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Massage Parlor Trip


My wife, Mrs. V, decided we needed to get an erotic couples massage. We've both enjoyed many massages over the years. Hot stone, deep tissue, etc. However, after watching tons of porno-centric massages, she thought it was time to get a massage that was going to stretch the limits of the law and as it turns out, her pussy too.

We had to find masseuses that met our needs. This was not easy. Anyone who says it is, is either lying or isn't to concerned about being arrested. First, a little online searching showed that there are thousands of ladies that give "massages." Many look to good to be true and are a little forward in their advertising. Not being interested in a night in jail, we avoided many that looked like a police sting.

Second, and this was the near impossible task, finding a male masseuse for her. The industry is female. Great for me, but my wife wanted a straight man or at least a man that acted straight. She wasn't getting her hair done; she wasn't looking for playful gossip. She was looking to get a great massage and her brains fucked out. I spent every available evening emailing and/or calling hundreds of promising prospects. I took nearly two weeks but found what we were looking for.

One of the masseuses had a boyfriend that was interested. They had an open relationship and had done a handful of massages like we were looking for. He wasn't a professional but he picked up a lot of the trade over the years dating the masseuse. Finally, two weeks of frustration was going to be rewarded, this Friday was massage night.

It was an agonizing few days, but Friday finally arrived. We were meet at the parlor by both Beth and Jack (names changed). My wife, Mrs. V, immediately took to Jack. He's a fairly handsome man, in excellent shape. He still had his six-pack. He was also very engaging and immediately poured on the charm. My wife being the adventurous one gave his crotch a squeeze and revealed he had a little something extra down there too. Once I knew Mrs. V was happy I checked out Beth. She was exactly what you'd expect from a masseuse. Everything was a tight little package with long brunette hair. Looks like we were going to enjoy ourselves.

With the introductions complete, Beth was all business. She started her prepared masseuse speech as she gave a quick tour that ultimately end at the door of our changing room. Once alone, my wife and I quickly undressed. It was easy to see how energized she was. Her pussy lips were getting puffy and slick, as well as a distant/thinking look in her eyes. I assumed she was thinking about her grope at the parlor entrance. I slipped behind her rubbing my hardening cock on her ass and wrapping my arms around her. As I started to tweak her nipples she confirmed my suspicion. The first words she spoken to me since our arrival, "I think Jack is hiding a pretty large cock in those shorts. Hmmm, I hope I'm right." We slipped on our robes, stepped in to the hall and found Beth and Jack waiting for us.

A few short minutes later, Mrs. V and I found ourselves face down on our massage tables. We gave each other a knowing smile and settled in. To be honest for the next 15-20 minutes I forgot about my wife. Beth was giving me a great rub down. All the tension was leaving my body. I was so relaxed that I forgot this was not your everyday type massage. My wife began to moan and I woke to reality. I turned my head to see what my wife was doing. I should have remembered, we weren't paying to be the one's "doing" anything. Jack was doing all the work. My wife's tits become hyper sensitive when she gets horny. Jack's rub down had obviously gotten her that way and now Jack had her on her back and was massaging both her tits. He had two "F" cup handfuls and was putting some good pressure on them.

My wife started to gyrate her hips and moan loader. Now I know what is coming next. Poor Jack had no clue. After a few more minutes Mrs. V asks him to start twisting her nipples. Of course he's not twisting hard enough, this causes my wife, with a sterner voice, to tell him to really clamp down and twist the hell of them. Now my wife looks like she's having a mini seizure. Her ass is gyrating completely up off the table, her breathing is raspy and eyes are screwed shut. I love this look, it gives me a great sense of dominance or submissiveness ... it just depends on our mood. If I'm in a dominant mood at this stage I can get my wife beg; yell I'm the biggest stud in the world; she'll tell me she'll fuck and suck a 100 men until they drown her in cum; or eat pussy like a starving dyke while my cock is buried in her ass.

However, Jack wasn't going to get to be the dominant one. My wife wanted him submissive and Jack was going to be her bitch. I position myself to watch and make it easier for Beth to give me a slow, greasy hand job.

Then out of seemingly nowhere my wife's hand grabs Jack's hair and he's tugged to her chest. She tells him he better be a better titty sucker and than titty twister. Next thing Jack knows his mouth is slammed on a tit. She's verbally and physically abusing Jack now. His head is yanked from tit to tit. She's ordering him to suck, bite, and lick. He's scolded when he does it too hard, scolded when he does it too light. She's got a handful of his hair and makes it obvious he is there for her pleasure.

In the meantime, Beth now has my cock in her mouth, but she's not into it. She's got her head bent around and is watching her boyfriend being abused. She looks a little concerned, but I don't really care. I grab her head and push her deep on my cock. She gets the hint and starts to do her job.

I turn my attention back to Mrs. V. Jack now looks resigned to his fate. There's no resistance left in him. She's yanks him to the left, she yanks him to the right. Doesn't matter, once he's where she wants him, he attacks her tits. Her tits are red, swollen and covered in saliva. Now she ready for some finger fucking. She orders Jack to slip a finger in to her pussy and get a good rhythm going. Mrs. V likes to build up to her orgasm. She likes it to last. As he continues to suck on her tits, she keeps ordering another finger and little faster pace.

At about 10 minutes, she grabs a larger bunch of hair, jerks his head and tells him to start finger fucking the hell of her and to bite really hard. She tells him if he lets up his assault she'll rip that handful of hair right off his head. Well I guess Jack likes his hair. He did exactly as he was told. Despite my wife going into a full-blown orgasmic seizure he keeps his hand slamming into her pussy at light speed and his teeth clamped on her tits.

In the mean time I can't take any more. Despite Beth's lapses in proper cock sucking, I was ready to cum. (I'm guessing she kept stealing glimpses of Jack to make sure he was ok.) I grab a handful of Beth's hair and start hammering away at her throat. She's gasping for air, her face is turning red, spit is flying. Finally, I pull her tight to my crotch and blast shot after shot straight down her throat. She gags a little, but she's a trooper, she keeps her head down and lets me fill her up.

Now I turn my attention back to Mrs. V and Jack. It's been about 10 more minutes and she finally collapses from the orgasm. She loosens her grip on his hair and pushes him away. Jack not sure what to do just stands there sheepishly. Another minute or two passes and Mrs. V takes a deep breath, smiles at Jack and says her pussy is soaked with her cum. He needs to clean her up and suck her pussy dry. Either out of joy or fear Jack wastes no time. Like a flash he's got his mouth on her pussy. He's licking her everywhere. Anything that looks like pussy juice he's licking it up. His tongue works every inch of that pussy. He then sticks his tongue in as deep as it will go. This little extra effort pushes Mrs. V over the edge. She grabs his head, clamps down and fills his mouth with cum. A minute later Jack lifts his wet and smiling face.

For the first time my wife looks over at me. She's got a huge smile, that grows even larger when she notices Beth lazily sucking and licking my cock. She pushes up on her elbows and announces to Jack and Beth that its time to start fucking!

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