tagIncest/TabooMe & Dad – My 19th Christmas Ch. 01

Me & Dad – My 19th Christmas Ch. 01


Greetings all, this is my first attempt at an erotic story and is my entry in the 2011 Literotica Winter Holiday Theme Story contest, so please, vote and provide feedback to this story and each of the other stories you read in the contest to show your support and respect to the authors who have taken their personal time to provide valued content to this site.

I'd like to personally thank one of Literotica's respected Editor Program members, kittenkinky, for her editorial assistance in this story; Thank you for all your help and support!

Although the content of this story is fantasy, some parts were inspired by real life events confessed by a friend.

*If you are easily offended by stories involving sex, promiscuous behavior and Father/Daughter incest, you should not read this*


My dad and I have never had what you would call a normal father-daughter relationship. When I was three years old, my mom divorced my dad and moved us out of state. Because of this, I was only able to visit my dad during the summers. For many years, this was the routine, and despite the fact that my dad was caring and treated me like a princess, I felt like a piece of property being handed back and forth, and resented the fact that my opinion was not considered.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. My name is Elena; I'm 24 years old, 5'4", have long black hair, blue-green eyes, a C/D cup (depending on the bra), with a 37-24-35 body that I'm told makes the guys drool. But, more importantly, I have an incredible story to tell you about my dad and me, and our rather unusual relationship that all started when I was 19.

To put things in perspective, allow me to rewind just a few years. My mom had remarried and had had twin sons. My step dad was nice to me, but I noticed a change in him after having two kids of his own. It's not that he treated me bad per se, it was more of a "well, you're not my kid" attitude.

At this time it was the summer, I was 15 and as usual, I was at my dad's place. I was more disgruntled about visiting than usual because I had a boyfriend and wanted more than anything to be spending the summer with him. Thinking back on it, I was really rotten to my dad and made no attempt to hide my discontentment about being there. But, regardless of how I acted, my dad would just smile at me and continue to be sweet and loving.

Towards the end of my stay that summer, I had gotten into a really big fight with my boyfriend over the phone. When my dad came to me and asked what was wrong, I unloaded on him. I told him how I felt about being forced to visit him and how wrong he was for taking me away from my friends and family during the only time I had off from school. Instead of the normal "go to your room" response I'd get from my mom and stepdad, he was calm, and asked me what he could do that would make me smile again. After a moment of silence, he explained to me about the mediation between my mom and him and that it was the only time he was allowed to have me with him. He told me that despite the fact that it was his right to have me there during the summer, that he would allow me to decide if I wanted to spend summertime with him for now on and that he only wanted me there if I wanted to be there. After speaking, he stood up, kissed me on the forehead, and with a sigh he walked out of the room. I'll never forget how totally awful and selfish I felt.

The rest of the day he made no dramatic effort to act any different to me than usual; he was just his pleasant normal fatherly self. That night, I decided to tell him about what had happened on the phone with my boyfriend. I told him my boyfriend and I had gotten in a fight over the fact that we had been dating for over six months and the only thing he'd gotten to do was feel me up. He had been pressuring me — right before I left to see my dad — to go farther. I told him on the phone that I wasn't ready to have sex and he got really upset at me and hung up. I felt awkward telling all of this to my dad, about having sex and being intimate with boys. I thought for sure that I'd get the lecture that I was too young to have sex.

Instead, he paused for a moment, stared deeply at me as if peering into my soul and told me that it was a completely natural desire. That sex wasn't wrong and that it can deepen a bond between two people. He also told me that I should never let people pressure me into doing things I didn't feel comfortable with and that I would know when the time was right. He told me that if my boyfriend could not respect my decision, then he was only in the relationship to try and get laid and not because he loved me.

I was shocked, to say the least. Yet, I now felt that I could talk to my dad about anything, no matter how personal, and not be judged, and so I did, as my dad proceeded to give me one of those amazing backrubs he would always give me when I was tense, stressed or tired.

Over the next two years, I would eagerly anticipate the visit with my dad each summer. Our relationship became much stronger and I started seeing him for the man he was. He was not just my dad; he was someone I could trust with my most intimate secrets and desires without the fear of being ridiculed, looked down on or treated like a child.


