tagFetishMassage Therapy Ch. 01

Massage Therapy Ch. 01


Jason stood holding open in front door and stared at the woman in front of him for a moment before he could find his voice, "Um...Tina...what are you doing here?" Tina was a slim brown haired woman who had a little better than average face but Jason knew from when they dated how nice her slim little body looked in lingerie.

"Well I started working as a massage therapist about a year ago Jason...look if you want them to send someone else I can call..."

"No, no that's okay," he interrupted, "I am sorry come on in." He stepped back and held the door open for her to make her way in with her massage table. She wore an outfit similar to what she used to wear to work as a sonographer while they were dating , just some dark blue scrubs that revealed very little.

"Can I set up here," she gestured to an open space behind his couch.

"Sure," he replied trying to think of some idle conversation.

Tina looked around while she was setting up and started the conversation for him," nice house. Just you and the wife?"

"Yes," he replied.

"It's a nice place," the tone of her voice did not make him believe her comment. Jason knew when they dated it was not going to work out but he stayed with her for a while because she was fun to be around, party with, and the sex was some of the best he had ever had. She was just not the woman he wanted to marry and have a family with.

She looked him up and down," are you going to get a massage in jeans and a t-shirt?"

"Oh...oh no...give me a minute," Jason turned and went back to the bedroom taking off all his clothes and wrapping a towel around his waist before going back out to the living room. Tina had the table set up and was pulling some bottles out of a bag she brought in with her.

"Just go ahead and lay down on the table Jason and we'll get started," she pulled an ipod out of her bag and a small base stand with speakers. "How about some relaxing music?"

"Sure," Jason said as he climbed up and laid face down on the massage table.

He heard the music start and then felt something cool falling onto his back. Tina's hand began rubbing in the lotion," so where's your wife?"

"Out of town," his voice came through a bit muffled through the pads his face rested on.

"Still keeping yourself in shape I see," her hands were sliding up and down his back. He felt the tension being coaxed out of his muscles while she worked. He tried not to think about how familiar her hands were to his body. He silently cursed himself for trying to be the nice guy and not turn her away like he should have. Thoughts went back and forth how he was being silly and he was married and then back to wondering how he could let himself get in such a compromising position. Should he ask her why she started doing this instead of her old job? Her hands had moved up to his neck which elicited soft grunts from Jason as her hands worked. Then he wondered if he should not ask in case it brought up a sore issue. Suddenly all thoughts stopped as he noticed he was starting to get excited.

"How does that feel Jason," she asked conversationally," do you want me to be a little firmer?"

"Um...yes a little," her hands answered and he really felt his muscles start to relax. She slowly moved and began to massage his scalp while Jason tried to think about baseball or football or anything but flashbacks of time in bed with this woman. Her hands kept going while the music softly played in the background pulling Jason further into a nice relaxed state while his cock stubbornly continued to grow harder.

The massage progressed from arms then down to legs as she worked his feet, calves, then up to mid thigh before," okay roll over Jason so we can get to the front."

Jason hesitated," well let's go Jason did you fall asleep?"


"So let's go I have another appointment after this," she said impatiently.

Jason slowly rolled over while trying to keep the towel in place. He repositioned his hard-on so it would not stick straight up but he knew he could not hide the obvious. He waited for something from Tina but he felt her hands start to rub into his chest as she positioned herself just above his head.

"You know after we broke up Jason I thought about you and how much fun we used to have," her hands kept rubbing into his muscles while she spoke," then I thought about all the sex and what you seemed to like the most. I remember you getting drunk and asking me to tie you up for once instead of the other way around and it never clicked with me until I did some reading," she stopped talking for a moment and Jason knew she wanted him to ask.

"What clicked?"

"You liked it when I had control in bed. Oh you would spank me sometimes but I know you . You just did it because it turned me on. You probably wanted to be spanked more than I did." Jason did not know where the conversation was going but it was not making his erection go away. Her hands had stopped massaging his chest and he felt her working on the front of one of his thighs. "I should have just wrapped you around my finger and made you beg me to keep you on a daily basis. I remember when you had to stop while fucking me to keep from cumming and that look you got when I would tell you how my pussy was too good for you. You loved it," he felt her hand slide up under his towel and start rubbing the underside of his cock.

"Um...Tina...please st..."

"Shhh baby this is just part of the massage," she said as he felt the towel being pulled off of him," I promise my clothes are staying on," he felt lotion falling onto his hard cock and then her hand started massaging it slowly into his shaft. "You probably like this more than sex anyway," her hand started sliding up and down his shaft. Every couple of strokes she would slide slowly over the head and back again. "My pussy would just make you too weak and you would spurt after a couple of strokes," Jason was starting to squirm on the table under her ministrations and soft moans started escaping his lips.

