tagBDSMMaster Ron & slave kim Ch. 02

Master Ron & slave kim Ch. 02


Kim awoke the next morning to find herself still in Ron's arms. Smiling at the memories of the previous night Kim slid quietly out of bed and headed for the bathroom. The large en-suite was magnificent, the shower would hold five people easily and the Jacuzzi tub was big enough for four. The dual sinks were mounted in a granite counter and the rest of the bathroom was done in marble, and the floor was heated. There was even a bidet, for which Kim was grateful, this way she would always be clean for her Master.

Kim completed her morning routine quickly and was in the kitchen cooking when Ron entered. He smiled when he saw her naked at the stove. She was cooking bacon for them both and Ron watched her twitch as the grease splattered. This was going to be interesting. Ron slipped up behind her and took her in his arms. His cock sliding into the cleft of her pert buttocks. Kim snuggled back against him and continued to cook his breakfast.

"Any second thoughts about last night?" Ron whispered in her ear.

"Not unless you are having any. I am ready and willing to be used and abused by you, my Master." Kim responded, turning the stove down further still to stop the grease from burning her.

"Good, because after breakfast we are going shopping. I saw a store in town that will have everything we will need for your training." Ron said as he sat down at the table.

"Yes Master." Kim responded looking down at the stove. As they ate breakfast, Ron outlined the rest of the rules that he had in mind. She would eat with him at the table, she would keep the house clean and all the toys that he had in mind. The basement would serve as the dungeon, but she could expect to be kept in bondage in every room in the house. He had special ideas about the four poster bed in the master bedroom.

Kim suggested that the second and third bedrooms be used as their offices for school work and the last one be used as a gym. His weights were already in there and she did not need a lot of room for her stretching and floor work. They also agreed that school work had to come before all fun and games. Apart from them being naked and discussing bondage and slavery it sounded like any conversation had by a new couple setting up housekeeping.

After breakfast they both took a better look at the house and agreed on the ideas that the other had had, although Ron said that the gym should go in the largest bedroom they had left. Kim's office would be in the smallest. The basement already had a work bench installed and Ron felt that this would be the best place for the toys they were going to buy. There was already a hook up for a TV down there and Ron had a few ideas about that as well.

After the tour of the house Ron had Kim dress in her shortest skirt and smallest top, no bra or panties and four inch high heels with ankle straps. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she wore no makeup. Ron achieved the look of a cross between innocent school girl and slut. Kim blushed as he told her what to wear and was a flaming crimson by the time she finished dressing. Ron was dressed in a comfortable pair of shorts and a t-shirt, sneakers completed his outfit. Grabbing her keys Ron led Kim into the garage.

Ron drove Kim's car downtown and parked it in a pay lot in the rather seedier side of town; the stores there only carried adult books, toys and other sexual paraphernalia. Their first stop was the smuttiest lingerie store Ron could find. Here he had Kim pick the trashiest items in the store and try them on. The crotch-less panties and peek-a-boo bras had Kim writhing in humiliation, but she did not say the word so Ron kept going. Here they spent over four hundred dollars and then continued to the bondage store a few stores down.

In that store Ron really went to town. He picked up gags, bits, whips, crops, restraints. Plugs, dildos, lubricants and harnesses were soon in the basket. The total here came to over six hundred dollars, but Ron did not bat an eye. Their last stop was the tattoo and piercing parlor on the corner.

Kim entered this shop fearfully; Ron was taking her to a new level that she had not considered. Tattoos were permanent, she did not know if she wanted to do this. As Ron went to speak to the artist Kim grabbed his arm and whispered "Dragon" in his ear. Ron froze in place and turned to look at her. He saw the naked terror in her eyes and led her outside.

Back out on the street Ron asked her "What is it?"

"What are you planning to do in there?" Kim said in fear.

"Simple, I am going to mark you as mine." Ron said with a sadistic smile.

"No Ron, I don't want that." Kim whispered.

"Don't you trust me?"

"Of course I trust you, but we did not talk about this. I don't want anyone to see any marks on me when I cheer, you agreed to that last night."

"I know I did, and I have every intention of keeping my word. I should have warned you first, but I wanted to surprise you. I was going to get your nipples pierced and a tattoo on you ankle."

Kim paused, "What kind of tattoo?"

"A small chain and lock right on you ankle. Your cheerleading socks would cover it and you would be chained to me forever."

