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"Stress relief and aromatherapy massage by David -- phone Oxford 53516"

It had been my wife Jennifer's idea for me to go into massage professionally as she had always enjoyed the ones I had given her. Having recently lost my job and now having more spare time it seemed a good way of earning a bit more money and I happily enrolled in various classes. Of course the massage techniques I was learning were somewhat different to those I had given Jennifer -- once or twice I had to stop myself venturing south of the equator!

I bought myself a proper table and practised my various techniques on Jennifer who thoroughly approved. It's made a change, she said, to have a proper professional massage although she hastened to add that she still enjoyed the thoroughly unprofessional ones I gave her on other occasions! After a few months I felt able to offer my services to the public but we both agreed that it would be a good idea to try it on someone else and luckily Tracy volunteered. Tracy was my next door neighbour, a younger single mother who had moved in not long after I lost my job, and we had become very friendly whilst I was at home during the day.

I told her that it should be treated as a professional exercise, not as me doing a favour for a friend, so we went through the whole thing properly. It felt a bit odd inviting her into the house and asking her to get undressed while I waited in the kitchen. I had set the massage table up in the lounge as it was the warmest room in the house and I could also play relaxing music on the stereo.

Although a little awkward at first, I soon relaxed and my training took over. Tracy confirmed that if she had been a paying customer she would have been quite happy so I put the advert in the local newsletter and sat back to wait.

I must admit I hadn't expected to get any replies for a while, and I was therefore pleasantly surprised when the day after the newsletter was published I received a call from a lady called Angela who lived in the estate. The appointment was made and I must confess to being somewhat nervous when the door bell rang. I was wearing a T shirt and tracksuit trousers in an effort to look like a professional!

I opened the door and invited Angela in. She was quite a tall woman, probably in her mid forties and reasonably attractive. I know that as a professional, looks should not have mattered but it is a lot easier to massage someone you like the look of! I led her into the lounge, explained what would happen and invited her to strip down to her underwear whilst I left the room. After a couple of minutes I knocked on the door and she called for me to come in. She was face down on the massage table and had kept her bra and knickers on. She had a fairly well toned body and I guessed that she worked out.

I had draped the towels over her and proceeded with the massage which went very well. I asked her to undo her bra at one stage so I could massage her back and she did not raise any objection. She was covered with towels when I did her arms and legs and after an hour she confirmed she was quite happy with the treatment. She was delighted to be my first client and promised to pass the word around.

I have to confess I did get slightly turned on whilst doing the massage but this was countered by my nervousness at my first client. I had made sure I wore a pair of briefs rather than boxer shorts to avoid any embarrassment!

True to her word, Angela recommended me to what turned out to be quite a wide circle of friends and soon I was performing two or three massages a week. As a thank you, I decided not to charge Angela the full amount for her monthly massage and she was most grateful for this. Exactly how grateful, I was soon to find out!


It was a warm sunny afternoon when Angela came round for her usual massage and I did her back and legs as usual. However to my surprise, when I asked her to turn over she declared it was too hot for the towels and discarded these, which meant she was lying on her back naked apart from her knickers! She grinned at me but then closed her eyes so I was able to study her rather lovely breasts without embarrassment.

I would be lying if I said it had not occurred to me that in this particular line of work such a situation might arise. Jennifer and I had discussed it, although she was more amused at the prospect rather than concerned, and we agreed that as long as I did not let matters get out of hand, I could treat it as a perk of the job!

Angela's breasts were quite firm for her age and each was topped with a dark brown nipple. I proceeded to massage her legs and arms as usual and normally I would stop there. However Angela opened her eyes and said, "Isn't there something you've forgotten?" and glanced down at her boobs. I must confess that I was into minds now that the anticipated situation had arisen. Should I be professional and suggest that she leave or should I give in to temptation and enjoy myself? It took me about half a second to come to my decision as I poured a small amount of oil into my hands, rubbed them together and started to massage Angeles breasts. She closed her eyes and smiled as I massaged the oil into her soft boobs, daring to rub my thumbs across her nipples which were already hard. Angela was breathing heavily and then after a while she opened her eyes, grinned up at me and said,

"That's enough for today I think!" I wiped my hands on a towel and, acting as if nothing unusual had happened, left the room so Angela could get dressed. When I went back in she gave me the usual fee plus an extra £10.

