tagNonHumanMates Ch. 03

Mates Ch. 03


... Kidnapped ...

A black panther came bounding out of a thick brush into a giant clearing, the animal looked up at the black sky and sat down. He stared up at the stars that were twinkling above, the moon hidden from sight. His expert eyes allowed him to see into the darkness, a small animal was walking slowly into the clearing.

The big cat lowered himself to the ground and readied his haunches, when the deer came into his sight his mouth watered.

He stalked around the animal, staying out of sight as it lowered it's head and began to feast on the dew covered grass.

The deer cried out suddenly as the cat pounced on it from behind, the cry turning into a garbled mess as the animal ripped the deer's throat open.

Giovanni opened his eyes slowly, what a wonderful dream to be woken from. He looked down at the sleeping form in his arms. He rolled Leona onto her back and slipped out of bed quietly. His arms moved above his head as he stretched back, making a soft grunting sound. Silently, he slipped on the pants that laid on the floor and headed towards the door.

After a dream like that he felt like going for a run.

He listened for any sounds as he walked down the hall, nothing stirred in the big house. He figured Chad and Sandra were still sleeping so he stepped quietly into the kitchen. Giovanni slipped his pants off and hung them on one of the chairs by the table. The man shifted forms, in his place stood a large black panther.

The giant black cat slipped, with some trouble, through the large doggy door. Once his eyes adjusted to the darkness outside, Giovanni leapt towards the forest. His claws dug into the ground as he tore through the brush and bushes. The sharp prickling limbs hitting his skin as he ran.

He stopped in a clearing for a short break. His front body lowered to the ground as he stretched. The cat flopped over and rolled around in the grass, he purred as the smells of the forest hit his nostrils. Giovanni laid there for a few moments when he heard it. A loud cracking came from the bushes nearby.

The feline leapt to his feet as he faced the sound, his eyes narrowing quickly. A man walked into the clearing, he was smirking. Giovanni growled angrily and took a step towards the man.

The stranger lifted up a long pistoled gun, and pointed it towards the panther. The cat moved quickly, dodging to the right as the gun fired its first bullet. Giovanni dug his claws into the ground and wheeled around, jumping towards the man quickly. They both fell to the ground, the cat landing on him. He pressed him to the ground as he growled threateningly. The man still smiled sickeningly sweet up at him, Giovanni couldn't believe his ego.

A gunshot rang out from the corner of the clearing, and in the next second, the panther fell to the ground. The man pushed him off and smiled down at the unconscious Giovanni. The cat was barely breathing as it shifted forms, a naked man lying in the grass now. The strange man threw a blanket over him as another man approached. Together they picked up the bundled up man and disappeared into the forest.

Chad opened his eyes slowly, Sandra was breathing softly. She had her head on his chest, and he raked his fingers through her hair slowly. He heard her purr softly in her sleep. Chad yawned slowly and shifted to get out of bed without waking his mate. When he stood up, he looked down. His member was hard as a rock, a groan escaped his lips as he stared at the morning wood.

He turned back to the bed and smiled, Sandra wouldn't mind waking up to some fun. She loved being woken up that way. He tiptoed to the edge of the bed, pulling the covers off slowly. His cock twitched as Sandra's naked body slowly came into view as he pulled. She was on her back, legs lightly spread enough so that he could see her glistening sex. Her breasts were plump and nipples hard as his shaft was.

Slowly he climbed onto the bed, he kissed her thighs and up to her sex. His tongue dipped between her slit and licked up to her little pink nub. She moan softly as he toyed with her clit, his tongue moving in little circles around it. She shifted on the bed, and he stopped for a moment. He wanted her to come in her sleep again, then he would take her. His mouth latched onto her clit and he began to suck softly on it, making his teeth lightly rake over the sensitive button.

Two of his fingers wiggled into her tight hole, Sandra moaned and lifted her hips up. He loved the sight of her, knowing he was infiltrating her dreams with pleasures. His fingers slowly pistoned in and out of her, his tongue and mouth still working on her clit. He curled his fingers slowly, finding the hard tissue inside her and rubbed it quickly. She responded by moaning louder and thrusting her hips up quickly. Chad knew she was coming close to her orgasm. His fingers picked up speed and his tongue worked furiously on her clit.

