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Master & Slave


I walked into the living room, you are sitting there in a robe, I have you stand up & take your robe off, I then have you kneel and bend over the coffee table. I tie your hands to the tables legs on the other end, I undress & kneel behind you, taking a large vibrator I turn it on & massage you pussy & clit with it, after your pussy is wet I slide the vibrator into your pussy & start fucking you deep & hard.

I fuck you with the vibrator till you moan in orgasm, then pulling the vibrator out I shove my cock into your wet pussy, I fuck you hard, fast, & deep. Taking the vibrator, I slide it in your ass, double fucking you to a body shaking screaming orgasm, leaving the vibrator buzzing in your ass, I pull my cock out of your pussy, walking around in front of you.

I grab your hair pulling your head up I say, "Open your mouth Bitch & suck my cock".

You open your mouth & I shove my cock in, I fuck your mouth hard, shoving my cock deep, my cock head going down your throat, I keep fucking your mouth till I start to orgasm, shooting my cum straight down your throat making you swallow fast. So quick it makes you gag a little before I pull out & finish cumming in your hair. When I have finished cumming I untie you & pull the vibrator from your ass. I help you as we head for the bathroom to take a long hot shower............

Once your in the shower the hot water begins trickling down your body. I have you turn to me. I grab your hair and kiss you deep and hard.

I get the shampoo and begin washing my cum from my hair from our previous fucking. I then turn you around so that your back is facing me and then I reach for the soap and the washcloth and I begin to wash your body. My hands running along your entire back of my body. Then, I started kissing your neck, and worked my way down to your ass and the back of your thighs.

Stopping there, on my knees, I turn you around so that your pussy is directly in front of my face. I resoap the washcloth and begin washing the you starting at my feet. Working your way up to my calves, then to my thighs. All along you feel my warm breath teasing my pussy. As I look up at you, you smile.

I start to wash your inner thighs but I stop. Sending chills down your spine now. I stand up and kiss you again, deep and pull your hair , You feel my throbbing cock in between your aching thighs.

I then command you "Get on your knees and suck my cock".....................................

Looking me in my eye, you tell me, "NO".

This angers me but it is apart of our game of fantasy and lust. I stomp out of the shower and rush to our bedroom, grab our handcuffs and pickup the vibrator on my way back to the bathroom.

I spy on you in the shower and watch how you are slowly teasing yourself and dragging your nails across your enlarged clit. You look so sexy, eyes closed, masterbating.

You are about to explode from pleasure and you feel me grab your hand and place one of the cuffs on your wrist and the other side of the cuff to the attached loop in the wall above your head.

As you start to protest, I silence you by striking you across your breast leaving a red hand print.

I grab your other wrist and cuff it in the same way in the other loop in the wall.

You cuss at me "You a son of a bitch to do this to me, just when I was about to cum again".

As you begin to struggle, my laughter echoes in the bathroom, " You disobeyed me, now you have to be punished".

A look of fear, anger and excitement covers your beautiful face. I then nibble your neck as I push you against the wall.

Once against the shower stall, you again try to grab me, forgetting that you are my prisoner of lust attached to the hoops in the wall.

You begin to cuss again "When the fuck did you put those hoops up there you bastard? ".

"Dont worry about when, just know that you are going to be punished for disobeying your master."

I take down the shower massage from its hook in the wall and then turn off the hot water. Once the water goes cold, I place it just below your belly button and let the water cascade its way down the lower part of your body. As you begin to shiver from the coldness, I begin to lick your nipple.

You scream "aaahhhh" from the mixed pleasure of cold and hot.

You begin to plead "turn the water off please, its too cold".

I again laugh "You stupid bitch I haven't even begun to punish you".

I place the showerhead over you and now the coldness is streaming over your entire body. You are shivering from head to toe.

In between your trembling breaths, "Please stop the water". I take away the water and you sigh, only to have me place it against you cunt lips.

Again you scream "aaahhh". I part your lips and aim the cold stream across your clit.

Although you are pissed and cold, you start to enjoy this torture. While you shiver from the cold, you suddenly realized you are about to cum from the kinkiness of it and just at the right moment, I turn the hot water on and the relief of feeling the warm water, it STOPS your orgasm.

You open your eyes and grunt "Make me cum you asshole."

I chuckle and take the vibrater again and place it at the opening of your ass, you try to squat to force it in for the pleasure but your wrists shackled to the wall prevents you from having your desire realized.

I drop the showerhead in the tub, and part your lips once again and this time lick across your clit with my tongue, "ooohhh" you whisper through clenched teeth.

I flicked my tongue back and forth until you are ready to cum, and when you are about to, I roughly stabbed the vibrator in your ass and turn it on high.

You quake through an orgasm an you want to relax in the after glow of the most powerful cum you have had in months and yet you can't because you are still shackled to the wall.

And the punishment continues, sucking your pussy and fucking your ass with your prized dildo, the one we bought at the sex shop on South Street in Philadelphia. You are cumming almost every minute while in the middle of the bathtub.

When you are slumped against the wall, your breathing slowing down, I command you again, "Suck my dick again, BITCH".

You smile at me "No, you bastard".

I slap your breasts to a bright red, and you are now cumming with every blow on your tits. I unlock your right wrist and leave you, with a dildo in your ass, bright red marks on your breasts, a big shit eating grin and your face.

"Come back here and fuck my pussy, you son of a bitch."

You hear me laugh as the front door slams shut. . .

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