tagBDSMMay/December Romance Ch. 05

May/December Romance Ch. 05


Dear Reader, please read the proceeding chapters before attempting to read this chapter.

Lori's period of calm and introspection was interrupted by the arrival of her husband and the kids. Her husband Greg, his 16 year old son Mike, and 19 year old daughter Kim were running around the house, unpacking, emptying out the car, and sorting laundry. Lori was used to the hyperkinetic activity, but the pandemonium was something of a shock after the quiet she had shared with Karen for the last few days. It took a few minutes for her mind to shift gears. Accomplishing her mental conversion, she jumped in to help and soon found relative peace in the laundry room. As she pulled the sheets she had washed earlier from the washing machine she couldn't help but reflect back on the activities of the weekend and the contrasting activity which was now surrounding her.

Her thoughts of Karen were soon replaced with the practical matters of her domestic life as she moved into the kitchen and started working on preparing dinner. She joined her family for their first family meal in several days. Lori was quickly brought up to date on the details of Greg and the kid's weekend that had been spent with his parents. She smiled and asked a few questions but was otherwise quiet as was she inundated with detailed minutiae of their weekend. She couldn't help but reflect on how different Greg's weekend had been from her own. She saved the details of her weekend for later, when she and Greg would be alone. When asked, she simply said that she had had a quiet weekend. She did mention to Kim that Karen had stopped by and that she asked that she call her when she got home.

After finishing their meal, Lori retreated to the kitchen once again to clean up and load the dishwasher. Greg joined her and they quickly knocked out the task. Mike and Kim had retreated to their rooms and settled into the ritual of showers, homework, and television.

"You are awfully quiet Lori," Greg noted.

"We'll talk later sweetie. I do have some things to discuss with you, but now is not the time or place," she replied.

"OK, that's fine. I'm going to watch a little bit of the game and then I'll meet you in the bedroom after the kids settle down. I sure missed you this weekend," he replied.

"Mmmm hmmm, me too," she replied, smiling at him while recognizing their own secret code for the fact that he was horny. Lori expected that Greg would be horny when he got home. That was not unusual after spending a few days away. They had a very active sex life together and going without sex for more than a day or two was very unusual. The rare exception was when they were apart on a business trip or otherwise separated.

As Lori thought about Greg's announcement, she realized that she was more than a little horny herself. It wasn't as if she had gone without sex during his absence, but her activities had left her in one of her hyper-sexual moods. She had missed the type of energetic sex they enjoyed together and that allowed her to take a more passive role. Lori felt her pussy grow warm and moisten at the thought of her husband's large cock filling and stretching her.

Lori kept herself busy for an hour or so with a few minor items that had been left undone during her weekend. Her mind was again abuzz with flash back memories of her weekend. She found herself remembering the feel of Karen's breasts in her hands, the taste of her pussy on her tongue, the feel of her lips against her own, and the sensation of her mouth on her sex. Lori's thoughts also flashed to the present and she day dreamed a bit about the passionate sex she was sure she would soon be sharing with her husband.

Somewhat amazed, she found that she was again getting even more aroused as this swirl of erotic imagery invaded her thoughts.

Lori was in bed, reading, when Greg slipped under the sheets and snuggled up to her back. His semi-rigid cock slipped into the crease of her ass and his upper arm reached around her to cup her breast. She soaked in the sensation of his fit body pressed against her own.

"MMmmmm, it feels good to have you back," she groaned.

"It's good to be back. You know I always miss sleeping with you," Greg said.

"I know you miss something, but I'm not sure it's sleep," Lori said, teasing her husband.

"Well... there's that too, but I do missing sleeping with you too."

Lori felt Greg's cock swelling and she contracted her ass muscles, gripping it firmly. He groaned in response and then said, "I think someone missed me as much as I missed her, huh?"

"Yes, I definitely missed you sweetie," she said, while continuing to rhythmically grasp his cock with her ass cheeks.

"I guess you didn't enjoy your quiet weekend alone as much as you had thought," he replied.

