tagMatureMature Fantasy Club Ch. 01

Mature Fantasy Club Ch. 01


Part 1

New to the Club

As I was sitting at the orientation in the Mature Fantasy Club with my wife Lauren, I reflected briefly on the events leading to my being here. My name is Jay. A few months ago I retired from an executive position with a corporation in the Midwest and moved to a retirement community in the South to enjoy the Golden Years. I was fairly young for retirement, about fifty five, but I had worked hard and saved and invested wisely, so we could afford a luxury town home in a golf community near the beach. My only problem was that my wife had gone frigid on me. We had a reasonably good sex life earlier in our marriage when we had our two children, but first the fear of having more kids and then the shear repetition of relating to the same person for almost thirty-five years had taken the romance out of our sex life. Plus, my wife was strictly a missionary position person. Any suggestion that I made regarding new or innovative techniques or different experiences met with shrug or that sounds disgusting. Eventually, I gave up and devoted more and more time to my work. Now that I didn't have my job interests and I could only golf so much, our sex life or lack thereof, was becoming a real problem. I was getting depressed and thinking of moving back north. Then I met Don, who became a real golfing buddy. Don and his wife, Ronda, lived in a town home, just down the street from us. Don was only a year older than me and Ronda and Lauren were born only a month apart. They became bosom buddies and began shopping and playing cards together continuously.

One day Don and I were just about the only two men in the clubhouse, after a round of golf. After another frustrating night with Lauren, I asked Don how he and Ronda seemed so lovey-dovey, always kissing and hugging. Don just laughed and suggested that they had romantic hearts. I broke down at that point and told Don about my miseries with Lauren, swearing him to complete secrecy, particularly with his wife. Don mentioned that when they first arrived at the community, things between them hadn't been that great, but then they created a Mature Fantasy Club with two other couples from our community. The Club existed for the past two years and Don and Rhonda's sex life had improved immeasurably.

"What was the concept behind this Club, Don?

"Look I can't provide all the details, but there is a meeting next week, and I urge you and Lauren to come together. In fact, you have to come together since this is club only for couples."


"Look, this club is for couples who want to have better sex lives. And we will only add members based on recommendations from existing members. Of course, Ronda and I will heartily support your membership. We only ask you to sign a non-disclosure agreement because the discussion will involve intimate matters."

The Club sounds interesting and I wanted to go, but I had a harder time with Lauren. She couldn't understand why we needed to join a club that would not advertise. I had to call Don and release him from my secrecy pact so he could have Ronda help us out with Lauren. Whatever Ronda said was pretty convincing, and so we went the meeting on Monday morning at Don and Rhonda's house.

I recognized the other two couples—Bill and Cecilia and Jim and Wendy. Both were in their early sixties. They seemed to be very friendly and welcoming when we were introduced.

Bill initiated the discussion with a brief background about the Club, which was founded on the principle that senior citizens engaged in an active fulfilling sex life lived longer and healthier. "It wasn't the Fountain of Youth, but it was the next best thing," he stated, pausing to general laughter.

"The Club doesn't believe in evening meetings because participants at our age needed to be fresh. There would be different events planned for each Day and members would sign up the previous meeting. There were lots of events to insure member happiness and often, popular events would be doubled up if members showed enough interest. Members were encouraged recommend and participate in different events to experience broadening of interests. Consistent with that philosophy, you could not sign up for the same event on two consecutive days. "

Some of the events Bill mentioned included: "Crème Sandwich; Double Penetration; Laid on Girls; Woman's Choice; Vigor through Viagra; Toy Story; Filling up all Holes; Porno Day; Titillation; Busty Breakthrough; Orgasm Competition; Masseuse; Male Strippers; Doctor-Nurse; Nurse-Patient; Instruction in Self-Pleasure; Orally Yours; Lingerie for Both."

The titles were-self descriptive, but he had developed a short paper with short descriptions that he handed out to all of us. It was clear that choices were innumerable and very sexually provocative, I thought. Typically, each meeting had at least two events.

Bill continued with his pitch. "Husband and wives are encouraged to attend different events. However, once per month, we require that they join one group together."

