tagRomanceMax and Megan Ch. 03

Max and Megan Ch. 03


History seemed to be repeating itself. Max stood once again in front of his ex-best friend's house, hoping once more Hal would loan him a room. Maybe he was a glutton for punishment, but it was the only place he knew he could go no matter what.

He hesitantly rang the doorbell. He nervously shifted from leg to leg while waiting for the door to open.

The door opened to reveal a taller and more grown up version of Christian. "Hi."

"Little Man, what have I told you about opening up the door to strangers?" A male voice called. A guy appeared at the door. "Can I help you?"

Max was unsure if he could. If it weren't for the boy, he'd think that they had moved away. "Is Hal home?"

"No, he doesn't live here anymore." The guy told him and shrugged. "Last time I knew he was in Vegas. Megan would know where he is."

Megan. There was no way she was with the man in front of him, he must have been some long lost family member. He wore black from head-to-toe. His hair was black and spiky, with white frosted tips. He had about six piercings in each ear, two in his lip, and one in his tongue. He wore a black wife beater and black cargo pants with chains running from his waist to his knees. His arms were covered in tattoos, something he knew Megan detested.

"Is she home?" Max questioned.

"Naw, she went to the store, but she should be back any time now. You can wait inside if you want." Another shrug.

He thanked the man as he followed him into the all too familiar kitchen. "I'm Max."

"Jordan. Do you want anything to drink? A beer?"

Max idly wondered how the guy walked with all the weight of the chains on his pants. "That would be nice, thanks."

"I'll text Megan and see where she is." Jordan tossed him a beer and picked his cell off the counter. A blur of fingers later he announced it was sent. "If I was you I'd down that before she gets home, she hates beer."

"Will do."

Jordan's phone rang some odd heavy metal music. He flipped it open and read the message. "She'll be home in ten minutes." He turned to the boy. "You better get in the shower, your mother will tan my hide if you don't."


Exactly ten minutes later the garage door opened then closed. A car door opened and shut. His heart jumped to his throat. The door connecting the garage to the kitchen rattled open.

"Jordan, I think the car-" She stopped talking mid-sentence, her eyes locking on Max's presence. Her mouth dropped open, then closed in a tight line.

"What about the car?" Jordan took the bag from her and set it on the counter. He glanced from her to Max and back. "You two look like you both saw a ghost." He shrugged and set about putting the groceries away.

She had changed in the two years since he had left. Her hair was no longer blonde, but a shoulder length black. Her eyes were still a piercing green. Her skin seemed a bit paler. Her freckles that were splashed across her cheeks were the same as ever.

"What are you doing here?"

"I...I wanted to talk to you." He stammered.

"About?" She replied.

"I'm not sure. I know I shouldn't have come here, but I didn't have a place to go and I thought maybe, maybe I could stay with you." He rushed. "I'll leave, sorry to have come here."

Megan sighed deeply. "Max, you can stay in the spare room, but only if you have nowhere to go and if Jordan is okay with it."

He felt uncomfortable. He was sitting at the table with Megan, his ex-lover and baby's mother across from him. The very girl, woman, whose heart he'd shattered, and some weird kid with a bunch of holes in his face. "Only for a few weeks. Just 'til I find a job."

"You seriously look like you need a shower. I'll get some towels and put them in the bathroom." She replied and got up. Jordan got up too. "It's up the stairs, first room on the right." God, her old room. He nodded and she left the room with Jordan following her.

Max climbed the stairs and opened the bedroom door. It did not look any different than it had as her room. A soft knock on the door caught his attention. "Towels are in the bathroom." And she was gone.

A shower would be nice. He dug through his bag and found semi-clean clothes and shampoo. He hopped in the shower. After he was scrubbed clean, he dried off and got dressed. He caught glimpse of himself in the mirror and groaned. He had a billygoat's beard. He ran water in the sink and began to shave his face.

As he drew the sharp razor over his skin, he began to hear people talking outside the closed bathroom door. He quietly leaned over and listened to them.

"Max is an old friend, as much as he hurt me, I can't just kick him to the street like that."

"So I will." Jordan sounded peeved. "The man has some nerve to show up here expecting you'd just let him in."

He heard Megan sigh. "Because he knows I would let him stay. There is too much history between us."

"I can make him history, Meg. Just say the word." Jordan said in a low and hushed tone.

The door opened and nearly smacked Max in the face. Christian stuck his head in the door. "Whatcha doin'?"

"Shaving." Max said as he rinsed his face.

"Better?" He asked facing the boy.

"Yep." He grinned. He came in and sat on the toilet.

Max had an idea. "How old are you?"

