tagGay MaleMaverick Cattle Company Ch. 03

Maverick Cattle Company Ch. 03


There are scenes of unprotected sex depicted in his story. In all cases it was between the two main characters, who are in a committed, monogamous relationship and were tested. If you aren't in the same kind of relationship, then you should always protect yourself and wear a condom.


Mitch woke slowly, predawn light filtering through the window shades. He had awakened with his face buried against Darrin's neck. He always enjoyed how Darrin smelled, a wonderful combination of musky earthiness and aroma of his bath soap. Mitch inhaled deeply, held it, and then slowly exhaled. Darrin's scent was a stronger stimulant for him than any drugs. He inhaled again, enjoying the curling tendrils of pheromones that assaulted his brain. He tilted his head slightly and kissed the back of Darrin's neck, getting a slight taste of masculinity with each touch of his lips. Mitch lost himself in exploration of his husband, focused on the smells and tastes that he was finding. He was jerked from his musings when Darrin spoke.

"I love it when you do that," said Darrin with a rumble.

Mitch reached up and kissed along Darrin's ear. "I love how you smell in the morning."

Darrin chuckled as he turned to Mitch. "Aren't you the lover that makes fun of me when I say you smell yummy."

Mitch laughed, pressed his lips against Darrin's and then separated slowly. "I better be your only lover; and you like me when I'm ripe and sweaty. That's not the same thing at all."

Darrin smiled and stretched, "It's nectar of the gods, you know."

"Hmm, maybe I need to find some of that shit," said Mitch. He smiled and then disappeared under the covers. Mitch kissed along Darrin's bare torso and ran his hands through Darrin's groin, enjoying the textures he found. Taking Darrin's rapidly hardening cock in his fist, Mitch squeezed its stiffening shaft and then slapped it against his scruffy face. Moving back slightly, Mitch pressed his lips against the expanding tip of Darrin's glans, and sucked. The clear juice that flowed into his mouth elicited a small sigh. As he moved to take the now stiff cock in his mouth, the sheet lifted and Darrin's smiling face was framed against the white background.

"Come up here, sexy. I wanna make out with my handsome man," said Darrin.

Mitch crawled upward, letting his body glide over Darrin as he moved closer. With their hard cocks sliding over each other, Mitch sighed and enjoyed the sensations of their crotches grinding together. For several long minutes he enjoyed the heady feeling of their hard cocks interacting before moving higher. Their bodies intertwined, he took Darrin's face in his hands and kissed him passionately. Their heated kisses continued as time unwound, building their levels of desire. The precum leaking from their now steel-hard cocks created a slickly coated tangle of manhood. Mitch pinned Darrin under him and started humping his torso. The coarse hair rubbing against the tender underside of his dick sent waves of ecstasy through Mitch's body. He let out a loud moan as he felt his orgasm gathering. With one last hard push against Darrin, his balls emptied their content. The hot semen raced through his system, his body tensing and his cock convulsing between them. Mitch was overwhelmed with sensations as his dick belched out huge quantities of cum. By the time the last wave emptied from Mitch's body, he was spent and collapsed onto Darrin.

"Oh shit," said Mitch between gasps of air. "That was damn good!"

Darrin smirked and ran his hands down Mitch's back and over his hairy ass. "One of us is not finished . . ."

Mitch smiled and wrapped his hand around Darrin's dripping wet cock. He slowly teased Darrin with the first few strokes and then began rapidly pumping his steely member. Darrin's legs were soon trembling as his orgasm barreled from his nuts. Mitch's hand continued its rapid dance over his cock, Darrin's body locked and his feet curled as the first volley erupted from his cock. Watery cum squirted out in thick streams that added to the pool of jizz already coating him. As the last tremors shook him violently, Mitch striped the last bit of cum from Darrin's cock. Sucking the juice into his mouth, he relished the pungent reward.

Mitch lay against Darrin and cuddled, relishing the feeling of cum thinning and slowly trickling off their bodies. Darrin kissed Mitch gently and looked at the results of their lovemaking.

"As much as I'd love to cuddle with you all day, I think we need to clean up," said Darrin.

"Yeah," said Mitch, leaning in for a kiss. "I have to ride that south pasture again. Those steers are just aching for another hole to get out. Besides, I haven't had a chance to take Storm out since we brought 'em back from my parents. He and Lady haven't been rode enough and are kinda lazy."

Darrin laughed as he sat up on the side of the bed, his feet hitting the hardwood floors. "Well, your mother spoiled them. They didn't get that much attention when we had them at school."

