Match of the Day


Last Saturday night turned out to be a very eventful evening, one which will long live in my memory. Like most Saturdays my thirty six year old wife Jane and I sat down to a lovely meal followed by a cuddle on the sofa as we watched a film on TV and then Jane as usual would disappear upstairs to our bedroom to read her book while I stayed downstairs to view the day's soccer action on Match of the Day.

It must have been about 11.30 when the soccer finished and although feeling tired I wanted to watch some more TV and began to channel hop while I finishing my glass of malt whisky. Sure enough there was a late night adult movie on one channel, the sort where you see just tits and bums but his was enough to get me feeling horny. In one particular scene a dark haired beauty donned a strap-on dildo and proceeded to shaft her lovely blonde Swedish aupair. Now I was really turned on, I wondered what it would be like to see my wife wearing a strap-on dildo and her having sex with another horny bitch but then reality clicked in and those thoughts melted away, she'd never consider any such thoughts, our sex life was very dull and predictable.

I was feeling tired and switched the TV off, I locked the front door and went up to the bathroom to clean my teeth. Once finished I noticed that our bedroom lamp was still on and I fully expected to see Jane asleep with an open book by her pillow, instead to my surprise she was wide awake and still reading.

"Hi Honey, you're up late."

"I know love but this book is really good."

I glanced over to see what she was reading, it looked like a Jackie Collins novel it had a sexy glamorous cover hiding an even sexier story inside.

As I walked around the double bed I noticed that on my pillow lay a pair of white lacy knickers, a white lacy suspender belt and a pair of silk American tan stockings

Quickly I suggested "Honey, why don't you try these stockings on? I'd luv to see you in them."

"No dear, these are for you, now go to the bathroom and change into them, I'll be waiting."

My heart was pounding, she had never worn stockings for me, why should I put them on for her, and what was she thinking? I had secretly tried on her pantyhose before but would hardly call myself a cross dresser. This may not be my idea of a perfect night but it sure would beat going straight to sleep so what the heck I gave it a go.

I remembered in films how porn actresses wear their knickers on the outside of their suspender belt so they can pull their knickers down leaving on their suspenders. I decided to put on the suspender belt first, then I closed the clasp around my stomach, then twisted the suspender belt around my waist so the clasp was behind me, then I pulled on the first tan stocking, the feeling of the stocking on my legs really aroused me, I felt so sexy. After a little fumbling to get the two stockings attached to the suspender belt I pulled on my knickers which were fortunately not of the g string type but had enough silky material to cover over all of my six inches of stiff cock except for its head which was now popping over the elastic at the top, it was as tall and stiff as I could ever remember.

As I wandered around our bed my wife glanced up and gave me an approving look. I now lay beside her and waited for her to finish the chapter of her book. All I could think about was that she fancied a little lesbian action and if I could assist then good on her.

She put down her book and confidently barked out an order "Honey, get under the covers and get between my thighs, but don't touch me until I say so!"

I crawled under the sheets and then knelt between her raised legs.

For the first time ever she said "Now pull my knickers down and give me some tongue action"

As I tugged at her knickers, slap! Something prodded me on the chin, it felt like a long rubber cock, sure enough it was.

"Now lick me you bitch, take me in your mouth you cock sucking whore."

I obeyed the orders without argument, I licked along the length of cock then put my whole lips around its head, just then two hands pressed gently down on my head and her thighs pumped the meat into my mouth. This went on for what seemed ages but probably lasted only five minutes.

"Now lay down on your belly."

Again I obeyed; my cock was rock hard in anticipation of what was going to happen next. I felt her finger tips pulling at my knickers and they were pulled down just past my bottom. She left me to lay there as she lubricated her finger with lotion from a tube; I then felt her finger circling around my virgin anus. Another squeeze of lubricant around my ass followed and then I felt it for the first time, a finger penetrating my virgin ass, gently being pushed up into me and then nearly being completely withdrawn, to my surprise I liked it. As she pulled back I pushed my ass back to make sure her finger couldn't totally escape, she pushed in deeper, I moaned quietly as she continued with one finger then with two. She pulled her fingers out then I felt it, the cock pushed against my ass. I clenched tight not allowing entry.

"Oh come on darling, you ass fucked me once all those years ago, haven't you wondered what it was like for me?"

