tagNonHumanMated Forever Ch. 05-08

Mated Forever Ch. 05-08


Chapter Five

Ella's POV

WOW, the most beautiful house I've ever seen.

"Well?" Trent asked, brushing my back.

"It's so pretty Trent, I like it a lot." I stood on my tippy toes and gave Trent a kiss on the cheek. I tugged him along as I went up the stone path, and as we came up to the door I nudged him to it. He chuckled and pulled out his key, inserting it he opened the door. He waved his hand to the inside of the house.

"Ladies first." I blushed, and walked into the living room. It had the nicest furniture, a black leather couch, with a wooden coffee table. There was a big flat screen TV, with satellite. I threw my coat to the chair.

"OMG, you have satellite, OH I love you now!" I jumped on the couch and started flipping through the channels.

"So I've won you over with TV?" Trent asked highly amused.

"For sure, now I wonder if the cooking channel has anything good on..."

"Are you hungry, butterfly?" I turned to Trent he had one foot in the door way to the kitchen.

"You have food?"

"I bought some for you." I stood up leaving on the show Bobby Flay, and walked to the kitchen with Trent. I look around, marble countertops, silver top of the line fridge, and a very nice mahogany table with chairs. He opened the fridge up.

"We have sandwiches, eggs, drinks, some soups, and snacks."

"What kind of sandwiches?"

"Ham, Turkey, Roast beef..."

"Ooo roast beef." He pulled it out with cheese, bread and mustard. He looked at me and I nodded that I was good with the ingredients. He started making it. I raised my eyebrows at him. "You making me food?"

"Yes, don't be shocked I cook pretty well." When he finished with my sandwich, he pulled out a glass, I didn't say anything. Hmm I wonder how about apple juice? He looked up at me shocked and pulled out the apple juice. I nodded.

"I see you can read my mind when I want you to."

"I noticed, I didn't know that could happen." He passed me my glass and sandwich, sitting myself comfortably on top of his counter I watched him as he went back into the fridge. Looking around he groaned and slammed the door.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm out of blood bags and it's too late to hunt, I guess I'll have to go thirsty." I took a slow sip of my drink guilty. Could I give him some blood, I mean we are gonna live together, and sooner or later I'm going to giving in to being intimate with him. His eyes twinkled at the last part, must of heard 'being intimate with him'. I rolled my eyes, finishing my food I pulled him to the living room. As we sat down and started watching TV, I noticed his throat kept constricting, and he kept swallowing.

"Trent your super thirsty aren't you?"

He looked down at me and sadly nodded, I took a breath and pulled him down to me. I placed my lips gently on his nibbling and sucking on him. I traced my lips down to his neck and lightly bit him, he growled in the back of his throat and shoved me down to the couch. His eyes turned from a green to a more golden green, and darkening every second. He straddle my hips.

I was unafraid as he pulled aside my turtle neck red sweater, groaning as it didn't move much, he yanked it up and away. I was startled by the cold rush on my stomach and breasts, I was just covered by my flimsy bra. I blushed, trying to pushing Trent aside, when that didn't work I covered his eyes with my hand.

He breathing slowed down, and he gently pulled away my hand when he looked down at me he gasped.

"Damn it, I'm so sorry Ella, this is what happens when I get thirsty. I should have told you! I didn't hurt you did I butterfly?"

"No." I said in barely a whisper.

"I almost drank your blood, and molested you." He started sitting up when I place a hand on his leg.

"No you didn't almost molest me, you were just thirsty and my sweater didn't move. I was trying to be helpful." I crossed my arms over my breasts feeling self conscious. His eyebrows creased.

"You wanted me to drink you blood?" He asked slowly. I bit my lip and nodded.

"I appreciate that butterfly I really do, but you have no idea what drinking your blood will do."

"Does it turn me?" He shook his head.

"It's intense for both vampire and human, it's like making love but not being connected physical, just mentally and through blood. It's hard to control ones self, in such a state I would want to make love to you, and you'd want the same thing because your in the moment. And I want full attention if I am to make love to you." I looked up at him, his gaze was glancing me over appreciatively, and his throat still dry.

"If it happens then it does, but your thirsty and that's not fair if I have the drink for you. I'm willing to share, so don't be so resistant." He brushed my neck, biting his lip.

"Butterfly are you giving me permission to take your innocents?"

"If we both want it then yes, I do."

