Max and Julie


Max sat slumped in his chair during the boring lecture, his long legs stretched out in front of him. Why did he sign up for a philosophy class he wondered. Dark blond hair fell across his golden amber eyes as his gaze roamed the room. He had been bitterly disappointed on his first day of college. He had been hoping for a whole new experience, new girls. But a majority of the other students were the same people he had just spent the last few years with in high school.

He began checking out the girls, listing in his head who he had screwed, who he would like to screw and who he wouldn't let near him. Amy Stewart drew his gaze as she always did. He had fucked her several times, as had most of the guys in his senior class. She could always be relied upon for a good time. She was pretty average but knew how to make herself stand out with dyed blond hair and sexy outfits.

Tearing his eyes from her, his gaze next settled on Julie Fletcher. She lived next door to him but he hardly knew her. She was rather plain, never wore make up and dressed in baggy clothes. He was about to slot her in the "no way" category, when he decided to take another look. He took in her wide green eyes and thick, glossy brown hair, pulled back in a messy ponytail. Her legs were long and even though they were covered now, he recalled seeing her in shorts over the summer and her legs were nicely shaped. She was wearing a baggy sweatshirt, but he could make out a subtle curve that suggested large, full breasts beneath.

Maybe I would do her, he thought to himself as the bell rang, freeing him from the boredom.

He was home alone the next night when he heard the phone ring. He ran into the darkened office hoping to catch it before the answering service but was too late. In his haste he hadn't bothered to turn on the light and was about to the leave the dark room when a light went on next door. He had a computer in his room, and hardly ever used the office so was quite surprised to find that he now had a perfect view into Julie's bedroom.

Coming close the glass and cupping her hands around her eyes, she peered across the short distance between the two houses, looking into the blackness of the room Max was standing in. He guessed she was looking for the tell tale signs of the computer screen flickering and seeing none, she turned and pulled off her sweatshirt.

Max flopped down into a chair. "Whoa," he whispered. She was wearing only a thin, tight tank top under the sweatshirt. He had been right before, she had very nice, large, full, firm breasts. The nipples were a dark pink that he could clearly see through the thin fabric of her top.

She pulled the elastic out of her hair and swung it loose. Max tore open his jeans as it tumbled down her back.

He began stroking his hard, throbbing cock as she undid the tie on her sweatpants and slid them down her long legs. A pair of tiny white panties barely covered her. Turning, she surveyed herself in a full length mirror.

Max gasped with delight as she rubbed her nipples, causing them to harden and strain against her top. Holding his breath, he watched as she crossed her arms in front of herself and gripped the hem of her tank. With what seemed to him agonizing slowness, she peeled it off, slowly revealing herself to him.

His breathing coming faster, she tilted her head looking at herself in the mirror. She gently pinched her nipples, causing them to harden even more. Her fingers trailed over her breasts and down across her flat stomach.

Max thought he was going to shoot his load as her fingers dipped into the tiny panties. He could see her fingers straining against the satiny fabric as she was obviously fingering herself.

Again with agonizing slowness, she removed her last garment, sliding the panties down her legs and stepping out of them. She put her foot up on a chair and again slid her fingers into her pussy, while watching herself in the mirror.

Max was having a hard time holding back as he watched her head tip back, her hair cascading down her back, brushing against her firm, round ass, her fingers pumping in and out of her pussy. One hand reached up and squeezed a breast, again tweaking a nipple and he lost control, shooting cum onto his shirt and spattering his jeans.

With half closed eyes, he watched her body jerk and shudder as she also reached orgasm.

He sat in class the next day and couldn't keep his eyes off her. Was this really the same girl he had watched masturbating last night? She caught him staring at her a couple of times and he forced himself to concentrate on the lecture.

It was Friday and after the class a buddy of his invited him to a party that night, but he declined. "My folks are going out of town for a couple of weeks and they want to have dinner with me tonight, so I have to stay home," he said, rolling his eyes. In reality, he didn't mind at all staying home. He was hoping to catch a repeat performance from Julie.

During dinner his mother commented, "Max honey, the Fletchers are also away, and Julie is at home alone. You should invite her over for a swim or something. She really is a lovely girl, you should get to know her."