"I like that idea." Kim responded after a moment's thought. "But what about the piercing?"

"What about it. I read your diary, remember. I know that you like to have your nipples tormented and this will keep them hard all the time. Think about how much you will enjoy having them pinched when there is a metal spike in each nipple." Ron whispered in her ear. "Think about how it will feel when I pull on them or twist the stud." He kept whispering in her ear watching her shudder and saw the wetness start sliding down her leg and knew that he had her.

Kim grabbed his hand and pulled him back into the tattoo parlor and waited impatiently until it was her turn. The tattoo was indeed just what Ron promised, small linked chain coloured in gold with a small gold padlock. The tickle she felt while the artist worked kept Kim on the edge of excitement, but having the nipple studs put in really took her to the edge of orgasm. Ron had picked simple metal bar with small balls at each end.

Ron had to help Kim off the table and back to the car she was so weak from excitement and as soon as he had her seated; Ron reached down and pinched her clit. With a scream Kim came and squirted her come out the open car door on to the parking lot. Kim collapsed in the passenger seat and Ron put her legs in and closed the door. As Kim lay in the passenger seat Ron drove them to a large home renovation store. Leaving Kim in the car Ron purchased several hardware items, a saw horse, a length of hardwood and several hand tools. Loading this quickly Ron drove home and helped Kim in the house before unloading the car.

The rest of the weekend was taken up with setting up the house, Kim resting from her new art work and Ron working in the basement and master bedroom. Monday found them both immersed in the new school year. Ron spent most of his first few days with the football team and Kim worked out with the cheerleading squad. The still found time for each other, but not the bondage sex games that they wanted. Still Kim made it a point to obey all the rules Ron laid down. She still went naked in the house and so did he. They showered together and made love every night. Ron was gentle with her piercing and Kim told him that they felt healed; she also said that the girls on the squad were impressed with both the piercings and the tattoo.

Friday night came and they both agreed to attend the party of the team and squad to celebrate the first week at college and the fact that they still had another week till class started. Each drank lightly and kept control, although Kim was embarrassed when the story of her piercings went around and Ron told her to pull up her top. She flushed beat red, but obeyed his order and flashed her studs to the crowd. Seeing the home owner coming towards them, Ron and Kim ducked into the crowed and slipped out the back door.

Laughing as they drove home, Ron told Kim that they would be able to play all weekend. Kim immediately looked down at the floor of the car, and thanked her master. Ron parked in the garage and Kim got out and stripped right there in the car's headlights. As she stood there naked and shivering in the garage Ron got out and stepped up to her. She never raised her head as she felt Ron slip a collar around her neck and buckle it closed. Ron told her it was her dog collar and the tag, in case she wandered off had her name on it, "Slave" and the address of their house.

Attaching a leash, Ron led her into the house and down the basement. Here she saw what her Master had been up to for the last week. The toys they had bought at the bondage store were laid out on the work bench. Several hooks were mounted in the rafters above and to the centre pole holding the main beam of the house. There was also a saw horse in the middle of the room, but the flat horizontal bar had been replaced with a bar shaped to a point all the way along its length.

Ron led her over to the bench and picked up the leather wrist restraints and threw them at her. Kim buckled them on quickly and then caught the ankle restraints Ron tossed. She knew that it was not a Master's place to kneel before his slave and attached restraints, so she buckled them as tight as he would. Ron pulled her hands behind her and locked them together. Picking up the leash he led her over to the horse and pushed her leg over it.

Kim grimaced as the triangular edge of the bar was driven up her pussy. It was uncomfortable, but not too bad as it was slightly padded, until Ron grabbed her wrists and pulled them up to lock them to an overhead rope. Kim bent forward and kept as much of her weight on her feet as she could as Ron secured her arms up above her back. Then her discomfort was taken to another level as Ron picked up her feet and locked her ankles together above the horizontal bar of the horse.

Kim's whole weight was now on the bar driving into her pussy. Kim cried out in pain but Ron ignored her. Tear flowed from her eyes but she did not speak. Ron went to the bench and picked up a large dildo, coated it with a clear liquid and returned to Kim. As he showed it to her and told her to relax, Kim thought she could smell peppermint. Without warning Ron shoved the large cock up Kim's ass. Kim screamed at the intrusion and was left panting as the cold liquid caused her anus to slam shut on the plastic invader.

