Me & Emily & Daddy's Cum Ch. 03


Dad caressed my bare butt and moaned, as if he had just come. Somehow it was made me feel satisfied and feminine to think that just touching me like that gave him such pleasure. I shivered at his touch as he put the head of his swollen penis on my hole. Ohmigod. It almost was as if I could feel him leaking that clear sperm into me. My pussy twitched in anticipation of being pierced. I was so ready to cum. I wiggled my hips, trying to push it into me. I couldn't take my eyes off Dad's penis. It was so damned big – so much bigger than my fingers, so much bigger than the penis that my imagination conjured to help me along while I was masturbating. There was no way it was going to fit inside me. I just knew it. A combination of fear of that big penis and sexual need dazed my mind and caused my heart to beat rapidly under my breasts.

The thing that saved me was Emily. I was in her arms, and the fact that we were sharing my deflowering calmed my fears and made it all so much sexier. I could smell her wet pussy inches from my face, and I felt warm and secure and cared for in her embrace. Most girls don't have the luxury of having their best friend hold them when they're fucked for the first time. Losing your virginity is mostly a solitary undertaking. Except for the boy of course. But I had Emily with me and it made all the difference in the world.

We watched Dad's penis start to push into my swollen pussy lips. I could feel it aching to spurt that delicious sperm into me. I gasped. Oh God – I was going to cum.

My whole body convulsed as Dad's penis penetrated me for the first time. I came, and came, and came. God, it was no wonder that Emily had cum so hard – having a penis inside took me to a place that never existed in my imagination. It stretched me so wide that the pleasure had a bite of pain. Desire and hurt mixed together in my head, both of them pushing me towards someplace I had never been but simply had to get to. I wiggled and squirmed, trying to ease Dad's entry into my virgin pussy, trying to encourage him to push it hard into me. Suddenly it sank all the way in – I was penetrated so far that I swear I could feel it pushing up into my throat. I was delirious. Dad grabbed my knees and held them against my chest as he started to fuck me.

His strokes were deliberate and forceful. He slid in and out, and each time that he buried himself in me I was pushed deeper into Emily's sweet embrace. She stroked my forehead and whispered 'oooooh, baby' over and over in my ears. My senses were overrun with too many new feelings – Emily's scent and her soft whispers, my overfilled pussy, Daddy's hands holding my legs apart so that he had full access to my soppy opening. I had never felt so loved or so lost.

I watched Daddy through unfocussed eyes. He looked down at Emily and me while he fucked his little girl. A satisfied smile brushed his lips and it made me feel happy and wanted to know that he was enjoying fucking me so. This time I saw it coming. Dad closed his eyes and his mouth fell open as he started to pant for air. He drove even harder into me, pummeling me with his hard love. He was about to cum.

Dad slid it out of me. No! I thought. I wanted him to shoot it into me. I wanted to feel his slippery goo seeking its way into every crevice of my pussy. Isn't that what real sex was supposed to be? Looking back of course Dad was being smart. But it didn't feel that way at the time. At the time all I could think was that I wanted it back.

Dad laid his hard penis in the cleft between my spread pussy lips and kept right on moving back and forth just as he had been when he was inside me. Ohmigod. The sensation of his shaft rubbing directly on my clit was even more intense than the feeling of him inside me. In its slippery hot way it was better than my fingers had ever done. I closed my eyes and let myself drown in the pleasure.

I gasped, I wiggled. I put my bare feet on Dad's ass and tried to pull his penis tighter into my slippery lips. My clit pulsed and pounded against him and my mind vanished. The only thing in the world that was left for me to want was his sperm. I wanted it to drool around me, to drown me. I wanted that hot sticky fluid more than anything I had ever wanted. I started to cum all over again.

Dad put his hands on my hips so that he could push himself even harder against my clit. He slid up and down, faster and faster. I was delirious. I panted and gasped through a huge quaking orgasm – only the second one that I'd ever had that hadn't been given to me by my own fingers. We were all squeaky and slippery, Daddy's hot shaft driving me through uncharted territory of need and desire. We could all hear the wet sounds from my pussy lips as my father fucked me. As my highest peak passed I managed to open my eyes. I had to look. I had to watch my Daddy cum. I managed to look between my legs at him sliding up and down the length of my spread lips. The end of it was shiny with our juices, playing hide and seek as Dad fucked the outside of my pussy.

