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Masseuse: Celebrity


Joanne Wallman had forgotten what it felt like to be happy. She had been walking in the same path over and over so many times that she no longer knew where she was going, if anywhere at all. A life where her children had made up her entire life, where nothing else would exist. It was when the children had move out, leaving her in an empty world of her own, that she had realized her value or rather how worthless she really was. But just like the ugly duckling had turned out to be a swan, so had the duck Joanne turned out to be the swan Julia Wildfire. She had become more than the pond was worthy off, and moved to a new world where she was appreciated for the talents and skills she had. She wasn't a worthless parasite living off the system, she was most certainly beneficent to society.

The dark alleys and stone walls with mold, they were all left to rot for all she cared. The old pots and pans of the kitchen were fading in her memory, just like the piles of dirty clothes that she was required to wash by hand. She didn't care what happened to the father of her children. He never was around to help her when she needed help, nor did he participate in raising the children. All he had on his mind was to work, so that he could save a little. An honorable thing to do, but not the wisest of his decisions. It had alienated him from the rest of the family, so when the kids were old enough, they were more than eager to move. She knew that their decisions were based on the lack of love at home, even if she really loved them, the energy just wasn't there to live and love more than she had. When you find yourself giving and giving without receiving anything, you're soon drained, and Julia knew now that it was what had happened to Joanne, and that was one of most important reason why Joanne couldn't go on living.

Julia woke up, enjoying her weekend off. She had been working five straight days, rubbing feet of tired tourists, helping a guest to recover from his back injuries. It had been a full week, and in some cases long hours, but it had also been very rewarding to her. She was participating in life, offering a service and still giving, but now she was receiving as well. Her new found world had become a gate to a new experiences, things that had allowed her to explore her own sexuality. At three occasions had her duties become other than rubbing soar muscles, and each time had been different in their nature, yet still the same. She helping someone to gain sexual satisfaction and without intercourse. She felt like the had been a helpful Samaritan, but what about the fact that she had received payment for her services? Did that make her some kind of call-girl or prostitute? She had been thinking about that, but wasn't able to make that conclusion. She was a masseuse, and among the 27 guests she had been rubbing, only three had been sexually related and in only one case had she touched a persons genitalia. No, she wasn't providing sexual services, they simply stumbled upon her. She smiled as the flashbacks of recent events visualized in her mind. She laid dreaming for a while before pushed the thoughts aside, feeling a bit disappointed that she hadn't had more of those offers land in her lap.

Sitting up, she let her hands slide through her hair, before reaching up with her hands to stretch her shoulder and back. It was good to be alive. There was a small sign on the computer screen which caught her attention. She read the text "You have mail" from her sitting position and smiled. Feather, the cleaning lady who's real name was Sally, had taught her what email was and how to use it. Her explanations about email being the same as ordinary mail just sent over the net electronically had been a concept she could grasp. Feather had helped her search for her children's emailaddresses, and she had sent all three of them invitations to come and stay at the hotel a weekend so that they could talk and see each other. She was hoping that they would be positive to the invitation.

She got up and sat down in the chair in front of the computer, looked in her inbox and found four emails. Three of them being from Oliver, Laura and Michael, and a fourth which was apparently some sort of commercial stating how you could change your life in 60 days. This made her laugh out loud, they were to late for that, she thought. She deleted the commercial message and re-read the messages from her children. They would all come, that was wonderful news, and Oliver was asking if he could bring his fiancé too. She felt stupid about forgetting that in her email, so she immediately started a new letter to them all. She was looking forward to meeting Olivia, knowing that Oliver had been to ashamed of his parents to introduce her to them. She didn't blame him for that, she just hoped that she could live up to the image of a good mother. Her heart was hoping that there were someone would be joining Laura and Michael too.

She was still naked, but she was in no rush anywhere and went back to bed, laid down and rested a while longer while letting her thoughts wander. She was thinking of her children, how she hadn't seen Oliver in four years since he moved out, Laura had moved out at the same time, but had visited at home on two occasions and Michael, counting the days since he moved to be 48. She wished she had been stronger to have provided them with a better home, but she had better resources now, even if she also knew that she couldn't make up for the years that had passed by. She rolled over on her left side, placing both of her hands under her left cheek and curled up. She felt the same as she had felt so many times before, the joy of her children, three healthy strong individuals. She was proud to have been a part of their lives, and hoped they would be willing to let her remain that way.