The year I turned 18 I graduated with honors but, due to a precollege program I was in, I was unable to spend time with my dad that summer. Furthermore, I'd be starting college classes in the fall so Thanksgiving and my birthday were also out. I knew he was proud and happy for me, but I could tell he was a bit disappointed over not being able to spend any time together. So, I decided to come visit him on winter break. After all, I was between boyfriends (the last one was a real jerk), and really needed to get away from all the typical family drama at home.

After the long five hour flight, I made it to the airport where my dad was standing at the baggage area with a wide smile on his face the moment he saw me. I ran to him and with a big hug, kissed him on the cheek. I asked him where his girlfriend Ann was. The two of them had been a couple for quite a few years. After a pause he explained that they were no longer together and that she had left him for another man.

Now my dad is not a bad looking guy, in fact, quite the hunk for a computer geek. He was 40 at the time, about 140-150lbs (if I were to guess), 5'7", deep blue eyes, with dirty blond hair cut short and messy, and a prickly but well-kept beard. He has a few rugged features and well defined muscles from his two favorite pastimes, hiking and working out (I feel like I'm typing his dating profile). So, it surprised me that she would leave him, though she was often quite the bitch while I was visiting him.

When we finally arrived at his new home it was nearly 11PM and I was exhausted. After taking my coat, he carried my luggage in and brought it to my room as we continued to chat and catch up on things. Placing my luggage on the bed, he began to take my clothes out of my suitcase and place them in the dresser drawers. I sat there on the bed in a daze watching him put my things away. When he finished, he took off my shoes while I stared off into nothingness and then helped me to change into some night clothes. This was not all that unusual, as I have never really been shy about my body and on occasion my dad had seen me naked.

After helping me into a large t-shirt, he proceeded to turn the covers down and put me into bed. Since he had made the house warm, only light covers were necessary. The last memory I have of that day was my dad giving me a wonderful back massage while I laid there on the pillow, fading off to sleep.

The next morning, I was awakened with a tap on the door and a soft "good morning". I squinted from the bright morning sun coming in through the window, then slowly focused to see my dad standing in the doorway holding a breakfast tray with eggs, cinnamon toast and coffee.

"Mmmm..." I thought out loud, my favorite and he knew it.

As he placed the tray down toward the foot of the bed, I sat up and scooted forward to be closer to it. Without speaking a word, he sat behind me and began kneading my back very hard. The sensation was invigorating and quickly revived me from the night's sleep while I attempted to eat.

After eating, my dad got up, took the tray, and paused staring at me with a big warm smile, then turned and headed off to the kitchen.

On his return back, I could hear him stop in the bathroom and turn on the water to the tub. When he arrived at my door I was on my stomach with my head at the foot of the bed. He stooped over me and continued the massage he had started earlier.

"So, what would you like to do today?" he said in an energetic voice.

"Well, it's the week before Christmas and I don't need to go any place, so I thought we could just hang around the house and catch up on things," I said with a few grunts as he worked my back and sides. "Besides, I'm really enjoying the massage and attention right now." I looked up at my dad and saw him smile warmly.

"Why don't you take yourself a nice bath and when you get done I will give you a real massage on the massage bench in the lanai." He stopped, grabbed my hand, helped me up off the bed and led me to the bathtub.

The tub was nearly full of warm soapy water. He turned off the faucet, helped me out of my night clothes and guided me into the tub. As I sat down, jets of water and bubbles began shooting out of the sides creating a whirlpool of suds.

"Ahhhhh..." the water was perfect but immediately made me have to pee. As I sprung back up out of the tub my dad looked at me puzzled.

"Gotta pee!" I said as I shooed him off with a giggle.

He chuckled back at me as he turned and walked out.

About an hour later I was pruned from the bath water. When I shut the jets off on the tub I could hear the faint sound of Hawaiian Christmas music.

"Only dad," I thought as I drained the tub and grabbed a towel.

