tagCelebritiesMaster of the House Ch. 08

Master of the House Ch. 08


Josh was frustrated. He'd just had a session with Ms. Chang. His body was raging. She had stroked him and worked him, made him please her, wound him up without climax or end and then sprung him lose on the house.

He had dressed again and now prowled through the corridors looking for a partner to be on the receiving end this time. He glanced out a window as he passed and stopped short.

Nan was out in the flowerbeds, kneeling on some kind of garden cushion, bending forward to rake the dirt with a trowel. She was bobbing slightly as she worked, her hips rocked back and forth deliciously.

He wanted that. He was out the front door in a moment and headed around the house to the flowerbeds Nan was working in. When he had her in sight, he slowed a little, not wanting to seem like the house was on fire.

She heard him coming and turned, watching his deliberate progress toward her. Nan stood and removed her gloves.

"Let's talk," he said, walking past her and heading for the potting shed.

Nan followed. She had seen the suffused look of his face and the glaze to his eyes. Her back to the house, she began to unbutton her blouse. Being out in the garden, she didn't get nearly enough of this to suit her and she hadn't had an assistant gardener for the last month. She'd had to turn the garden hose on herself more than once.

Nan stepped into the potting shed and Josh grabbed her, his hand in her hair pulling her to his mouth. They clashed in a fury of lips and tongue and teeth. Nan kept working at her clothes even as she tried to meet Josh's passion. She wanted to be naked under his hands and filled with his cock. Now.

Her shirt came off easily enough and then her bra. Josh's hands slid out of her hair, demanding on her flesh as they explored. His hands came up between them and he pinched her nipples and rolled them between his fingers, tugging until Nan was gasping.

Josh stepped back, breathing hard, and started to unbutton his own shirt. Nan kicked off her gardening clogs and stripped her pants and panties down in one movement. She was naked first and the sight of her was like a red cape to an already enraged bull.

With only his shirt unbuttoned, Josh reached out and spun her around so that she faced the worktable. He couldn't wait long enough to strip down.

Nan braced herself as Josh opened his pants and released his hard-on. She was sooo ready. In their excitement, neither saw the face in the window at the side of the potting shed, but Stephanie took in everything breathlessly.

Josh stepped forward and pushed up between Nan's legs, entering her with one mighty thrust.

"Yes!" Nan gasped.

"Fuck, yeah!" Josh echoed her. Without pause, he drew back and slammed into her, pulling back on her hips with his hands as he thrust forward.

Sucking a finger into his mouth, he wet and paused in his thrusting to push it into her anus. Nan enjoyed taking it up the backside and Josh intended to enjoy that right now. He heard her little gasp as his finger slipped in. He slowed his thrusting into her pussy as he concentrated on fingering her ass, opening her up. His cock kept up a nice slow stroke almost mindlessly, to keep them both simmering.

"Wait," Nan said. She reached to the side, opened a drawer and fumbled around for a minute, pulling out a tube of lube she handed back to Josh.

Josh slipped out of her pussy and removed his finger from her ass as he positioned his cock head at her back door. He doused it with lube and rubbed it around quickly. It would be tight but he felt they could both stand it today. He pushed in, just popping the head of his cock in. He heard her sharp intake of breath.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

Nan nodded. "Keep going." Her voice was tight, just like her ass.

Josh pushed slowly but inexorably in. It was sooo tight. He stopped after every inch to give them both time to adjust. Her body was squeezing him so tightly. With a final push, he was in. He held still for another minute then began to slide out just a fraction of an inch and back in, slowly increasing the distance and pace.

Nan groaned and pushed back against him. She slid her hand down to work her clit as Josh fucked her ass. "Oh yeah, I'm almost there. Harder, pleeease, make it hurt."

Josh grinned and reached up to pinch and roll her nipples again as he fucked her ass. Nan was the perfect one to work his frustration out with. She liked it rough. All his girls had their special talents and he enjoyed every single one.

He heard Nan groan as her body shook and he let himself go, thrusting and riding her ass until he shot his load. He pulled out, and enjoyed the sight of his come dripping out of her open ass. Why didn't he ever have a camera when he wanted one?

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