"You are the most amazing human I have ever met in my five hundred years."

Chapter Six

Ella's POV

"Why thank you." I said as I pulled him down again, I pushed my lips against his, wrapping my arms around his neck. Trent shifted his weight, so I was all of a sudden on his lap wrapping my legs around him as well. His hands brushed the back of my bra, and started unhooking it. I pulled back panicking.

"Shhh, it's all right butterfly. I'm not going to hurt you." Trent whispered softly in my ear, I relaxed as he slipped my bra off throwing it to the floor. Heat exploded in my lower area, and I rubbed myself against him. I gasped I as felt hardness pressed to my inner thigh.

"What the---" I asked, but Trent placed his finger against my lips shushing me. He gently laid me back, drinking in my looks. He smiled and brushed my tattoo on my hip, he pulled down my pants a little to get a better look at it, it was the same as my belly piercing.

"How ironic a baby butterfly." My piercing was two baby butterflies overlapping each other slightly, and so was my tattoo. I nodded and pulled him closer, arching my neck up to him. He hesitated licking his lips I watched as his fangs slid out, I hope it won't hurt much.

Trent tipped my neck to the side caressing it, pulling me closer, my legs dropped on either side of Trent, arching my hips to his aching loins. I rubbed myself on him and he groaned shoving his crotch against mine.

I moaned wanting more of this madness. His tongue darted out licking my neck before biting it, a slight pain flashed through my body then a haze. Everything seemed slow and blurry, I felt the blood pooling outside the bite marks then he started gently licking it up. I was breathing hard, feeling wetness sliding down my thigh, and a throb beginning in the center of my sexual wants.

I wanted him inside me like he warned me what might happen.

"Trent, I---want---you..." I said not sure if I liked this happening at the end of all theses intense feelings. His fingers expertly unbuttoned my pants, but instead of pulling them off he pushed his hand down. He brushed my stomach before coming to my wet center. My pleasure was fierce, as he found my sensitive bud. I cried out in all abandonment when he circled my bud, I felt more inflamed than I thought could be possible.

I panted more as he pulled his fangs out and nipped on my breasts. Sucking on them and rubbing my bud was more than I could handle. My hips jerked and I rubbed his hand to my center more vigorously, as I grabbed the couch.

Bitting my lip and holding it in for as long as I could I released my lower lip and my body, screaming in ecstasy. I sat up still waving on the beginnings of it and kissed Trent pulling him back down on me. He continued his on slaughter on my body until I started coming down. He was panting just as hard as me, pressed nicely to my throbbing nipples easing the ache in them.

He tenderly removed his hand from its comfortable position cupped to my lower anatomy. I took deep breaths from my nose, amazed at what had just occurred between us, Trent must be tired.

"Trenton?" I asked slowly.

"Yeah, butterfly?"

"Did we just have sex?" I was pretty confused at what had just happened.

"No no sweetie, I wasn't inside you was I?"

"Well no..."

"Then we didn't make love, simple. But we will soon, I just didn't want your first time to be all rush rush. I almost cracked when you told me you wanted me. How are you feeling?"

"Hmmm very loose, and happy. So very sleepy..." I yawned, stretching I realized I was still naked from the top up. I gasped quickly grabbing my sweater hugging it to my breasts. He chuckled and with that my well known Trent was back, he cockiness intact.

'My Trent?' Where in the world did this come from, first it was Trent now he's mine. (Well he does want your baby.) Shut up! I was talking to myself. Great how well together is my sanity? (Probably not good.)

"It's not like I closed my eyes when you weren't covered up, I know what you look like. Well only there, but other places soon." His arrogant, and deeply known smile was back.

"Yes well you can think that all you want." I said, yawning again while pulling on my sweater. Trent stood up tugging me up easily, I tripped and fell into his embrace, still very weak.

"Come on, hold onto my neck and I'll carry you to the bedroom. Your gonna pass out soon if I don't." I nodded grabbing his neck, holding on tightly. He held me and carried me up the stairs, passing the TV and turning to the left. We were there in no time, we walked into a nicely blue painted room with silk sheets and a silk black comforter.

Pulling the sheets back with one hand he sat me down, I was trying very hard not to lay down and sleep. Trenton grabbed a white shirt from his draw.

"Do you sleep with bottoms on?" I shook my head no. He placed the shirt next to me, crouching down by my feet pulling off my boots and socks. Trent put them by the door, coming back and told me to unbutton my pants.