The phone rang, pulling her back to from her deep thoughts, and she reached for the receiver.


"Good morning, Julia, this is Pamela. I'm sorry to disturb you on your day off, but I would very much like to ask you to work today. I wouldn't call if it wasn't absolutely necessary."

Julia laid silent while she tried to remember who Pamela was. She finally realized that she was in charge of special events, so it was probably some kind of happening. She had not heard about any such special event being posted on anywhere, so it puzzled her a bit.

"What is it?"

"I can't tell, please come down to my office in 45 minutes. I'll tell you more about the details."

With a puzzled state of mind she hang up and closed her eyes. It was her way of searching her memories, but she couldn't find anything that would spread light on the situation. While she kept thinking, she got up and began to dress. For a moment she considered wearing the bright red lingerie that she had bought, but it was better to not wear them, so she picked out plain white cotton underwear. Instead of the white cotton T-shirt that she most frequently used, she picked a white blouse which looked a bit nicer, even if the T-shirt was more practical when she was working. She took one final look in the mirror, and found no reason to change her appearance. Her hair was hanging freely, the ends curling up a bit below her chin. She had become more elegant the last couple of days, treating herself to manicure, pedicure and a long awaited haircut. She had felt separation anxiety when her very long hair had been shortened to get rid of the split ends and also to lift her hair some. The result was a more elegant modern woman, well worthy of the name Julia Wildfire. She had also began to appreciate the value of make up, and had enjoyed the color coordinators "lecturing" about what her colors were and how she could use them to enhance her features.

While walking down the corridor, she began to think about her children, how they had been the beacons in the darkness of her life, and the fears she had about loosing them. She knew that she wouldn't be pampering them everyday, they were to old for that, but she wanted them all to know that if they ever needed to talk, come and visit, or have a shoulder to cry on, she'd be there. She smiled at a memory of Oliver hiding underneath the bed when she had wanted him to take a bath, and how she had found him and got him clean all over.

Reaching the third floor she got out of the elevator, and walked towards Pamela's office which laid on the other side of the brass ring. The brass ring was a large open area on the third floor with an area for relaxation. It featured a large aquarium full of colourful tropic fish and water plants, a few chairs and all surrounded by a brass ring about waist-height. She let her hand slide over the smooth metal and felt how cold it appeared to be. The door to Pamela's office stood open, so Julia went in and sat down while Pamela finished her call. It gave Julia time to look at the small office, which had walls completely covered with shelves and they were filled with papers, books and posters. She wasn't paying attention when Pamela, while still talking on the phone, gave Julia a folder with the Hotel logo on it, but took it from her hand and opened it. Inside laid information about tour-dates for a popular musician, but she found no information about a concert in the city. She kept reading until Pamela ended her phone conversation.

"What does this have to do with us?" Julia asked and lifted up the folder with a quick twitch of the wrist.

"He's coming here." Pamela smiled with a huge grin on her face, showing of the pride she felt.

"But when?" Julia asked, letting her finger slide over the list as to point to a non existing date.

"Today. His manager wants him to have his day off in an establishment that he knows provides good service, handles things discretely and isn't near any of his scheduled concerts. He'll be here in 30 minutes and has requested a massage. I said that we would arrange for it by the time he arrives here, so could you help me?"

A lot of thoughts went through Julia's mind, but she wanted what was best for the hotel, so she said while looking in the folder "Yes, who needs a day ... 1212?"

"Yes, he wanted it to be low profile, so not The Penthouse, The Emperor or The Royal suites. Room 1212 is at the end of the corridor, with a view to the northeast, so I think that's rather low profile."

Julia nodded, and left. For some reason she just couldn't stand staying around to see that huge grin on Pamela's face. Picking up her things she went to room 1212 and sat down to wait.