She was right, I had often thought about that night and how it felt for her as I had pumped 20 mindblowing strokes into her tight ass before quickly cumming up inside her. I relaxed my ass muscles and she pushed harder. All of a sudden an inch then two squeezed into me, I felt like it was ripping my ass apart, how could I possibly handle the girth of her penis, it was bigger than mine! She stopped there and rested to let my ass get used to the invading object. Just as I began to accept it she pushed another two inches in, then another two.

I groaned "My god how long is this thing, is it all in?"

"No honey, this is a real mans length"

Another push and I felt the furry velvet strap-on tickle my ass cheeks, I had taken a whole 8 inches of her cock, and it was mind blowing. It was strange, a feeling of soreness and being full but I also felt proud that I could accept such a huge cock into me and be a real woman for her.

"Just relax and don't come yet," she ordered.

She started with slow thrusts that gradually quickened until I was groaning and yelping in a mix of pain and ever growing pleasure. I sensed her using her camera phone to film her cock entering me, this all added to the excitement and tension.

"You'll do what I tell you from now or this will be all over the internet."

A few minutes later I felt a hand reach around my waist and milked my cock onto the sheet below. Jane thrusted deeper and deeper and as I cum my ass muscles contracted around the dildo and each spurt of my sperm seemed to be the most powerful I have ever experienced, it was incredible.

Jane then coated two fingers with my cum and rubbed them along my ass crack and along the dildo and then began to thrust her cock faster and faster into me and my own cum entered my ass helping to lubricate the way. She then pretended to come herself jerking forward into me with abandon. Afterwards Jane rested on top of me and I felt the cock still stretching my rectum and her breasts were gently pressing on my back. We lay there for 5 minutes, both exhausted, she giving me the occasional thrust, and then she finally withdrew. Jane pulled up my knickers over my stockinged legs and suspender belt and then rolled me over onto my side and cuddled me from behind in the spoons position.

She whispered "Thanks darling, you've made my night, keep on your stockings the nights not over"

I lay there feeling her fake cock pressed along the crack of my panty covered ass wondering what she further had in store for me. She was playing with the straps of my suspender belt and rubbing her hand along my silky stockings. I thought that if I could handle this 8 inch monster cock my ass could take a real mans penis like Jane had when I entered her ring and how much better it would be to be filled up with real cum and how good it would feel spurting into my ass.

As we cuddled I fell asleep with these thoughts and at dusk I awoke to my panties being pulled down over my bottom down to my knees. I lay there silently pretending to be asleep, then I felt her cock pushing against my ass, it opened up for her easier this time and she started to slowly fuck me. A few strokes later she rolled me over.

"Bitch suck me now," not wanting to disappoint I took the first four inches into my mouth; what I thought would taste appalling wasn't as bad as I had anticipated and I licked her cock and in doing so tasted my own ass juices. My cock hardened and she now sucked me as I sucked on her dildo, she hesitated as my precum coated her tongue. Now she withdrew before I could further cum and layed me on my back and raised my stockinged knees in the air. She pushed a pillow under me to raise up my bottom giving her access to my asshole which was full in no time at all. She thrusted inside me as hard as she could, I wrapped my stockinged legs around her back, my moans became screams as the whole eight inches of her meat pummeled my ass as my cock rubbed against her tummy.

Five minutes later she withdrew and knelt over my waist, Jane pushed her breasts together around my cock. I pushed up into her soft cleavage, the soft skin felt wonderful around my cock, I fucked those beautiful tits enjoying every moment and after a few minutes she held her breasts even more firmly together and my cock produced a river of cum along her valley.

Next she then moved over me again. "Suck my tits and taste your spunk you whore, your going to experience being a complete slut."

I enjoyed sucking on her ample and firm tits, I had tasted my cum a few times before, now my ass was taking more punishment and was feeling abused. My cock gradually rose again and when she felt my semi hardness on her stomach she gripped and stroked me again. My sphincter was now clenching on her manhood as she pumped me harder and harder into submission. This time I orgasmed just from the pleasure and pain from the pounding my ass was receiving, my body was tensing up as I clenched my stockinged legs around her waist and I sucked on her tits. As my ass muscles clenched and tightened around her dildo, without attention to my own cock I spurted out what little cum I had left onto our stomachs. Feeling this stickiness she bucked harder and faster and then three long slow deep pushes that entered new depths of my anus.

"Take all of me you dirty slut, how do you like a real man sized cock."

Jane then slowly withdrew the dildo leaving us both tired and exhausted.

As I lay there I was sore but completely sated.

She said "That makes us even now, I just loved fucking you, did you enjoy tonight, we will do it again you know!"

I agreed it was special and I now fully expect there to be a repeat session before too long.

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