She couldn't see what was happening to her. The blindfold across her eyes left her in complete darkness. Her breathing was heavy with anticipation of the expected scene that she knew would take place. Her body was relaxed, though it wanted to tense. She knew what to expect, as this was their routine. She had been a very bad girl. Master had warned her many times not to do what she did; yet she did. And it was good. She couldn't help herself. Thinking of him and what he did to her, the way he made her feel...how could she not?

He left her wanting him. The way he teased her, spanked her. Everything about him drove her mad. All she wanted was to feel.

She stood with her back to him. She knew he was behind her; his breath on her neck was sending chills all over her body.

He made her wildest dreams come true. Showed her what it was really like to submit to someone. She had many lovers that never truly knew what to do, until she met Master.

Master had showed her the way. Showed her what it truly meant to be a slave. She worshipped him. Did everything he wanted, there was no need to hold back. He was very skilled at what he did. In their everyday life he wouldn't take control all the time but he was always there giving her a healthy reminder of what she could expect if she were to step out of line. And sometimes she liked to cross those lines, just to be punished. It was what she craved. What she desired.

Master had said when they met she was such a naughty dirty girl. And she believed him, had felt that way even before he told her. Her dirty thoughts and desires kept her up at night, searching the Internet for the right thing to make her feel complete.

And she found it, two years ago to the day. So she knew tonight would be something special. And if it weren't, she would make sure to push his buttons to make sure it would happen.

"You know why your being punished, don't you, my little slut?" his voice firm and controlled. He never broke from his role when they played. But this wasn't just a game to him, or her. It was about learning a lesson. She had disobeyed him and he was angry. So therefore, he would punish her.

"Yes," her own voice following his tone of control although her body didn't feel the control. Her body was quivering as he spoke.

"Yes what, slut?" he never raised his voice. It was low, but loud enough for her to hear.

"Yes Master, I know why," her breath caught at the end. She knew what he was asking but yet she couldn't help but be the bad little slut she was.

He placed his hand on her shoulder, gently. "Why must you be difficult? You know what I expect out of you. You are only going to make this more painful for you."

Yes, she wanted to shout. That was what she wanted. The pain. The pleasure it created in her body sending her into frenzy.

"Yes Master, I pleasured myself when you weren't around."

He tsked. And she knew he had a wicked smile on his face, but she dare not turn around. For that, her punishment would be no sex, no release. And she was craving the release like she had been starved for weeks, month's maybe.

"Good, girl. You shall be rewarded later for that. But now, we get to the matter at hand. You disobeyed me," he moved in closer so that his mouth lowered down to her ear. He engulfed her. His massive frame seemed to guard and protect her petite body. She could feel his skin against her shoulder. She knew his attire, black leather pants that hugged his tight muscled legs. No shirt. Displaying his body as if it were a masterpiece for her eyes.

Hers on the other hand was a tight bodice, black with purple lace. The many clasps up the front, holding her in. Barely. Her breasts swelled out the top, aching for a bite from his teeth. She always pushed them out because she knew that was his one weakness. He loved her breasts, would worship them when she was a good girl. But there might not be any of that tonight because she chose to disobey her Master. Her purple g-string barely covered her shaven pussy lips that started to drip with her lust for Master. Her legs covered in fishnet thigh highs that attached to her bodice. Her shoes painful on her feet gave her a few extra inches to his height, although not much.

Masters hands took her wrists and pulled them behind her back in a forceful matter. But never hurting her. She had a higher pain tolerance then most and she told Master that he didn't have to be gentle with her.

He gracefully but quickly bound her hands with rope, securing them behind her back. He grabbed the rope and pulled her with him. She heard the creak of a chair as he lowered himself onto it. He pulled her down to her knees and then over his lap. Her breasts pushed hard against his legs and through her bodice, she could feel the throbbing of his erection. He got off seeing her this way. So vulnerable to him.

She wanted to disobey again. Strip him of his pants and suck his cock into her mouth. She wanted the taste of him inside her. But she wouldn't get her release. And she wanted that.

"I love your sweet ass in the air like this. So round and begging for my hand," he said.

No sooner was that said hand coming down on her ass. Smack. This one wasn't hard. They never were in the beginning. He liked to build them up. Master knew she wanted them hard and fast. He did his best to torture her, make her whole body ache so that when they were hard and fast he would flip her over and fuck her until she couldn't move. He would make sure that both ass and body were sore from his punishments.

"Count for me, slut. I need you to know how upset I am with you."

"Yes Master."

He tsked again. He liked to make sure she understood what was happening. He wanted her to repeat what he was going to do to her so she knew what was being asked. That was what a good submissive does. She knows what to expect from her Master.

"Yes Master what?" his voice hard.

"Yes Master, I will count for you," a tremble came to her voice.

"Good girl," his voice rewarding.

As his hand came down, she counted. One, two, three, four, five...

Then he switched sides. One, two, three, four, five...

She could feel the pain and the pleasure begin to mix as he continued each swat. Her counting never quieted. She always made sure her voice was clear, showing no sign that she wanted it to end.