Then he focused on the Four Not to Break Rules of the Club:

"No Pain ---S and M were out; If you were Gay this wasn't the Club for you; Events from the Club stayed inside the Club; Members found disclosing information were immediately suspended. If you didn't want to do it; you could opt out without pressure."

After pausing for questions, Don continued, "the Club also had a well-stocked library of Adult DVD's to take home and an inventory of Adult Toys for use at certain events; but they were always sanitized before use. We ask each couple for a financial contribution to maintain and update. Each couple also agrees to volunteer to help out on a rotated basis. The Club has arrangements with a Doctor and a Nurse Practitioner who could write prescriptions for drugs like Viagra, that several members were taking, various hormonal creams that helped some of women, or just be available to discuss any medical issues."

He joked, "that several of our returning members appear have different skin tone and tummy shapes. Was it the beach, summer workouts, or did some of you go to the cosmetic surgeon?"

After asking for questions, Bill circulated non-disclosure forms to be signed. After collecting non-disclosure forms, Bill stated, "if Jay and Lauren are interested in membership, they have to be voted on by the existing members. They could not be accepted without unanimous approval because the club required compatibility for success. Before the vote, each person would be interviewed about his or her sexual history in front of the group. So, are the two of you interested?"

Lauren and I looked at each other. And to my surprise, Lauren nodded affirmatively. I did likewise.

Part 2

Interview with Lauren.

Bill began to interview Lauren. "Lauren, I am going to ask you a few questions to help our members determine if you should become members of our club. Are you ready?"


"How would you rate your sex life now on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest?"


"What are your measurements?"

"I am 5' 3 " and 132 pounds."

"No, I mean your body measurements."

"Oh....I am 34 25 35."

"And your cup size is...B."


"At what age did you have your first sexual experience with another person?"


"What happened?"

"My date felt my boobies."

"At what age did you have your first sexual intercourse?"


"When and with whom?"

"I was college freshman and I was in a relationship with a boy at the college."

"At what age did you first engage in oral sex and with whom?" At this question, Lauren paused and did not respond quickly.

"Remember, you are being rated on your answers."

"The same boy I had sex with. He kept pressuring me to use my mouth on him."

"Did you find it pleasurable?"

"Not really. I gagged."

"Did you ever have a sexual experience with a member of your own sex?" I'm sure I saw my wife blush profusely at this question.


"Please be responsive"

"I guess the answer is yes."

"What happened and when?"

"My sister and I experimented with touching each other. I was about thirteen and she was fifteen."

"So your answer to my earlier question about first sexual experiences needs to be modified."


"Why do you want to join the Mature Fantasy Club?"

"My husband seems very interested."

"Aren't you interested?"

"I wasn't sure but one of my friends who is a member encouraged me to try."

"What do you hope to get out of the Club?"

"To be frank, the night my husband talked to me about it, we had very good intense sex. As you said in your opening remarks, an active sex life is good for your health."

"Do you mean your sex life has been lacking?"

"Well.....you have me trapped in that statement. I guess it could be better."

"When is the last time you masturbated or if you prefer, pleasured yourself?"

" Do I have to answer that question?"

"No, but your membership may be at stake if you don't."

"It was... a couple of weeks ago."

"How often do you do it?"

"I'm not sure exactly, whenever, I feel a strong urge."

"Does your husband know about you masturbating?"

"I....don't think so," her voice was barely audible.

"Could you tell us what techniques you use?

"I use a vibrating dildo."

"How long have you had the dildo?"

"About two or three years."

"If the Club membership required you to shave your private parts, would you object?"


"You can't ask the questions here."

"Do the others...?"

"Please give me an answer?"

"I guess I wouldn't object if everyone had to do it."

"If I asked you to remove your clothes right now, would you comply?"

"I have always been a bit ashamed of my body shape; but with the proper encouragement, I guess I would."

"What kind of encouragement?" "Like you said before, if I knew it was a requirement of membership, then I would assume others have done it before."

"What is your deepest sexual fantasy? Something that you have never told anyone before, even your husband."