"I think you deserve that!" She smiled at me and left.

Two days later another of my regulars came in at the appointed time. This was Nicky, a younger girl with blonde hair and a fabulous figure. I always had trouble controlling myself when massaging Nicky so would often wear two pairs of briefs to be on the safe side! She always paid me in advance and nervously gave me the usual amount, together with an extra £10. I looked at her quizzically.

"Angela said it would be alright..." Nicky's voice trailed away nervously and I smiled. I replied that it certainly would be and she looked relieved. Angela had obviously put the word around! Sure enough when the time came for Nicky to turn over we dispensed with the towels and I had an enjoyable five minutes massaging her boobs. They were smaller than Angela's but very pert and tanned. Soon I was giving all my four regulars, Angela, Nicky, Maria and Caroline, an "extra service" and I looked forward to each visit. Maria was a slightly plumper young girl and I enjoyed massaging her in any event, let alone getting to grips with her breasts. Caroline was a different proposition - she was tall with an incredibly voluptuous body, and a massive pair of boobs which needed more oil than the other three girls put together!

Events proceeded even further when Angela came in a month or so later for her usual massage and this time, before we started she handed me the money, plus an extra £30.

"I expect you'll think of something!" she whispered to me and I wondered how far I would be expected to go. I massaged her back as usual and then decided to work further down on to her buttocks, which I did not normally do. Angela murmured her approval and I went further on down her legs, and then back up the inside of her thighs. I let my fingers wander slightly further than normal so that there were actually brushing against the soft hair between her legs and once again she did not object.

She turned over and grinned broadly at me.

"You're doing very well so far!" I took this to mean that I could go further so after massaging her breasts as normal, I worked my hands down her tummy and to her thighs. I started to rub along the insides of her thighs and she parted them so that I could reach further up. She had a small fuzz of pubic hair which was rather neatly trimmed and I brushed my hand experimentally across the area.

"That's it..." Angela muttered and I took this as a cue. I pressed slightly more firmly on the pad of her pubis and she moaned appreciatively. I felt my fingers getting wetter and noticed that she was becoming quite moist between her legs. She eased her thighs slightly further apart and I slid my finger between her legs. I carefully massage the moisture into the upper part of her thighs and then brushed my finger tentatively along the lips of her pussy. She muttered that I should keep going so I continued to rub my fingers up and down the lips of her pussy and then gently slid the middle finger into the opening.

Angela started to moan quietly and I carefully slid my finger all the way into her pussy. She thrust her hips up to meet me and I started to rhythmically slide my finger in an out of the moist entrance. Angela gripped the edge of the massage table with her hands as she jerked up to meet my fingers and suddenly her whole body stiffened as she let out a muffled gasp and came.

I withdrew my finger and cleaned myself up with a towel as usual. Neither of us said anything so I left the room and a few minutes later went back in to find Angela fully dressed. Again we acted as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened as we said our goodbyes.

I wondered if any of the other girls would want this service and I was not disappointed! My next client, Nicky, had a completely shaved pubic area, which was a new experience for me and she came very quickly, almost as if it she wanted to get it over with quickly. Maria was a wonderful sight when she orgasmed, her body quivering beautifully as she did so!

Caroline was a revelation... I had got as far as sliding my finger in an out of Caroline's pussy when suddenly I felt a hand on my backside. Caroline's eyes were closed but as I played with her pussy her right hand was clutching me and rhythmically squeezing the cheeks of my bum. This was rather nice and I casually moved my left hand to massage her breasts whilst still working on her pussy. As I did this she cried out and came in a somewhat noisy orgasm. She subsided and grinned up at me but still had hold of my bum. She seemed to suddenly realise what she was doing.

"Ooh sorry, I didn't mean to do that...!" and she quickly pulled her hand away but grinned up at me mischievously.

