tagCelebritiesMaster of the House Ch. 09

Master of the House Ch. 09


Josh found Stephanie, alone in the library in the middle of the night, crying. She quickly wiped away the tears on the cuff of her long white nightgown when he appeared, but he knew.

"Oh, honey, what's wrong?" He gathered her into his arms and sat with her on his lap in the chair as he stroked her hair. "Do you miss the abbey where you grew up?"

"No, it's not that. It's just..." She shook her head.

"Come on, you can tell me. I can help."

Well, he really was the only one who could help, so Stephanie tried to explain.

"I've... seen... some of what you and the girls here do." She was blushing hotly now.

"I see." Josh was surprised. He hadn't expected that. He thought they'd been reasonably careful, making sure she was out of the way when they were having fun.

"I made Jen tell me some of what goes on too."

Josh frowned. This was a very bad thing. Loose lips could cause a lot of problems with a ship like this one.

"Please... please don't be mad with her," Stephanie begged, wrapping her arms around his neck. "I... I teased her into it." Stephanie bit her bottom lip.

Josh's eyebrows raised. "Teased? How?"

"One of the days we went to town, I was so agitated. I was concerned and confused. I'd seen you spanking Gracie in the library then... doing other things to her, and I didn't understand. I couldn't hold it in, so I asked Jen if you spanked other girls. She pulled over and we talked a little. She wouldn't say anything at first, but she had her arm around me while I was crying so... I kissed her. I begged her to tell me everything. She said she couldn't tell me everything but she explained that many of the girls liked to be spanked, that it aroused them, and that all of the women in the house shared you." Stephanie's face was a deep red now.

She looked so pretty in her virginal white nightgown, with her dark hair tumbling around and her flushed cheeks. And yet the image of her kissing Jen appeared in Josh's mind.

"My poor darling, I didn't mean to let any of this confuse you. Yes, that is how this household works. We take pleasure in one and other. The girls and I together, and often, the girls together." He stroked his fingers across her cheeks. "Does it bother you?"

Stephanie shook her head, "no, everything I've seen and heard sounded like it felt good. Like everyone was enjoying themselves. I just..."


"Well... I've never even kissed a man. I want..." She looked away shyly.

"Tell me, " he reached up and pulled her chin around so they were eye to eye, "tell me."

"I want you to teach me," she whispered.

"Yes... yes, I want that too."

Josh leaned in and pressed his lips to hers, caressing gently. Stephanie responded eagerly, pressing herself closer and making little sounds of pleasure in her throat.

Finally free to do what he had been thinking of for weeks, his hands reached up to cup her soft, full, heavy breasts through the fabric of her nightgown. Stephanie moaned as he found her nipples and rubbed his thumbs over them until they stood at attention.

Josh urged her gently off his lap.

"Wha?" Stephanie asked as she stood in front of him.

Josh reached down and took hold of the hem of her nightgown, lifting it up and standing to pull it right up over her head. He hooked his fingers into the diaphanous little panties she wore and pulled down, stripping her bare in two simple movements.

He looked at her a moment. "Beautiful. You have such luscious flesh. I can't wait to taste it." He took her by the hand and led her toward a sofa. Grabbing a throw blanket, he laid it down and pulled her close. "We'll go see the doctor tomorrow and have you put on birth control pills, but for tonight..."

Josh kissed her again as he moved her to the sofa and laid her down on it. He dribbled kisses over her chin and down her lovely throat, his fingers and lips dancing across her flesh. He heard her gasp as he took her right nipple into his mouth to suckle. His fingers teased her left nipple and then mouth and fingers switched.

Continuing his journey south, he kissed her beautiful belly and pressed her thighs apart with a hand. His fingers teased her curly mound as he heard her breathing shift. At last, his tongue found those lovely lips and he tasted her innocent body.

He slipped his tongue in and French kissed her mound langorously. His fingers opened her and he drew back to explore her folds, the honey trickling out. He teased up and down her lips, dipping in and giving her pleasure. He wrapped his lips around the little protrusion and sucked. He heard her cry out and her body shuddered under his hands.

"Oh, Josh!" The feeling was exquisite. She had never touched herself because the nuns said it was a sin, but this, this was wonderful!

Josh stood over her again, smoothing her hair from her brow. "How do you feel?"

"Wonderful," she replied, adoration shining in her eyes for the one who could make her feel like that.

"That's good, there's much more to come, much more."

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