tagBDSMMaster, Slave And Step Mom

Master, Slave And Step Mom


Christine's heart raced as she checked the clock again. Almost 1pm. Her mind was a blur going over the previous six days. A huge smile crept across her face as she remembered all the wonderful things that had happened since her boyfriend decided to surprise her with a visit. It was the very first time they had met. But from the moment their eyes locked, it felt like they had known each other their whole lives. Not only was he her boyfriend but her Master too.

She loved both the caring sweet boyfriend and the strict stern Master that made him up. She craved both in her life.

The previous week had been jammed pack with firsts for both of them, from their first night together, to him collaring her, sleeping with him, the dinner with him and her parents and her parents liking him, and to just the feeling of his arms around her.

A tinge of sadness crept into Christine's heart when she realized this was her last day with him and that he would once again be far away from her come night. She tried pushing that to the side instead thinking about the memories she had made with him and the future memories the two of them would make.

Christine was startled out of her thoughts when she heard a knock at the door. She ran to answer it.

"Hello slave." a big smile accompanied his greeting as Christine opened the door.

"Hello Sir", she meekly answered him back returning his smile before quickly darting her eyes and head to the floor. She instantly felt her pussy moisten. His voice always had this effect on her.

"Please come in Sir." As she slid her body from the doorway.

He confidently strode past her with his bag in hand. Just in his presence and his walk he was able to make her feel small.

"Show me to your room slave."

"Yes, Sir" she answered as she turned to lead him to her room.

"We're going to be in my room Nancy." She yelled out to her stepmother.

"Ok. Hello Tony." Returned a voice from another room.

"Hi." He responded.

Christine's eyes were down as she led him to her room, so the evil smile across his lips went unnoticed by her when he realized they were not alone.

"Where is your father slave?"

"At work Sir. He won't be home till late." She quickly answered not thinking anything of the question.

As soon as she entered her room she dropped to her knees. It was where she belonged. She wished she could spend every second there, waiting to fulfill his every desire and need.

"Where is it slave?"

"On my dresser Sir." As she motioned over to the side of the room where lying on top of her dresser was the collar he had given her earlier that week. It sat perfectly on the dresser. Not a speck of dust or clutter could be found around it.

"Good girl." As he walked over to it, he placed his bag on her bed.

"you know what to do slave." Before he could finish his sentence she began to strip. She neatly folded her clothes placing them on the floor next to her as she returned to her kneeling position naked. She could feel how turned on her body was getting. Her nipples harden and her pussy began to get wet with excitement.

"Good slave." He moved closer to her with collar in hand. She quickly moved her hair out of the way as she felt the cold leather slide onto her skin. As soon as it was tightened around her neck she instantly felt whole.

Her mind flashed back a few nights prior when, for the first time, she felt his collar around her neck. All those feelings flooded her mind and body. The one feeling that rose above them all was the feeling of how right it felt.

He moved around her inspecting his property. She could feel his eyes going over every inch of her body and she loved it. She straightened her back, held her hands tightly together behind her, and made sure to keep her eyes and head lowered to the floor.

After he finished his inspection, Tony moved in front of Christine standing within inches of her.

"Remove my clothing slave."

Without a word, Christine went into action. She first untied and removed his sneakers and socks. Then with a quick glance up and with a slight nod from her Master, she rose taking his shirt in her hands pulling it carefully up and over his head. She made sure to fold and put away each piece of clothing with care.

As she slid back down to her knees she once again looked up for another go-ahead from him. Tony nodded in approval. Christine's hands shook with nervousness and excitement as she neared his buckle. Her hands worked quickly to remove his belt. Then carefully she unbuttoned his jeans, unzipping them and with a light tug they fell from his waist. She removed, folded, and placed them with his other clothes.

Now the only thing that separated her from the one thing she desired most at that moment was the thin fabric of his boxers.

She took in the sight of the outline of his semi-hard cock through his boxers, which only caused her pussy to moisten further.

Christine slid her fingers beneath the waistband and began to pull them down slowly.

A whimper escaped her lips as his cock came into view. It bounced as the material of the boxers was removed freeing it from its confines. She took his boxers folded and put them with the rest of his clothes.

She dared not look up even though every muscle in her neck wanted otherwise. She fought the urge as best she could.

"you make look up slave." As soon as he uttered this command Christine's eyes shot up to meet his own.