Sandra's eyes opened wide as she began to come. Her walls gripped at his fingers as her juices poured from inside. She gripped the bed sheets as her orgasm had her eyes rolling to the back of her head. She gasped for air quickly as her climax subsided, her head was spinning. The next thing she knew, Chad's lips were on hers. She kissed him back fervently, moaning thanks against his mouth. His tongue snaked between her lips as he kissed her. Their muscles doing a passionate dance in her mouth.

Without warning, Chad lined his member against her hole. Sandra moaned into his lips as she felt the head of his shaft slip into her hole. He groaned as her walls folded around his pulsating cock. He pressed further into her, her walls were still pulsing from the orgasm. His hips moved forward suddenly to meet hers, she cried out in pleasure. Slowly, he began pumping himself in and out of her tight cunt. Chad knew he wouldn't last long, and Sandra was already approaching another orgasm. He started fucking her hard and fast, his cock was a blur as it drove in and out of her.

Sandra dug her nails into his back as he drilled her quickly. She felt the pleasures rising and her legs began to tremble. She came a second time, this one greater than the last. Chad grunted as he pushed into her climaxing hole, her walls tight and milking his cock. He gave in to his pleasure as his balls churned, his seed shot deep into her womb. He thrusted his hips a few more times as he came, his head shooting two more times.

The couple panted as they collapsed, Chad wrapped Sandra in his arms. They laid there in silence as they caught their breath. Sandra fell asleep against Chad, her nails playing on his skin as she dozed off. He shivered and held his mate close, her body was warm and smelt like him. He liked that. His thoughts became foggy as he joined his woman in dreamland.

Leona woke up from a strange nightmare, she sat up straight and looked around. She sighed as she laid her head in her hands, rubbing her face slowly. She tried remembering the dream, but it was slipping quickly from her memory. Her eyes darted to the side, and she noticed Giovanni's absence.

Leona slid out of the bed and picked up her clothes. As soon as she was dressed, she was in the hall. Her head turned up as she sniffed the air, trying to pick up his scent. She walked into the kitchen, her eyes fell upon the jeans hanging on the chair. Giovanni must have went for a run, he loved to take random midnight runs. She smiled to herself and hugged her body, feeling something different.

Leona opened the fridge slowly, searching for something to eat. Her tummy rumbled as her eyes feasted on the turkey sitting there. She pulled it out and made a quick sandwich of breast and cheese, settling at the table. As she munched the feeling that sat in the pit of her stomach remained. , Leona jumped as Chad walked in, she blushed as her eyes glanced to his bare chest. He looked up at her and nodded a hello. He opened the fridge and rummaged for a moment. He chose the same thing Leona had, a turkey sandwich and cheese. She watched him as he took a seat across from her, she smiled slightly.

"Good morning Sir" He cocked his head at the word "Sir."

He smiled at her, "More like, good night." he chuckled at his little joke and glanced around the kitchen, his eyes stopped on the pants hanging on the chair.

"He went for a run in the middle of the night?"

"He likes to run at night, a fancy of his" She smiled and Chad noticed her eyes glaze over as she gave in to her thoughts. He coughed and brought her back to reality, "So how long does he spend on these runs?"

Her face fell slowly and she looked uncertain, "That's the thing... He should be back by now... He never spends more than an hour running... I'm getting a little worried..."

Chad nodded and looked at Leona, he noticed the curve of her chin and the soft creamy appearance of her skin. She was attractive. He shook away the thoughts creeping into his mind, he had a mate and so did she.

Leona got lost in thought again, she was thinking of her Giovanni. The pain in her stomach peaked as she thought about him, she knew something was wrong, very wrong.

Both of them looked up as Sandra walked in, the stretched and reached her hands up above her. She made a cute grunting noise and looked to Chad, he smiled at her and immediately felt a twinge of guilt for thinking about Leona like he was. Sandra walked over to Chad and kissed him lovingly, Leona averted her eyes.

Sandra smiled against his lips and whispered, "Mmm I wish you would wake me up like that more often... It makes me more motivated to get up." Chad smiled and laid a hand on her ass, stroking her firm cheek through her jeans.

Leona cleared her throat and stood up from the table, the couple looked at her as she rose. She smiled slightly at them and turned to the door, "I think I'll go look for Giovanni, I'm getting worried."