She picked up the novel she had begun reading, and turned to page 45 where she continued while she waited for this celebrity to arrive, but like so many times before, the vision of Anna returned to her eyes, the black cat-woman that so perfectly had pleased both her husband and Julia too, and the feeling of wanting to do the same to a man was nagging her constantly. It was as if she had found her sexuality again, and it was screaming for attention. The book, however interesting, would have to wait. She placed it back in her case before she leaned back, closing her eyes to daydream.

She heard footsteps, but didn't open her eyes until she heard them coming closer. She looked up to see a man in a long black trench coat and a wide black hat. He was wearing sunglasses, and Julia knew that her waiting was over. He came alone, no bodyguards, no manager, no fans, to relax and sleep in order to charge up his strength. He was holding his key-card and looked at the door as if he was trying to open the door by will. Julia stood up, picked up her things when he'd successfully opened the door. He closed the door when they both were inside, still without uttering a word to her, but she didn't think about that. Those famous people were all so strange, so if this character wanted to be strange by dressing black and being silent, then so be it. She raised the massage table in the center of the room, and looked up to show her client that it was okay to lay down. She was stunned to see the tall slim man sitting naked, wearing only a pair of black boots sitting on the couch jerking while he was watching her.

"Come here, bitch and suck my cock."

His accent was as she had heard on the radio, a wide, wobbly kind of Australian English, but keeping her cool, she walked over to him and kneeled before him, but in such a manor that her left knee came to push up pressing hard against his balls. She could hear his loud moan as she continued to increase pressure, and when his face was white as a sheet, she said with a calm voice.

"Do you wish to continue this or get a massage?"

The man was showing signs of fear, and he let go of his cock, and raised his hands over his head. Julia took this as the sign of surrender that it was, and got up on her feet. The man took quick steps to lay down and Julia picked up her bottle of oil and began to rub his body.

"So how is it to perform for thousands of people?"

She suddenly felt small. She was here alone with a famous naked man, and all she could say was something like that? To her relief, the man answered with his Australian voice.

"Not bad. The worst part is the heat on stage, but it's really a very giving experience to perform for my fans. To hear them sing along with me is very rewarding in itself, just knowing that they have taken my words to their hearts is a heartwarming feeling."

She smiled as she kept listening to him talk about his music, the fans, managers, radio talk-shows, promoting the album, while she was making his muscles relax underneath his soft skin. They both did what they could to please the other with words and oil, and Julia started to feel sorry for this tall man for the sides he was beginning to reveal. His eyes were closed, so she wasn't sure if he longer knew where he was, but he was talking about his fame, and how it was both a blessing and a curse. How he spoke about the many beautiful women he would meet, fans and groupies, but never get to know who they were. The risk was always that if he met someone he would fall in love with just to find out later that she was only interested in his money and fame, not his personality. How could he possibly know when he met the right one? He opened up his eyes, and looked at her over his shoulder.

"I treat people like dirt and dirt like people. I'm sorry for being a jerk earlier, but each time my manager has set up this kind of hideaway, the masseuse would always be more interested in taking care of my penis than the rest of my body. When I saw you, how beautiful you are, I just assumed that it was the same as always. Can you forgive me?"

"If you know that you are treating people poorly, why don't you do something about it? And yes, your behavior earlier was not very subtle or appropriate, but I understand and forgive. You're just deserve a spanking for it."

She laughed a bit, and he did too as he replied.

"That would be nice."

They both laughed while Julia continued to rub his body. He had a few tattoos on his arms, one including the words 'Live your dream'. She looked at the tattoo and wondered for a while before asking.

"Are you living your dream?"

Julia looked at his face noticing lines around his eyes, as if he was trying to close his eyes to prevent seeing something, and he said.

"Most people think I'm a very intelligent person, with a profound understanding of life, but that is their image of me. I have almost no friends, simple because I'm afraid to show them how shallow I really am. I began singing as a way to get through my days, but that doesn't mean that I have a greater understanding, that's what others interpret in my lyrics. My dream is simply to find a woman that I love, that loves me for who I am, not because I am famous and rich. So how can I know when or if I meet that woman? Am I wrong to dream about my own happiness when it brings me so much happiness to sing for others, just in a different way?