Mitch nodded in agreement and headed to the shower while Darrin cleaned first himself and then stripped the bed. Soon they switched roles and between the two of them any evidence of their early morning tryst was eliminated. They chatted about what needed to be accomplished during the weekend while they ate breakfast. Once they finished breakfast, Darrin banged on Josh's door and yelled for him to get up. With that they left the house together. Darrin followed Mitch to the corral, chatting with him while he saddled Storm. Darrin stole a kiss just before Mitch swung into the saddle and then watch as his man moved Storm into a lope toward the pastures. Shaking himself from his preoccupation, Darrin turned to begin working on his list of chores.


"Darrin! Oh fuck, Darrin! Where the hell are you!" screamed Josh.

"I'm right here, Josh. What's wrong?" said Darrin as he walked out of the hay barn.

"Storm is back!"

"Yeah, Mitch said it wouldn't take very long."

"No! Storm is back, but Mitch isn't."

"Ohmygod!" muttered Darrin as he broke into a run. Checking the corral he saw that Josh was right. The horse was back but was still had on all its tack. In the futile hope that Josh had just missed Mitch, he sprinted to the other buildings. But Mitch was nowhere to be found. Running back to the barn, he jumped onto the ATV; turning he found Josh had shadowed him and had a look of shear panic on his face.

"Josh, get the pickup. Mitch was going to check the south pasture. Something's happened, hopefully Storm just bucked him off and we'll meet him walking back to the house," said Darrin.

"Yeah. Ok," said Josh, his face ghostly white.

With Josh's acknowledgment, Darrin ripped the ATV into full throttle and started searching the pasture. The minutes raced by as Darrin quickly worked his way along the fence. He heard the rumble of their pickup as Josh searched from the other direction. But time passed quickly with neither of them finding Mitch. The panic was building in Darrin, his mind imagining the worst. His anxiety was becoming overwhelming when he heard the pickup horn blaring through the quiet fall afternoon.

Darrin turned the ATV and raced toward the sound. Feeling like he was traveling through molasses, the seconds it took to reach Josh seemed interminable. Rounding a large stand of cedars, he saw the pickup parked at the edge of the creek embankment. Darrin wheeled in, jumping from the vehicle before it had stopped rolling and ran to the edge. In horror he looked down at his darkest nightmare. Lying at the bottom of a 15-foot embankment was Mitch's twisted body with Josh standing helplessly over him. Darrin looked at the travesty of his husband crumbled in the red mud and sandstone rocks of the creek. With a heart-rending sob, Darrin launched himself over the edge and plunged to his lovers broken body. Splashing through the slurry, he dropped to his knees by Mitch's head and lifted it. Tears rolled down his face as overwhelming grief gripped him. What would he do without Mitch? Mitch was who kept him sane. Distantly through his anguish he realized Josh was standing beside him, tears streaking his dust covered face. Holding Mitch hard against him, Darrin started rocking back and forth as he sobbed.

"Not so tight, stud. My head hurts."

Josh and Darrin both jumped at the soft words uttered from Mitch's mouth. "Mitch? Mitch! Oh fuck! I thought I'd lost you," cried Darrin.

"Fucking hell, leg hurts like a mother fucker," muttered Mitch. Suddenly Mitch tried to sit up and fell back with a moan, "Where's Storm? Is he ok?"

"Yeah, he's fine. He came back to the corral. That's how we knew to look for you," said Darrin.

Mitch chuckled weakly, "He didn't want to go to the edge. I had a bitch of a time getting him close. I guess he knew more than I did," said Mitch. As he tried to move again he went rigid as the pain surged over him.

Darrin turned to Josh and started giving instructions. "Get back to the pickup. Call 911. You probably won't get a signal in this hole. Tell 'em where we are. Mitch is going to need an ambulance."

Josh nodded and scrambled on hands and knees back up the creek bank. Darrin distantly heard the pickup roar off and then his world narrowed to Mitch. Oblivious to everything but his husband, Darrin held his again unconscious man. Listening to each breath Mitch took, Darrin was thankful Mitch was still alive. Hours seemed to pass before Josh was back and sliding down the bank to them.

"They're coming! The EMT's are on their way. They're from around here so they know where we are. And just in case I gave them the GPS coordinates that I got off your phone."

Darrin reached out a mud stained hand and patted Josh's shoulder, "You did great. Just great." Darrin turned back to the unconscious form in his lap and whispered, "They'll be here soon."