"That's all right Caroline; you're paying so you can do what you like!" She laughed and promised she might take me up on that sometime.


It was now July and I let slip that I was celebrating my birthday at the end of the month. Angela suggested it might be a nice idea if we had a small party and I thought this would be rather pleasant. It was agreed that I would come round to Angela's house one lunchtime and she would provide drinks and nibbles.

On the appointed day I knocked at the door of Angela's house. I noticed two cars outside so I assumed the other girls were there and sure enough when I went into the lounge I saw that Maria, Nicky and Caroline were all sat around. Wine was opened and food consumed, and by mid afternoon we were all very "relaxed".

Angela then told everyone to charge their glasses and I was touched as they proposed a toast to me. Angela explained how welcome my services had been and they felt it only fair to repay me. I wasn't sure what they meant by this until Caroline left the room and came back in carrying a massage table! The girls shrieked with laughter at the expression on my face, as it was obvious that I was to be the recipient of the massage!

I grinned in resignation and Angela told me to strip down to my underpants. I did so, to the general approving laughs and cheers of the girls, and as instructed lay down on my stomach on the massage table. I closed my eyes and put my face in the hole in the table, rather looking forward to what was to come. I heard the girls moving about and also heard the rustle of clothes so was unsure what there were doing. I opened my eyes but of course where I was lying I could only see the floor and around the edge of the table, but I did notice two pairs of legs that were bare, and as all the girls had been wearing jeans, I realised that at least two of them had stripped off.

Then several things happened at once. I felt a firm at pair of oiled hands start to rub my shoulders, another two pairs on each leg and another pair running its fingers through my hair. This was wonderful! The hands on my shoulders moved down my back and began to rub up and down my spine whilst the two pairs on my legs moved up towards my bum. "I think these will have to come off!" I heard Caroline say and a pair of hands pulled at the waistband of my boxer shorts. I felt there was no alternative than to comply so I raised my hips and my boxer shorts were quickly removed. I was pleased to hear several compliments concerning my bum, and even more pleased to feel a pair of hands start to massage the cheeks! By now I had got over my surprise and nervousness and was beginning to get an erection. I shuffled around and suddenly Maria said,

"I think he's getting a hard on girls!"

"Ooh let's have a look..." Nicky cried out and Angela told me to turn over. I did so and was stunned at the sight that met me. All three girls had stripped down not just to their underwear but completely, and were stood around the massage table. I was of course familiar with how each of them looked but had not anticipated seeing all the four them in one go. All eyes went to my cock which was now fully erect and I was relieved that they seemed quite impressed -- and that he hadn't let me down! I wondered who would make the first move and was not surprised that it was Angela. She reached forward and took a firm grip of my cock, which brought forth a cheer from the other three girls.

"Shall I?" she teased and looked at the other girls.

"Go on Angie I dare you -- if you don't I certainly will!" replied Nicky. The alcohol had obviously got rid of Nicky's normal shyness. After a quick glance at me Angela began to slowly rub the foreskin of my cock up and down the shaft. This elicited another cheer from the girls and a red face from me. Although I had, of course, performed the same service on all the girls at various times, it was somewhat different with an audience but as I knew the girls so well I felt quite relaxed at the situation.

Nicky was on the opposite side of the table to Angela and watched as she played with my cock. Then she reached out and cupped my balls in her hand, gently rubbing them and running her fingers around them. Maria was on the same side as Angela and she started to run her hands up and down the inside of my thighs. I moved my legs apart slightly so she could reach further, and gave myself up to the exquisite feelings.

Caroline in the meantime was stood behind me at the head of the table and I glanced up at her. She was gazing at what the girls were doing to my lower half but the view I had was mainly of her enormous breasts hovering above my head. Suddenly Maria said,

"I think he's got his eye on your boobs Caroline!" Caroline looked down at me and grinned, shaking her breasts so that they quivered beautifully. Then she leaned down and enveloped my face with the soft flesh. My hands were free so I did not hesitate to reach up and take hold of the beautiful globes that were now resting on my face. Each breast overflowed my hands quite comfortably and I drew them to me so that the nipples were within reach of my mouth. By now I was past caring and I started to lick and suck at the erect nipples.