"Well... as it turns out it wasn't as quiet as I thought it would be and I wasn't alone."

"Oh really? Details, I want details," he said as Lori took his cock in her hand and shifted it so that it was against her rapidly moistening pussy lips. She slowly rocked her hips back and forth, coating his tumescence with her juices.

"MMmmmmm, I missed that," Lori cooed.

"So did I darling, but what about the details, I'm waiting," he said.

Lori slipped Greg's cock into the opening of her vagina. She rocked her hips back at the same time he drove his hips forward. Lori felt the familiar sensation of her husband's thick cock stretching her pussy and they both groaned in response. She contracted her PC muscles and then began recounting the events of the weekend. Greg slowly rocked his hips back and forth as he listened. They weren't really fucking, merely sharing the intimacy of being joined while Lori told her tale. He remained quiet and listened to the details of his wife's passionate weekend. Lori responded to his slow, shallow thrusts with occasional contractions of her PC muscles, slowly massaging her hubby's cock with her pussy. This was an often practiced tantric technique that they commonly used for such intimate conversations. They both reached a level of arousal but felt no need to strive for their orgasms, at least not yet. Completion was something that was saved for later. The experience was not entirely without pleasure; however, intimacy was the more immediate goal they sought. It wasn't that Lori's words didn't have an effect on Greg's level of arousal. The imagery that her words created did have an impact but he had the discipline to control himself. He knew the wait would be worth it. Likewise, telling her story, and the memories they stirred, weren't without a similar impact on Lori.

When she finished telling Greg the details of her weekend she asked, "Well, what do you think?"

"I guess the obvious question is whether this was a one time thing, or do you want something more?" Greg replied.

"We talked about getting together again next weekend, but if we do I'd want you to be part of that," she answered.

"OK, then I guess the question should be whether you are interested in an ongoing relationship with Karen."

"If I did want a relationship, would that bother you?" she asked.

"I think you know that I've never been threatened by anyone you wanted to play with in the past, but I get the feeling that you want more from Karen than just another fuck buddy," he replied.

Lori unconsciously massaged his cock with her pussy while she considered her response. Greg had asked the question she had been asking herself all day. It was if having him ask it was the catalyst she needed to come to terms with her own needs and desires.

"Karen allowed a part of me to come out of hiding. It's as if..." she paused, "as if a part of me had been put on a shelf when I met you and Karen allowed me to take it off the shelf. I really don't have a problem with that, in fact I enjoyed it tremendously. What does concern me is how this could affect our relationship."

Greg considered her statement for a moment and then said, "I can understand your concerns, however, isn't this a lot like the conversations we had when we first opened our relationship and got into swinging."

"Yes, I guess it is. The difference is that when you explained swinging to me you made it clear that it was about sex, and not love. I'm not sure what I feel for Karen, but I could see myself falling in love with her."

"Do you ever see your love for Karen as being something that could threaten you love for me?" Greg asked.

"No! Of Course not! I love you more than I could ever imagine loving anyone," Lori exclaimed.

"And I feel the same about you," he stated, trying to be as supportive and reassuring as possible.

Lori responded by quickening the pace at which she massaged his cock with her pussy. Greg could feel the muscles of her pussy rippling up and down the length of his shaft. It was a way for her to show her love in an intrinsically intimate manner.

"If you are worried that I will feel threatened or jealous of your relationship with Karen, please don't. I have enough confidence in our relationship that I know we are capable of working out any issues that might develop. I know they will develop but we have always been able to work out our problems. Isn't that what we always tell the newbie swingers. The difference between swingers and other couples is their ability to communicate and share? I also know that she has freed you to bring out your Domme side. I have always realized that is a part of you had covered up for the sake of our relationship. I'm happy that you have found someone to let you expose that side of your sexuality. I do have one question though."

"What's that?" she replied.

"Where do you see this all going, I mean what is your best case scenario for a relationship with Karen and how would I fit into it?" he asked.

