tagRomanceMaybe Just One Good Man? Ch. 02

Maybe Just One Good Man? Ch. 02


Head nestled back against the seat rest, ear plugs in place, he drifted and daydreamed about the past months. It had been a long separation, longer than planned. Originally told he'd be deployed for 6 months, he'd been extended twice - finally winding up having spent 18 months away from home and family. Dee and little 'Mimi' had been his anchors throughout the long, dark time.

Before leaving the States he'd bought an inexpensive, easy to use digital camera and showed Dee how to take pictures and download them to the computer to email to him. Dee had taken all the usual pictures of Mary Fiona, dubbed 'Mimi' by Rae Jeanne. Pictures of her slobbering around her fist, sitting in the tub, her first tooth and face smeared with cake and icing for her first birthday. Once Dee had gotten the hang of the automatic timer there were other pictures as well, Dee sitting in the rocker, her copper locks around her shoulders, nursing Mimi at her full breasts. He'd gotten so hard looking at those pictures, remembering his own experience suckling her nipples and all that it had led to.

Writing back to Dierdre that night he'd alluded to needing to 'relieve himself' after seeing the pictures she had sent him, hoping she would understand his unspoken message. She understood well, both the message and the need it turned out. His shy and blushing bride, turned out to have a ragingly passionate nature and with that minimal hint of encouragement, she unleashed a series of graphic and explicit emails to him - detailing all that she'd loved about their few brief times together, and all that she longed for when he returned. But what had surprised him the most was, accompanying the series of emails, were a series of pictures - starting with, what he supposed might be called boudoir shots. Dee wrapped in a sheet, fresh from the shower and holding a towel in front of her with one tawny nipple peeking out.

At his positive and somewhat pornographic responses, her efforts increased significantly. To encourage her in her playful pursuits (as well as to hopefully help satisfy her longings somewhat until he could get home and satisfy her in person, he admitted) for their first Christmas as a couple he had ordered some sexy lingerie and a couple of battery operated toys, one quite lifelike in appearance detailed with ridging and veins and as close to his own measurements as he could obtain online. He'd warned her that 'Santa' was bringing her special presents from him and to be very careful to open them in private. His reward had been a series of photos that even now could bring him to a full, throbbing erection in a matter of moments - just thinking about them.

During the weeks and months since he had been gone, Dierdre had been visiting second-hand stores and some of the so called 'antique' shops nearby and had found some amazing 'treasures'. One of her best finds, as far as he was concerned, was a large cheval mirror that she had cleaned up, polished and moved into their bedroom. He had several uses planned for the mirror on his return, but it turned out that Dee was not without ideas of her own.

The first pictures had been taken while she was wearing the white satin bustier with attached garters and white thong panty, a pair of dark, seamed stockings and heels. The picture had been taken from behind, while she viewed herself in the mirror. He wondered how many shots it had taken her to get the angle just right, so that he could see her delicious ass and the cascade of fiery hair against the white satin, but could also see her reflection in the mirror with her thumbing her nipples and the slight camel-toe. Her reflection in the mirror seemed to be looking directly at him and he felt himself getting hard. That series of photos had also provided a rear-view reflection of her bent nearly double as she removed the thong panty, the pout of her pussy beckoning him nearly as much as her heavily hanging breasts. Another couple of bent over shots, one apparently straightening the seam of her stocking, one with her hand splayed across her pussy. One final shot taken in the rocker, legs pulled back and draped across the low arms of the old bentwood chair, fingers toying with nipple and clit had ended that day's presentation and looking at her in the picture, remembering the smell and taste of her milk and her snatch, he had fisted himself twice before being able to sleep.

The next few days had brought more photos from Dee, wearing different gifts he had sent her, but none with the toys and he hoped that she was 'practicing' with them, writing her about his hope that she was enjoying his other gifts as well - that he'd enjoyed picking them out for her and that he certainly enjoyed thinking about her lush pussy wrapped around the battery-driven dong. In response she'd written him a rather epic email detailing exactly how much and in what ways she missed him. How much she missed him suckling from her, especially now that Mimi was getting older and less inclined to nurse as often. How she'd never before had such an experience as having her pussy eaten, although she'd read about it. At most her first husband had taken a swipe or two with his tongue on very rare occasions, never with the concentrated attention and love she had felt from John in that one night...and how achingly much she longed to feel it again. She was quite adamant that no battery operated device could ever replace him.