He did five more on each side and started to caress her red swollen ass. Oh the pain, it hurt so damn good. She loved the feel of the sting and his hand massaging, letting her know that he was their to take care of her filled her heart with more love then she ever had for someone.

"Have you learned your lesson now?"

"Yes Master. Oh, yes I have," she could feel the tears forming in her eyes. He had given her what she wanted and now she was so very wet for him.

He took her by the hair and lifted her up, forcing her gaze on his. His eyes all she could see was love, and she returned the look. She had never loved anyone like Master. He made her feel so complete.

"That's my good girl. And now, since I am feeling very generous, I will play with your breasts. I want to taste them in my mouth, bite them. I can feel them now on my tongue. You know I love your tits," a hint of a smile crossed his hard face.

"Whatever you would like Master. I am always yours to do what you wish with," she lowered her eyes away from him.

His hand cupped her chin and pulled her towards him. His mouth came down on hers in a hot, passionate kiss. Heat built up in her pussy and she could feel so very close to coming. She couldn't wait for him to touch her, tease her. All too soon his mouth pulled away and he made his way down to her breasts. She loved it when he suckled on her tits.

Master nipped hard at her mounds that pushed over her bodice. She wanted the damn thing off. She wanted more of the sweet torture he was giving her. And then, as if he had read her mind he was ripping the bodice off of her flesh. His eyes were fixated on them, taking in the sight of how perky and pink her nipples were. The sweet little hard buds begging for his mouth. His tongue came out and swept along is lips, imagining what those tasty little buds felt like in his mouth. His mouth came down on her, like a hungry lion not wanting to wait to sink his teeth into his prey. Her Body arched up into his. Her mind going out of control from all the pleasure. She was sure she would cum just from this.

She didn't know what it was about Master loving her breasts the way he did but it made every nerve ending in her body spark to life. It was what really got her engine going, made her heart hammer in her chest.

His tongue swirled and danced, licking a slippery trail all over her mounds. His hand caressing her body. Slowly, oh so slowly she thought she might die, his hand dipped underneath her panties and into her folds. Taking her juices and sliding his finger up and down and in and out of her pussy. Her body was hot, drenched in sweat, both his and hers.

"You are so fucking wet, slut. God, I bet you can't wait much longer," he snickered.

She looked up at him, longing to say what she wanted but knew if she spoke he would stop everything in the moment. He would make her suffer and she was in no mood for that. She wanted this. Need to feel him pounding deep inside her, filling her until she couldn't take any more.

His mouth came back down on her breasts, and she moaned in pleasure. She had to bit her lip from screaming out what she truly wanted. Her body wanting to let go of holding back the release she craved and desired.

Master pulled back and quickly took off his pants. He positioned himself so that knelt between her legs. His fingers hooked around the band of her panties and slid them off. Her body shook from excitement of what was to come. He positioned his cock at her pussy and with one fluid movement; he pushed inside her so deep she let out a yell that rocked the walls.

"That's my girl, let it out. Let me know how good I make you feel," Master said as he pumped in and out of her.

She gripped his shoulders, pulling him close to her body. She loved the warmth from his skin against hers.

"Oh God yes, Master...fuck me!" she begged.

His body pumped a steady rhythm. Her body matching his moves. She couldn't get enough. His hard cock pounded her pussy and she was lost in the moment.

"Mmmm, sweetheart, you are so fucking tight. I can't hold it much longer. If you are ready, I want you to cum for me. Cum all over my cock," he whispered into her ear.

The words were enough for her. Her body took over and all she saw was Master, moving in and out of her, pushing her body to its limits and beyond. As he fucked her, her walls began to squeeze his cock. No sooner was he too spilling his seed deep inside her. Their moans and groans filling the room.

He collapsed on top of her. Both of them sated and exhausted. This had been one amazing session. She loved these moments when he would take her like she wanted him to. Make her feel that there was no one else in the world but him.

He pulled away from her and looked into her eyes. Those deep eyes piercing into her heating her body up again. "You know what you need to do now don't you my little slut," it wasn't a question it was what she always did at the end of each session.

She couldn't speak, her heart still racing so she settled for a nod instead. Master moved his body off of hers and she wanted to pull him back down just to feel his hard body pressed against hers. As he moved to his back she slide down his body, her hands running down the lines of his tight ab muscles until she got to his cock. The glistening of their juices covering the head and shaft made her mouth water and her pussy tighten with need again.

Her tongue came down and as she cleaned his cock she couldn't help but feel that this was were she belonged. With her master there was no other place in the world she would rather be. He was hers and she was his. Two hearts that beat together and fit so well it turned into something truly magical.

She lapped at his cock, growing hungry and craving him more and more. She heard the soft rumbles that formed in his chest and she new this was going to start all over again. She couldn't wait.

"You are truly amazing, you know that?" Master said as he brushed her hair off her face. His eyes focused on hers and her heart swelled knowing that he was the love of her life.

"As are you, Master," she smiled from ear to ear. No one could ever satisfy her the way he could. She knew that he would forever be all that she ever needed.

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