tagNonHumanMates Ch. 05

Mates Ch. 05


...Awake in a weird place...

Chad shook his wolfy head back and forth, his head was pounding. He slowly started to get up, but was stopped by the chains around his neck. The wolf growled and pulled at them, without any luck at all. Chad flopped back down on the ground and huffed, he was trapped somewhere and he didn't like it one bit.

A small clank came from somewhere in the room and the wolf's head shot up quickly. A small door opened in front of him. A strong looking man stood before the wolf, Chad noticed a device in his hand. The canine immediately started to growl at the man.

Clark glanced down at Chad, not fazed by his threats. He pressed a button on the device and sent the wolf into a ball of spasms. He let off after a moment and watched as the dog laid there panting, trying to regain his composure.

"Now then puppy, I need you to get up and be good. Obviously you know what this remote does, so don't try anything dumb. Your mate is down in another room and if you want to see her, then you'll behave and follow me."

Chad growled, but didn't fight as the man took ahold of the chain that was connected to the ground. After a few moments, he had Chad on a leash and was leading him down a hall. He looked to and fro, trying to see what was going on.

A howl from the distance made him stop mid-step. It was Sandra's howl and it sounded like she was in trouble. He felt a tug and then another stronger pull. The wolf stood his ground and growled at the man.

Clark rolled his eyes and pressed the button, letting the wolf seize on the ground for a moment. "I said to listen and be good. She's going to get much more than that if you try and act up again." Clark yanked the leash and pulled Chad to his feet. "Now come on..."

Chad walked slowly behind the man, ears back listening for another sound of Sandra. They came to a white door and stopped, the man punched in a code and walked through the opening. It latched behind them and Chad looked around, it looked like an operating room.

Tables lined the crisp white walls and there was a camera in one of the corners. Clark unlocked the leash and walked out of the room, Chad turned to follow him and was met by another quick jolt of electricity. "Be good, wait here," and then the man was gone.

After a few minutes of waiting, the door opened and in walked a man with a leashed animal behind him. Chad was relieved to see a familiar face. Leona walked in head down, she hadn't noticed the other animal in the room. Her eyes lit up when she saw him.

Scott turned her loose and she ran to Chad. They rubbed against each other, her whimpers making the wolf shiver all over. He was so happy to see that she was alive. Leona looked at him and nuzzled his snout, purring softly.

"Alright, glad we got the reunion going on. I'd hate to break this up, but we have some things to do. Now then, we want you two lovely specimen to mate. You can shift in this room back to a human and then do what you do."

Chad looked up at the source of the sound, Scott had already left the room and Chad found quickly that the sound was coming from the ceiling. He growled at them and heard a chuckle, "Or we can kill both of your mates. That's fine. Well... We won't kill them, but we will torture them... So of you two really care about them... Then you'll do this...."

Leona shivered and looked at Chad, what choice did they have? They could risk that the men were calling a bluff, but what if they weren't. What if they actually were going to hurt Giovanni? What if... A lump caught in her throat and Chad nodded in understanding. He knew what tangents her mind was going on. He had the same thoughts about Sandra.

The wolf was the first to change, he stood up as his body shifted. Leona watched him changed and closed her eyes, knowing that she should shift too. After the two were changed, it was Chad who took the first step. His strong arms took Leona into them, cradling her against his chest.

"We don't... We don't have to do this... We can fight them.." He looked down at her as she pulled away. She had tears in her eyes and she shook her head as he spoke, "No.. No we can't... Chad what if they aren't bluffing... I can't stand to think.. Gio-.."

"No Leona, we're supposed to be faithful. We can't.. Think of how it would make Giovanni feel.." Sandra whimpered and a few tears fell from her eyes as she thought of the disappointment and hurt that it would bring Giovanni.

A crackle came from the corner of the room and both of them turned their heads to see a panel of the wall showing an image. Chad stepped forward cautiously and looked at the screen. There were two separate pictures on the television, both of holding cells like the one he was being kept in. Leona stepped over and gasped as she saw the right image. It was Giovanni chained and the other had feed of Sandra.

Chad growled out and looked up at the ceiling, "You wouldn't dare harm her." As he finished his sentence he heard the loud sharp cry of his mate from the television. She was writhing on the ground in her pen and crying out in pain. Chad slammed his fists against the wall and screamed out, "Leave her alone! STOP IT! She's not doing anything wrong!"

The voice emitted from the ceiling once more, "We will continue to shock her until we see some kind of movement from you two. Oh and just to be perfectly fair..." The sound of Giovanni screaming broke through the screen. Chad and Leona stared in horror as both of their mates rolled on the ground in pain before their very own eyes.

Leona covered her mouth and silently sobbed as she watched Giovanni writhe on the ground. She looked to Chad and shook her head slowly,

"Chad we have to. They aren't going to stop!" The screen went blank and they were left in silence.