They then trailed down his chest and over his stomach finally resting on what she yearned for most.

She watched as his uncircumcised semi-hard cock pulsed and grew before her very own eyes. Her pussy now flooded her inner thighs with her juices. Her nipples strained from her body. She could feel the rush of excitement course through her.

"you may touch it slave."

Her eyes grew wider and her hands trembled as she reached out to take her Master's cock in her small hands. She gently pulled his foreskin back revealing the thick red head of his cock. She watched in amazement as it grew bigger and harder in her hands. To her it was a thing of beauty. Even though she knew it was wrong, she selfishly thought of his cock as hers.

"That's enough slave." The words jarred her from her hypnotic state.

"Yes Sir." With a whimper and a sigh Christine reluctantly let go of her Master's cock just as it reached its full length and girth.

"Tell me what you want slut."

"Whatever you want Master."

A chuckle and a smile escaped his lips when he heard her. He knew what she wanted. And he also knew she would not and could not say it. He loved to torture her like this.

"Do you want this slut?" He asked as he grasped the base of his erect cock teasing her as he waved it just inches from her face.

"Yes Sir. Please?" A whimper came from her mouth as she replied. She unconsciously licked her lips.

She wanted so desperately at that moment to just take his cock into her mouth and begin to suck on it, to taste every inch of it. She wanted to drink his cum. But she knew better than to do something without being told first.

"Stand slave and put your wrists together in front of you." He ordered in his stern and confident manner.

"Yes Master." Christine replied as she followed his order.

Tony moved over to his bag where he removed a pair of wrist restraints. He walked over to Christine and placed the restraints on her. He then attached the restraints to each other effectively cuffing her hands together in front of her. Christine whimpered as he did.

As Tony cuffed her hands together he noticed the wet spot Christine left on the carpet from where she was kneeling. He couldn't help but smile.

"Fucking whore." He whispered in her ear, which sent a chill down Christine's spine.

Once she was cuffed, Tony spun Christine around so she faced away from him. Christine's mind was full of the possibilities of what could happen next.

"Spread'em slave."

Christine quickly parted her legs. She felt the cool air on her wet thighs as she did.

"Do you want this slut?" Tony said as he moved the head of his cock between her legs pushing it between her pussy lips.

Christine nearly orgasmed right there when she felt the thick head of his cock begin to part her pussy lips. She began to push down trying to desperately to get his whole cock inside of her as quick as possible.

"Let me help you with that slut." He said as he placed his hands on her shoulders pushing her down hard onto his cock.

Christine moaned as she felt his entire length go deep inside of her. It sent a shudder throughout her body. She tried to raise herself up to begin fucking that beautiful cock inside of her but her Master's hands on her shoulders prevented her.

"No moving slave." Came the stern and strict voice Christine loved.

"Yes Sir." Accompanied by a whimper came her reply.

"How badly do you want to fuck Me slave?"

"Verryyy badly Master. Please let me."

"And what would you do to make that happen right now?"

"Anything Sir."

"Anything slave?"

"Yes Sir. I would do anything to fuck your cock right now."

The evil smile returned to Tony's lips once he heard her response. His plan had unfolded just as he thought.

"I will fuck you on one condition slut." He said in his most evil of tones.

"Anything Master. i will do anything You want." Christine pleaded and begged.

Tony moved his lips close to her ear and whispered, "Then call your stepmother in here and begin to eat her out. Only then will I fuck you slave."

Christine's eyes shot open as when she heard her Master's plan.

"But...but...but....i can't Sir..."

Christine's mind was overwhelmed with what Tony had just said.

"Yea right. I've seen how you check her out slut." Getting close to her ear he whispered, "I know you want her slut."

Christine felt a shock go through her body that ended in her pussy. Her mind raced thinking of her stepmom. She thought of how her stepmother Nancy looked with her light brown hair about shoulder length and her grayish blue eyes. The one thing that stood out most was her big boobs, about a full C. The more Christine thought about her the more she began to reason with herself about her stepmother's attractiveness.

Christine shook her head. She thought there was no way her stepmother would go for it. But then again she did like to walk around in just a pair of panties or even less when it was just Christine and her. Also the way she acted around her sometimes was a little more than just motherly.

Tony flexed his cock inside of Christine which caused her to jump and begin to whimper.