Ron picked up a whip and struck her across the ass. Kim jumped and found that she could rub her clit against the saw horse as Ron whipped her. The feeling of the whip on her ass, the dildo in her ass and the hard wood on her clit as all Kim needed. As Ron continued to punish her, Kim ground her clit on the bar and kept coming. She raised her ass as much as she could to meet the whip and the impact drove the dildo deeper into her and forced her back down on the bar. Each strike caused her to orgasm, but it was not until Ron dropped the whip and grabbed the dildo and started to fuck her ass that Kim realized the true punishment.

The peppermint burned as the dildo passed over it in her ass and the harder he fucked her the more it burned. Kim squirmed on the bar to escape, but Ron used one hand to hold her down and this just ground her clit harder on the bar. Finally Ron pulled the dildo out and poured cold water into her still open asshole. Kim screamed in pain as Ron shoved a butt plug in place to hold the water. The water caused the peppermint to go ice cold and the plug held it in place. Kim writhed in agony and came harder than she had ever come in her life. She squirted her come all over the floor for over a minute until Ron pulled the rope and dropped her arms. He undid her ankle cuffs and led her to the bathroom.

Ron pulled the plug and sat her down on the toilet. The water gushed out of her and Kim sighed in relief. The water washed out the peppermint, but her pussy was still spasming in aftershocks. Ron left her there after unlocking the wrist cuffs and told her that she had ten minutes to clean herself and the toys up and get upstairs. Ron left Kim to her work and he smiled as he went upstairs to the bedroom.

After she came upstairs Ron led Kim into the bedroom and showed her the hooks that he had installed in the bed frame. There were eye hooks at the top the posts on the foot board as well as about half way down and at the bottom. The headboard only had hooks above the mattress. Ron clipped her wrists to the top hooks on the foot board and her ankles to the bottom. She was now spread eagled standing up at the foot of the bed. Ron covered her head with a special hood that cut off all sights and sounds. She could only breath through the three holes at her nose and the mouth had a zipper the could be left open or closed. Kim had just enough room in the hood to say her safe word if she needed it, but as far as she was concerned there would never be a need again.

A sudden sharp pain on her already rosy behind told Kim that Ron was whipping her again, but she had not seen him bring anything up from the basement and the sharpness of the pain did not tell her what it could be. The material was hard and unyielding and with the hood she could not hear any swish. Ron applied the spanking for several minutes, until her ass was completely crisscrossed with welts. He threw the rod for the blinds on the bed and walked out of the room. Better to let her sweat a little before the next stage.

He returned a few minutes later and applied the bull dogs to her nipples and Kim screamed in her hood as the metal clips dug into her still tender nipples. The piercings had healed, but she was still a little tender. Ron applied two more clips to her pussy lips and as Kim rocked back and forth in pain, Ron picked up the rod again. This had been a good day in his opinion.

After another half hour of abuse found welts not only on Kim's ass, but also her legs. Ron removed the bull dogs from her pussy, cut Kim down and let her flop on the bed. Still in her hood and cuffs Kim just lay there and whimpered. Ron had not touched her clit at all since they were in the basement and she needed to cum. Her hand slowly moved down the bed towards her pussy and a hand came down sharply on her thighs.

"Don't touch." Ron commanded as he spread her legs and mounted her.

Her pussy was like a swamp, hot and wet. Ron drove himself in all the way on the first thrust. Kim howled as her clit was driven into the mattress and she came, then she felt Ron grab her burning ass and she cried out again. Ron rutted her like an animal and Kim kept pushing back for more. The feel of his hands on her roasted ass was like a dream and the feel of her nipples being rubbed on the bed with the clips pulling on them was taking to a higher plateau than she had ever felt before. Just as Ron started to cum he reached under her and pinched her clit. Kim screamed again and came so hard it seemed like she was having convulsions. Ron could not move his dick in her, her pussy had slammed tight around him.

Panting, Ron fell to one side and slide out of her twitching snatch as Kim lay on the bed gasping for breath. Ron recovered enough to unbuckle the hood and pull it off as Kim fought for air. Pulling the clips off her nipples Kim groaned as the blood started to return to her nipples and she rolled on to her side to reduce the pain in her abused body. Ron smiled cruelly and pushed her over on her back. Kim hissed through clenched teeth as her welted ass made contact with the bed. Ron lay beside her on the bed and pulled the quilt up over them both. He told her to go to sleep, tomorrow was Saturday and it would be worse.

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