tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMastering Bella

Mastering Bella


Chapter 1 - The New Job


He is a mature successful businessman, married and with a son the same age as Bella. Their families have been close friends for many years and he had watched her grow into a lovely young woman. He had always shown an overt friendliness towards the girl and over the years he had made her aware of his fondness for her. Secretly, his friendly rapport and fondness for the small girl hid his many dark desires, lacking any opportunity to make them real, her total submission to him was the one dream, in his darkest thoughts that he desired become reality.


She is a young girl, freshly graduated, a business degree in her hand eager to experience the world. About to start her first real job, a position offered by a family friend out of respect for her father and recognition of her abilities but also, unbeknownst to her, fueled by his desire to possess her. She is a nice girl, sensual but sweet having had the same boyfriend since her first year of college. They are adventurous but never quite rocking her world. She knows what she wants, or thinks she wants, but historically she is rather obedient letting others lead her along the paths of her life.

The new job:

She stands before the building her eyes gazing up at the steel and glass façade, she watches all the well groomed and suited men and women bustle in and out of the entrance, she looks down at her own short skirted suit and flinging her arms wide spins around ala Mary Tyler Moore and enters. She feels small and a little intimidated by the men towering above her five feet stature as she rides the elevator and enters the business of her new employer.

Looking around she sees him at the reception desk talking to a blond bombshell of a woman and laughing gregariously his smile lighting his face as he turns it on her. She blushes not knowing why and moves toward him her heels clicking on the tiled floor. His arm goes protectively around her shoulders as he introduces her to the girl at the desk. "Dianne, this is my little ellie!" she blushes, then straightens and holds out her hand, "Hello, actually my name is Bella, nice to meet you."

He steers her around by the constant hand on her shoulder to various departments and other executives introducing her as Bella, for which she is grateful, wanting to put her best foot forward in this high powered world. She remains close to him throughout the morning trying to memorize a vast array of names before he finally takes her to his office suite. He shows her to the desk in the anteroom that will be hers most of the time she is here, she stows her bag and runs her fingers lightly over the well chosen furniture. She is taken into his office where he waves his hand at the opulent dark furnishings, all leather and mahogany, "and this is where I reside." Leaving her side for the first time he sits at his desk, she feels strangely alone standing in this grand office before him.

Taking up some keys he continues speaking, "Over on the left behind the recess you will find a door to a small kitchen, I often entertain clients, the bar fridge must remain stocked to the list, and there is a menu, you must learn to cook all of the dishes, in case the cook is unavailable, I will put that in your training schedule." He had moved swiftly behind her propelling her to the door and opening it. Wide eyed and over awed by the sheer size of the company and the offices he owns all she can do is nod dumbly, "That would be 'Yes Sir'" he says with a smile but the sternness of his voice jolts her back, "Yyyes Sir." She responds automatically.

Taking her by the arm he moves out of the kitchenette and turns her to another alcove in the same wall, "and this is my private bathroom, you may use it but only with permission from me understood, ellie?." She nods again speechless at the opulence of this ensuite, recovering as she feels him stiffen, stammering, "Yyy yes Sir." He smiles at her obedience, "You will use the employee bathroom down the hall if you have needs and I am not here" She is quicker this time, "Yes Sir." On the other side of the room two similar alcoves with doors he shows her to them, "This is a private meeting room", she looks in quickly as he hurries her on "... and this is where I rest should I need to stay in town overnight." The room was dark and foreboding a large four poster bed and strange benches in the large room. She barely had time to take it in before the door was closed.

He takes her back to her desk, turning the computer on he shows her the personal messaging service from his office to her computer that must always be on and open. Content with her appropriate 'Sir's' in the right places and her natural bending to his needs he leaves her at the desk to explore her new surroundings. He tests her attentiveness by sending small IM's through to her and smiles at her immediate responses as she reads the duties and various schedules he had left on her desk.


He had been patient and kind as she became acquainted with her role within his company. He talked to her often through the IM screen during the days when not in meetings, asking about family, friends, her boyfriend making her feel his fondness and genuine interest in her life. Over the first very busy weeks of her training he took the time to check in with her and adjust her schedule if need be, he became her mentor, her friend, and at times a stern father figure. He joked with her, played games, and chatted amiably, the conversations becoming more intimate as time went on. They played truth or dare, often, his questions becoming more personal and leading. Then he paused as he read her last response. He had hoped something like this would happen, but never expected it to. Here he was playing truth or dare with her again. She always chose truth ... she divulged a spanking from her boyfriend, she had liked it, the boyfriend didn't. With that, he was going to begin making his dream come true.