"Almost seven." He beamed, holding up seven fingers. A front tooth was missing from his toothy grin.

"Wow." Max smiled at him and headed to the bedroom. Time had flown by it seemed.

"Christian, leave Max alone." Megan called to him when she spotted him following Max. The boy ran off to join Megan and Jordan.

The rest of the day Max napped off and on. He hadn't realized how long of a day he'd had, but it certainly had been. A knock on the door woke him up. "Max, dinner is on the table if you'd like some." Megan called to him.

He opened the door and bumped into her. She nearly fell backwards, but he grabbed her wrist and steadied her. She smiled tersely and said a muttered 'thanks' and turned and went down the stairs. Following her, the smell of food made his stomach growl. He couldn't even remember the last time he'd eaten a home cooked meal.

He sat at the table with the three others. Cornbread, chili and a variety of vegetables and fruits waited on the table. "Smells great." Max commented.

"Thank Jordan, he's the chef." Megan smiled at Jordan.

"Compliments to the chef." They all ate in silence for a few minutes.

For a conversation starter, Max asked about Megan's father, Hal. "Where is Hal?" He asked. "He ran off with some bimbo named LouLou. They bought an RV and travel around a lot. The last time he called, they were in Vegas." She shook her head. God only knew what trouble Hal was getting in.

"Oh, sounds fun." Max spooned some chili into his mouth.

Megan pushed her uneaten food away from her on the table. She stood up. "I'm going to go lay down." She kissed Christian on the top of his head and walked out of the room.

"I'm sorry if I caused problems." Max apologized.

"You are lucky there is a kid in the house. She would kill me if I kicked your ass in front of him." Jordan shoved a piece of cornbread in his mouth. "She still hurts from her mom dying. You just made it worse by two times as much."

"She told you that?" Max looked at him.

"She tells me everything. That's what wives do." He stood up.

Wives? They were married? She didn't have a ring on, he'd have noticed that. Who was he kidding, of course she met a new guy by now. But married? He felt like puking. To busy himself, he cleaned up the table. He really needed to talk with Megan. "I will leave during the day." Max heard himself say.

"Good, the less you are here the better." Jordan flipped off the light and went upstairs.

Max went in the bedroom and closed the door. He stripped down to his boxers and peeled back the pink comforter that lay on the bed. How manly. He crawled in and shut the light off. His mind was racing with so many thoughts. It was a few hours later before he fell asleep.


Max woke up sometime in the night. He walked quietly down the hall to the bathroom. When he was done, he returned to the spare room. Someone was downstairs in the kitchen, a glass clinked on the tile counter. He decided to see if it was Megan, he really wanted to talk to her without Jordan around.

She stood with her back to him. She wore the same robe she'd had the last time he was there. She turned and almost screamed from fright. "Max! You scared me." Her hand clutched her heart, as if it was going to jump out of her chest.

"Sorry," He grinned, but let it fade. "Your new boy toy wants to kick my ass."

Megan furrowed her brow. "Jordan feels he has to protect us."

"I would never hurt you." He'd said that before and had done exactly that. What a stupid statement.

"You left, twice in fact." If her eyes could be any more hostile towards him, he'd be afraid. "You left me. But you left your own child, which is unforgivable."

"I'm sorry." Max felt as if 'sorry' was never going to be good enough. She was right, he wasn't worthy to even be kind to and lend a room to.

"I was lonely and sad. I felt like how I did when my Mom died. I was scared and alone, yet again." When her mom had died, her world died too. It took Max forever to get her to smile again after it had happened.

"Please get a job soon." She whispered and walked briskly up the stairs and out of sight.


Megan climbed in bed beside Max. "Hey, baby." He said sleepily pulling her towards him. His hand snaked out and rubbed her butt. He pulled her hips toward his. His erection rubbed against her through her clothes. He never understood why she slept dressed. She sighed and rubbed her pelvis back.

Max pulled up her tattered t-shirt. "Mmm, baby." He rubbed her breast. "So sexy." He ground his hips against her. "You ready?"

She nodded.

"Good, because this monster wants you." He pulled her shirt off. Kissing her lips he ran his tongue across hers. He flicked his tongue against hers. His lips went to her neck, biting her nape. Her small hands went to his hardening cock. She moved it up and down, circling the head.

His mouth took in her nipple and she stilled her hand. She was so sensitive there and he knew it. Releasing his hold on her, he gently rolled her so she faced away from him. "Max?" She questioned.

"Shh. You'll see." He molded himself to spoon with her. His erection came to rest in between her clothed bottom. He pressed against her and sighed. His hands moved to the waistband and tugged. She raised her hip from the bed and he slid them off. He put his arm across her, bringing it to her center. His other arm wiggled its way under her midriff and clasped onto her right breast. He gently squeezed.