"Oh wow..." exclaimed Caroline.

"Gosh look what he's doing to Caroline" cried out Nicky. "He's never done that to me!"

"It's the first time he's done it to me as well," replied Caroline, "and he's bloody good at it!" Suddenly I realized I was close to coming.

"Um... I don't know how to put this girls but I think I'm about to make a bit of a mess."

"Oh good he's going to cum!" exclaimed Angela.

"I've got to see this!" replied Maria

"I hope it's a lot..." said Nicky. And it was! My orgasm hit me and the feeling was intense as Maria squeezed my balls gently and Angela continued to wank me. A long arc of sperm shot into the air and landed on my tummy. The girls shrieked and cheered as I jerked two or three times, each time sending more juice on to my stomach where it pooled around my navel. Eventually I subsided and opened my eyes to see all four girls peering inquisitively at the small pool of sperm nestling on my stomach.

"Gosh it was a lot wasn't it?" muttered Nicky

"It's making me feel a bit horny..." said Maria quietly.

"Mmm me too..." said Caroline.

"Well girls," said Angela "you know what we agreed. We've taken care of David now like we said we would." I was intrigued as the four girls looked at each other.

"Yes I know," said Nicky "but I didn't think I would get so turned on watching!" The other girls all seemed to be in agreement.

"Quite frankly if I don't cum in a minute I'm going to explode!" exclaimed Caroline and I noticed that her hand was already subconsciously feeling about between her legs.

"I know what you mean," said Maria quietly looking at Caroline.

"Tell you what girls;" said Angela "last one to orgasm pays a forfeit!"

Suddenly she thrust her hand between her legs and started to vigorously rub at her pussy. This broke the ice and the other three girls shrieked with laughter, watching Angela standing there, legs apart and rubbing her pussy for all she was worth. Caroline was already playing with herself and was now quite unabashed as she fiddled around between her legs.

Maria looked a little unsure but sat down on the armchair, spread her thighs and began to tentatively stroke her pussy. Nicky had no such qualms and lay back on the sofa, splayed her legs and casually slid two fingers all the way into her pussy. I sat up on the massage table and watched in stunned amazement as the four girls played with themselves.

Angela was by now leaning forward resting her left hand on the edge of the table while her right hand was a blur between her thighs. Caroline was leaning against the wall, her hips thrust forward and her middle finger tweaking back and forth across what I took to be her clitoris. Maria had by now got into the spirit of the thing and was lying back in the armchair, eyes closed and head thrown back as her middle finger vanished between the lips of her pussy. Nicky in the meantime was still plunging two fingers in an out of her wet hole.

It was Angela who came first and she grunted as her orgasm hit her, her breasts quivering and shaking as she came. Caroline was next and all of us gazed at her in wonderment as her voice rose in a wail, "OHH FUUCKKKK....YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" She thrust her hips to meet her fingers as she came, and slid down the wall until she was sat on her haunches on the floor. Her eyes were closed and her face was contorted in an orgasmic grimace. I looked across at Nicky and Maria who seemed to be competing to be the next to come. Nicky won the race and let out some muffled squeaks as she slid back on the sofa thrusting her hips up in the air.

We all then looked at Maria whose eyes were wide open and her finger still sliding in out of her pussy. She looked nervous, presumably remembering the forfeit that Angela had mentioned! Angela looked across at me

"Want to help her out?" I smiled at this invitation which I was happy to accept. I wasn't sure what Maria or the girls were expecting but I had only one thing in mind as I jumped down from the table and moved across to Maria who was lying on the armchair legs wide apart. She looked at me nervously as I knelt down between her legs and moved her hand away from her pussy. I was not sure if they were expecting me to use my hand or perhaps go down on her but I had other ideas! The sight of these four girls playing with them cells had caught my cock back to full erection again, and I did not intend to waste it.

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