This time when Daddy moaned I knew what it meant - he was about to splurt his white seed, and this time I was going to get to watch. He rubbed himself against me frantically for a few more strokes and then pushed his penis hard into my cleft and froze. I watched in amazement as a stream of white cum jetted out of his little slit. It flew through the air and landed with a plop on my breast, leaving a slimy wandering trail back down to my pussy. I couldn't believe it how hot his sperm was. Oh, god – I'd never seen anything so exciting. I trembled through the aftershocks of an orgasm which was made even more intense by Dad's sperm splashing all over my body.

Dad pushed against my pussy lips again, and another jet of cum flew out of his swollen penis. This one didn't go so far, and neither did the next one. Dad pushed and strained against my pussy, trying somehow to hurl his seed as far as he could. It all splashed all over me – slimy dollops and trickles all of goo all over my breast and belly. I was in heaven. Emily moaned, and she put her finger in the little puddle on my breast and smeared it around my nipple.

Dad started to take deep breaths, trying to recover from plastering me with his sperm. He let go of my hips and stood up on shaky legs. Apparently Daddy had the same trouble standing after a good orgasm that I did. His penis was still thick and pink, but it had lost a lot of its length. I could see some of his sperm nestled in his curly pubic hair.

Emily slid down in the bed next to me so that she could relax and hold me. It felt so delicious to be in her arms after being fucked so thoroughly by Daddy. Somehow it was everything I wanted. I was a kitten with cream, a princess with a treasure, a girl with her lover. I was warm and sleepy and loved. I closed my eyes.

I could feel Emily's lips on my breast, her teeth gently teasing my erect nipple. She lapped up a dollop of Dad's sperm that had landed there and swallowed with a little moan of pleasure. I giggled to myself - sauce for the goose. I had licked Daddy's cum off of her, so it was only fair that she got to lick it off of me. I tangled my fingers in her hair as she moved up and down my body, her tongue leaving wet trails of its own as she licked and slurped all of the white goo from my breasts and belly. Under her gentle ministrations I practically fell asleep.

When she crawled back up next to me I managed to drag my eyes open. Dad had gotten all dressed and was standing next to the bed looking down at Emily and me. Other than a sexy look of love and longing in his eye you couldn't tell that he'd just been fucking his daughter and her friend. It was amazing. I guess that I'd always thought you could tell by looking if someone had just had sex, but I guess I was wrong.

"Well, I have to get back to work." He gave a short laugh. "Now I'm gonna be late. Not that it wasn't worth it, ladies." I liked that - ladies. I felt like I really was one now. Dad brushed my hair back from my forehead. "Next time we'll have to plan a little better, right?"

Dad turned and walked away, stepping over the Symbian machine that had unwittingly led us all to this new place. I watched him walk out, leaving the door open behind him. I guess he didn't care if there was any hanky-panky going on any more.

Emily raised her head and called out after him, "Bye. And thank you, Mr. Long."

For some reason that made us both giggle.

Emily looked me in the eyes, leaned forward and kissed me. Our lips mashed together, all promise and love. The lust that had overtaken us was gone, at least for now. I could still taste Daddy's salty cum warm on my girlfriend's lips.

Emily twined her bare legs in mine and nestled against me. It was so seductive to be wrapped up with Emily, both of us oozing sex from our tired slits. She rested her head on my shoulder, her lips grazing my breast. Emily began to draw lazy circles on my tummy with her finger, which had the curious effect of relaxing me and making me even drowsier. So I returned the favor, dragging my nails lightly across her back in random designs. Soon we were both in that languid land between asleep and awake.

"There's just one thing," Emily whispered, her breath hot and soft on my breast.


"Next time, you have to use the machine." Before I could get my mind around that thought, Emily went on, her voice an exaggerated singsong. "And I get to fuck your Daddy."

I giggled softly to myself. Next time? I hadn't even begun to recover from this time. Still, my mind began imagining all of the different ways that Emily and Daddy and that darned machine and I could be together. As wonderful as it was to be fucked by Dad, I couldn't help remembering the lost look on Emily's face and the machine that had put it there. A little shiver of delight tickled the wet spot between my legs.

"Deal?" Emily whispered.



Thanks so much for reading – I hope you enjoyed the story. If you did you might like some of my other ones – please do check them out also and let me know what you think...!

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The interplay with the daughter and her friend made it a very sexy story. Unrealistic though it may be!

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