But the next email that included an attachment had literally taken his breath away. In fact, it had taken several long seconds for his oxygen starved lungs to get the message through to his brain to "BREATHE". She had her legs draped over the arms of the rocker again, a lacy teddy with one strap hanging off her shoulder, bared one lush breast and taut nipple. The condition of the teddy proved that she still had some milk. Indeed, he thought he could see a few pearly drops clearly clinging to the exposed teat. Her head was tossed to one side, eyes nearly closed and she was, he thought, obviously in a state of extreme arousal, near orgasm. Between her splayed legs one slim-fingered hand pulled her pussy up and back, exposing her hard little clit, while the other hand held the fake penis between her dewy lips.

With a sudden gust of breath he flicked through the remaining pictures, all of her fucking herself with his gift - spread-eagle and naked on the bed, doggy style while one hand rubbed her clit, several closeups of the glistening wet toy with her swollen, pink pussy wrapped around it. The last was a "Point of View" shot with her holding the dildo so that it looked as if it were his own cock, with her mouth wrapped around the head, a slight smile on her lips and her incredible blue eyes staring up at him through the camera lens. Shaking his head in delight and bemusement he chuckled slightly at the unsuspected depths of passion in his little bride. And not a little artistic creativity too he thought, as much proud of her as he was loving and missing her. Settling back he had enjoyed the little set of pictures at a more leisurely pace knowing there was no luckier man than he stationed in the desert that night.

And now - finally, the waiting was over and he was heading home to 'his girls'. Dee had written and asked if he wanted her to get birth control and initially he'd clutched, thinking perhaps she was indicating that she didn't want any more children - or more important to him, that she didn't want HIS children. Reading on though he discovered her thought process was simply that they'd had so little time together as a couple so far, she wondered if he would like to extend that time as long as possible - although she admitted that she'd found being pregnant around him to be quite marvelous and sexy and was looking forward to having his babies as soon as he thought best. Heart leaping with love and joy at his luck in finding her he'd written back that being in the military had taught him never to waste time or put things off because life and the future could be so uncertain, and that, if she was sure she didn't mind, he'd like them to 'take their chances'. She'd eagerly agreed and he was hoping to 'plant one as soon as he'd plowed the furrow'.

Transport and debriefing time had seemed to last weeks instead of days leaving him sleepless, short-tempered and with a seemingly permanent hard on. Finally though he was grabbing his duffel, making sure that the presents for Dee and Mimi were still on top, and stepping out with his men to wild applause, camera flashes and the squeals of happy and excited women and children - a far cry, he thought from the tears they'd left to so long ago. Eyes darting around the room he was searching for a glimpse of her flaming copper hair, only to be startled by a gentle hand on his back and the sound of his name -

"John?" She said quietly, almost hesitantly.


Turning, he dropped his duffel, sweeping she and the toddler into his arms. Mimi turned her face away, shyly burying it in her mother's shoulder and sucking a thumb but Dee held her own face up to be kissed, wrapping her free arm tightly around his neck and kissing him back as passionately and intensely as he was kissing her. Holding nothing back the two lovers stood reclaiming each other in a small pool of silence, surrounded by a sea of joyful noise.

"Get a room, Gunny!" A gruff voice from behind them ordered.

Never letting go of Dee and the baby, John turned far enough to catch a glimpse of the bird on the collar and came reluctantly to attention.


"Dammit man, never let go of a woman that beautiful! Two women you lucky bastard!" The Colonel said, chucking a wide-eyed Mimi under her slobbery chin.

"Yes SIR!" John said, grinning as he complied and wrapped an arm around Dee again.

"Report back in two weeks, and thanks Gunny!" He extended his hand and the two men shook firmly.

The Colonel stopped next to Dee briefly and tickled Mimi's neck again, "Sorry Ma'am, he's due 6 weeks leave and he's earned twice that but I need him back. We need him back."

