tagBDSMMastering Submission Ch. 14

Mastering Submission Ch. 14


In the manner of Gregory Maguire, who provided us with a version of the childhood standard The Wizard of Oz through the eyes of the "wicked" witch, I have re-written my favorite BDSM story, Both Master and Slave, written by Martin Sharpe (published in 2001 by Silver Moon Books in Great Britain), from the point of view of the submissive, rather than the Master, who was Mr. Sharpe's narrator. I hope that fans of the original book will accept my version for the tribute that it is meant to be.


It was a Wednesday, and I always got home before Master on Wednesdays. I was in an outfit of my own choosing: a light, floaty cream cotton dress by Whistles, sleeveless, with a scoop neck. I was wearing strappy cream leather sandals with flat heels and my bare legs showed just a hint of bruising from a session we'd had five days earlier. Screwing up my courage, and taking a deep breath, I met Master just inside his front door.

"Don't say a word," I began, counting on Master' curiosity for his compliance with my request. I led Master into the centre of the room, knelt, undid his flies and sucked Master off. I did a good job of it too, with none of the clumsiness I'd shown at the start of our affair, and with lots of variety. When my mouth was full of cock, I said thickly, "I want you to know that I love you very much." Then I forced myself forward again and again, deep throating Master to a stunning orgasm, the muscular convulsions as I swallowed Master's sperm seeming to intensify Master's own spasms.

Then I settled back on my heels and smiled up at Master. "Sorry to be bossy," I said, "but I've got a big favour to ask, and I wanted you to have a clear head. If your mind is clouded by dirty thoughts, you might agree to something you'll regret later."

"I'm more than satisfied for the time being," Master responded, "now, what do you want?"

"Sit down," I directed Master, a bit nervous about pushing my limits, but committed to follow through now that I'd started. "I'll get you a drink, and we can talk."

Master slumped into the sofa, but sat up with interest on his face when I returned with a glass of beer. "I don't know how to put this," I began awkwardly.

"I'm only your master when it comes to sex," Master told me. "You can say anything you like to me."

"Thank you," I said with feeling. I paused awkwardly. "The thing is, I've got no right to ask you this."

"Ask anyway," Master instructed. "Say what's on your mind."

"The thing is," I began again as Master took a sip of beer. "I want to talk to you about Sally. You're such a good man, I think you'll understand."

"Who's Sally?" Master asked.

"Sally Watson. I was at school with her, and we both went to the same university. After many of our contemporaries got married, we became even closer. Until I met you, Sally was my best friend in the whole world. We've never missed sending birthday and Christmas cards, even when Sally went out to Japan," I explained.

"What was Sally doing out there?" Master asked.

"Teaching English. Somehow, things worked out for her, though. The economy has made things rough for a lot of people; many arts students graduating when we did found they couldn't get decent work, and a few years later they found themselves competing with a new batch of graduates for a limited number of jobs." I frowned, realizing I was losing track of my goal in explaining all this to Master. "Anyway, after we left university, Sally knocked about doing silly temping jobs, and then Sally found out about this scheme for sending graduates out to Japan to teach English. Everything seemed to go all right there for a while, but, well, do you know what's been happening in Japan?"

Master nodded. It was part of his job to follow international markets. "You're saying they made Sally redundant?"

"Worse than that," replied I. "Somebody persuaded Sally that the Japanese stock market couldn't possibly fall any lower, and Sally invested all her savings, and then it fell again. Sally has lost everything. Sally is a good person -- pretty and intelligent. I like Sally a lot, and I hate what's happening to her; I hate to see Sally living like that."

"Does Sally need a ticket home?" Master asked, trying to get to the point where I told him what I - and Sally - needed from him.

I shook my head. "She's in London. However, she's staying in this horrible boarding house in Bayswater, and it still seems impossible for Sally to find decent work. Sally's got no family any more - only me, in fact. Could you, would you, let Sally stay here for a bit? Just a few months, until Sally gets settled?"

"I wouldn't let your best friend go homeless, Rebecca," Master reassured me. "But how could we have a house guest for more than a couple of days? How could I tie you up and fuck you when there was someone else in the flat? What would Sally think if she heard you screaming or saw tears in your eyes?"

