Maxine Does 'Em All Ch. 04

byA bit of Africa©

The third woman, whose name was Aitana, sat on the bed beside J. Lo and Maxine and fondled Maxine’s big breasts. Maxine felt the sensations gripping her body in several areas. She was getting wet again.

J. Lo loved the feel of the novice’s tongue, though and she was getting wetter and wetter, expelling her fluids into the mouth and on the chin of the woman below her. Maxine’s chin was sopping with a mix of saliva and pussy juice. She thrashed her tongue up and down the slit and then remembering what J. Lo had done, latched her mouth over the other woman’s clit and sucked. J. Lo, breathed hard: “Yeah! Oh, baby, yeahhhh!” She pushed her cunt even harder against Maxine’s face and rubbed it feverishly up and down in little movements. Maxine continued to suck J. Lo’s clit, her mouth forming a tight seal against the upper portion of the other woman’s cunt. J. Lo’s coarse pubic hair was tickling her nose.

The Latina started coming, her orgasm spreading through her. Her head was throbbing. Even her feet were tingling. The beauty and effort of this lezzie novice was making her come big time. Her pussy convulsed and her juices spurted onto Maxine’s chin. Maxine felt the first flood of moisture and quickly unlocked her mouth from J. Lo’s clit and lowered it over her spasming hole. She licked up some of the escaping fluid, then latched her mouth over the hole, spreading her mouth wide and forming a tight seal against the woman’s cunt. The moisture flooded Maxine’s mouth and she swallowed and breathed through her nose. Her own orgasm was welling up again because of the second woman between her legs, combined with the tit massage.

She arched her hips up again and moaned into J. Lo’s pussy. J. Lo was ecstatic. She had never seen a woman as energized as Maxine, devouring her cum like it was candy. She stroked Maxine’s hair and forehead, still humping her pussy against the other woman’s mouth.

Salma was meanwhile licking up Maxine’s juices J. Lo’s flood slowed to a trickle and she stopped moving. Maxine unlocked her mouth from the pussy and breathed in deeply. She wondered what was coming next.

“Let’s do a daisy chain,” Aitana said, Maxine hearing her sing-song voice for the first time. She estimated the girl was about 18, but later found out she was 17, a very experienced 17. Salma was 25 and J. Lo was 32. Maxine herself was 35.

Maxine had heard the expression daisy chain before – she knew it referred to several women eating each other’s pussies in a continuous circle. She never imagined she would be participating in one. J. Lo, meanwhile was smiling at Aitana’s youthful exuberance. She wasn’t going to disappoint her.

“OK, let’s do it,” she said.

“Yippee! I get to eat her now,” said the excited Aitana. She was meaning Maxine.

They all agreed and Aitana lay perpendicular to Maxine. Salma came up to take J. Lo’s place on Maxine’s face, and J. Lo moved out of the way, lying on her side and shifting herself towards Aitana’s pussy. She opened her legs to allow Salma access to her cunt. Salma flopped sideways next to Maxine and scooted her hips in towards Maxine’s face while reaching for J. Lo’s cunt.

The men were all extremely turned on by this scene, As much as some had tried to hold in their cum for a woman’s mouth, pussy or ass, several had ejaculated in their hands or on the carpet.

The three Latinas’ mouths went to work and when Maxine felt Aitana’s young tongue on her pussy, she guessed she should start on Salma’s.

“Yummy!” she heard the young Aitana say. “You’re right, Jen, she has got a sweet-tasting pussy.”

Maxine laughed inwardly at the little Latina’s valley girl accent. She guessed she must be a second generation Mexican immigrant, or at least grew up on American TV.

Maxine discovered Salma had a tattoo above her pussy – it was of a dragon. She wondered why a woman would mark herself like that. Maxine also discovered Salma had been fucked recently, probably in the last few hours. Her pussy was puffy and oozing semen. Maxine steeled herself to lick used cunt again. She reminded herself that she had done this before. She guessed Aitana must be clean, because J. Lo said she wouldn’t eat messy pussy.

Maxine’s pussy was pulsing from all the attention it had been getting. She had never been eaten so much and in such a short space of time. She wondered if she was going to be lost in a world of continual muff-diving. As she felt Aitana’s tongue licking energetically up and down her slit, she got to work on Salma’s fucked cunt. She licked up the droplets of sperm popping between Salma’s labia and licked around the whole bulge of her pussy, cleaning any residue from the area. Salma was shaved clean like her along her pussy lips and asshole, with just an oblong patch of hair above her slit, the tattoo alongside it. She did have a prettier pussy than J. Lo, Maxine decided. It was more like her own. She imagined she was eating her own pussy for a while, getting more generous with her licking and sucking, scooping out the mixture of semen and girl cum in Salma’s hot hole.