I was too sleepy to argue, so I did he yanked the cuffs of my pants removing them. I was there in my sweater and underwear, and not uncomfortable because I didn't care at the moment.

He quickly tugged my sweater off and pulled his shirt on me, without me even noticing. I saw sunlight peaking through the shades, Trent walked over to them drawing the curtains over them. I fell back onto the bed, almost out of it as he pulled the sheets over me.

I heard him faintly taking off his clothes throwing them somewhere near the closet I saw when I came in. I felt him climb in and as I drifted off to the arms of the dream world I heard him whisper in my ear.

"Perfection is not something you find every day, and I thought it didn't exist, at lest until today."

Chapter Seven

Ella's POV

I woke up slowly feeling pretty groggy, I stretched my arms above my head yawning slightly, and I turned over in my bed.

I was startled to find I didn't fall off my bed, until I remember last night. I sat up quickly and blushed. I darted my eyes over to Trent's direction, he was leaning his elbow on his pillow. His head resting on his hand and holding a book in his other hand, reading. It seemed so domestic, it just didn't fit the regimen of a five hundred year old vampire.

"Good morning Elly, how did you sleep?" He asked still scanning the paragraph he was reading. I blushed even more and cleared my throat.

"I slept pretty well. Sorry for my rudeness, but how do you sleep?" Trent looked up into my face and started chuckling.

"I'm not dead Ella, like most fairytales of vampires say. I sleep like a normal person, and drink blood like a person drinks water."

"Oh, well then how are you still alive?" He looked up again, and sighed. Placing the book on his side of the bed where the stand was, he sat up.

"You want me to explain how a vampire exists?" I nodded. "Why?" I looked down to my hands and rung them a bit.

"If we do try to have a baby, then I have to live forever don't I? Besides, the thought of never growing old intrigues me, so I wanna know what I'm getting myself into." Trent smiled a little of his cockiness imbedded into it.

"There is no 'if' Ella, we will." I shook my head, and nudged him with my hip.

"Just tell me how you can live." He shoved himself closer to be on the bed.

"Well, I'm alive so get that in your mind. I can be killed but it's hard, years don't affect us because when we drink blood our body turns it into like an elixir of life. With that flowing through our bodies we can live forever. So I have never died, and I don't plan to anytime." I nodded urging him to go on. "When the elixir of sort is infused into our blood it changes to the elixir its self. That enhancing our bodies abilities, the elixir soaks into our bones and muscles fixing them and making them better than before. So we can handle pain and run faster. That's all there is or at lest all I know." I sat there in silence astonished.

"So there is nothing fantastically magic about it?"

"Well where ever the elixir came from? That is magic itself."

"Alright but what about the fangs? You can't explain that with logic."

"Nope I can't, I don't know where they came from, maybe an development so we could gather our food source like how a monkey gets opposable thumbs to open up nuts and hold fruit."

"Okay, so your not a vampire from the stories your like an evolved form of a human." He smiled, brushing a piece of hair out of my face.

"See I knew my smart little butterfly could make everything that I said into a logical explanation." I smiled at the complement, and he showed me his teeth as he threw the blanket back. He was only wearing his underwear, and his chest was very tan. I blushed embarrassed at the sudden intimacy between us.

"Is being pale just another legend?" Trent looked down at his chest and smiled.

"Well... Not really you are pale when you become like me at first, some stay pale and others like me don't like it so they tan at night spa for vampires." I started laughing.

"Never in my imagination would I have thought of a vampire spa. Do you think you could take for a tour of the night life for vampires?" His eyes suddenly contracted in worry. "What is it?

"I'm just not so sure, I'd love to take you but I'd be worry about your safety. I mean there are gonna be other vampires there, and not as good or nice as the ones at TVC."

"I'm not worried I have my big strong vampire to protect me." He smiled.

"Alright Ella I'll take you but you have to do two things."

"Which are?"

"You have to promise to stay by me no matter what, and you have to get clothes that are more clubby."

"Ok, I promise. And I don't have any kind of those clothes." He chuckled.

"I should have thought of that, why in the world would miss innocent Ella Makyla have anything worthy of clubbing? Alright I guess we can go shopping for something." I blushed.

"I don't have any money."