"You know, Mom, that is a good idea," he replied, surprising her. "I think I'll do that."

Later that evening, he settled himself in the office and waited. He was soon rewarded with Julie's light coming on. She again peered across the space between the houses before slowly peeling off her clothes. Max had already unzipped his jeans and was erect the moment he saw her.

He stroked himself as he watched her pleasure herself. She again stood before the mirror and Max could see her every angle. Her full breasts, her wet pussy with her fingers buried deep inside and her firm, round ass. How he wished she would bend over, he would love to see her sweet puckered hole. He had been fantasizing a lot lately about taking a girl in the ass. He had never done it, and was dying to try it.

He was ready this time, having brought a towel with him and he used it to catch his cum as he shot his load at the same time as Julie trembled and shuddered to her own orgasm.

Later that night, he lay in bed jacking off again, fantasizing that Julie was above him, riding his cock with her ass.

The next afternoon, after his parents had left he walked next door and rang the bell. Julie answered the door, surprised to see him. "Hi," she said shyly.

Images of her naked and masturbating, suddenly filled his mind and he had to force himself to remember why he was there. "I understand that both of our parents are out of town and I was wondering if you'd like to come over tonight. I was going to fire up the barbeque, go for a swim. What do you say?" He was suddenly nervous that she would turn him down and waited anxiously for her reply.

She suddenly smiled and slightly blushing, she replied, "That sounds nice. I'd love to. What time should I come by?"

"How about six?" he suggested.

"Can I bring anything?" she said. "A dessert maybe?"

Hopefully you'll be dessert, he thought, but instead only said, "No, just bring yourself." He smiled and walked back to his own house, hoping she hadn't seen the growing bulge in his jeans.

Julie ran upstairs and into her parent's bedroom. There was no way she could go over to Max's house with the bathing suit she owned. It was a boring, conservative one piece and she needed something hot. She pulled open the drawer where her mother kept her bathing suits and at the back she found what she was looking for. On a whim, in Mexico, her mother had bought a very tiny bikini, but had only worn it once.

She shed her clothes and tried on the white suit. She stood before the full length mirror and blushed at her own reflection. Her breasts barely fit into the top and the bottom was so tiny she was going to have to shave herself. She turned and peering over her shoulder saw that the back revealed a lot of her ass. Could she actually wear this? She bit her bottom lip as she stared at herself.

She was eighteen years old and tired of still being a virgin. Other girls talked about sex and she wanted to know what it was like too. She'd had a mad crush on Max ever since she had first seen him five years ago but until today, he had barely acknowledged that she was alive. Since she didn't have a boyfriend to have sex with, Max was the next best thing. She stood straight and squared her shoulders. Today was the day. If this suit didn't seduce him, nothing would.

She examined the tiny piece of fabric covering her pussy and realized she would have to shave herself entirely bare. She had heard that guys really liked that sort of thing so she walked into the bathroom and grabbed a can of shaving foam and a razor.

Half an hour later she again examined herself in the mirror. She slid her fingers through her smooth hairless folds feeling her pulse quicken. She quickly removed her hand, wanting to save it for later, with Max.

She pulled her own clothes back on and tried to do some studying until six but was too keyed up to concentrate. Wandering down to the family room, she turned on the TV and wiled away the next few hours zoning out on mindless television.

Max returned home and after checking that he had all the ingredients he needed for dinner, he also found he had nothing to occupy his time. He walked into his bedroom and turned on the computer, logging onto his favorite porn site. He watched videos and read stories about anal sex, but resisted jacking off, wanting to save it for Julie.

Julie returned to her mother's clothes and found the mesh top that she wore over bathing suits and a long white gauzy sarong to cover the bottom. She tied it off at her hip and slid her feet into the heeled flip flops that also belonged to her mother. Taking a deep breath, she again examined herself in the mirror. A small smile tugged at her lips. Tonight was going to be amazing, she thought as she turned and left the room.