"What's going on?" Sandra looked from Chad to Leona.

"Giovanni went for a run a little bit ago, and he hasn't returned... Leona is worried something went wrong.." Chad looked at the worried Leona and smiled reassuringly.

Sandra stepped away from Chad and smiled, "I'm coming, a run sounds good and you might need help if anything goes wrong." Chad stood up beside his mate and nodded, "I'm coming as well."

The trio headed outside and Leona began stripping first, Chad couldn't help but watch as her breasts became uncovered. They were smaller than Sandra's, but looked just as firm. He felt his pants get tighter as she pulled her pants off slowly, her tight bottom showing as she bent over. He bit his lip slowly as her bending made her soft pink lips visible.

Sandra watched the girl undress, not noticing her mate staring bluntly at the naked woman. Leona shifted down in her panther form and turned to the couple. Chad was second to undress. He slipped the only piece of clothing off, his member was semi hard and Leona would have blushed if she wasn't covered in black fur. She felt her sex pulse for a moment and averted her eyes, knowing the arousal could be smelt in the open air.

By the time Chad had shifted, Sandra was naked and she shifted along with the other two. She sniffed the air and smelt the panther's heavy arousal, wondering if it was left from her play with Giovanni or something else. Her thoughts were cancelled as the black wolf and the black panther bounded into the wood.

Sandra caught up to them and nipped playfully at Chad's heels, he grinned back at her and turned to play. Leona left the two and returned to smelling the air, she caught Giovanni's scent and headed that way.

Chad looked up from his playful excursion, he noticed Leona running. He got Sandra's attention and nodded towards the running panther, they both chased after her.

The black panther broke from the forest into the clearing, she scanned the area and sniffed. Giovanni's scent ended here, but she smelt something else. The strange scent filled her nose and she had to shake her head quickly to try and get rid of it. The smell was familiar. Leona realized what it was and her heart started beating faster. They had come and they had Giovanni. The forest around her started spinning quickly, she barely noticed the two wolves break through the trees before she passed out.

Sandra and Chad rushed forward to Leona as she fell. Sandra smelt Giovanni, but she also smelt something different. It didn't smell like anyone she had ever encountered before. What were they getting themselves into? Chad looked nervously at Sandra and Leona. He didn't know what to do.

Giovanni stirred and slowly opened his eyes, he groaned as his head pounded with pain. He tried to stand, but felt a cold metal around his neck. He blinked a couple times and his eyes finally adjusted to the darkness. All he could see was stone walls around him. He whined softly and realized he was back in his panther form. The panther tried shifting back, but he couldn't. Giovanni looked around nervously. Where was he, and why couldn't he shift?

A large door swung open to his left, light flooded into the room and Giovanni had to avert his eyes. The light made his head pound even more. The figure moved into the room with him and closed the door behind them. Giovanni growled threateningly and looked up. The same man from the forest was standing before him.

"Well well, you decided to wake up." His voice was dark and cold. "I bet you're wondering why you couldn't change back? You see, we have a special magic in this room that prevents you're body from making the change." The man chuckled and watched Giovanni whimper and growl.

The cat tried standing, but the leash and chain that were bolted to the ground prevented him from standing. He looked up at the man, his eyes full of hate. A sudden rush of electricity made Giovanni collapse and shiver all over. When the current stopped, he took the moment to catch his breath.

The man smiled down at the panting panther, he held the remote so that Giovanni could see it. "You have a shock collar on, so I hope you don't try that again." His smile was sickening. "Now then, I'm going to walk you out of this room, we have plans for you. Don't try anything sneaky, or ... Well I think you know what will happen."

Giovanni felt the chains on the ground loosen, the man picked up one and yanked him forward. He stumbled and growled, but obediently followed. The man led him out of the dark stone prison, he looked to his left and right as he walked behind his capturer. There were several doors like his, he could only guess what they contained. The walls were white, it looked like he was in some sort of hospital.

Giovanni heard a scream coming from up ahead and a shiver ran down his spine. What did they want from him? They rounded a corner and Giovanni was shocked by what he saw. A woman, naked, was being dragged by her hair. She was kicking and screaming as the large man pulled her, he didn't seem to be having trouble.