He knew she would probably never play this with him again, and he almost backed down, thinking she would quit, or even worse, report him if not to someone in the company then to her family. He had to go through with it though. His long held desire driving him on, he started to type. She hadn't chose dare but he went on, "I dare you to let Me spank you, ellie."

Her im winked at her, she couldn't believe what she was reading, she had grown close to him, she adored him and the way he cared for her and made her feel so special, almost like her Papa. Perhaps he was joking with her again, not believing what she had told him about her date last night. Her mind twirled thinking of how she had felt getting a half hearted spanking from her boyfriend and she squirmed in her seat realizing she needed to answer.

He stared at the screen the message box was blank, for a while. He started to get scared, and then he saw she was typing. His heart was beating fast, and panic set in, before he finally saw what she was writing.

"Yes, Sir."

He typed back quickly, pushing her and his luck, "Then come into my office and close the door. When you enter my office you will obey my every command, you will lay over my lap without speaking and submit to my spanking."

She blinked at his response. This game was getting serious but it was just a game right? Was he testing her? Should she back down? Both of them nervous and strained for their own reasons, glued to the computer screen. She didn't want to be the first to back down and have him tease her. She typed, "Yes Sir".

"Then come into my office ellie and close the door."

There was no response as she quickly entered his office and closed the door standing there like a frightened rabbit unbelieving of what she had just agreed to, thinking he was still playing with her. He sat seemingly impassive while his body ached for her, seeing the fear, confusion and the heat in her eyes he motioned her forward, "My lap awaits" She took a step forward and he held up his hand, she stopped mid step. "You agreed to obey me in this room did you not?" Visibly trembling she whispered, "Yes Sir." He pointed to the floor and empowered, growled, "Crawl to me".

He watched as he saw the emotions play over her face, reluctance, fear, dread, excitement and finally submission, he let out the breath he was holding as he watched the beginning of his dream become reality, her small frame crumpling to a kneel then to her hands as she began to crawl towards him. He felt his cock stirring at the sight of her, his finally if only for this one afternoon.

She couldn't believe she was doing this, this man she had known her whole life was about to really spank her, the game had gone too far but why wasn't she stopping it? She realizes she wanted it! Oh man did she want it. Was there something wrong with her? Why was she feeling this way? Her eyes cast up at his strong frame in his big chair as she reached his feet and slithering like a snake she moved into his lap. She knew it was wrong but she couldn't help herself. No words no discussion no petting her for being a good girl the hand crashed down on her ass hard, and she squealed.

He looked down on the beautiful angel crawling to him, his mind going to its darkest places and having to reel it back, so young and impressionable she does not realize her worth. He uses all his will power to sit impassively as she slides over his lap sure that she can feel this hardness in her tummy as he peels back her skirt, revealing a pink thong, raises his hand and smacks her with all his might. If only this once he will enjoy her, he watches as her tight muscles ripple under the onslaught and his hand prints shine red upon her white skin.

She squeals and pants, "owwwwwwww itssssssssss hurtssssssssssss." She squeals and squirms her legs kicking as he spanks her soundly she loses count as the pain fills her little body and heats her she becomes all to aware of the heat in her little pussy and the wetness on her thighs as he spanks her. Lost in her heat and need she cries out blinking tears to her cheeks.

His hand becomes numb as he spanks her hard relishing the give of the tight muscles, her cries and pleas to stop egging him on as he paints her tiny ass bright red. He stops as he sees her squirt unbelievably, her small body spasming over his lap.

Her mind locked in the power of this man she pants and squeals as he pushes her spanking hard and fast her body taking over as her mind reels she feels the heat and pent up need from an all too inept boyfriend lost in sensation she cums, hard and squirts over his thighs from this spanking alone. She feels him stop and dies inside, her shame filling her as she trembles over his lap, panting and sobbing. The heat of her flush filling her face, so ashamed, how could she have done that!

He grins seeing her body flush with shame, he holds her in place, knowing this is his moment. "For the next week, you will become my slave. You will obey me in everything I command of you. You will stay in my sight at all times and ask permission to leave if you must, even if only to go to the bathroom. I will own you and you WILL obey me. At the end of one week we will talk of this again."

Laying in his lap having orgasmed at his spanking she hears his words, it is a statement not a question, she realizes he has given her no choices, she hangs her head in shame, trembling from what she has just done, she whimpers, "Yes Sir"

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