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Master's Fire


I've lost track of time. What could only have minutes feels like a month or more. And I now feel more alone than in all the time we have had together.

You have left me on fire again. A fire first ignited by your ice blue eyes. In a moment of weakness (or possibly of absolute power) a glimpse into your eyes lit a flame that was buried so deep within me, I would have been forever unaware of what I could become. For years now I have tried to keep it lit, taking fuel from your stare whenever, however, I could.

When you are gone from me, the flame flickers, and though the light fades, the heat steadily remains. You warm me from deep within. If you are away too long, the smoke threatens to consume me. It chokes me to a near panic. But I know you will be back. I know you will look me in the eyes again and light me once more.

But you are close. You were just here. The stings on my ass remind me of that. I am blindfolded, naked, alone in this bed but not in this room.

This isn't how you usually have me. You have always taken me from behind. You press me against a wall, a rock, a tree, or the forest floor. All of which are cold against my bare skin, hot from your flame. You hold my hands above my head. Clenching me tightly. Your breath on my neck. Your chest at my back and your strength overpowering me. You will me to cum over and over.

This is different. Now I am on my back, your most recent punishment stinging still on my flaming ass. My legs are bound just above my knees. My arms tied just above my elbows and secured to my side. Wrists bound and motionless across my stomach. I lie motionless; yet, I am overwhelmed.

The fan in the room blows a soft breeze across my cheeks, but my covered eyes cannot feel the fresh air. My nipples are frozen erect without your warm tongue to soothe and tease. My arms press my breasts tightly against each other, but it is not your strong hands that force them to remain there. I can do nothing.

And my body trembles. Before you left you said I would have known no other pleasure before today. However, given that you have provided me nothing but pleasure in all our time, I couldn't bring myself to believe you. And right now, you are not here. That brings me pain. A pain I do not enjoy.

You are teasing me, though, because you have not left me empty. You have filled my body. My aching clit is buzzing with a bullet vibe you surprised me with just moments (or hours, or days) before. My stinging ass is filled with the butterfly vibrator. You know it is my favorite. But you have never used it like this before. You slid it gently inside my ass and left the butterfly to flutter as guard against my cunt. I can do nothing to stop the flood of desire building inside me.

You told me I can't cum. I need your permission. "Do not speak until spoken to, and do not cum until I allow." The punishment was harsh. You called me your "slutty girl" your "cum whore" your "bitch." I couldn't stop the rush. I tried, Master, I really did. My body took over and I was no longer in control. For you, Master, the heat of your touch. Your whole fist buried deep inside my cunt. Two fingers in my ass. I began to thrust back against your hands. "Don't cum. Don't you dare." you say. "Master! Fuck me!" I scream. "Fill me. Take my body. You own me." The waves of orgasm rush over me, and I am helpless.

I know you are near by, I can feel you watching me. You know I am reliving that moment. And I know you want me to ask, beg. I want your permission, but I can't ask."Please, Master. Please may I cum?" But I stay silent, still. Any motion and I will lose control.

You know it too. Between my breaths I hear you come closer and I inhale with anticipation. Without warning, you are sitting on my chest. I can't exhale. You shove your cock in my mouth. It is what I was missing.

You begin fucking my mouth. Deep. Hard. Still choking the breath from me and thrilling me at the same time. I am here. I am yours. Use me.

I can feel your cock harden more in my mouth. I can taste you and try to take you deeper in my throat. You slow your motions realizing this distraction has pulled me back from the edge. I love your cock in my mouth. You know that, yet you continue to surprise me today.

You slide out of my mouth, the tip of your cock sliding slowly across my lips. Pre-cum marks me as you slip over my cheek, chin, and neck. And you slide gently between the crevice of my cleavage. Before I realize, you have covered me with motion warming oil and my chest is now on fire, inside and out.

Fuck my tits. Ride me. My body is yours. The toys continue to overwhelm me and my excitement is nearly uncontrollable now. But suddenly, I realize that I now have all the power.

The oil has seeped below you and is pooling on my stomach. Quickly, before you have a chance to know what I've done. I slide a moistened finger into your ass. I can tell by the jolt that you did not expect that. Normally I risk great punishment touching you without permission. I will pay. I know. It's what keeps you coming back.

I am dying to cum. Playing with you is the greatest thrill. You rip the blindfold off and stare into my eyes. I say nothing, yet I am begging you. Please, Master, Please let me cum!

"Cum, Slut!" You command. The fire is burning out of control and I erupt. As you thrust and I writhe, my hot, wet finger pulsates inside your ass. You were right; I cum with more pleasure than I have ever known. I do not hold back the screams.

I watch your shoulders curl over. You explode as you draw in a thousand breaths at once. You cover me in hot, sticky waves of cum. My chest, my face. My hair. All of me is marked. I am yours.

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