"Now that you know we're serious.. you have exactly 2 minutes to commence or we'll vamp up the volts and really make them scream."

The two stood there for a moment, staring at each other in sadness. They would have to do this in order for these men to be satisfied and to save their mates.

After a few seconds Chad stepped directly in front of her and leaned down slowly, placing his lips delicately on hers. She whimpered softly against his lips, they were softer than Giovanni's. She felt hands moving back around to the small of her back, stroking up and down. Her body arched against his as her arms reached up and wrapped around his neck. Tears fell down her cheeks as she kissed Chad, thinking of Giovanni the whole time.

Their kisses became more urgent and Chad lifted her up into his arms. Her legs wrapped around his waist instinctively. Leona could feel his large bulge pressing against her crotch.

Leona felt Chad take a few steps and then she was against the wall. The coldness of the wall sent shivers moving up her spine. Her kisses traveled down to his neck where she nibbled and nipped at his skin. The man let out a soft moan and his cock jumped slightly.

His hand moved down between them, and she felt the head of his member pressing against her tight opening. A gasp escaped her lips as she felt the spreading of her labia. His shaft was thicker than her mates, he was spreading her further than she had ever been before.

They both moaned loudly as she slid all the way down onto him. Her walls spasmed and gripped slowly while she became used to this large member inside her. Their lips stayed together as Chad used the wall as a crutch for some of her weight, as if he needed it. He began moving his thick shaft in and out of her hole, making sure to be gentle.

Leona's mind was racing as she kissed Chad. She was making love to him, what would Giovanni think and how much would this hurt him. Oh but how she had longed for Chad's body, they had a spark that couldn't be defined. Her legs wrapped tighter around his waist, letting him know she wanted more. His hips bucked up and forward, sending her back slamming softly into the wall. She cried out against his lips as he began ramming inside of her. Her back arched against the wall, the pleasures were coursing throughout her body at high speeds.

Chad moved his hips as fast as he could, loving the feeling of Leona's tight pussy surrounding his thick cock. He hands squeezed at her sides, grabbing her skin roughly as he pumped himself in and out of her. Their lips came apart for a moment and Chad took this moment to clamp his teeth onto her neck, biting hard and rough. Leona responded with moans and Chad knew that she was lost in her passions. His arms went back around her waist and he pulled her away from the wall, carrying her to the center of the room.

The cold floor felt good against Leona's back, but she wasn't in that position for long. Before she knew it, Chad had her flipped over in the dog position. Leona's back arched down and her butt stuck out, she was presenting herself to him. Chad licked his lips, unaware of anything around him anymore. He re-positioned himself at her opening and slid in with one thrust. His hands flew to her sides as he pulled her back onto his shaft. He threw his head back and gave an animalistic growl. His nails dug into the woman's side, leaving small pink lines there.

Leona didn't know how much longer she could take of this, the pleasures were everywhere inside and outside of her body. She felt as if she were consumed by the passions, her mind wanted only one thing in this moment and that was for him to come inside her.

Chad's growls quickly became louder and more aggressive, he leaned forward and his teeth latched onto her neck. He felt the pleasure build up and he bit down hard as his semen came rushing forward and filled Leona. His hips bucked involuntary for a few moments and he placed his hands on the floor, holding himself up while Leona laid on the floor panting. Their bodies were covered in sweat and the room smelled strongly of musk.

Chad laid to the side of her, jumping at the coldness of the floor against his hot flesh. His hands ran through her hair as she laid there, eyes cold. It was this moment that made him think of his sacred times with Sandra and the pit in his stomach grew. He had just mated with another female. He broke the code that he swore he never would. Somewhere in the room a voice spoke, but Chad didn't turn his head nor did he care. He knew they were coming to separate them.

Scott grabbed Leona by the hair and hoisted her over his good shoulder, he turned on his heel and walked out of the room. Chad rose to his feet and stood before the only other man in the room. Clark held up the chain and attached it to the metal collar around the naked man's neck. The moment the metal touched, Chad felt his body change. He was shifting back to wolf form without any control.

Clark yanked at the chain and headed towards the door. The wolf followed with this head down, his thoughts were racing as he walked. A sound from the end of the corridor had the wolf looking up, he saw something that he didn't want to see at all. The familiar white wolf walking towards them looked beaten up and discouraged as she followed her leader. Their eyes met and he knew that she could see there was something hidden in his eyes.

They didn't have long to see each other, the man yanked her to the side and they disappeared. Chad whimpered and tried following his mate, but Clark grabbed the chain and pulled him away.

Once Chad was back in his pen he laid there thinking about what happened between him and Leona. His cock grew a little when he thought about her slender frame, her lovely small breasts. He daydreamed between thoughts of Leona and thoughts of Sandra and eventually slipped into an uneasy sleep.

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