tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMaster of Fire

Master of Fire


He died saving her.

For nineteen years, entombed within a dark mausoleum, Demetri's spirit tossed and turned.

He had died to save her.

The vampires had formed out of the very shadows of the night. In a frenzy of flashing fangs and tearing claws, the monsters surrounded them.

He had loved her more than life.

He could not find peace while memories of his sacrifice haunted his soul. So, for nineteen years, his sorrow and rage grew in the silence of his tomb until they became enough to give him a form.

Demetri arose from his tomb on the anniversary of the very night he had been lowered into it.

Even as a ghost, the years had aged him: Though his chiselled features and defined body had remained the same, the corners of his eyes and mouth were now slightly wrinkled. His hair, too, had changed: Instead of framing his face in jet-black waves, it glowed in cascades of silver. Demetri's whole figure was now cast in a subtle icy glow that made the steely blue of his eyes all the more piercing.

Demetri breathed out of the mausoleum and up into the night.

The city had changed. It was bigger and faster and louder and darker. Even though the entire cityscape was blanketed by a hazy neon glow, it was much darker than he remembered it to be.

But it did not take him long to find her.

It was almost as if he could smell her spirit. It was jasmine and vanilla... it was happiness.

She was happy?

How could she be happy when his soul had tossed and turned for nineteen years in a tempest of longing and heartache?

How could Serafina be happy?

People whirled out of Demetri's way as he stalked down the street. His booted feet hardly touched the ground as he followed Serafina's scent through the city.

He stopped at the base of a towering apartment building. He took a leap straight up and flew upwards until he reached the penthouse apartment. That was where she was. He phased into the apartment and stopped in mid-air.

"Serafina?!" He howled.

The vampiress stirred slightly and opened her dark eyes. She took in the ghostly apparition and scrambled awake, shaking the vampire that lay beside her into consciousness.

"D-Demetri?" Serafina stammered. There was no mistaking those piercing eyes - not even death could blunt his gaze. He was wearing the same leather jacket she had watched him die in.

"How could you?" the phantom snarled at her. Demetri's eyes glowed with unbelievable anger as he started towards the couple.

Serafina's vampire husband hissed at the spectre and bared his fangs, but the ghost paid him no mind.

"I died saving you from these monsters!" Demetri roared. "And you became one? You married one?"

He lunged at the couple and grabbed the vampire by his throat, wrenching him up into the air.

"Jasper!" Serafina cried, reaching in vain for her husband.

Demetri glared at the vampire twisting fiercely in his grasp and growled contemptuously: "I will kill you."


Tonight was Ember's eighteenth birthday.

The young girl's charisma was irresistible and undeniable: Her mischievous fanged half-smile was contagious and her amber eyes crackled with a constant fire. Every night was an adventure, and every day an opportunity to learn something new - that was why, even though she looked nothing like her parents, she was most certainly their daughter.

Ember's mother only became a vampire after she was born. That was why, instead of having pale skin, long fangs, an aversion to sunlight and heat, and hair the colour of moon-less midnight, Ember's fangs were short and delicate, she was unaffected by heat or sun, her skin was warm and tinged burnt sienna, her dark hair was streaked with flames, and she hated the taste of blood.

It was almost dawn and Ember was finding her way home slowly. It had been a fantastic night and she did not want it to end just yet. She swept through the city, smiling as heads turned and eyes lingered on her. She was dressed as any respectable vampire would: to kill. She wore thigh-high black boots, a tight black skirt, a red corset and a long, black coat. Her hair whirled about her face like a hellish halo and her eyes burned like cognac ambers.

She reached the gleaming grey monolith that her family called home far too soon. She raced up the stairs with inhuman speed, all the way to the twenty-third floor.

Ember turned her key in the door and stepped into the apartment. She hardly had the chance to shrug her coat off when she heard her mother's frantic cries.


Serafina wailed hysterically as she watched her husband struggle and twist in the deathly grip of her ghostly ex-lover.

Suddenly there was pounding at the door.

"Mom?! Dad?! Are you okay?!" A muffled voice came through the door. "Answer me!"

"Ember! Darling, run!" Serafina cried out, stumbling out of bed and towards the door.