"Please Sir. I will do anything else." She pleaded.

"No slut. It's either that or you don't get fucked." Came his stern reply.

Christine whimpered and moaned.

"Please Sir." Her pleading came out in a whisper.

"Do it."

"Nancy." Christine could only muster it in a lone tone.

"Louder." Came Tony's reply to her weak attempt.

"Please Sir. Don't make me." Christine begged.

"Do it."

"Nancy." Christine said a little louder.

Christine's eyes shot up when she heard the gasp coming from the doorway. There stood Nancy, her stepmother just as wide eyed as Christine at the sight before her. Christine watched as Nancy's eyes went from the couple's head to their toes. Christine's whole body blushed. But, of course, Tony was not affected. Instead, he flexed his cock inside Christine again which caused her to jump once more.

"Ask her slave." Tony whispered in Christine's ear.

Christine sighed.

"Nancy will you please let me eat you out?" Christine sounded less than convinced this was going to happen.

"WHAT?!" Came Nancy's reply.

"Please Nancy. i want to. Please let me." Christine pleaded like her life was on the line.

"But I'm your stepmother!"

"i know Nancy but i really need to. Please?" Christine watched Nancy for any slight hint of hope.

Just then Christine noticed that Nancy had not removed her eyes from the couple. In fact she kept looking them up and down. It was also very apparent to Christine that Nancy was turned on. She could see Nancy's hard nipples straining against her shirt and noticed how Nancy was standing with her legs tightly together.

An evil smile now crept across Christine's lips.

"i know you want me Nancy. i've seen how you look at me." Christine's voiced changed from pleading to one of almost control.

"What? And how do I look at you?" Nancy shot back.

"The same way you are looking at us now." Christine replied staring Nancy in the eyes almost daring her to look back.

When Nancy's eyes finally met Christine's it was Nancy's turn to blush all over.

"Well I'm just in shock right now." Was all Nancy could muster.

"And turned on." Christine shot back. "Now let me eat your pussy." Christine said in more of a statement than a question this time.

"Umm....no we can't do that."

"Get over here Nancy." Christine felt the rush of Dominance coursing through her body now. "Now." She added.

All Tony could do was smile at how his little girl had taken control.

Nancy froze unsure what to do next.

"Now Nancy." Christine's said in a controlled and stern tone.

Nancy stepped into the room knowing that it would be one of the biggest steps she ever took.

"Good girl." Christine cooed at her obedient stepmother.

Nancy walked into the room standing just a few feet from the attached couple.

"Good girl." Tony whispered in Christine's ear.

"Thank You, Daddy." Christine replied. "Now strip." Christine stared into Nancy's eyes as she gave the order.

Nancy slowly removed her clothes. Her eyes stared at the floor too bashful to look at them. She quickly found herself naked in front of the couple.

"Good. Now lay on the bed." Christine ordered.

Nancy moved back slowly lowering herself onto the bed.

"May i Sir?" Christine looked back at Tony.

"Of course slut." Tony saw the lust and excitement in Christine's eyes.

"Thank You, Sir."

They moved together as one slowly taking a couple steps making sure Tony's cock stayed place in his slave's pussy until Christine felt she was in the right position.

"Open your legs, slut." Christine ordered. The strictness in her voice shocked even her.

Nancy slowly parted her legs. Once open it revealed a well groomed bush just above a red, swollen, and very much wet pussy.

Christine bent at her waist making sure she kept her Master's cock buried deep inside of her. She flicked her tongue out and began to lick away at her stepmother's cunt.

Nancy jumped as soon as she felt Christine's tongue on her pussy. All the inhibition and doubt inside of Nancy lessened with each stroke of her stepdaugher's tongue.

As soon as Tony saw his slut begin to lick, he moved his cock slowly in and out of her tight wet cunt.

Christine moaned into her stepmother's pussy as she felt her Master begin fucking his property.

Nancy began to writhe under Christine's tongue lashings.

"Ohhhhhhhh....yeesssss..." Escaped Nancy's lips as her stepdaughter buried her tongue inside of her.

SMACK! The sound rang out as Tony's hand landed on his slave's ass. Christine let out a whimper as she felt the sting from her Master's hand.

An evil idea crossed Tony's mind.

He grabbed Christine's hair pulling on it hard just how she liked it. As he pulled on it, he shifted his body back a bit causing Christine to move back following him and his cock.

