tagCelebritiesMaster of the House Ch. 07

Master of the House Ch. 07


Josh's housekeeper had returned. Ms. Chang was a little older than the other women in his household, approaching fifty, but she hardly showed it. Her age was indecipherable. Her long black hair glistened and her long red lacquered nails never failed to make Josh a little weak in the knees.

She joined Josh and Stephanie for dinner that evening. "So, how are you settling in Stephanie? You've been here... what? Three weeks now?"

Stephanie nodded. "Yes. I'm enjoying it very much." She was a little intimidated by this woman. There was an Eartha Kitt purr to her dark voice. The other women in the house were warm and friendly. Ms. Chang seemed nice but, she held herself clearly at a distance, in control.

"I'm sure you'll love it here. There are a great many things to do, things to see. We are a very happy household and I think you will complete us." Ms. Chang nodded thoughtfully to herself.

Josh seemed a little subdued himself, quieter and not joking as much, not teasing Stephanie as much. Stephanie wasn't sure she liked this. Had she done something wrong? Was it the influence of Ms. Chang? Or was he not feeling well?

Ms. Chang excused herself after dinner and went up to her rooms to unpack. She had the room directly next to Josh's. Her door was generally kept locked and only three people went in there; Josh, Mary, the upstairs maid, and Ms. Chang herself. There were some tittering jokes amongst the rest of the staff about what she had in there but Mary remained tight-lipped about it.

Josh and Stephanie spent the evening in the study together reading quietly. When Josh finally said goodnight, he made a detour through the kitchen to take a small plastic bag from the refrigerator. He took it upstairs with him and went into his bedroom. He set the bag on his nightstand, undressed and laid down on the bed to wait.

It wasn't long before an unobtrusive connecting door opened and Ms. Chang set one foot in the room. "I'm ready for you." She wore a black leather bustier with black leather pants and four inch heels. A short whip hung at her side.

Josh got up, picked up the bag and walked to the connecting door. He stopped in front of Ms. Chang. She reached up, grasped his chin and pulled him down. Her lips pressed to his and her tongue dipped into his mouth. She bit down on his bottom lip, just shy of drawing blood. She released him and her lacquered fingernails raked over his chest, leaving red marks.

"Don't worry, my boy, it's been weeks, we'll take it a little slow today."

She took the bag from Josh and led him into the room. It was a normal sumptuous bedroom, well appointed, but there was what appeared to be some kind of exercise machine in the center of the floor.

Josh walked over to the machine and stepped into place, his abdomen supported on a bar at the top as he leaned over, his arms reached down to the floor on the other side. Ms. Chang quickly buckled his hands and feet into place.

She walked around behind him and let her fingers caress his ass for a few minutes. It really was a lovely specimen. She stepped to the side, pulled back her hand and brought it down with finger tingling force on his right butt cheek. "Much better," she said as the red fingerprints blossomed on the white flesh.

It had taken Josh some years to find Ms. Chang, someone who he could release his control completely with. She was in charge. It was the only relationship in his life where he relinquished that control. Of course, he had his safety word, but he had never used it, he had never needed to. Ms. Chang always knew just how far to push him.

She stood again behind him, caressing the sculpted flesh of his ass. "Stephanie is lovely. She really will make a nice addition to this house. You'll need to be very gentle with her, bring her along slowly. Just as I've brought you along."

Ms Chang walked over to a dresser drawer and opened it. Almost in contrast to it's refined lines and satin finish, inside lay a variety of sex toys and implements of training. She selected a small quirt and returned to Josh's side. Without waiting she proceeded to rain down blows on the fleshy part of his buttocks. When she stopped, she was breathing heavily. She surveyed her work. "Very nice."

Picking up the little bag from where she had left it on a side table, she opened it and withdrew the small plug of fresh ginger. It was nice and juicy. She approached Josh with it, her hand pressed into his butt crack and her finger worked over his anus teasingly.

"Do you know what I have in my hand, my boy?"

"The ginger, mistress?"

"Yes, the ginger. Would you like to feel it in your anus?"

"Yes, please, mistress."

Ms. Chang continued to finger his anus for another minute.

"You've taken it well tonight, I think you deserve it." With that, she popped the ginger into his anus.

Josh felt the burn start to build almost immediately. It was mild at first, a small discomfort, but soon it built to an intense little burn, making him sensitive and fully aware of his own anus. He moaned.

Ms. Chang undid the bindings at his hands and ankles.

"I think that will be all for today, Josh."

"Please, Mistress..." He didn't even know precisely what he was asking for, just not to leave him there, at that pinnacle of feeling without something more, some release.

"I said, that will be all." Ms. Chang turned her back as Josh walked back through the connecting door, shutting it behind him.

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