Max was just finishing getting dressed after taking a shower when the doorbell rang. He ran down the stairs and flung the door open. He froze when he saw Julie. His eyes took in the tiny white bikini top, straining to contain her large breasts, her slim waist and the seductively low sarong, revealing a full bare leg on one side. He cleared his throat nervously and invited her in.

"It seems hotter over here than at my house," she laughed as she walked out to the backyard.

"I guess it's because of the pool reflecting the sun and all the rocks and concrete around it hold in the heat. Your backyard is all grass and trees so it would seem cooler." I'm babbling like an idiot, he though, trying to get ahold of himself.

"Do you mind if I take a swim right away?" she asked.

"No, go right ahead. I haven't fired up the barbeque yet, so I think I'll join you," he said smiling, pulling his t-shirt off over his head.

She shed her mesh top and slowly untied the sarong. Max was trying not to stare but he was dying to know what the bottom half of that bikini looked like. She slid the gauzy fabric away from her body and he almost fell over, the bottom was so tiny.

What is she trying to do to me, he thought, his breath quickening. Wait a minute, his thoughts continued. Just what is she trying to do to me? I can see that she's obviously shaved her pussy for that suit and would she wear something like that just for a friendly dinner and swim? A sly smile curled his lips as he wondered if she was trying to turn him on. What did she have planned for this evening?

He realized that his cock was hardening so he quickly slid into the pool to hide his arousal. He watched her as she walked down the concrete steps into the shallow end. "I turned the heat off, since it's so hot out. I hope you don't mind," he called out to her.

"No, it's nice," she replied, the cool water swirling around her thighs. Her feet touched the bottom of the pool and she sank below the water, pushing off and gliding into the deep end. She came up near Max and smoothed her hair back. Treading water she saw that he was staring at her nipples, which were rock hard and straining against the fabric of her top. The water had made the fabric semi-transparent and she knew he would be able to make out the dark pink of her nipples.

"Mmmmm, this feels so good," she murmured, floating on her back, closing her eyes.

She looked so hot in the tiny suit that, even in the cool water, Max could feel his cock hardening. He was aching to touch her. How would she react if he ran his hand up her thigh, or if he placed a kiss on her stomach? He realized she was about to hit her head on the side of the pool and he grabbed her ankle, pulling her back.

Her eyes flew open as he touched her and dragged her through the water. She dropped her feet and again treading water stared at him.

"Sorry, you were about to hit your head," he said softly. She was very close to him and he was wondering if he could make his move so early in the evening.

"It's OK. You just startled me," she replied, her tone matching his as she stared deeply into his amber eyes.

He reached out and wrapped his hand around the back of her neck, pulling her to him. He looked at her for a moment more before pressing his lips to hers.

Julie's body sang as his lips touched hers. She pressed herself to him, their legs tangling in the deep water. Without breaking the kiss, Max pulled her into the shallow end where they could stand. He wrapped his arms around her wet body pulling her close to him. She parted her lips to his seeking tongue and he reveled in her sweetness.

Running her fingers though his wet hair, she could feel his erection pressing against her hip. Her senses were reeling as their kiss deepened and all she was aware of was him, his body, his hands and his mouth on hers. She sighed as he ran his hands over her body, down her sides and over her hips. He hesitated before reaching around and gently cupping her ass. A soft moan escaped her lips letting him know that his touch was welcome.

He continued kissing her as his hands caressed and squeezed her firm, round ass. How he wanted to slip his hand beneath the clinging fabric and finger her tight asshole. She tipped her head back and his lips pressed against the tender flesh of her throat. She reached around to the back of her neck and with trembling fingers untied the thin straps of her top. She slowly peeled the fabric away, revealing her breasts to him. He stared at them for a moment, his hands reaching up to gently cup them before he bent his head. She gasped loudly as his mouth captured a rosy nipple, sucking gently on the hardened nub.

It was the most amazing sensation she had ever experienced. Even better than the orgasms she brought herself to. She pressed her crotch against his, grinding against his erection. She took a deep breath and finally uttered the words that she had longed to say for years. "I want you, Max," she whispered.

He looked up at her, surprised that she had succumbed to him so easily. Gently kissing her lips, he asked, "Are you sure?"