"You had a child with this creature?!" Demetri roared angrily. He whirled around and flung Jasper across the room. The vampire crashed through a glass table and lay gasping on the floor, impaled by long slivers of glass.

Serafina dashed towards her husband and knelt amongst the shards of glass, cradling him in her arms. She roared angrily at Demetri and bared her fangs at him.

"I never loved you!" Serafina screamed. "Never!"

Demetri choked out a wretched groan and then gasped: "After I died... how long did you wait?"

"I didn't," Serafina spat, trembling with anger.

Demetri roared furiously.

"Mom! Dad! Who the hell is in there?! Open the door!" Ember shouted, pushing against the heavy mahogany door with all her might.

Demetri swooped down and pulled the door open. Ember fell into the room and the wraith immediately grabbed a fistful of her hair and hurled her away from him. Ember slammed into the wall and fell, semiconscious, to the floor.

"Ember!" Serafina cried.

Demetri looked at the vampiress and then at her child. He scooped the girl up into his arms and strode across the room to the window.

"No!" Serafina sobbed. "Don't take my baby!"

"You already have your baby," Demetri purred mockingly, glancing almost idly over his shoulder at the teary eyed vampiress. "You will have him forever. Death will never separate you. Isn't that enough?"

"Besides," he said, as he and Ember began to dematerialise, "your child should have been mine."

And with that, they disappeared.

Serafina moaned piteously and buried her head in her unconscious husband's chest.


Ember gasped in a breath of cold air as she awoke. Consciousness coursed through her veins and she shivered as she regained her senses.

Her wrists were shackled to the wall above her head. She tugged at her bonds in vain for a few moments before she gave up.

The room she was in was round, old, and made of stone. It looked like a tower room of an ancient castle. The windows had never seen glass and frosty breezes swept through the chamber every few moments.

How cliché: the ghost takes his prisoner to a medieval castle, Ember snorted to herself as she shivered.

Ember tried to digest the absurd, but very real and dangerous, situation she now found herself in.

"I was abducted from my parents by a ghost..."

Even when Ember said that sentence aloud and heard it echo back to her, it still sounded ridiculous. And yet, it was true.

She had been able to hear almost every word through the door. It seemed that this ghost had loved her mother, had died, and had an extreme dislike for vampires and her father.

Your child should have been mine... Did the ghost say that?

Ember renewed her efforts to escape. She struggled so desperately to twist her wrists free that she did not notice when Demetri faded into the room.

"You have an unusual name," he said, "for a bloodsucker."

The young girl started and glared at the apparition striding towards her. Even in the darkness, his blue eyes glimmered like the sea under a midnight moon.

"I suppose you think I'm evil," he mused.

"Or," Ember interjected hotly, "maybe I think you're pathetic."

Demetri raised a silver eyebrow and he knelt down to be at eye-level with his prisoner.

"You are just a child," he said, his fierce eyes inches from hers. "You don't know what it's like to be in love."

"Not yet," Ember retorted, "or do you plan to make sure I never get the chance?"

"I haven't made up my mind yet," Demetri said menacingly. He leaned so close that his lips brushed against hers when he spoke. "Maybe I will keep you here and do to you everything I never got the chance to do to your mother."

Ember shuddered as the ghost leered at her.

"And then," Demetri continued, "once I am sick of you, I will send your body back to your parents. I could send just your head... But I think they will want to see the whole thing."

"Do your worst," Ember hissed at him.

Demetri recoiled and a sneering smile began to tug at his lips.

"That's exactly what I said to the vampires," he said softly. "And, believe me, that is exactly what they did."

And, with those words, Demetri faded through Ember.

In the brief moment that the spirit passed through her, Ember felt all of his pain and sorrow and bitter rage. She saw flashes of a bloody fight between the ghost and a group of vampires and she saw her mother turn away and leave him for dead before the world went black.

And then, it was all gone.

A single, reluctant tear dripped down Ember's cheek. It was an unbearable pain.


Wherever the castle was located, it seemed to be in a perpetual state of stormy twilight. For what seemed like hours, Ember stared out the window, watching the rhythmic amassing then recessing of black, purple and grey clouds beyond the stone casement, and thinking about all that had happened.