Salma was enjoying the hot white bitch’s tongue on her and in her. She was glad Maxine started licking up the semen oozing from her cunt without protesting. Salma was meanwhile lavishing attention on J. Lo’s cunt, blowing, sucking and licking, gripping the stretched out labia gently between her teeth and letting them snap back.

J. Lo loved Salma’s oral skills. Beautiful and willing as Maxine was, she could learn a thing or two from Salma. She thought how glad she was that she had become the recruiter at her strip club, getting to sample new flesh and indoctrinating them in the ways of woman-love. She loved Aitana’s little pussy. It was her favorite pussy until she found Maxine’s. It was also shaved, with an unusually styled patch of pussy hair. It was shaped like a V, pointing towards her pleasure box. Aitana also had a ring through one of her gently flowering labia, another in her belly button and a little barbell piercing her tongue. It was this that was driving Maxine crazy, the little round piece of metal dragging against her slit and bruising her clit.

J. Lo had discovered Aitana as a teenager-year-old from a poor immigrant family, the girl’s looks and bubbly personality captivating her immediately. Aitana had already lost her virginity when J. Lo met her, and it wasn’t hard to persuade her to become a stripper and sex worker. The little Latina had been servicing men regularly since she was teenager, and now she was almost an old pro. But she wasn’t washed up like many girls get after only a few years. She was still bubbly, willing, and probably most importantly, her tight pussy wouldn’t quit. She had an elasticity most women would envy. All this raced through J. Lo’s mind as she ate Aitana’s young pussy.

The woman were all moaning into each other’s pussies, getting their faces wet in each other’s juices. The audience of men was spellbound, most of them jerking off for a second or third time.

The women started coming, one by one. J. Lo was first, because of Salma’s dexterity. She sprayed Salma’s tongue and mouth with her juices. Next was Maxine. The women all had different oral skills and Maxine had felt three different mouths on her cunt this night, but all had the persistence and patience to bring her to orgasm, unlike the cursory muff-munching Clive had given her, or the few boyfriends she’d had before she got married. Not even her sometime lover Bruce had gone down on her with vigor.

As Maxine thought these things, her orgasm blossomed and she came again the persistent, barbell-enhanced tongue of the young Mexican girl. As Aitana sensed her coming, she started rubbing her thumb vigorously across Maxine’s clit, making Maxine blossom even further. Aitana’s rubbing was almost painful, like would rub her raw, but it made Maxine cum harder, jerking her hips and drawing in her tight tummy.

Salma started coming next, pushing one foot under Maxine’s neck and trying to wrap her legs around her neck. She pressed her pussy in against Maxine’s face and dripped out more cunt cream mixed with semen. Maxine lapped it all up, swallowing it all. She seemed to have lost all concern about health risks and STDs.

Knowing that J. Lo had already cum, Salma moved into an upright position on Maxine’s face, forcing Maxine to twist her upper body to stay in contact with the other woman’s pussy. Salma knew what she was about to deliver. She was a gusher, and suddenly spurted out a flood of moisture on Maxine’s mouth and face. Maxine was startled by the volume of girl cum, but licked it up as fast as she could. It wet her cheeks and filled her mouth, She couldn’t believe the volume of cum coming out of this woman. Salma ground her hips down on Maxine’s face, wanting the pretty white slut to eat it all. Maxine swallowed and swallowed. The cum had forced out semen deposits in Salma’s cunt which made this gusher even more voluminous. It tasted nasty in Maxine’s mouth, but she felt like a slut and ate it all.

Little Aitana came last, but not least, jerking her petite body and writhing under Salma’s masterly tongue.

The woman gradually detached from each other, save for Salma, who continued to sit on Maxine’s pretty face, looking down and positioning herself. Maxine didn’t understand why, but J. Lo looked on knowingly. She and Aitana sat up to observe. The men were looking on at what would come next.

Salma placed her palm across her pussy. Suddenly she jetted out a stream of yellow piss, guiding it with her palm right into Maxine’s mouth. Maxine took a moment to realize what was happening. She thought Salma was coming again, unbelievable as that was. Then she tasted the piss and spat and tried to pull her head away, but Salma had clamped her head between her legs, sitting heavily on her face. Still, Maxine decided the least she could do was close her mouth. Then she felt a hand swat her between her thighs and she yelped with pain and balled her hands into fists. J. Lo had slapped her directly on her tender twat. As her mouth had opened to scream, more piss streamed in, and she choked and spat.