"I honestly don't know. I have never thought about it."

"OK, when you're masturbating, what images are in your mind?"

"This is getting very personal."

"That's true, but this Club is about the most personal moments; the deepest sexual emotions and expressions. You have to be really engaged with your own feelings as well as other members personal desires in order to have a successful membership."

" When my body begins to heat up and become sensitive to my stimulation, I let my mind wonder back years ago to the first time I had a complete orgasm, and I try to simulate the emotions pouring up through my body in rhythm to the deep pulsations that occurred at that time."

"When did that happen?"

"It was the second or third time that my sister and I began touching. She started playing my boobs and then progressed down to my private parts. I think her tongue touched my clitoris, which was surrounded with fluid. I was writhing uncontrollably and told her not to stop. She kept sucking and sucking until I could take no more and my body just tensed completely and exploded in what I remember to be a starburst. My senses were overwhelmed."

"Would you mind if a woman, who was a good friend, would do that again for you?"

"I...guess so."

"Did you review the list of various specials that the Club engages in?"

"I glanced at it before the interview."

"The Laid on Girls may fulfill your fantasies."


"Were there any other special events that seemed to attract your interest?"

"The Masseuse sounded interesting and so did the Porno Day."

"Have you ever viewed a pornographic movie?"

"Yes, once my husband rented a tape and we watched it."

"What was your reaction? Well, I told my husband it was disgusting, but to tell the truth, there were a few scenes that were a turn on."

"Go on".

My wife was now conversing in a casual manner, just as if the interviewer were a friend and there was no video. "There were these two women with stocking suits, cut below their exposed breasts, and displaying their private parts."

"You know, their pussies," as Don looked quizzical.

"There was this good-looking man lying between them with a huge erect penis, probably about eight inches. The two girls caressed and licked his penis and testicles for several minutes, until his sperm exploded in the air."

"Have you been secreting private juices from this discussion?"

"I think so."

"Please check."

Her hand quickly and deftly went inside her jump suit. "Yes, I am wet. I can't believe it."

"One last test. Please strip down to your bare essentials for the group." Lauren quickly removed her jump suit. Only her bra and panties were beneath as suggested before our orientation. I think she was trembling. But she quickly got out of her bra and panties and looked around at the members.

"Please do a turn around as if there were a camera focusing on you." I could see the redness around her exposed pussy lips.

"Ok, the interview is over. Get dressed and rejoin the group. I think you did very well for a rookie." Lauren smiled broadly and did as she was told. The group exploded in broad applause. Lauren blushed and quickly sat down near me.

Part 3

Jay's Interview

Next I sat in the chair in the semi-circle formed by the group. Wendy conducted my interview. "Jay, I hope you are going to as honest about your sex life as your wife.

"How would you rate your sex life on a scale of one to ten, with ten being the highest?"


"At what age did you have your first sexual experience?"


"What happened and with whom?"

"I was invited to a party and we played spin the bottle. If the bottle pointed to a girl, the boys could feel her breasts and if the bottle pointed to a boy, the girls could reach inside his pants."

"At what age did you have your first sexual intercourse? And with whom?"

" A friend and I were invited to a party. When we got there, there were only two girls. We went swimming nude in their pool and had sex afterwards. This went on for a few weeks, but suddenly the girls stopped inviting us. I was fifteen."

"At what age did you first have oral sex and with whom?"

"It was at the same pool party. One of the girls was worried about becoming pregnant. She wasn't on the pill. First she tried jacking me off. The second time, I talked her into doing something with her mouth. She wasn't real good."

"Did you ever have a sexual relationship with a member of your own sex?"


"Why do you want to join the Mature Fantasy club?"

"The sexual relationship with my wife has gone stale. It's been going down hill for a long time and I hope that this club will be a life saver."

"When is the last time you masturbated or if you prefer, pleasured yourself?"

"I can't remember exactly. It was many years ago."

"If you're having unsatisfactory sex with your wife, how do satisfy your sexual drive?"

"Usually, once or twice a month with my wife helps. Occasionally, I will have a wet dream in my sleep. I also exercise regularly."