"Oh what's wrong baby?" she teased him. "Tina's little hand have you all worked up?" The soft slow strokes seemed to tease him in just the right way. She seemed to know how to work his cock like it was her own. He would never have had the patience to take it so slowly. "I'm going to get you so worked up and then when your good and ready you can start to beg me baby."

"Wha...unh...uh...what?" he managed to breath out.

"Oh you're going to beg me to let you cum. You'll see honey." She dropped more lotion on the head of his cock and concentrated on the tip. Rubbing it over the head and back up slowly.

"Ohhh...oh fuck," Jason was writhing on the table. He knew he should put an end to this but," this is what you really want baby isn't it? You want someone to take all that pressure of having to cum away from you?" She giggled as he squirmed on the table. "You're so weak but that's okay baby because I am strong. Too strong for you really. I just walked right into your house and within twenty minutes I have your cock totally under my control Jason. We both know that's what controls you don't we?" She stopped and held his cock firmly in her hand," your cock tells you what to do Jason and I know how to control your cock," Jason gasped as she started stroking his member again. "I can't believe I let you hurt when all I had to do was get a handle on this," she started rubbing over the head and back up with her thumb and forefinger. "You know you need this. Listen to your cock tell you what to do," Jason's knuckles were white as they grabbed the sides of the massage table.

"You want to cum don't you baby," she said teasingly.

"Unh...unh huh," Jason grunted.

"Feel all that yummy weakness washing over you baby? You're so helpless and vulnerable right now," she kept her kept rubbing his cock just slow enough to keep him from cumming. "Oh I would have never thought it before but I'm getting turned on seeing you like this," her words just made Jason ache even more inside. "How much longer until you totally give in to me Jason? It's too late to stop me now isn't it?"

Jason couldn't speak only nodded his head in response. "Oh fuck this is hot," Tina was rubbing his cock and if Jason had looked he would have seen her slide her other hand down the front of her scrubs. "Your cock is fucking mine isn't it?"

Jason's head again nodded up and down in response. "Tell me what you want baby...beg Tina to let you squirt all over," Tina's hand moved faster on his cock.

"Pll...pleas....," he gasped.

"Please what you weak little slut?" her voice becoming more forceful as her own hips were grinding into her hand.

"Please...please cum," he cried.

"Yes baby...yes," she screamed as his cock erupted sending rope after rope of cum out of his cock onto his chest and stomach. She kept pumping as her own orgasm rocked through. Her hand milking every last drop from. Jason was lost in the intense feelings passing through him and hardly noticed Tina's own state.

As the tremors started to fade Tina kept up rubbing his cock. She slowly teased the sensitive head making his hips lurch to and fro. "Oooo...so tender aren't we," she teased. "You are going to remember this every time you jerk off Jason and you know it. You are going to masturbate to me owning your cock over and over."

"Guuh....ahhh," he cried out as she continued her assault on his hyper sensitive member.

"No one's ever made you feel like this have they baby?" she cooed.

All Jason could do is shake his head as he squirmed on the table. His cock had already started to harden up again. "Oh I wish I could manipulate you all day Jason but I have to go soon," her hand rubbing more lotion into his member," but I will rub a little more lotion on so you can go rub your cock in worship to me. It wants to cum again for me already Jason. Your cock just telling you what I want it to do."

Jason felt her stop rubbing and gently pulling at his cock coaxing him off the massage table. The lotion and perspiration made his body glisten as she guided him by his cock away from the massage table," kneel down right here for me baby," she said gently pushing down on one of his shoulders as she released his cock.

Jason went to his knees feeling almost too exhausted to stand," now why don't you grab that cock and start rubbing it for me." He complied without thought and started masturbating on his knees right in the middle of his living room," now you can watch me while I get my things together baby but if you want to spurt again with me here just ask." She turned and started wiping off the table and Jason's hand moved up and down as he tried to picture her ass through her scrubs.

Tina turned," how about I give you some help," her hands grabbed the waistband of her scrubs and she stepped out of them and her white, slip-on shoes. She was wearing a skimpy black thong and Jason just got even more turned on seeing her lovely tanned legs and ass again.

Without a word she turned to finish packing away her things. Jason hurried his strokes not wanting her to leave before he came again. He started to feel the build up,"Uh...please...please Tina," at the sound of his voice she turned towards him smiling. "Oh god it's so hot seeing you look so pathetic Jason," she laughed softly," you're going to squirt a mess all over your living room floor because I told you to do it. Cum and tell me how it feels."

Jason felt the rush and then the gush," oh fuck...ahhh god...ahhh," he cried out with each pulse of his cock. He finally collapsed face down as the last of his orgasm washed over him. Moments later he saw Tina's white shoes and he turned to look up at her," here she threw his towel down to him," clean yourself up and go load my things into my car.

She walked out the front door without another word and Jason found himself loading up her car moments later and watching as she drove away. He knew what had just happened and inside he warred with himself at wanting it to happen again and never wanting to see Tina again.

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