The two of them talked softly to each other, and Mitch as he drifted in and out of consciousness. Soon Darrin could hear the faint sound of sirens but the wait was interminable before he heard they stopped. Seconds later he looked up to find three impassioned faces looking down at them from the edge of the creek embankment.

"Hey," said one of them, "I'm Jeff, this is Marc and that's Sue. We'll have you out in no time. Just stay calm. Give us a second and we'll be down."

Good to his word, in very short order, Jeff and Sue were at the bottom of the creek evaluating Mitch's condition. They relayed the information to Marc who was talking to the hospital. Their calm and professional demeanor went a long way to reassuring Darrin. Once they completed their assessment, Sue squatted on the bank beside Darrin.

"Sir, we need to ask you a few questions."

"Sure, whatever you need," said Darrin as he tried to wipe his face on his arm.

"Excellent . . ." with that she started down the list of standard questions. Darrin didn't even consider his response when asked for his relationship to the patient. While Darrin didn't note the EMT's brief pause, Josh did and hoped it wasn't going to mean trouble later. By the time the questions were answered and Darrin looked up again, there were additional people on the bank above them. He recognized Doug, but there were others who he didn't remember. As long as they were helping, Darrin didn't care. He heard plans being discussed on how to get Mitch out of the creek, but Darrin's focus was on the man he was holding. Suddenly he was surrounded by people who were intensely working to get Mitch out.

The next few minutes were agony for Darrin as he watched them strap Mitch into a basket stretcher. They were as gentle as possible, and had already injected Mitch with all the painkiller his injuries would allow. Darrin saw a tow cable slither down the bank and looked up, realizing that Doug had moved his pickup so they could pull Mitch out with the winch on it. More men piled over the edge to help carry Mitch out. Darrin grabbed a corner and started up the bank with the others as they slowly climbed the steep slope. But it was still not an easy operation and several times Darrin wished Mitch would lapse into unconsciousness until it was over to spare him the obvious agony.

Once they finally reached the top, Darrin moved to the side to catch his breath. As he looked around, he realized people moving with hurried efficiency surrounded them. Some he recognized from the night of the fire, others he couldn't remember ever seeing. Recovered from the climb, Darrin moved beside the stretcher as they carried Mitch to the waiting ambulance. When Darrin tried to follow he was stopped when one of the EMT's stepped in front of him.

"I'm sorry, sir. But you can't ride in the ambulance."


"Sorry, sir. Even if you were married you couldn't, it's against company policy."

Darrin glanced up in time to see the EMT turn red as he realized what he'd said. Darrin glared at the man but kept quiet, his focus on getting Mitch to the hospital as quick as possible, and a scene right now would not help.

"Yeah, ok. I'll follow in the pickup," said Darrin with a calm that didn't feel.

The crew visibly relaxed and quickly readied Mitch for the long drive to the nearest hospital. It was soon inching its way across the pasture. Turning back, Darrin could see the crowd was dispersing. He stood dazed for a few moments as he tried to gather his thoughts. He jumped slightly when Doug's large hand landed on his back.

"You ok, Darrin?" asked Doug.

"Yeah. Yeah, it's just . . ." Darrin said with a shudder, "I thought at first that he was dead."

Doug nodded and watched as Josh walked up, not looking any better than Darrin. Turning back he asked, "You need a ride to the hospital? It'd probably be best if you weren't driving."

Before Darrin could answer, Josh said, "I've got it, Mr. Parker."

Doug looked at Josh for a long minute and then nodded. "Well ok, let us know if you need anything. I'm sure Mitch is going to be out of commission for a while. Just let us know what we can do to help."

"I will Doug, and thanks."

Watching as Doug turned to leave, Darrin shook his head. It was amazing what a difference one generation could make, because Doug was certainly nothing like his mother. Turning back to Josh he clasped the young man on the shoulder.

"Let's go, Josh. I want to follow the ambulance to the hospital."


Darrin rushed into the emergency room with Josh tight on his heels. Pausing for a second to get his bearings he spotted the desk and ran over to it.

"Mitch McRichards was just brought in. Where is he?"

The older woman behind the desk looked at Darrin over the top of her glasses and then started typing on her computer.

"McRichards, yes. He's in ICU. It's immediate family only."

"I'm his husband. I need to be with there!" Darrin said in barely constrained frustration.

"I'm sorry, sir. It's immediate family only. Hospital policy does not consider domestic unions immediate family," said the woman with a scowl on her face.

"What! You will let me in or I'll tear this hospital apart brick by brick to get to him!" screamed Darrin in frustration.