"If the Club required you to shave your private parts as a condition of membership, would you do it? " "Yes."

"If I asked you to remove your clothes right now in front of the group, would you do it?"

"I guess so, yes."

"What is your deepest sexual fantasy, something that you have never told anyone, even your wife?"

"That's an interesting question. After Lauren responded to the same question, I thought about it. I love the outdoors. I guess having sex out in the open, may be at a beach, would be really fantastic."

"Do you fantasize about this when you are having sex with your wife."

"No." What do you fantasize about?"

"I think about having my penis caressed and sucked by a young woman."

"In other words, a great blow job."


"As a result of this conversation, do you have a full erection?"


"Have you felt semen secreting into your testicles?"


"One last test, please strip down your bare essentials for the group."

Jay quickly complied. When his penis was unleashed from his shorts, it bounded up in full erection.

"Please follow me."

Wendy led me into one of the private bedrooms where I noted that a video cam had been placed near the bed. . Semen was burning into my testicles and my seven- inch penis was straining against the towel that I used to cover myself. It felt humongous. I wanted to ravage someone at that moment, but also was intrigued by what Wendy would do next. It didn't take long to find out. Wendy applied shaving cream to the hair surrounding my penis and testicles. She gently massaged and masturbated me, to the point that pre-cum was freely flowing and sensual urges were rapidly growing. Then she used a blade to carefully remove my hair until I was naked as a new born. I was barely holding on to my sexual urges when she stripped naked and displayed beautiful blue-veined breasts that I would guess were D Cup. Her body was a bit on the stubby side with a slightly rounded stomach and big hips. She took her breasts and wrapped them around my penis still covered with crème and gave me the best tit fuck I ever had. Just as I was about to erupt, she enclosed her mouth around my penis and sucked. I couldn't hold back any more as I ejaculated junks of semen into her mouth. She ran her finger from the tip of my anal canal right up to the tip of my penis as I ejaculated one more time. My only disappointment is that she went quickly to the sink where she spit out my semen.

"I hope I fulfilled your sexual fantasy". I quickly nodded and was at lost for words.

At the same time, Wendy was leading me into a bedroom; Rhonda grabbed Lauren's hand and led her into another bedroom. I watched the following on tape later.

" Lauren, would it be more comfortable for you and I to strip together?"

Lauren nodded affirmatively. I don't think she took her eyes off Rhonda for an instant as she stripped off her clothes, revealing a sizeable pair of curvy breasts with a slim waste and hips. Lauren quickly took off her clothes as she displayed her familiar body, which was not bad for a woman of 53. Nice boobs with small perky nipples surrounded by light brown aureoles. Her bust had a bit of sag, but it was not too noticeable. She had a stocky compact body with a nicely rounded ass.

"Lie down, Lauren."

Rhonda massaged Lauren's pussy and ass, applying a creamy substance. I could tell from Lauren's eyes rolling back, that she really enjoyed the massage. Then Rhonda took a fine bladed shaver and began removing all the hair around Lauren's privates. Then she added some more cream and used a small blade to trim near the sensitive clitoral area, which was pouting out from encasement in its hood, showing a high degree of turgidity. Rhonda then applied a type of skin conditioner to cool the shaved skin. Lauren's body tensed upwards in response to Rhonda's gentle caresses. Rhonda climbed on the bed with Lauren, using her well-endowed bust and turgid nipples to stroke Lauren's vulva. Then she tongued her, starting with Lauren navel, working her way down to the pouty pussy lips, now secreting glistening moisture.

Lauren started writhing to and from; a high-pitched moan escaped her throat. After several minutes of Rhonda's gentle suckling and tonguing, her body began thrusting up and down. Rhonda inserted her tongue directly into the vaginal canal and then quickly encompassed the blood-engorged clit, in repetitive movements. Lauren tugged her breasts, pushing and squeezing together as Rhonda stuck one and then two fingers inside her steamy vagina and then using her finger to caress directly under her clit, while continuing to engage in heavy tongue licking. In short order, Lauren body stiffened.

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