tagCelebritiesMaster of the House Ch. 02

Master of the House Ch. 02


Wendy clicked her phone closed, turned in the driver's seat and looked into the back of the limo. "I'm sorry, Mr. Holloway, the plane has been delayed again."

Josh scowled. "Damn, I knew I should have chartered a private plane for Stephanie. How long?"

"They are saying just a half hour this time, sir." Wendy watched Josh for a decision.

The first two delays had been considerably longer and Wendy had taken Josh home to wait for the plane those times. Would this turn into another delay? Should they just go home and wait for the plane to land? They'd been waiting in once place or another most of the day. It was a half hour drive each way and, if what they said could be trusted at this point, the plane would be landing in half an hour.

"How about you come back here and distract me for a little bit, Wendy?"

The door opened and Josh waited while Wendy walked around to his door. He had found Wendy working as a stripper in a downtown L.A. dive, trying to put herself through college. Wendy was a tall, leggy brunette with a Mediterranean look that had excited a great deal of attention spinning around the pole on stage. Josh had made her an offer for their mutual benefit and she had readily agreed.

The arrangement was a singularly unusual one but worked well for both parties. Josh contracted with Wendy that he would pay for her college education while she worked as his chauffeur. Other duties were not written into her contract but were agreed upon before entering into the contract.

All of the women in his rather unique household worked on a similar contract basis. The former bad boy star of the television series LOST had gone on to do a series of modestly successful big screen movies, wisely investing nearly every penny he made. He had amassed a large fortune in the ten years since the television show had ended, allowing him to set up his unusual household.

The back door of the limo opened and Wendy's head ducked down. She flashed a smile. "Where would you like me, sir?"

Wendy had developed an unparalleled talent with her tongue so Josh spread his legs and nodded to the limo floor between his legs. "Right here, darlin."

Wendy stepped into the limo, pulling the door shut behind her and sank to her uniformed knees between Josh's long legs. She took of her cap and set it aside for the time being. Her long fingers made quick work of his belt buckle and jeans, releasing his semi-hard shaft to the attention of her talented hands and mouth.

Josh relaxed and watched Wendy's face as she played with her favorite toy. There was something about the intent joy as she cupped his growing cock and just looked at it for a minute, licking her lips and jiggling it a tiny bit, as if she were playing with Jello. She clearly enjoyed her work.

Josh felt the blood swelling his cock, readying it for the pleasurable experience it was about to receive.

Wendy leaned forward and drew her long, dark, silky hair across Josh's cock. The wisps of hair teased and caressed it almost like feathers, stirring the air. She leaned forward and nuzzled the swollen cock, murmuring as if to soothe a small animal. Her cheek rubbed softly against Josh's shaft as Wendy's fingers began to tease gently up it.

Josh sighed.

Wendy looked at Josh's erection with something like affection on her face. Her fingers glided lightly over it then closed gently around it. She began to stroke loosely from the center out, in opposite directions then back to meet in the middle.

Josh felt the pre-come begin to leak from the head of his cock. "Taste it," he urged her.

Finally, Wendy leaned down and kissed the head of his cock almost reverently, licking the pre-come from her lips and sucked the head into her hot mouth. Her tongue swirled around, the tip exploring every contour and sliding down under the edge of the cock head. She dipped down, taking as much into her mouth to wet it as she could.

Josh groaned approvingly. There was nothing quite like the picture of a beautiful mouth full of his cock.

Wendy pulled back and blew lightly on the wet member.

Josh bucked at the treatment. God, he loved it when she did that. He didn't know why it did so much for him, but it sure did.

Wendy proceeded to lick up and down Josh's rod in long, broad swipes of her tongue, stopping periodically to apply suction in random areas. He was as hard as he ever got now. Wendy pulled back and grinned devilishly up at Josh. She held his cock between her two hands and proceeded to bounce it gently back and forth between her hands.

Oh God! Josh's mouth opened in a soundless moan. It hurt but not enough to make her stop. This was something new in their experience together. It was an exquisite little agony.

Wendy stopped and leaned down to gently take Josh's balls into her wide open mouth, as if in apology for her harsh treatment of his cock. She held the balls gently, bathing them in warm saliva, soothing his agitation.

Josh leaned back and closed his eyes. Her mouth was heaven on Earth.

Wendy let Josh's balls slip gently from her mouth then attacked his cock with renewed vigor, sucking him in and taking him deep. She began to hum, softly at first then slowly increasing the reverberations.

Josh felt the hum expand through his whole body, a constant vibration punctuated by his heartbeat that throbbed harder and harder through him. He felt his balls contract and the come exploded through his cock into Wendy's mouth. He heard her gulp softly as she swallowed. That's right, baby, drink it all down.

When Wendy had sucked every last drop out, she let Josh's cock slip from her mouth and drew out her handkerchief from her breast pocket to gently pat him dry before restoring his clothes to order.

Josh opened his eyes and smiled down at Wendy. "Well done, darlin." He looked at his watch. "And just five minutes left until that plane is supposed to land."


Fully relaxed now, Josh waited at the receiving gate for his ward, Stephanie, to appear. It had only been a few months since he had last seen her but he was looking forward to finally bringing her home.

Stephanie's mother had been a friend of Josh's from the days when he was doing modeling to pay the bills. She had been an Argentinian beauty of raven black hair and flashing eyes. Stephanie had become Josh's responsibility at eight years old when her parents had died in a car crash. Not knowing what to do with an eight year old, Josh had comforted her but promptly arranged for her to be educated at a convent school in Argentina high in the Andes, away from modern influences.

Josh had met with the girl regularly to make sure that she was being brought up in a healthy manner and had everything she wished. They had built a friendship and affection for one another. He had seen her grow into a young beauty herself, as he suspected she would, with her mother's dark hair but her father's ice blue eyes. He had begun making plans for her. Now, at age twenty-one, it was time for her to come home and take up her place in the household. She would complete his little empire beautifully.

"Josh!" Stephanie came running down the carpeted area and threw herself into his arms.

Josh squeezed her tight. "Welcome home, darlin, welcome home."

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