"Yes, yes, I'm sure. Take me Max, take me," she pleaded, her lips again pressing hungrily against his.

He scooped her up in his arms and carried her up the steps out of the pool. He took her into the cabanna and laid her down on a wide padded bench before lowering himself down next to her. He again ran his hand down her side, pulling on the ties to the bottom of her bikini.

She sighed and arched against him as he pulled the tiny piece of fabric away, leaving her naked beneath him. "You are so beautiful," he murmured, gazing down at her body. He quickly pulled off his swim trunks, their damp bodies clinging to each other.

"Tell me what you like," he whispered, kissing a trail between her breasts.

"I don't know," she replied shyly.

"C'mon, you can tell me," he urged.

"Really, I don't know," she replied. "Anything you want will be wonderful," she sighed as he swirled his tongue around her nipple.

A thought struck him and his head suddenly snapped up. "Julie, what are you saying? Are you a virgin?" he asked, his brow furrowing in concern. He quickly got up, "I'm sorry, I didn't realize, I..." he trailed off, not knowing what to say.

"Max, it's OK. I want this, really. I want to know what it feels like and I want to know with you." She ran her hands suggestively over her body, squeezing her breasts, tweaking the nipples. "Don't you want me? I want to do whatever you want to do, teach me how to please you," she whispered.

His cock twitched at her words. "Whatever I want?" he asked, a wicked smile curling his lips. "Baby, you don't know what you're asking," he teased as he again eased himself down next to her.

"You're not into anything weird, are you?" she asked, worried that she may have gone too far in her eagerness to have him.

"Nothing too strange," he smiled, his hand caressing the inside of her thigh. "If you're uncomfortable with anything let me know, maybe I'll stop," he teased as his fingers brushed against the smooth lips of her pussy.

She gasped and arched her back, a small cry escaping her lips as his fingers delved further. His touch was so much better than her own. She writhed on the bench, raising her hips, inviting him into her. He slid down her body and gently pulled her thighs wide apart.

Her breath was coming fast, anticipating what was to come. "Your shaved pussy looks so hot," he murmured as he again ran his fingers between her wet folds. He gently kissed the outer lips before his tongue followed the trail of his finger.

She gasped loudly and moaned as he spread her lips with his fingers, allowing his tongue full access. He lapped at her, swirled his tongue around her clit and gently nibbled on her sweet lips. She arched her back and cried out as he felt the surge of wetness that signified her orgasm. She lay limp on the bench, her breath coming heavily as he stiffened his tongue and began poking it into her soaked hole, savoring the taste of her.

She again cried out and arched her back. Max looked up with a smile. He had never been with a virgin before and was enjoying how easy it was to bring about an orgasm. He gave her clit a final suckle before rising and kissed his way back up to her lips.

"Your turn," she breathed. She pushed him onto his back and crawled down his body. She had watched some videos on her computer and was pretty sure she knew how to do this. She tentatively licked at the head of his throbbing cock, testing the taste of him. She swirled her tongue around the head and then gently slipped him into her mouth. A loud groan slid through Max's lips and she was encouraged to be bolder. She experimented with how much of him she could take and after a few attempts found she could take all of him.

His hand landed clumsily on her head, his fingers entwining in her hair as her nose pressed against his stomach. "Oh God, Julie!" he cried as she pumped the full length of him in and out of her mouth. "Oh yeah, that feels good," he growled.

Quickening her pace, her head bobbed up and down above him, until his hand tightened in her hair. "Stop, please, stop," he begged, gently tugging on her hair.

She glanced up at him, thinking at first she had done something wrong. Seeing his heaving chest and the thin sheen of sweat on his brow, she knew the exact opposite was true. "How many times can you cum in a row?" she asked, gently stroking him.

"Two, maybe three," he gasped.

Again lapping at his hardness, she said, "I want to taste you in my mouth. I want you to shoot your cum down my throat."

He stared at her in surprise, a slow smile curling his lips. "Well then, what are you waiting for?" he said, gently pushing her head back down.

She again slid him into her mouth and resumed her previous movements. After a couple of minutes, Max's hand again clenched in her hair. His body stiffened and he cried out, "Julie, I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum!"

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