What Christine hadn't thought about was that by doing this she was actually unable to keep licking her stepmother's cunt.

As Tony had a tight grip on her hair she tried desperately to both keep his entire cock inside of her and keep licking Nancy's pussy. She failed at both.

Once Tony saw that Christine's tongue was now out of reach to her stepmother's pussy, he stopped fucking her.

"Dadddyyy" Christine let out a loud whimper as she felt her Master's cock stop still buried inside of her.

"I told you slut, I will only fuck you when you are eating her out." Tony mused.

"Then Sir please release my hair so i can. Please." Christine begged.


"Please Sir. Please i need to feel your cock fucking me. Please let me eat her out."

Tony let out his evil laugh.

"Oh. So now you WANT to eat her out huh slut?"

"Yes Sir. Please let me. Please." Christine's voice pleaded to her Master.

"Please Tony let her continue." Came a meek voice from the bed.

Both Christine and Tony looked up to meet Nancy's eyes. An evil smile returned to Tony's lips.

"Oh so now both sluts want to continue huh?"

"Yes Sir" Both replied at the same time.

The evil laugh returned.

"Fucking sluts."

Tony released Christine's hair and shoved her face back into Nancy's cunt.

Both sluts moaned as he did this.

Tony began to fuck his little girl again. He pounded away at her pussy, fucking her harder than before.

Nancy moaned out in pleasure as Christine darted her tongue in and out of the wet pussy in front of her.

A moan escaped Christine's lips as she felt her Daddy fill her tight pussy with his thick, hard cock.

Christine felt Nancy's pussy begin to tighten and she knew Nancy was close to orgasm.

"Ohhhh...don't stop Christine....i'm going to cum..." Nancy's voice shook with each word.

Christine stopped.

It was Nancy's turn to whimper now.

"you must ask permission slut." Christine's authoritative voice returned.

"Please let me cum Christine?" Nancy's voice pleaded with her.

"i don't know. Daddy may she cum?" Christine asked her Master.

"Yes the slut may." Came her Master's reply.

"Cum for us slut." Added Christine.

With that Christine felt Nancy's pussy tighten around her tongue then a flood of juices covered her face and mouth as Nancy moaned out in orgasm.

Once Nancy calmed down Christine moved her face away licking her stepmother's juices off her lips.

Tony felt Christine's own orgasm approaching as her pussy began to tighten around his cock.

Christine knew she couldn't cum unless her Master cummed first.

"Please cum inside me Daddy." Christine pleaded. "Please fill your daughter's pussy up with your cum."

Tony grabbed Christine's hips and began to fuck his slut's pussy harder and faster as his own orgasm approached.

"Please Daddy fill your daughter's cunt with your cum." Christine began panting and whimpering as she spoke. "I'm going to cum slut." Tony grunted out.

"Yes Daddy come inside your little girl." Christine moaned loudly.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh...I'm cummingggg....." Tony shoved his cock deep inside of her and moaned as he filled his slave's pussy with his cum.

"YESSSSS!!" Christine screamed.

"Please Sir may i cum for you???" Christine almost yelled.

"Cum for me slut." Tony replied.

"OHHHHHH!!!!" Christine screeched.

"Yes slut." Tony could feel his slave's pussy tighten around his cock a flood of juices covered it.

"Ohhhhhh....MMmmmmmm....Yesssss" Christine breathlessly said.

"Good girl." Tony calmly answered.

"Mmmm....Thank You Sir." Christine cooed.

"Yes, thank you." Nancy meekly added.

"You can go now Nancy. We'll talk later." Christine coolly spoke.

"Yes, Christine." Nancy replied grabbing her clothes before leaving the room.

"Mmmmmm" Christine cooed again.

Tony pulled his cock from Christine's pussy giving a hard SMACK on her ass as he did.

"Lay on the bed slut." Tony ordered.

Christine responded quickly laying face first on the bed her hands still cuffed together stretched out in front of her.

"Close your eyes slut." Tony said.

Christine quickly closed her eyes unsure of what was next but at this point she didn't care.

She felt her Master's strong hands on her thighs pushing them open. Then she felt his tongue licking at her cunt.

"Ohhhhhh...Masterrrrr...." Christine moaned as she felt the tongue lick away at her freshly fucked pussy.

"you like that slut?" Came a whisper in her.

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