"We've talked all that through," I replied. "We don't have secrets. Sally got very interested in what was happening to me. About us, I mean. At first, I thought Sally might tease me because I've always been more of a feminist than her, but Sally was intrigued. That's why I wanted your mind clear when you made your decision." I gave a little smile. "You see, Sally is quite happy for you to beat and fuck both of us."

Master took a deep breath. "Has Sally been beaten before?"

"No, but Sally is curious," I explained. "And I told her how caring you are. What a nice man you are."

"So what you're saying is, I get a second slave and I don't have to find another £200,000?" Master asked.

"All she's asking for is food and a place to stay," I insisted.

"Having two slaves sounds interesting," Master mused. "You'll be able to taste one another's tears. But what about infection? I know the AIDS rate in Japan is low, but ---"

"I've thought of that," I said. "I arranged for Sally to have a test at the same clinic you and I went to. You see, I wanted to offer you a complete deal."

I watched Master's face, and knew his mind was racing. From what I knew of Master's history, I knew he had managed a string of female slaves, and had been a married man. On the other hand, running two slaves at once would be a new experience for Master, and I wondered if the same pictures that were flashing through my mind were occurring to Master: two girls kneeling while Master fucked their mouths in turn; one girl licking Master's balls while another sucked his cock. Master bending both of them - both of us! -- over, and beating us side by side; or one girl whipping the other while Master sat and watched.

It was my hope that this new offer would make Master feel that the £200,000 he had invested in me seem like even better value for the money. Master had to accept, didn't he? The one lesson I had absolutely mastered during my submissive service, however, was that I never could predict Master's reactions to anything, so I was anxiously waiting for his response.

"OK," Master said. "We'll start with a seventy."

"What's a seventy?" I asked.

"A seventy," Master told me, "is a sixty-nine. Plus another one, helping."

Master was reading a company report when Sally arrived, or at least pretending to read. I knew Master was listening to our whispered voices from the hall, and noticing the nervous way somebody giggled, but Master waited quietly.

As the door opened, Sally and I came through it side by side, Sally's cases in the hall, still with Japan Air Lines stickers on them. Sally extended her hand in greeting, and I said, "Master, I'd like you to meet my friend Sally."

Sally gave a little bow, a habit she'd picked up in Japan no doubt. However, Master required deeper obeisance than that.

"Shut up!" Master told Sally, "and freeze! You," Master turned to me, "if you have the impudence to come in here on your feet instead of on your knees, the least you could do is curtsey."

As Sally looked on in alarm, I dropped my eyes, hitched up my skirt and took my cunt flaps between finger and thumb, then dipped down in a deep curtsey. Master ignored me as he got to his feet and walked round Sally, who was doing her best to keep still. Sally was taller than I, with large breasts and prominent nipples bulging through her tee shirt. Sally wore black corduroy jeans over good hips. Sally's long, black hair was frizzy, her lips were full, and her eyes were dark brown.

Master slapped his new slave's cheek. Before Sally had arrived, Master had given me some insights, preparing me for the changed dynamics once I no longer was the only slave serving him. As Master explained, having two slaves meant he was outnumbered, so he needed to establish superiority right away.

Master told me that he had a friend who got himself two slaves, and it changed him forever. Master admitted that his friend experimented with switching before he took another woman into the household. The friend occasionally got his wife to pretend to catch him masturbating and spank him playfully, and that sort of thing really took off once there were two women. Master's friend told Master how wonderful he found it to lick one woman's pussy while another one fucked him up the arse with a dildo, something Master never fully believed. Master said the last time he saw that friend was at one of Dave and Fuckpuppet's parties, the friend's cock and balls tied tightly with a long coil of copper wire connected to the positive pole of a car battery that he carried around with him. Another wire was connected to the negative pole and from time to time, his wife or her friend would grab it and apply it to the tip of his prick, and he'd howl in pain. Master was willing to admit that perhaps his friend was happy that way, but it was clear that Master doubted it, and there never was any thought in my mind that Master ever would follow that friend's example.

That is why I was not surprised to see Master determined to get off on the right start, greeting Sally with a sharp blow to the face. Instinctively, Sally's hand went to her smarting cheek, so Master pulled it down and slapped her again. Master grabbed Sally by the hair and dragged her to the middle of the room. Although I had been braced for Master's initial "welcome" to Sally, I followed hesitantly, not sure what Master wanted me to do.