Aside from my parents, I have never loved somebody so much that I would die for them... And my mother said that she didn't love him.

The girl cringed thinking about it. That was when Serafina had sealed her daughter's fate.

But I still don't know what he's going to do to me... and I don't think he knows either.

Ember decided the ghost had been bluffing when he had threatened her earlier. After the phantom had unwittingly shared his pain with her, Ember decided that he wasn't evil.

He's angry, he's lonely... He's heartbroken, not evil. He would never be able to do those things to me... He still has feelings, even if he doesn't have a heart.


Demetri breathed down through the castle in sighs of bitter rage and guilt.

"How could I have said those things to her?" he asked himself aloud.

The spirit sank down and rested on the satin throne of some ancient king and let his heart answer his spoken question:

Because she is Serafina's child and I cannot help hating her. She broke my heart and left me for dead after I fought to keep her safe. I gave my life to keep her safe, and she repaid me by falling in love with one of those monsters.

Memories filled Demetri's spirit and he sank through the floor into the dungeons below. He howled through the stinking cells until he passed out of the castle, and soared into the eternal tempest that made up the ghostly realm.

The girl is mine now.


Demetri hazed back into the tower room and found Ember's flaming eyes closed in sleep. Her slim form was trembling with cold and Demetri quickly dematerialised the shackles that bound her to the wall.

She shivered and wrapped her arms around herself, but did not awaken from her slumber.

Demetri knelt beside her and picked her up, phasing through the castle with her in his arms.

Ember's eyes fluttered open and she started when she found herself in the ghost's arms. Demetri looked down at her with the hint of a smile on his lips. He headed straight towards another wall and Ember quickly latched her arms around his neck and squeezed her eyes shut as they morphed through it.

Finally, they faded into the room that Demetri found for her: A fire was blazing in the hearth of a magnificent fireplace, and the bed was made up with satin sheets.

Demetri tried to lower the girl onto the bed, but Ember's arms were still tightly wrapped around his neck.

"Is this part of my torture?" she murmured.

Demetri dematerialised momentarily and Ember dropped onto the soft mattress with a gasp.

"Maybe," Demetri whispered as he faded back into view.

"Well, thank you," she said softly. "Um, I don't know your name."

Demetri's gaze hardened: "I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that your mother never mentioned me."

Ember bit her lip and lowered her eyes. Of course her mother hadn't.

"Demetri," he said shortly. Then he turned on his heel and began to walk towards the wall they had entered through.

"Demetri," Ember called out.


"I'm sorry," she said simply.

Demetri stopped in his tracks and turned to face the girl. His eyes met hers and he saw everything she felt for him at that moment. And it made him angry.

"You mean you feel sorry for me," he snarled quietly.

Ember's eyes widened as Demetri began to stalk back across the room towards her. His blue eyes were storming wildly.

The girl began to scramble backwards across the bed, but there really was no use in her movements of escape. In an instant, Demetri was on the bed and on top of her. He straddled the struggling halfling and his ghostly hands wound around her neck.

"Hate me, fear me," he snarled, "feel anything towards me but pity."

Ember gasped for air and clawed in vain at the ethereal hands wrapped around her throat. Her amber eyes were burning with angry shock and she bared her fangs at him.

Demetri stood and wrenched Ember up, holding the struggling girl up before him. With a powerful growl, he hurled her across the room. Ember's slim form slammed against the wall and she cried out in pain as she crumpled to the ground.

Ember rose slowly: Her lip was bleeding and she cradled her forehead with one hand.

Demetri jumped off the bed and began to walk towards the injured girl. He was scarcely five feet from Ember, when she lunged at him. Her eyes were sparked with a fierce, unholy fire and her fangs were bared to sink into him.

But, in the split-second before Ember collided with him, Demetri dissolved into thin air. Ember cried out as she hit the floor, and Demetri was over her in an instant.

He grabbed a fistful of the halfling's hair and dragged her towards the fireplace. Ember scrambled behind him as best she could on her hands and knees.