"Silly why would I let you pay for it anyways? You know not buying food for five hundred years does do wonders for ones bank account, I have enough money to buy ten manors and keep them well managed for as long as they stand." My mouth dropped open and he took that as a lovely advantage to kiss me.

His hand went to the back of my neck massaging it, pulling me head closer and kissed me. My mouth was open and he affectively closed it for me. After he pulled back my stomach gave a hungry growl. Trent chuckled, caressing my waist.

"I think its time for breakfast for the lonely human." I said giggling a bit.

"I think so to, I'll cook breakfast on one condition."

"Whats that?" His smile was impish.

"If you keep on your current attire." I looked down at myself, the blanket had slipped from my legs and I was exposed with only what could be Trent's tee and my underwear. I gasped and grabbed the silk sheet covering me up. He started laughing hysterically.

"I had to dress you last night you fell asleep standing, so what do you expect? A long sleeve shirt and pants?" I gave him a dirty look.

"Well I'm a bad cook, so I guess I'll have to deal with being dressed in these clothes but only until after breakfast, then I'm changing." He nodded still chuckling, he jumped up smoothly and went over to the dresser pulling out clothes.

This is so odd, it's like we've being doing this sorta thing for years. I must be going insane. (You are.) GREAT, the voice is back. (You know you like him.) Shut up! I am going insane.

Trent looked at me weird, my eyes popped out of my head and I looked away. He went back to gathering clothes, and pull out a pair of blue jean, a black button up shirt and socks. (OOO, sexy)

He changed into his clothes so fast without me even seeing anything. He stood there button up his shirt until it reached his collar bone and he left it, popping the collar of his shirt up.

"How do I look?" Absolutely gorgeous.

"Presentable, now lets feed me." I said off handedly, he winked at me.

"Sure, just presentable, not handsome, dashing or gorgeous?"

"HEY! That's not fair to snoop through my thoughts, besides I didn't think that it's your imagination."

"Alright if you say so." He had a little twinkle in his eye. I rolled my eyes and proceeded to the hall, Trent stayed behind me at a nice distance with was good, at lest is was until I remembered I was essentially naked. I stopped, turned and looked at him.

"Clever boy, now walk in front of me." He looked disappointed, and he gave me the cutest puppy dog look I've ever seen. "Oh fine have it your way, and you have to tell me later what you have learned from this view of yours."

"I already know, you work out at the gym three times a week. I thank you for improving my viewing pleasures." I scowled at him and went down the stairs with a puppy following me obediently.

I walked into the kitchen without looking.

"I have no idea why my ass interests you so much, I mean it's not like your ever gonna get it." I bumped into another person, I gasped and looked up at Thea. I blushed and jumped behind Trent hiding my not very shipshape appearance. Trent startled laughing.

"Thea I didn't know you were coming over."

"Sorry, I just didn't really get to see and talk to you last night. I thought we could today, but I guess your busy."

"Well not really, I was just gonna cook Ella food then take her on a tour as she calls it the nightlife for vampires." She raised an eyebrow.

"Your gonna take her out almost naked?" I hid my face in Trent's should blade.

"Nope she's mine, she's gonna get dressed. Just after breakfast, we made a deal she stays somewhat naked and I cook her food." Just then Thea's eyes went to my exposed neck, she snarled and looked at Trent.
"Trenton Reed Vantenio! You know what happens when you bite humans!" My blush intensified.

"For god sakes Thea your my little sister, I think I know! And I didn't sleep with her if that's what your implying." I nodded in agreement. She laughed.

"Well, lest your girlfriend backs you up, is he too much for yeah girl? To manly? I could fix the too much manliness." I giggled, confused.

"And, how would you changed Trent's manly state?"

"We don't, you move on... Too me." My eyes widen, I bit my lip and slowly shook my head.

"Not that your not nice, Thea it's just I'm not into you. And I like Trent even if he's a little too cocky for my tastes." Thea shrugged.

"You might be bi, have you even experimented?" I bit my lip and afraid of what Trent might think, I said.

"Yes I have." My voice quivering a bit.

"And, now why didn't I hear about this, I need details now butterfly." I shook my head.

"Nope your just gonna have to wonder." Thea slide closer to me.

"Think you wanna experiment again?" She asked with lust filling her eyes. Ok so I did like girls Or at lest I think so. "I see you thinking." Trent growled in the back of his throat shielding me, I placed a hand on Trent's shoulder.

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