"Hmmmm... best case," she said while considering his question. "I suppose this is a fantasy for the most part, but my best case scenario would be that this would lead to a triad relationship. I know you don't really have the Dom gene, or whatever it is, but our relationship would evolve to where she is my sub but would also be our lover. Of course there are some practical considerations that would interfere with that fantasy."

"Such as," Greg asked.

"Such as your kids," Lori replied.

"Well... we have a lot of time before we have to deal with that and besides, we are both professional problem solvers. I'm sure that we could work something out if and when we get to that point," he said.

"You have a good point there," she said, again rapidly fluttering her pussy muscles along his shaft. Greg buried his cock to the base in response to her vaginal gymnastics. They both groaned.

"OK, so what's next? Where do we go from here?" he asked.

"I'll tell you, but I need you to fuck me first," she said, shaking her ass.

"I thought you would never ask," he replied. "How do you want it?"

"I need to be fucked hard and deep. Make me feel like a woman. Don't worry about being too rough," she replied, an element of expectation in her voice.

Greg responded by thrusting hard and deep into her. She, in turn, responded with a loud groan as she felt his cock fill her. He rolled them over so that they ended up in the doggy position, a particular favorite of Lori's, especially when she was in the mood for a hard, deep fuck. She loved the way his cock reached into her depths, allowing her to feel his cock pounding her in areas that few other positions provided. Lori relaxed her pussy muscles and allowed him to drive hard and deep, over and over, pounding her hard. She could feel his thick cock rubbing her G-spot as it made its way in and out of her tightness.

Lori loved the way this man fucked her. There was no thing that she could put her finger on. Certainly his equipment was part of it. His thick cock filled her so nicely, stretching her in a way she truly loved. His length was perfect too. Long enough to reach deep within, while not so long that her cervix took a beating. There was more to it than that though. It was part experience, part sensitivity to her needs and moods, part endurance, and to a large part is was just raw talent. Greg was a man that was born to fuck and to please women. It was, she thought, the greatest of his many talents. It wasn't that he didn't have many other sexual skills in his tool set, but it was the one at which he was head and shoulders above all of her other past and present lovers.

Lori senses were in a confused swirl as her husband continued to drive onwards towards their respective releases. Her ears were filled with a cacophony of noise; chief among them being her own enthusiastic moans as well as the slap of Greg's hips upon her ass as he energetically fucked her. The squishy sounds of his cock in her very wet cunt served as accompaniment to the percussion line of their bodies meeting. Greg's own raspy moans and panting kept pace with the other sounds.

Her nose detected the mixture of her own aroused, uniquely female aroma as well as the muskier scent of her man. Her aroused, pierced nipples were repeatedly dragged across the surface of the sheets as she thrust back to meet the invading length of Greg's cock. She felt her pussy stretched by the girth of his cock as well as the pressure and friction on her swollen G-spot. The wet sensation of the liquid flowing from her pussy and the resulting coolness as it evaporated added a contrast to the heat she felt within. She felt her clit, hard, swollen and teased by the feeling of her labia being tugged by the action of his cock diving through them.

As much as she had enjoyed playing with her new, young lover, this is what Lori needed. To be taken, used, fucked hard. It fed the small but significant submissive side of her personality. It was as if she needed this to feed a hunger, a void withing her psych-sexual being. The hunger allowed her to stay balanced. While her dominant side was allowed to come out over the course of the weekend, she needed this to remain in equilibrium with her other side. It wasn't something she could explain, even to Greg, but in his un-spoken, intuitive way he did understand.

Lori could feel herself getting close. She knew from experience it was going to be a big one, an explosion rather than a whimper. So close, so very close. She held herself there, close to the edge, allowing the intensity to build. From long experience Greg sensed it too. Her body tensed as she got close, her pussy fluttered, and she became more vocal. Greg picked up the pace and the force of his thrusts, almost violently banging into her chasm.

Lori was not a great sexual orator, especially when being "done" as she now was. That's not say she isn't extremely vocal. Her standard vocabulary consists of the more garden variety moans, groans, and an assortment of "Oh Yea, harder, deeper, faster," progressing to a screams of "I'm cumming." Occasionally she varied from her normal pattern when she needed to give more specific instructions to a lover.