“You better swallow, bitch,” said Salma, cruelly twisting a nipple in one hand. She twisted it as far as the skin could stretch and Maxine screamed again, more piss getting into her mouth. She sobbed and swallowed, the piss going down her throat, burning her throat. Salma had a bladderful. It lasted two minutes. Maxine continued to sob and swallow the foul-tasting piss. It felt like she had drunk a liter of the stuff. She felt helpless and dirty again. Salma sighed and squeezed out the last few drops, looking down to make sure Maxine was getting them in her mouth.

Maxine thought it was finally over, but Salma had other ideas in mind. J. Lo looked on approvingly.

“I heard you eat ass, white cunt. You can eat mine now.”

Maxine was speechless. After all the tender lesbian loving, she was being forced into degradation again. Salma shifted her ass slightly and leaned forward so that Maxine had maximum access to her asshole. Maxine looked at the dark brown pucker she had hardly paid nay attention up to now. She was glad their earlier daisy chain was restricted to pussy. But now she had to eat ass again. She remembered how vile J. Lo’s had tasted, but she also remembered she had still done it. She gingerly stuck out her tongue, thankful that Salma had shaved her ass, reducing the chance of dried shit being matted in any anal hair. She remembered how annoying that was when she still had hair around her butthole. She found it so unfeminine. She touched the anal pucker with her tongue and gave a cursory lick. Salma sighed. Maxine licked again, making the pucker glisten with her saliva. She also tasted Salma’s cum which had run down her asscrack.

“Deeper, baby, deeper,” encouraged Salma.

Maxine steeled herself again and tried to push her tongue into the tight hole. She fot the point of her tongue in and Salma moaned and caressed her breasts rather tan treat them cruelly. Salma stroked the sides of the soft wide mounds, caressing flesh she had earlier tortured. She gently fingered the nipples with the tips of her fingers, tweaking them gently.

Maxine was happy for the gentle touch and tried to force her tongue deeper into the other woman’s asshole. She got her first taste of shit. Salma definitely hadn’t had an enema. Maxine braced her will and forced back her instinct to gag. She licked the opening and swallowed the taste by default. As she got deeper with her tongue she came into contact with more shit, wetting it and making it bleed into her mouth. She was forcing back the gagging reflex, swallowing and licking. She licked furiously, hoping to get Salma to come quickly and for this to be over.

Salma meanwhile called over the first male to take his position at Maxine’s crotch. It was George. He had called first dibs as the chief inviter of guests. He held his 12 inch phallus in one hand and aimed it at Maxine’s prim pussy. He pushed aside her thighs and nudged his cockhead against her pussy lips and she felt it immediately. She knew she was going to be fucked while she was eating Salma’s ass. She couldn’t even see who it was. George felt her wetness anoint his crown and decided he didn’t need to be slow or gentle. He grasped her white hose-covered thighs and jammed his cock into her depths.

Maxine cried out under Salma’s asshole at the feeling of her pussy being suddenly and violently spread. She was wet but not ready for such an invasion. Her pussy instinctively clamped around George’s huge prick, trying to expel the invader. It achieved the opposite by making George groan at the wonderful feeling of Maxine’s tight pussy. He jerked deeper into her and she yelped again.

Salma pinched her nipples to remind her to continue eating ass. Maxine was whimpering and sticking out her tongue, trying to aim it again at the woman’s asshole. She came into contact and pushed it inside again. Salma ground her hips down appreciatingly. Maxine licked the dark hole in a circle, giving Salma a nice rim job. She hadn’t given a specific order, but she wanted this pretty white slut to clean her real good, to give her a tongue enema. Maxine tasted more shit and cleaned it off the walls of Salma’s tight anal ring, trying to get deeper. She managed to push past the tight sphincter as Salma’s asshole relaxed from the gentle, persistent invasion. Her tongue came into contact with yet more shit, she cleaned and she swallowed. She thought about the debris going down her throat and into her stomach. First cunt cream, then piss and now shit. She felt like a whore. But she continued licking, giving the entrance to Salma’s asshole a thorough cleaning.

Salma started feeling the stirrings of another orgasm. George leaned forward to kiss her while he was pounding into Maxine’s tight cunt. Salma responded, their tongues dueling with eyes closed as they both used the white bitch below them.

Guys were jerking off again, wanting desperately to be inside this hot white bitch, this fucking machine.

