the bed and began sucking my breasts again, nursing as he did as a baby, but now with a different kind of hunger.

He reached down into my underpants and found my slit wet with desire for him. He looked into my eyes as he ran his finger up and down the slickness until it slipped between my swollen lips. He moved expertly to my clitoris, and I wondered where he acquired such skill. He played with my clit until the dimly remembered ache inside my vagina became an overwhelming urge for penetration. In a few more moments, my hips were thrusting. He kissed me gently as he pulled off my underwear, leaving me completely naked.

Jason removed his shirt and shorts, looking down at me with the air of a man enjoying his conquest of a woman. He knew that he had me where he wanted me--and that I yearned to be right there with him. He hesitated a moment, and I realized that he might not have had a lot of experience with intercourse. Well, that deficiency was about to be remedied, I thought.

I spread my legs, allowing him access. He quickly moved into position. His penis was so erect that it was flat against his stomach, but he pulled it down and put the head into my slit. I reached down and got it at the entrance to my vagina.

"There, baby," I whispered, "put it in."

"Oh God, mom," he moaned as he began to enter me. He pulled out then re-entered. And again. The third time, I grabbed his ass and pulled him closer. I looked into his eyes.

"Two things," I said softly, "First, stop the teasing. I can't stand it anymore." He pushed deeper into me and I moaned.

"What else?" he asked.

"Don't call me 'mom' when you're doing me. Use my name. I'm not your mother now--I'm your woman."

"Ok...er...Beth," he said, "Wow. That's going to take some getting used to."

"This should make it easier," I said, grabbing his ass and pulling him deeper into me. He needed no further encouragement to bury himself fully inside me.

"Fuck," he whispered, "I came out of there once."

"That's right," I answered. "Welcome back."

He began his in-and-out movement slowly, almost tentatively. For one magical moment we became intensely aware of being fused into one entity, then we were back to the mountain stream of our early desire--just a few rivulets slowly running downhill. Our bodies were telling us both, though, where we were headed, and far in the distance we saw the raging river that lay ahead.

The stream rapidly gathered momentum as it ran downhill and Jason took control of our course, expertly maneuvering us into the full force of the waves. Soon, the gentle stream had given way to a raging river. Jason's strong body drove into me relentlessly, riding me as we shot the rapids. The river gained speed and power, pulling us into an irresistible vortex.

Jason rode me harder, even as I felt the rapids bucking and jerking as we rode along. Feeling me twitching underneath him sent him into a frenzy of jackhammer thrusting. I felt myself dropping into the vortex, shaking and calling out to him, begging for more.

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