tagNonHumanMating of a Demon

Mating of a Demon


I am laying alone in my bed, asleep, yet uncovered. My milky white body laying still against the pure purple silk of the sheets. You come in, quiet as the dark itself. Slipping into the stillness, and quietness of the night. You stand gazing upon me as I lay asleep. Not even sensing your presence as of yet. I let out a moan in my sleep as I move into a more comfortable sleeping position.

Without realizing it, the blankets slide lower down my body. Revealing to you every curve of my milky white skin. You rumble a low growl. One that would tell others you are hungry and ready to feed.

I begin to sense your presence in my sleep, and I slowly turn back over. My breasts, bare and round, tempt your hunger. The temptation grows too strong and you can no longer resist your needs. You move over to my body, leaning down and tasting first one nipple and then the other. I start to wake, and you move your hand across my face, putting me into a state of trance. My body begins to move on its own accord. Twisting and turning, trying to get pleasure from every place at once. You begin sliding your hands down my body, feeling every curve.

My body wakes to your touch, though I am; as of yet, still asleep. You part my legs for better access into my pot of honey. Slipping your hand down into my smooth mound, feeling my creases, and my slit getting more moist with every touch. I arch my hips up to you, my body begging for more. Suddenly you thrust two of your long fingers deep inside of me, and I scream. My eyes fly open for the first time of total wakefulness. I see you in all of your demonic glory. There is a moment of fear, and then one of curious interest.

I relax back down and lay my legs wide open for you. You grin with utter hunger. The two fingers you still have inside of me, begin moving rapidly back and forth. Your other hand begins flicking my clit. Teasing it and tormenting me. Now my screams are those of pleasure instead of fear. While you are still pumping your fingers in and out of my pussy, you lean down and bury your fangs into my smooth and glistening mound. Drinking my blood and juices combined. My breasts heaving from lack of pleasuring.

Your free hand roams up to manipulate my nipples; squeezing, and twisting them. I scream out from the pleasures of the pain. My mind reeling from the height of ecstasy you have placed me in. Bringing me to countless orgasms. You turn my body so my legs are wrapped around your body. You press your staff deep into my opening, thrusting harder and deeper with each stroke.

With my orgasms spilling out over you, you pull out and pull me up by my hair. Grabbing a handful of hair; and bringing my face level with your glistening cock, you force yourself down my throat. Holding onto your cock with one hand, and pushing my head deeper down your shaft with the other, you force me to clean all of the juices off of you.

You finally release me, but forcefully turn me around. Slapping your hand down across my ass, you leave it smarting and red. You force me to get on my hands and knees, spreading my legs wide apart. Pushing my head down into the bed, you bring yourself up behind me and begin thrusting relentlessly into my sopping pussy. Deeper and harder with each thrust. My screams of pleasure can be heard the neighborhood over.

Suddenly you pull out, your cock slick with my juices. Placing your cock against my ass, you begin thrusting even deeper and harder into my asshole. My screams are now of pain as you continue, not relenting, but grabbing my hair as you pump your hard cock deep into my ass. You lean in hard, grabbing my neck, and pulling me up to you. At that same time, you notice my roommate had come home.

Stunned out of speech, she stood in the doorway watching you. Your grin even larger now, almost feral. You continue thrusting your cock into my ass. Still holding my neck; you lean down and bury your fangs into its curve, drinking my blood. My roommate, whose feet are still frozen in place, begins to undress where she stood. Soon naked; she begins to play with herself, masturbating in a hypnotic state. You release your hold on me, and slow your thrusting while watching her. Your grin grows broad when you see her legs begin to shake. As her first orgasm spills down and around her legs, you notice the puddle growing at her feet. You turn me loose, and lay me, dazed, onto my back. Both of my holes so used they are wide and open. You bind my legs in an up, and open position, as you strap a very large pulsating dildo into my pussy. My hands, you bind down near my clit. My neck and breasts are bound to the headboard, so every movement draws them tight. All this while you notice my roommate is still in a state of trance.

You beckon her over, and bid her to kneel before you. Bringing her mouth up and around your cock, she begins licking and sucking on you, while you caress her head. You then order her to get up on the bed, also on her hands and knees. As you push her head down, you order her to begin flicking my clit with her tongue. You begin thrusting three fingers, deep into her pussy. Popping her g-spot, and causing her to spray her juices down your arm with another orgasm. This brings back your hunger.

You decide that you will pump both of her holes the same way you did mine. Grabbing her hair, you bury your cock deep inside of her ass. Thrusting in and out. She has begun flicking and rubbing my clit on her own. You get and idea, and decide to release my binds. You order me to lay down in front of her, still on my back. As you bury your cock deep into her pussy, you order her to bury her face and hands into mine.

Still thrusting your cock inside of her, you feel and see both of us coming at the same time. Being not yet satisfied, you decide to have a little more fun. Having her lay directly on top of me, with breasts touching breasts, and clits touching clits. You clamp both of our clits up to a source of mild electricity, sending subtle shocks deep into our cunts. Then you spread both of our legs wide, and you once again come up to us. This time you had not one, but two cocks to pleasure the both of us at the same time. Thrusting yourself deep into the both of us; you feel our clits pulsing with energy, and our pussies filling with our own juices, ready to spill out.

Suddenly you grab her, pulling her up, which pressed her clit down harder onto mine. You exploded your demon seed into both of us. Impregnating us with that one shot. Slowly your stream came to an end, and you ordered us into a sixty-nine position. Forcing us to continue pleasuring each other. Licking and sucking on the others cunt, drinking your juice out from each others pussy. Grinding our clits deep into each other's mouths, our orgasms once again spilled out and down, onto the other one.

You continued our trance of sexual pleasuring until we both fell unconscious onto the bed. With your seed impregnating the both of us, you gave us your hunger and thirst for continuous sex. Our lives forever changed, now a mirror of that event. Unbeknownst to us of the deed that occurred, we only know that we have an insatiable desire for the painful pleasures of sex.


~December 31, 2003~

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