Megan sighed and parted her legs, grounding back against his member. He rubbed her slit. Dipping a finger in her wetness, he plunged his index finger all the way inside. He added his middle finger. "God." She groaned and turned her head back to face him. His lips locked onto hers, he thrust his tongue in her mouth matching his fingers as they plunged in and out of her. The hand on her breast squeezed and gently pulled on her pert nipple. Her breathing picked up.

"Please." She whispered.

He knew what she wanted. Quickly he raised her top leg and placed it on his own. He rubbed his head against her, causing chills to go up her spine. He aimed himself and gently pushed through her folds.

Immediately he went into a fast, hard pace, slamming into her. The hand that had been in her, held her tight against him. His other hand squeezed her breast almost painfully. He grunted and groaned with each thrust. Megan pushed back to meet him. She started panting.

She was so close, her back arched. Max began rubbing her clitoris roughly. He breathed in her ear. Against her best attempt to stay quiet, the feelings overwhelmed her. She began to moan loudly. He continued assaulting her clit while slamming into her. His moans mixed with hers.

With one final thrust, Max nearly shouted with the sensations rushing through his body. His hand still rubbed her clit, and he sent her over with the loudest moan he'd ever heard her make. Her pussy clamped on his slowly shrinking penis.

After she settled down, Max whispered in her ear. "Are you alright?" She squeezed her inner muscles on him and smiled into the darkness. "Good." He kissed her neck and snuggled against her, still buried inside.

Moving slowly, Max slid in and out only an inch. It was a gentle slow pace, in stark contrast to the hard version they had just finished. He leaned forward and nipped her ear. Pulling out, he resumed his place behind her; both exhausted, they fell asleep.

Max became aware of a wet and sticky feeling he had not felt since he was a teenager. His eyes opened in the darkness. Great, he'd had a wet dream and now had a mess to deal with. He got up and took the sheets off the bed. After he made the bed as best as he could, he laid back down. Closing his eyes, he imagined Megan snuggled against him. He fell fast asleep.


A week passed and Max finally had found a job. He got hired into a construction company, it was all grunt work. He didn't mind so much, it kept him away from the house. He needed to find his own place. Find a girl. Move on.

One morning he sat at the kitchen table, waiting for one of his new co-workers to give him a ride to the site. "We need to talk." He looked over to see Jordan standing behind him.


Jordan ignored him. "When do you get lunch?"

"At noon." Max answered.

"Fine, I'll pick you up at noon." Before Max could ask why, he was gone. A car horn beeped. Max got up and walked out the door.

Noon came around and sure enough, the black sports car Jordan drove was out front of the site. Max walked over and climbed in the passengers seat. "What is all this about?" he asked, snapping the seatbelt in.

Jordan said nothing as he drove away from the curb. Glancing in the rearview mirror, he began to speak. "I want you to move out. Megan will never force you out, but she doesn't want you there."

"I am working on it, believe me." Max replied, watching the houses go by.

"Work on it faster." His hands tightened on the steering wheel. "I want you gone."

"I understand."

"You don't. You left her and your son behind. She loved you so much and you left her. Twice!"

Jordan nearly yelled at him. "She still has feelings for you."

Max was taken aback. How could she still feel anything for him when he had hurt her in all the ways he had?

"She is mine now. " Jordan growled at him.

Jordan reached in the backseat and produced a yellow manila envelope. He handed it to Max. "These are papers to relinquish your rights as Christian's birth father. Fill them out so I can file it and get the court date set up. At the hearing, you will tell the judge that you no longer wish to be a father to him."

"No." As much as Max had never been in Christian's life, he still was his son.

Jordan began to turn red. If they were in a cartoon, he'd have steam blowing out his ears. "Sign the papers, or I will hurt you until you do. I don't want to have to resort to that."

Despite the situation, Max found that humorous. The little punk kid was going to hurt the Army guy. He could sure try. "If you would please take me back to work, I'd appreciate it." He threw the pen and envelope in the backseat.

"Sign the papers." Jordan lowered his voice.

"No, I'm not going to sign anything." Max didn't feel like dealing with him anymore. He unbuckled himself, threw the door open, and began walking back towards the construction site.

Who did Jordan think he was, demanding Max sign over his parental rights? Christian was his son, even if he had never been a good father to him. How could he be a good dad when he was off fighting in the war? He was home now, and things were going to change. He had missed too much. He had done things he was not proud of. He treated people poorly, not thinking of anyone but himself. The only thing he could do was start over and hope Megan and the boy, his boy, forgave him for his mistakes.

(A special thanks goes to Azure for editing)

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