"He'll be there when you need him, Sir." Dee replied and once again John's heart swelled with pride, knowing how lucky he was and how easily it could have turned out some other way. It amazed him sometimes that her dead husband could have so failed to recognize her many gifts - failed, in essence, to recognize HER for the woman she was capable of becoming - was CLEARLY becoming.

When they reached the Santa Fe he was somewhat startled when Dee handed him the baby in order to unlock the car doors and load stroller and diaper bag. Not nearly as startled as Mimi however who took one look at the Gunnery Sergeant's face and turned nearly purple with a sudden howl of outrage. Bouncing and shushing her somewhat helplessly John turned a few shades of red himself at the stares and smiles of some of the on-lookers. Dee bounced back upright, pushing her hair back out of her way and sputtering with equally embarrassed exasperation.

"Mary Fiona Rourke! That's Daddy! Shush now, sweetness, that's Daddy - come home. Remember Daddy?"

The little round face assumed a serious expression, her dark eyes brimming with unshed tears and her rosebud mouth pouting. She looked from Dierdre to John and back again.


She eyed him suspiciously one more time before burying her face in her mother's neck and hair, knotting her hands tightly in the copper strands.

"Oh Mimi - let go of Mommy's hair", she sighed in a way that made it seem a well-used litany.

He helped her untangle the child's clenched fists, realizing the laborious chore must occur frequently throughout the day. Without thinking he blurted, "You should cut your hair!"

Dee turned startled eyes to meet his.

"Really? You wouldn't mind?"

"Oh I love long hair - and I especially love YOUR long hair, but Dee - I love you, not your hair! And this is NUTS! How many times a day do you have to do this?"

Giggling a little, she admitted, "A lot!"

"Then, while I'm home - think about taking the chance to get it cut...if YOU want."

"I WILL think about it John, if you're sure you don't mind?"

He kissed the tip of her nose, brushing the liberated strands of hair back over her shoulders and out of reach of their daughter's grasping hands.

"I mind you getting it cut a whole lot less than I mind this little minx using it to keep you reined to her demands."

They finally managed to get Mimi strapped into her car seat and John turned to hand Dee into the passenger seat, first glancing quickly around the parking lot and taking advantage of the relative privacy to press her against the side of the car. She moaned and flowed against him, her nipples already so hard he could feel them through his camo-fatigues. He slid one lean thigh between her softer ones, rubbing against the mound of her sex and knowing she could feel the length of his cock already aching to be buried within her wet heat.

"Oh God, John!" she gasped. "Take me home....or take me right now, I don't much care which!"

He chuckled as his lips moved around to capture her ear lobe, descending to rest against the pulse in her neck, "Oh Mrs. Rourke - if you only KNEW how much I want you, you wouldn't even suggest THAT! But I have lots of things planned for us during the next two weeks - and I need a little more privacy to put those to use..."

"Reeeaally Gunnery Sergeant Rourke? Would it surprise you to learn I have a few plans of my own? And if you were to lift my skirt right now you'd find very little interference with YOUR plans!"

He groaned, "God, Dierdre, you're a wicked wench to tease me so." Adding in his best Irish brogue, "Seems I'd best be gettin' the both of us to home before we'd be making a public spectacle of ourselves!"

She giggled, finally dropping her arms from around his neck and allowing him to hand her into the car, murmuring as he climbed in and started the little SUV, "Pity you need two hands to drive and shift," lifting her skirt to flash him a glance of her stocking and garter clad thighs.

At the first possible stoplight he slid his hand across and up her thigh. She immediately sighed, widening her legs and sliding down in the seat some to provide him easier access. In an instant his fingers were stroking her wet, swollen folds, delighting in the level of heat and moisture he found. Sliding a finger down, into her channel he stroked her once, then slid his hand up to tickle her little clit briefly before the light changed. Shifting through the gears quickly, he stuck his still dew wet finger in his mouth, licking and sucking her juices with delight.

"Now I KNOW I'm home!"

He smiled at her, loving the look of her, eyes heavy lidded with passion and lips slightly swollen and flushed from his kisses, her nipples pressing high and proud against her top. So evident in fact that he wondered....

"Dee, honey, are you wearing a bra?"