Master had told me in advance that what he wanted us both to do was forget our years of friendship, the giggled confidences we'd shared as schoolgirls, our intelligence and our sophistication, and concentrate on being the lowest kind of slaves. If Sally was going to stay, and her financial status meant Sally had to, Master would make sure she learned to be utterly obedient. I also was sure that Master intended to fully enjoy himself.

"Meat," Master ordered, "lie down and kiss my feet. You, cunt, shut up and wait for instructions. And don't look at me. Didn't Rebecca tell you never to look me in the eye?"

"No. I'm afraid Rebecca didn't," Sally answered in her lovely voice, husky, with the same slight Devonshire accent I had.

"No, Sir," Master corrected, putting a foot on the back of my head and grinding my face into the carpet. "Didn't you tell this slut to curtsey when she enters a room?"

"No, Master," came my muffled reply. "Sorry, Master."

"Did you tell Sally about safe words?" Master asked.

"No, Master," I replied.

Master turned to Sally, "Your safe word is 'Tokyo,' whore," Master told her. "This bitch will explain later." Master turned back to me, shouting, "You should have prepared Sally in advance! I'll beat your feet for that failure. Strip your friend, then take your own clothes off."

I scrambled to my feet, and immediately began pulling Sally's tee shirt over her head. After a few seconds of stunned disbelief, Sally helped me get rid of her clothes, then stood with her hands placed to try to cover her nakedness, watching me strip. When both of us were naked (except, of course, for our heels), I took Sally's arm, and led her over to the window, hoping to reassure Sally with our shared nakedness and closeness.

Master stared at us from across the room, then said, "That's more like it. Now, stand up straight, and keep your eyes down!"

Although my eyes were fixed on the floor, my mind was busy thinking about Master's inspection of us, side by side. My nipples were neat and symmetrical, Sally's were broader with wide areolas, her breasts were more conical, and they sagged a little more. Where my pubic hair was long and unruly, straying up my stomach and across the tops of my thighs, Sally had a neat, curly Brillo pad of a bush. Sally's legs were set further apart, too, with darker skin, a rounder stomach, and softer, larger thighs.

Remembering the terror of my initial inspection, I thought to ease the tension, saying "Master - "

"Shut the fuck up, Meat," Master interrupted. "Go and fetch the equipment case. Then stand facing your friend."

When I returned, Master opened the case. "Look what I've got for you two lucky sluts," Master said, brandishing a double gag. My eyes opened wide; Sally looked stunned. This toy was new to me - apparently Master had specially bought it once he agreed to let Sally move in with us. It had two ball gags with sturdy leather straps, linked by a nine-inch wooden pole.

"Open wide," Master told me, running a strap round my head and then tightening it, holding my head sideways on so Sally would see what was expected of her. Still, when Master pushed Sally's face onto the other end of the double gag, Sally kept her teeth resolutely closed.

"Open up!" Master commanded. "What's the matter with you? Are you still jet-lagged?"

"No. No, Sir," Sally replied. Master forced the gag into Sally's mouth and she accepted it, resignation clear on Sally's face. Master tugged the strap tight, and then kissed Sally's lips round the edge of the gag.

"Good afternoon, Sally," Master said. "I'm delighted to meet you. I hope your stay here will be a pleasant one." Since Master's tone was pleasant - almost formally polite - I was hoping that Sally was not as afraid as I felt she was, but Sally stared at me with eyes wide with fear that showed she knew it was too late to back out.

I didn't blame Sally for being scared. I face demanding crowds of undergraduates, eager to show up my knowledge of literature, but I trembled in front of Master. Master went back to the equipment case for even more newly made equipment. Master prepared two chains, each with a fierce clip on one end for my nipples and a gentler clip for Sally, who squeaked in surprise, though, when the first one bit home.

Master cuffed both of our wrists behind our backs, and ordered, "Bend forward, the pair of you, and spread your legs."

The gag made that hard to do, but following my lead, Sally bowed and shuffled her feet. It was incredibly hard to stand this way: we tottered trying to keep our foothold, making plaintive mewing sounds and staggering like some strange animal in distress. The light chains linking our nipples jingled as we moved, and our heels made clicking sounds on the floorboards. I tried to distract myself from the terror in Sally's eyes by imagining the ungainly, four-footed beast we had become.

