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I know that I'm not a young man anymore but I don't consider myself as old. I prefer to think of myself as experienced. Those experiences have given me many things to reflect on and there is one subject in particular that always has the effect of making my dick harder than two-week-old road-kill. It's the subject of the sexuality of women…no, not just any women…to be more specific, it's the sexuality of MATURE women.

For as long as I can remember I've always held the philosophy that a full life is one where you must experience as much as you can. I have enjoyed a very full life which included a lot of sexual pleasure and a lot of erotic experiences. Having given it a lot of thought, I have come to realize that the best and most memorable sex I have ever had has been with women who, over the years, have learned what works for them sexually, and what doesn't. Simply put, I am talking about women who are called mature. Look; in most cases these women have lived with their bodies long enough to know what it requires during sex to get the most amount of pleasure. I've reluctantly had to admit that some of the most unfulfilling sex that I have ever had was with younger women who were in their twenties and early thirties.

Over the years I have been in many countries around the world and fucked a lot of different women in a lot of different ways. I'm not bragging I'm just trying to let you know that I have had enough personal experience to be able to arrive at the conclusion that I have. Which is - older women are usually a much better fuck than younger women! Ok, I know that there are always individual exceptions to my conclusion. I'm not saying that ALL older women are better fucks than some younger women. I'm just saying that for the most part, a horny, experienced, older woman will usually fuck-your-ears-off given the chance!
The first older woman I ever fucked was a woman who lived in an apartment next to me. I was in my mid-twenties at the time and she was, I would guess, in her early sixties. She was just an average looking woman and lived alone after loosing her husband several years before. (I never was quite sure what that phrase meant, but on with the story) I'll cut through all the preliminary stuff and just tell you that we became very well acquainted and before I knew what was happening she and I ended up naked in bed together. This is where my naive young male-mind learned about the one big difference between older and younger women. Older women have a tendency to be multi-orgasmic...say like at least 20 to 30 times! Where younger women haven't learned that trick yet!

Oh yeah, and something else about older women. If they have a pretty strong sexual history then it's a pretty good bet that they've sucked a lot of cock in their time and they've learned where the good spots are! Hey, it'll make you dig your fingernails into your arm to keep from cumming too soon!

Once when I was in California, Los Angeles to be exact, I met a waitress who had been an exotic dancer (stripper) when she was younger. She was still very attractive when I first met her, but in a profession that only demands youth, as she aged, she found it harder and harder to find somewhere to perform. When we met, she hadn't been on stage for many years, however, after a lifetime of tantalizing men with her femininity, she could, just by the way she got undressed, make any man throw away his Viagra and start thinking about buying a new Corvette.

Look, I'll admit that younger women are usually tighter - and their breasts a little firmer. But what good is a tight pussy and firm tits when they holler-out some idiot rock star's name as you're on the home stretch?
Once when I was in my early twenties I met a young girl at a club who, as I remember, was the same age as I. That first night we ended up at my apartment and the whole time we were having sex she wouldn't open her eyes. When I asked her about it she explained that she didn't want to see a man's penis until she got married! "That way," she explained, "I can kinda keep my virginity!" Thinking back, it doesn't make much sense to me either, but she did have a nice set of bazookas!

Listen, older women don't usually get too moody before, during, or after sex! You don't have to deal with the PMS crap. They don't have to worry about getting pregnant, and if you can look past an extra pound or two here and there they can usually drain every once of manhood out of you before you can say "Social Security." And anal sex? If a woman has been married or sexually active for many years I can almost guarantee that, more than once, she has experienced someone knocking at her back door!

As far as I am concerned, stretch-marks are simply signs of experience! Another thing, I've come to realize that having children, for most women, is definitely a defining experience to a woman's sexuality that most younger women haven't had. Mature women don't take things for granted. As my first wife put it, "No woman ever takes her vagina for granted once she has gone through the experience akin to passing an inflated football through it!"

There's another big difference I've noticed between older and younger women it's that most mature women can keep a secret better than the Pentagon. It's easier to find the documents outlining the plans for National Defense than it is to find out who a mature woman's past lovers were. With younger women it's not so tough, which can be devastating to your male ego. Imagine a scenario something like this:

"Does that feel good?"

"Uh huh."

"Are you close?"

"Uh huh…Faster!"

"Like that?"

"Uh huh."







"My name's Ted."


So the next time you're going through your day, minding your own business and a mature woman, packing a few extra kilos in a large size cotton dress, no make-up, with her hair pulled back, no stockings and black high-topped tennis shoes raises her eyebrows and smiles a faint little smile at you that says, "How about it big boy?" Take a chance! It'll probably be the best you have ever had.

And hey, your ears won't really fall off…it'll just feel like it!

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