Julia was amazed at the attitude change. From being a total jerk to a sensitive fragile man in just a few minutes, that was incredible.

"So what else do you dream about?"

He didn't reply, and Julia could see that whatever he wanted to say was something that made him embarrassed, or rather nervous, and she said.

"You can tell me if you want to, and if you don't want to it's totally understandable too."

He seemed to contemplate if he could, should, would tell her, and she continued with her constant massage. His skin on his back wasn't as smooth and even as the rest of the body, many appearing to be scars, but she made sure that she had treated every square inch of his skin as well as the muscles that were laying tense underneath the soft surface.

"I would like to be sucked by a beautiful woman. Lay in her lap, with my hips higher than the rest of the body, exposed to her hands and mouth. Just lay there, slightly uncomfortable, and enjoy her take the time she would need to explore me."

"Would you like me to do that for you?" Julia asked, for a moment seeing Anna before her eyes. "Later?"

He nodded and moaned as she continued her massage. Her thoughts were like fireworks, popping up new explosion after another, and she had to fight her emotions to first attend to her duties. She asked him to turn around so she could continue, and he did, laying his arm over his face as if he was ashamed of his body. She continued with her massage, smiling as she once again realized how beautiful the human body really was. She continued while they talked about the weather, politics and food, and all other good things that life had to offer.

It had been two hours since Julia first meet the tall man in black, and her arms were feeling a bit soar when she was done. She told him to relax while she made arrangements for lunch to be served in the room. It took less than ten minutes before room service knocked on the door. Julia was the one receiving it, to avoid people from seeing who was visiting their hotel. She served him, and left him alone as he began to eat.

"I'll return later, at nine, will that be okay?"

Julia watched him nod, and then closed the door behind her.

Enjoying her time off, she went out to see what she could find out among the many stores in the nearby shopping center. She waved and talked to the many store owners that she had recommended to hotel guests. She didn't know them that well, but she was friendly with them, and they in return were friendly with her. The income the stores had from the hotel guests would probably be a lot more than half of their annual turnover, so it was only natural that they were trying to be on the right foot with her and the other hotel employees. She knew it was a insincere friendship and kindness they were showing her, but it still made her feel quite welcome to visit the hall of glass walls and fake plants. It didn't change her reason for being there, to look around and perhaps shop if there was something that was appealing to her.

In the window of the beauty shop, she noticed something new. She went in and talked to the lady behind the counter to find out what it was and what she thought about it. It was a lotion which was made from natural products, and smell and tasted like the fruits which were printed on the bottles. Banana, orange, apple, pear, strawberry and so on. The woman leaned over and whispered in Julia's ear.

"They taste much better than eatable panties, so they are quite good for those intimate massages."

Julia smiled at the comment, but decided not to buy any of the bottles. She asked for the usual almond oil and peach lotion. The woman asked if she didn't want to try the new product in peach, but Julia declined her offer. She wanted to find out more about it before she started using it, so it was better not to change a winning concept.

3 hours had passed by the time she got back to her room, and it was time to take up dinner to the 'mystery guest' as she'd heard mentioned in the lobby. She picked up the tray from the kitchen and took the service elevator up. She knocked on his door but no one opened. She knocked again but still not a sound. She felt torn as she picked up her id-card, which had been upgraded since she began working, and she opened the door. The room laid in darkness, but she could see the note laying on the floor as light from the corridor fell on it. She picked it up gracefully, and read the few words 'As we agreed.' which made her both curious and a bit nervous. She walked in, and closed the door behind her. There was a low buzzing sound in the room that was unfamiliar to her. She found him in bed, and she was horrified when she saw that he had somehow tied himself up with a large amount of ropes. Underneath his butt was all of the pillows from the bed as well as the cushions from the couch. It all piled up high, making his position more than just a little bit uncomfortable as he had said. He had a large ball in his mouth, preventing him from talking, and his arms behind his back preventing him from untying the ropes. She didn't know what to do, so she ran out of the room, and hid her face in shame as she stopped some distance down the corridor.

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