tagErotic PoetryMasturbation (Him)

Masturbation (Him)


I lay against the pillows,
my eyes are on you
Your fingers curl around your manhood,
gripping it just so..
slowly you stroke your cock
as I watch each move
your thumb presses upon the tip
in a caress, imitating my tongue..
so I imagine
each stroke strong and sure
as you swell with desire
and the veins start to show
the head looks angry
red and pulsing now
and your breathing is shallow
I can barely sit still
as I watch the show
knowing what's coming..
but before the explosion
I'm quickly on my knees
my lips move to cover your cock
and slide it into my throat
to suck and coach..
the creamy delight
that races to the surface
and fills my mouth
your essense..
is mine.

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