I kept looking at Sally with concern, trying somehow to signal to her with my eyes that everything was all right, that Sally would enjoy this experience in the end.

For some reason, our shuffling and teetering were turning us in a slow anti-clockwise dance, so Master pulled up a chair and sat down, to get a closer look at our wet and gaping cunts gleaming in the shaft of afternoon sunlight pouring through the window. My buttocks and thighs showed the signs of a beating Master had given me the day before. Sally's body was untouched by whip or cane since whatever punishments had been meted out to her as a child.

At last, the staggering and wheeling slowed and stopped as we got used to our bondage. Master stood up, and ran his hands over Sally's body, cupping her breasts, tugging at the clamps hanging from her nipples, stroking her ears, patting her rump and generally letting her know that Sally had surrendered everything to him. Sally gave a whinny of fright.

"Shut the fuck up," Master told Sally fiercely. "Speak when you're spoken to. Moan when you're beaten. Otherwise keep absolutely quiet. Understand?"

Sally's eyes told Master that she did.

Master spat on Sally's face, his saliva matting the curls on the edge of her forehead, dripping over one eyebrow and soaking into the eyelashes. Then Master jabbed his thumb up Sally's cunt before walking round to stick his other thumb up me. Master jabbed his hands under our noses, "That's what your own cunts smell like," and then reversed his hands. "Now smell one another's. Get used to it. Pretty soon that's what you'll be licking." I know I looked alarmed, a reaction that did not abate as I saw Sally's eyes soften. Sally never had indicated that she preferred sex as a lesbian; perhaps it was a new development, or maybe Sally had learned to muff dive in Japan.

"Right," Master told us sharply. "Listen up. You're harnessed together because from now on you're a team, a stable of slaves. Round here, Rebecca is known as 'Meat,' and that's what you'll be calling her. You'll be referred to as 'Assistant Cunt,' understood?"

We girls tried to nod, something the double gag made amazingly difficult.

"Meat knows the rules of the house," Master continued. "Meat will be punished for anything you don't learn, so if you consider yourself Meat's friend you'd better get to know the ropes quickly." Master went back to the case and pulled out a twenty-tailed cat. "I shall now beat the pair of you," Master explained. "Meat knows this particular flogger; it's an old friend." Master trailed it across my shoulders, and I flinched. "Look into Meat's eyes, Assistant Cunt, and see how much it hurts."

After three soft strokes and three more medium ones to warm me up, Master started to lay into my buttocks as hard as he could. My eyes narrowed, and my face grimaced at the pain. Sally's eyes opened wide with apprehension.

"Impressive, isn't it?" Master asked gleefully. "I shall now whip Meat's cunt." Three sharp blows had me screaming into my gag. "That'll do for the time being," Master said. "Now, Assistant Cunt, it is time for you to taste pain."

Sally looked questioningly at me, then her eyes dropped and Sally settled down to the task of being hit. Master was gentle with her, strokes to Sally's buttocks building up carefully, looking at my eyes as I watched Sally with concern. However, I could tell that Sally was becoming tired, and I trusted Master would remember what a patient, long time he had employed in training me.

"You took that well for a beginner," Master said. "But I don't think you're ready for a cunt whipping yet." Master wandered back to the case, stripping off as he slowly walked across the room. When Master was naked, he stopped at the case and exclaimed, "What have we here? Matching blindfolds!"

Master turned, and I saw that he had sheathed his cock in a condom, and held a long riding whip in one hand, with the blindfolds in the other. Once the blindfolds were in place. I couldn't see a thing, but I felt the impact when Master stuck his cock in Sally's gaping cunt, and my head bobbed in sympathy when Master grabbed Sally's long, frizzy hair to hold her steady. I gasped around the ball gag when Master reached out over Sally's shoulder to whip my arse. After a few strokes Master pulled out of Sally, walked round and started fucking me, startling me with the whistle of the whip past my head as Master started whipping my friend. Then Master left me, walking round again to fuck Sally. In between fuckings, Master stood sideways on and beat our arses with the whip, first one, then the other, listening to the muffled moans we made into our gags. I had the higher voice, and Sally's cries were more like growls.

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