Demetri threw her onto the fur mat in front of the fireplace. Ember groaned and slowly propped herself up on her hands and knees. The ghost knelt behind her, gripping her chin and forcing her face up with one hand while the other grabbed at the edge of her corset and ripped it off.

"No! Stop!" Ember cried, trying vainly to twist away.

Demetri growled and pushed her face into the mat to muffle her cries as he tore her clothes off her bruised body with inhuman strength.

In moments, she was naked except for her thigh-high boots. Demetri flipped her onto her back as if she weighed nothing, and he shivered at the sight of her naked body.

God, she's gorgeous. And there is no one to stop me from taking her.

"Well, you're as beautiful as Serafina, but are you as much of a whore?" Demetri asked as he pinned her wrists over her head. "Tell me, are you a good fuck, halfling? Huh?"

Ember lay deathly still and her eyes gleamed with angry tears.

"Get off me," she growled.

Demetri shifted so that he could hold both of her wrists with one hand, with the other, he reached down to unbuckle his belt.

Ember thrashed and bucked wildly.

"No! No! Get the fuck off me!" she roared furiously at the ghost.

Demetri smirked and used the belt to strap her wrists together.

"That's better," he murmured, "now, I can do this..."

The ghost unzipped his pants and Ember's eyes widened at the sight of his dick. He wrapped a hand around it and began to pump slowly as he stared down at her. His other hand, however, was at Ember's pussy. He drove his fingers hard into her vagina and smiled as her face contorted in pain and reluctant pleasure.

Demetri stopped suddenly and Ember opened her eyes as his fingers left her sex. But the ghost was not done.

"No! Don't you fucking dare! No!"

Demetri hefted his penis and sneered at his captive. He slapped her vagina with it a couple times and slid the tip around the entrance.

He took one last look at her teary face, lust flashing like lightening in his stormy eyes, and whispered: "All the things I never got to do..."

And then he shoved his massive dick deep into Ember's pussy. The halfling screamed as he began to thrust hard inside her.

Ember's breasts bounced with the force of his thrusts, but he didn't stop. The ghost's powerful arms lifted the halfling's legs up so that he could force himself deeper into her. He groaned in pleasure as he felt the tip of his dick pressing into her insides.

"God what a tight little pussy..." the ghost grunted, thrusting harder and faster into the halfling.

It seemed ages to Ember before Demetri's breath began to quicken but, in reality, the ghost had not lasted long. He was reaching an explosive climax when he pulled out of her, letting her legs fall around him as he stood up. Demetri looked down and saw that his dick was red with blood.

"Oh my God," the ghost said incredulously. "Was I your first, little bloodsucker? Huh? Will I be the first and the last man to take you?"

Ember closed her eyes as tears threatened to flood them.

Demetri laughed darkly and pulled her onto her knees by her hair. As he stroked his cock to keep his climax from fading, he growled: "Open your eyes and your mouth, you little slut. Blood or no blood I want to see you chocking on my cock."

Ember opened her eyes, but found she could barely see through the mist of tears. The second she opened her mouth, however, Demetri wrenched her up by her hair and forced his dick down her throat.

The halfling gagged as she struggled to swallow all of his cock.

Demetri did not wait for Ember to get used to his size before he began to fuck her mouth. Soon he was slamming his cock into Ember's mouth so fast and so hard that she could not keep the tears from streaming down her face. Ember looked up at him and saw those glowing eyes fixed on her.

Demetri grunted and shoved his cock as far down Ember's throat as he could, the halfling's watery eyes sparkling up at him had almost sent him over the edge. He pulled his cock from her mouth and slapped it across her teary face before wiping the tip against her full, red lips.

Demetri took a step back and let Ember go completely. The halfling slumped to the ground and lay at his feet, gasping for air and leaking tears.

The ghost laughed breathlessly and then knelt over her face, pumping his dick fast and hard.

"Get ready to drink my cum," he murmured lustily. "And if you spill a drop, I'll make you lick it off the floor."

Ember did not move.

Demetri gripped her chin firmly so that her open mouth was beneath him. Ember did not struggle, but she clamped her eyes shut as Demetri let out a rasping cry and shot his cum all over her face.

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