"If I was wearing a bra John, I couldn't do this," and suiting actions to words, she pulled down the scoop neckline of her stretchy top, allowing one fat-nippled breast to pop out over the top.

Glancing over to see what she was talking about, he nearly wrecked the car at first glance, before re-gaining control.

"Holy SHIT!"

At the same time she said, "Easy there cowboy!"

Taking one hand cautiously off the wheel he reached across to fondle the raspberry tip she'd exposed, surprised but excited to feel the spurt of milk against his fingers.

"Is Mimi still nursing?"

She giggled, "No, but I thought if I kept pumping two or three times a day I might keep making milk until you came home at least. You don't mind do you?"

"GOD no! But I wouldn't have asked you to do that for me..."

"I know John, but it felt sooooo good when YOU were suckling from me. I thought if you didn't want to continue I'd take the pills and just let it dry up, but.... I've been giving the surplus to the hospital for the preemies in the NICU."

He wasn't sure what the phrases meant, or how she'd come to toss them out so casually but right now his thoughts were on her 'more important questions'.

"Hell yes I want to - that was just about the best...the sexiest thing....I just couldn't have asked you to do something like that for me. But you've got me so excited now I'm about to cum in my pants - you better tuck yourself in or I will and then we'll have some serious explaining to do to the neighbors!"

She giggled again, her cheeks flushing a rosy pink hue and he marveled that a woman - this woman, his wife - who could still blush - could also expose herself to excite him - drive him half mad with lust through her emails - and take pictures that were....well, he couldn't think about those now or he'd wind up with a serious damp spot on the front of his fatigues - and desert camis show the wet, he thought. Thankfully they weren't far from home now. The word home had so much meaning for him now. Glancing to his right, Dee was half turned in her seat, talking to Mimi in the back seat, but her hand was doing wicked things in his lap. Lifting his eyes then to the mirror he was just in time to catch Mary Fiona's cherubic chortle of laughter. Who ever would have thought, two years ago, that this would be his life today? He wished briefly that there was time to take Dee to see his mother, he'd written to her about Dee and the wedding and Mimi and she'd had some pretty harsh words for him for not letting her know in time to fly out for the wedding. Ma could be intimidating but if he were there to ride herd on her, and to support Dee in standing up for herself...

Lost in thought he pulled onto their street in housing and was surprised to find all the yards lined with flags, large bowed yellow ribbons prominently decorating street-side trees, telephone poles and even the fire hydrants. He snorted with surprised laughter - pleased that she would go to all this trouble for him. Grabbing her hand from his lap he brought it to his mouth, kissing her knuckles soundly. She looked at him shyly, solemnly asking -

"You don't mind do you?"

"Sweetheart - I LOVE you!"

"I know, John, but..."

"How could I mind?"

Pulling into the driveway we was amazed and amused at the number of things she had found to hang yellow ribbons from - there had to be hundreds of them and he had no idea how long it had taken her. As he opened the door and stepped out of the car, applause, cheers and calls of 'Welcome Home Gunny' echoed from a number of locations in the neighborhood. Rae Jeanne wahooed and waved - John realized that the big guy with his arms around her must be her lucky husband and thought he would have to go over and introduce himself to the man...later - what was his name....Carl, he thought. He helped Dee out of the car, turning to unload the trunk while she fussed around getting the baby out of the car seat.

In a sudden flash of deja vu he heard a long familiar voice saying, "About damn time you got home to your women, son!"

Mary Fiona came careening around the side of the car, as fast as her legs would toddle, gabbling something that sounded to his untrained ear like, "Ga'mimi!" Going so fast she couldn't stop in time and he couldn't get out of the way, she bounced off his leg landing with a solid splat on her bum. Chin quivering her face started to pucker up in a wail, but his mother simply applauded - clapping loudly and laughing -

"Good one Mimi-Fi! Ten points for sticking the landing!"

Astonishingly, Mary Fiona's face cleared, her lips turned up in a smile and the infectious laugh he'd already heard an example of rolled out of her mouth. Climbing back to her feet she continued her tottering run to her grandmother who picked her up swinging her high before resting her on a well-practiced hip.

"Well, son - you gonna stand there catchin' flies or you gonna come hug an old woman?"


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