"Clark, is that really necessary?" The man turned to Giovanni's holder and smirked, "The bitch didn't want to walk, so I decided to drag her ass." Clark looked down at Giovanni, "Is that the one you and Jason caught?"

"Yupp, he is. And lemme tell you, he was hard to get. We've been following him and his friend for about a year now. Jason went back to try and find the girl, hopefully he will get her." Giovanni shimmered and let out a growl, he regretted it as soon as the electric current hit him. He hit the ground again and shivered all over. Clark laughed evilly, "I see what you mean Scott, he is a handful. Are we mating these two?" Clark pulled the girls head up and she whimpered pitifully. Scott nodded.

"I figured it would be cool to see what kind of shifter we would get out of a panther and a hawk." Giovanni looked up quickly and met the girl's eyes. She was terrified, and young to. He could only guess that she was barely of age. He thought about Leona, he prayed she was okay. The man named Scott broke his thoughts, yanking him forward to his feet.

Scott stopped beside Clark and shook his hand. "Let's get this done, I have a hot date tonight." Clark smiled at him and slapped his hand on Scott's back. "Good job man! I knew you weren't asexual!" They both laughed as they pulled their prisoners behind them. The girl looked down at Giovanni, she was so scared.

The two men stopped in front of a large white door. Clark pulled a card from his pocket and slid it on something. A loud beep made the two prisoners jump and the door slid open. They were pulled into a large room with metal walls. Giovanni looked around nervously. What was this?

"Alright," Clark turned to face them as the door closed, "This can be easy or hard. Basically, you fuck her, come in her, and done deal." Giovanni glared up at the man, how dare he even think it was okay! He saw Scott raise the remote and held his growl in his throat. Scott cleared his throat, "Well well, you're learning. Now then, shift into your human form."

Giovanni shivered as his body melded into a man, he stood up slowly and the girl blushed at his nakedness. She looked away, not before Clark noticed. "See! The little slut! She wants to fuck him!" He laughed and Scott smirked. The girl hid her face and Giovanni didn't look over.

Scott and Clark walked over to the wall, a door opened from the wall and they walked inside. The two adults stood alone on the metal room. Giovanni looked around and saw a table on the far corner.

A voice came from the ceiling, "We don't have all day guys, fuck and get it over with!" Giovanni's hands balled into fists, these dumbass people really believed he was going to do this innocent little girl. He cleared his throat, "I am not doing anything to her, you'll have to kill me first."

"Oh really?" the voice had a sarcastic tone to it, "Well then, your mate won't mind joining you in your death?" Giovanni rushed forward and started beating the metal wall with his hand. His knuckles started bleeding as he pounded the metal. The man fell to the ground as electric currents flowed through his body, the pain seared as he cried out in agony on the floor.

The girl watched in horror, she was trembling as the man thrashed on the floor. Her eyes were flooded with tears and she hid her face with her hands, not wanting to watch anymore. The electricity subsided and Giovanna panted on the ground, he laid there for a moment before the voice spoke again.

"Now then, are you ready to listen?"

Giovanni looked at the small girl, his hands in fists as he said nothing and laid there. The electricity returned to his body and he shook all over. The pain ran down his spine and he involuntarily arched his back as he groaned out in pain.

"You won't make me do this! YOU WON'T!" He screamed at the top of his lungs as the volts stopped and he laid on the ground panting and wheezing. His eyes met the girl's and he saw the fear.

"It's okay little one. I won't do anything to you."

Tears ran down her cheeks as she sniffled and reached out to Giovanni. The moment their hands met she felt pain run through her and she screamed out. Giovanni was up immediately and he picked her up in his arms as she sobbed and continued to shake in his arms.

The voice came back over the intercom, "Well since you're deciding to be defiant, we will just torture the girl until you do what we want."

Her sobs got louder as the electricity stopped for a moment before returning again. Her eyes were wide with fear and tears fell onto Giovanni's arms as she wept.

He couldn't take it anymore and he growled in defeat, "Enough."

The girl whimpered in his arms and held tight to him as her body trembled. She felt his bare body press to hers as he rubbed her back slowly, comforting her. She looked up fearfully at him, her eyes were puffy from the tears. Giovanni smiled reassuringly and picked her up quickly, carrying her over to the metal table.

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