This was one of those times. "Spank me, spank me hard, make my ass hot," she cried. Greg granted her wish and his hands left her hips and began to rain down a series of slaps. Her firm ass barely moved as the blows made contact. The pink handprints merged until her ass had a bright red glow. It seemed to Greg as if she timed her backward thrusts of her hips so that her ass met his hand. They soon developed a rhythm where his thrusts, her thrusts, her groans and his slaps of her ass were in perfect synchronization.

Lori reached down and tugged on her clit hood piercing. The resulting combination of pain and pleasure was enough to set her off. The explosion came. It was a full G-spot cum, complete with a forceful ejaculation that soaked both lovers. Her screams of release echoed in the bedroom as lightning bolts of pleasure flowed through her body. Her body shook and trembled with the strength of her climax.

After what seemed liked an eternity of an orgasm, she slumped down onto the bed. Greg moved with her, embedded deep within her still spasming void. Greg could feel the heat still radiating from her still glowing ass cheeks. Lori continued to quiver in the aftermath of her orgasm. Greg could feel her pussy clenching his rod as she came down from her peak. He knew she was probably only semi-conscious but would recover quickly and he would be able to continue. He took shallow, slow strokes into her to keep his own momentum going. He knew that after her first big cum it would be his turn. Like any great lover, he was patient and willing to wait on his own orgasm.

Lori slowly returned to some form of lucidity after a few minutes of "down time." She rolled her hips, bearing down again with her pussy and looked over her shoulder at her husband's eyes. "Thank you, I needed that," she said, her voice gravelly.

"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, I sorta liked it too. I think your step-son probably got an earful when you came. The poor kid is probably jerking off right now," he replied. Lori grabbed a glass of water within arm's reach on the bedside table. She took a long swallow and passed it back to Greg.

"Sorta huh?" she said.

"Well, not as much as you apparently did, but I'll get my turn."

"Speaking of which, I need the special treatment," she said, using their own code for anal sex. Lori swiveled her hips enticingly, knowing the action and her admission would have the desired effect on her husband.

"How do you want it?" he asked.

"I think you know how I want it," she replied.

"MMmmm Hmmm," he moaned.

Lori pulled forward and off of her husband's cock, groaning as she experienced the emptiness suddenly return. Any loss she felt she knew would soon be replaced by an even more filling sensation. Anal sex with Greg was not something she was capable of enjoying on a regular basis, but it was an experience she did enjoy thoroughly. It was a mood thing for her, especially, like then, when she felt particularly submissive. It was another of her sexual hungers. When the time and mood was right it was something that was all encompassing, an urgent need within her that had to be filled. Now was one of those times.

Lori flipped onto her back and raised her legs so that her still red ass was exposed to Greg. Her hands grasped the back of her knees and she pulled them to her breasts. She loved anal in this position, particularly watching the expression on Greg's face as he stretched her ass with his thick cock and later deposited his seed deep within her. Normally there would be a need to stop and make sure they were both well lubricated. Greg's cock was well lubricated with a combination of her pussy juice and his precum. A small river of her juice flowed down to the rosette of her asshole after she flipped over. It didn't take but a moment for Greg to work some of those juices into her ass with his finger. Besides, Lori, contrary to how some female practitioners of anal sex felt, enjoyed the slightly painful sensation of entry and didn't want it to be too slippery.

Greg knee walked until he was in position over her splayed ass. "You ready?" he asked.

"Yea, give it to me. I want it," she groaned as she reached down to further spread the cheeks of her ass, allowing him wide open access to her asshole.

From long experience with his wife he knew she could be a little bit too anxious for her own good and Greg knew that despite her eagerness, she needed time to accept his large girth in her very tight ass. Greg tapped the head of his cock on her anal star a few times, depositing some additional precum and signaling to her his intention to begin.

He began to push the plum shaped head of his cock into her ass. The large crown was the widest part of his cock and the beginning was not the easiest part, or at least less so than with a smaller endowed man. Lori pushed out in preparation for his insertion.

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