As Salma’s orgasm exploded, she slid off of Maxine’s tired mouth, Maxine’s pink tongue dragging along her crack til she realized Salma was finished with her. Salma gushed her second orgasm across Maxine’s beautiful tits. She placed herself over one stiff nipple and used it to pierce her slit, rubbing back and forth on it. Maxine’s nipple glistened with the free-flowing juices. Then Salma dragged her pussy down Maxine’s tummy, leaving a snail trail. She held George’s big face in her hands and asked him to withdraw from Maxine’s clutching cunt for a moment. He did so reluctantly, watching the scene he never tired of: Maxine’s bright pink inner labia protruding past the outer labia and clinging snugly to his black shaft. He dragged his cockhead out slowly, the mushroom glans finally popping free and causing Maxine’s ultra-tight pussy to make a loud sucking sound as it became a sudden vacuum, collapsing on itself. Maxine groaned at the sudden emptiness after she had been stirring to George’s thick cock. She had guessed it was him when she felt his girth and the way her pussy clung to his cock like no other. She was also on a high from realizing her pussy was a wonderful organ, with remarkable powers of recuperation. She was as tight as the day her hymen was broken, when she was a teenager. All the memories suddenly came flooding back. Her own father had broken her in, not only taking her virginity that day, but stretching her virginal channel to take in his full nine inches til his balls were pressed right up against her young labia. Her mother had been there as well, holding her daughter’s head in her lap and whispering words of encouragement. Her mother had made this arrangement with her husband to prevent him from chasing other pussy and perhaps leaving the family for greener pastures.

He was only to keen to say yes to the proposal, having admired his beautiful daughter’s blossoming womanhood. Maxine was told of the plan, convinced by her mother, whom she adored and a day was set. After that first time, there had been many other occasions when her father had availed himself of the young, tight pussy in his own house, and even her three brothers got to use her when they learned of the special relationship she had with daddy. Her two older brothers, four and two years head of her, started making use of her a year after her father had started fucking her. Then her younger brother by three years inherited her sexual favors when they were both teenagers and the other brothers had left the house. Her father had passed away by then, in a motor vehicle accident.

Her younger brother had become her best lover up to that point, dazzling her with his brazenness and romance. He was also the apple of his mother’s eye and she too became his sexual partner. She was only 16 when she had had her first child, and so was only 38 when she began opening her legs for her youngest son. Maxine had discovered her brother-lover screwing their mother one day and gotten insanely jealous. Then he persuaded her to appreciate the situation, coming to fuck her at night right after he had been with mom. This continued til mom found out he had inherited Maxine from her older brothers and she decided it wasn’t right for both her and her daughter to be fucking him. She was gracious enough to let Maxine keep the sexual relationship, but Buddy had been insistent he wanted both of them. He even convinced them to have threesomes, and Maxine remembered the excitement she felt when she watched Buddy plunging his young cock into their mother’s cunt, seeing how the labia formed a nice seal around his big cock. Even after four children, their mother still had a tight pussy. It recovered nicely after each childbirth, in spite of their father’s fears. Maxine knew she had inherited her mother’s genes to have such a tight, elastic pussy. Anyway, she loved watching Buddy fucking their mother til he pulled out his cock and she lay alongside mom as he took his member, glistening with mom’s cunt juice in his hand and plunged it into her. He switched back and forth between them like that, while they caressed each other’s tits. She and mom had never done anything more than that, had they?

She gasped when she realized they had. This was not the first time she had eaten pussy! She remembered the first time mom had leaned down to stroke her clitoris, she touching her mother’s hand as she was being caressed. Then her mother had gone the next step and put her head between her beautiful daughter’s legs and started licking her pussy. Then she wanted to do the same for mom, so mom straddled her in a 69. All this while Buddy watched til his cock got too hard and he plunged into Maxine’s cunt while her mom carried on licking her clit and around the connection between her son and daughter. Maxine had first found that gross, but then she too enjoyed licking her brother’s shaft as it exited and entered mom’s pussy and her mom’s tightly stretched cunt lips as they hugged Buddy’s shaft. Once, Buddy even got mom to demonstrate her amazing cunt capacity by pushing the fat end of a beer bottle into her tight cunt. Buddy had started the procedure as Maxine looked on wide-eyed, pushing the bottle bottom insistently against mom’s cunt as she moaned and flung her head side to side, then as her slick cunt wet the bottle she started giving way, her pussy folding in on itself a bit as the bottom of the bottle went inside her. Buddy was incredibly excited and raging hard as he pushed the bottle in further, her cunt adapting to the huge size of the foreign object. It took about half an hour but they got the entire bottle inside her until only the neck was sticking out and her elastic pussy lips formed a nice tight seal on the stem of the bottle. They made her lay like that as she caressed her clitoris, while he and Maxine fucked next to her.

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