After drying off, I wrapped myself in the oversized bath towel and wandered down the hall as I combed my hair. The smell of gingerbread came to me as I got closer to the kitchen where I discovered the source of the pleasant aroma. There, on the counter was a gingerbread house, and on the stove, a gingerbread potpourri simmering away. The delicious smell caused me to inhale sharply while I walked through the kitchen. As I exited into the living room I saw the Christmas tree with my dad on a step stool trying to force an angel on top. It was quite humorous as he nearly fell into the tree.

"If that's how you handle your women I can see why Ann left you!" I stated then laughed out loud.

"Yea, well sometimes a woman needs to be crammed in her place, even if she is an angel!" he replied as he turned and winked.

After several minutes of fumbling with the angel he asked "Does it look like she's straight?"

Cocking my head to the side and taking a step back, "I think she's as good to go as a prostitute in a brothel!" I suggested as my dad nearly fell off the stool laughing.

"So about that massage..." I blurted out.

"Coming right up!" he stated as he folded the stool up.


This was the first time I had been in my dad's new home. It was cozy with 3 bedrooms, a large open kitchen, living room, family room, 2½ baths, and a beautiful private lanai off the master bath. The house also had a 2 car garage and a large backyard with an in-ground pool, though the pool was barely recognizable due to being covered and having half a foot of snow over it.

After receiving the official tour, we ended up past the master bath with the Jacuzzi and in the private lanai. The room protruded off the back of the house and was made almost entirely of glass, tinted so you could only see out and not in. The ceiling was also made of glass that curved downward into the outer walls. The floor, much like the rest of the house, was wooden with mixed boards of light and dark oak. To the right was one of those Bowflex exercise machines and to the left, a massage bench.

As I walked over to the massage bench, I dropped my towel to the floor and laid down face up on the bench. To my surprise it was warm and slightly vibrating. Although my dad had obviously seen me naked before, I think laying there fully exposed was a bit much for him as his face became flushed and I noticed a bulge quickly form in the sweats he had on.

"Oh, did you want me to leave the towel on?" I asked innocently as I realized his embarrassment.

He took a deep breath and managed to get a few words out. "No, no that's fine, was just a bit more than I was expecting." He then exhaled and smiled.

"Go ahead and turn over," he said as he reached for a plastic squirt bottle fitted into a bottle warmer.

After flipping over, I felt a hot stream of liquid hit my back.

"Ooooh, that's feels great!" I exclaimed as he began rubbing it into my skin.

He worked the hot oil firmly down my back and sides, over my buttocks, down my legs and all the way to my toes. The sensation was amazing and I felt tingly all over.

"Want me to do the front?" he asked.

"That would be great!" I quickly replied.

"Turn on your side," he said as he bent over to grab something from the small cabinet built into the wall.

As I looked up at him, he reached around my stomach and lifted me up enough to slide a wedge of foam padding under my mid-section.

"Stretch your arms over your head," he softly said as he squirted the hot oil down my side.

The oil dripped down my front tingling and sending shivers up my spine. When he placed his hands on me I felt a wave of warmth overcome me and I spasmed from the sensation. His hand slowly massaged the oil deep into my skin, working it into the soft flesh of my breasts. My nipples stuck out ridged as I spasmed again, harder this time, to the point that I knew he noticed.

While he continued to rub the oil into my breasts, I looked up at him. I had never looked at my dad before in the way a woman looks at a man she is in love with, nor had I ever entertained the idea of incest, but there he was, the man who had unconditionally loved me my whole life, despite my flaws. The man who would always come to my rescue, regardless of the hurdles. I purred with contentment and closed my eyes as he glided his hands down my side and across my belly. After several minutes of him massaging my abs I started to feel an ache in my loins and the swell of my labia as I caught the scent of my own musk.

As he worked the oil into my inner thighs he rolled me on my back, the foam pad forcing me to arch my pelvis downward. When his hands rubbed close to my pussy, the sensation was almost too much and I reached down to place my hand over my clit. As I did, he grabbed my hand and placed it on my abdomen and sternly pointed his finger at me to not move it again. He then continued what he was doing, slowly massaging the area around my opening, being careful not to touch my now engorged lips. He was driving me crazy and the sensation was so intense I could no longer control myself. I started convulsing with an orgasm like I had never felt before, it's as if it came from deep within my womb and welled up through my chest.