"Sir! You will need to keep your voice down. There's no reason to yell."

"No reason to yell my ass! My husband is in intensive care and he could be dying and you're telling me I can't be with him. What the fuck is that!"

"Sir. If you can't control yourself I'll have security escort you out of the hospital."

Darrin inhaled to unleash a storm of frustrations when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Snapping his head back he saw that Sheriff White Cloud standing beside him.

"Darrin, what's the problem?"

"Mitch was hurt bad. He and his horse fell down a creek bank. And she won't let me in to be with him." Darrin explained. His body was starting to shake from the stress and frustration. He was glad the Sheriff was there, but didn't know what could be done. All he knew was that he wasn't with the person he loved most when he was seriously injured.

The woman bristled visibly and sank back into her seat. "You know the hospital policies, Jim. I can't just let everyone in."

The Sheriff leaned forward with a look that didn't bode well for the obstinate woman. "What do you think the hospital, and its spiffy clean administrators in Oklahoma City would think of you not letting a loved one back to see someone in ICU."

The woman seemed to be softening for a minute, then her resolve settled in again. "It's their rules, not mine. Sorry."

Jim's face darkened and he leaned in close to the woman. Darrin prepared himself for a verbal tirade. The next words from the sheriff caught him completely by surprise.

"Wanda. These boys are two-spirits. Do you want Nanna to come talk with you?"

The short woman blanched and looked away, then she turned to Darrin, "Room E7."

Darrin smiled at the Sheriff and started down the hallway she had indicated, with Josh and the Sheriff trailed behind. When Wanda saw Josh she stopped them again.

"Hey! I said him," she pointed at Darrin, "Not you. How are you related."

Josh got a look of panic and glanced at Darrin. Determination quickly replaced the panic and he turned back to the woman.

"I'm their son, and I'm going to see my Dad!"

The woman started to argue, and then surrendered. "Fine. Whatever. Go!"

The trio walked rapidly down the hallway. As they moved past open doors, Darrin looked at Jim with a quizzical look on his face. "Who's Nanna?"

"My grandmother," said the Sheriff.

Darrin was taken aback, but it quickly left him as they walked into the room. Darrin moved to one side and Josh the other, trying to stay out of the way but wanting Mitch to know he wasn't alone. Soon the nurses had him prepped for surgery and were wheeling Mitch out of the room. Darrin and Josh were directed to the waiting room and sat in tense frustration as the minutes crept by.


Mitch looked around the room through blurry eyes. He saw Josh, sound asleep, in one of the chairs. Smiling to himself he watched Josh turn in his sleep and wipe the drool off his face. He heard a soft sound beside him and turned to find Darrin beside the bed.

"Hello, sleepy. How are we feeling," said Darrin.

Mitch cleared his throat and smiled, "I'm not sure how 'we' are feeling, but I think I'm on some damn good drugs."

Darrin chuckled, "Yeah, you're right. Do you need anything? Is there something I can get you?"


Darrin lifted a cup of ice the nurse had left for Mitch and dug out a spoonful, feeding it to Mitch. While he continued to spoon feed him ice chips, Darrin inwardly grimaced at the sight of his normally vibrant husband stretched out on a hospital bed surrounded with machines and tubes. As he sat the cup down, the door opened and the doctor came in. He looked over Mitch, checked his stats and then smiled.

"Well Mr. McRichards. How are we feeling? How is the pain?"

Mitch suppressed a laugh at the second 'we' in so few seconds but answered the question, "It's good. My throat is dry, but otherwise I don't feel that bad. How am I?"

"All things considered, you're in remarkable shape. It certainly could have been worse. You have a concussion and your leg has multiple breaks. You were lucky, the orthopedic surgeon was here from Oklahoma City on his weekly visit when you came in, and he's one of the best in the state. So you got excellent care."

"So what's the prognosis, Doc?" asked Mitch.

"A couple of days of observation for the concussion and then you can go home. In a few months you should be back to 100%."

"Months? How many months?"

"Oh, six or eight. You can start physical therapy once the incision heals. Six months of PT and you should be good to go. They'll work with you and the crutches too. You shouldn't need them for more than a month or so."

Mitch looked at Darrin in panic at the length of his recovery. Expecting to see him equally distressed, Darrin's broad smile confused Mitch. But he'd slept through most of the drama of the last 24 hours, including the minutes when Darrin thought he'd lost Mitch. For Darrin, needing to take care of Mitch for eight months was fine, just fine.

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