While my orgasm progressed, he slowly changed direction rubbing the oil down my inner legs and to my toes. When he reached my toes my orgasm had finally subsided and I was able to open my eyes again. As I did, he slowly began to work his way back up my legs. When he approached my inner thighs he stopped suddenly.

I looked at him like a lost puppy.

He looked back and said "Do you want more?"

I could not form the words and just nodded.

As he reached over to grab the oil, I felt him place something down between my knees, though I couldn't see what it was in the position I was laying. He then squirted the hot oil on my lower belly and upper thighs. He looked at me with hesitation and I smiled back in approval.

He said to me "If you feel like you have to pee, just let it go, don't hold back."

I nodded in understanding as he started to rub the oil into my lower abdomen and around my opening. Again, he was careful not to touch my lips. I slowly felt the sensation build in me once more as he continued to massage around my cleft of Venus, over my perineum and back around to the top of my mound. As I felt myself beginning to cum, I grabbed his hand quickly, sliding it to my clit and pressing his finger into me. I violently exploded in another orgasm, grabbed the back of his neck and forced his mouth to my breast.

"Fuck me!" I cried out.

"Not yet, you are not ready," he whispered, and then sucked my nipple in his mouth down to the areola.

Holding his hand still, the feeling in my cunt slowly started to fade and I released his neck. Just before I had lost the sensation of my orgasm all together, he pressed his thumb onto the button of my clit and pushed three fingers deep into my opening in a clamping position. I nearly came again when he pressed his fingers and thumb tighter together. He then curled his fingers together and extended them back out, repeating the process in a slow undulating loop. I had never felt this sensation before and after just a few moments I started to climax, but this time with the sensation that I had to pee. I did as my dad asked and just let it go causing a stream of liquid to squirt out of me with each spasm of my orgasm. It was the most intense and incredible feeling I have ever had and I must have cum for what seemed like half a minute.

Just as my orgasm began to subside, I felt a new sensation of something smooth, warm, long and hard slip right up my ass and into my bowels. I immediately went right back into the orgasm and started squirting liquid again.

"Ahhhhhh... Holy shit, don't stop!" I screamed as he continued to ram the object in and out of my ass.

The sensation was mind blowing and he was amazing. Never had I ever felt such intense orgasms before. It's like he could read my mind and knew exactly when to apply the next technique.

After another minute he slowed his pace with the dildo in my ass and allowed me to gradually come back down. He took his fingers out of my cunt, scooped some of the liquid I squirted out and placed his fingers in my mouth. The taste was salty, and did not smell like urine.

As he pulled his fingers out of my mouth I asked him, "What was that?"

"That was you ejaculating... Most women never get the opportunity to feel that."

He then placed his fingers to his mouth and licked them off. "Mmmmm... You're sweet like candy."

He then pushed the dildo deep into me and with his free hand turned a switch on it. It began to vibrate.

"Ohhhhhhhh God..." I cried out. "That feels good."

I knew I was ready for him to take me and looked up at him. "Am I ready to be fucked now?" I asked seductively.

"Soon," he said and smiled back at me.

With me still on my back and the vibrator buzzing away, he grabbed me around my legs and slid me to the end of the bench.

"Ready for round three?" he asked as he pushed my knees up toward my chest allowing me to hold them in place under my arms.

I drew in a deep breath not knowing what was in store for me. "Bring it on!" I said with a giggle.

He again grabbed the bottle and squeezed the hot oil directly on and into my pussy. With one hand he slowly rubbed his thumb just above my clit in a small circular motion while with the other he began rapidly pumping three fingers in and out of me while curling them forward. After just a few minutes, I was at the edge of yet another intense orgasm. He must have sensed that I was about to cum because he quickly placed his mouth over my clit just as I started to squirt again, this time into his mouth.

As my orgasm ruptured out of me, he sucked and slurped up the liquid. With his mouth now full of my juices, he motioned for me to sit up. As I did, he grabbed the back of my head and kissed me while pushing the warm salty liquid into my mouth. After receiving it, I broke the kiss, opened my mouth, gargled and swallowed.

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