tagIncest/TabooMe And My Adopted Sister

Me And My Adopted Sister


Johnathan never imagined that he would love any woman like he loved her. The way he thought about her daily, the way he imagined kissing her sexy lips, caressing her skin, twirling her hair. He had to wonder how this all happened, whti his adopted sister of all people. He guessed it all started when she came to live with them when he was 13 when she came into his life. His adopted sister, Rosalie was a product of the foster system and her parents came over from Mexico to start a new life of their own when she was born and she had become a US citizen during their time in the US. Unfortunately her parents time was still somewhat short lived as her father had died in an auto accident when she was 3 years old and her mother, who was severely depressed of losing her husband had taken her own life six months later. Rosalie had been in and out of the system for the past ten years and she thought she would never find a stable loving home. When she was adopted by Johnathan's family she had a feeling that she would finally find the happiness she desperately looked for.

Johnathan was an only child and his parents loved and adored him. His mother had him after she found out she could have no more children so they decided to adopt another child.

When Johnathan first saw her, he was envious at first as he thought that she was invading his privacy. It was not until after his parents explained everything to him, he started to understand and he had accepted her as family.

Over the years, the two "siblings" had developed a very close bond over the years as they did everything together and now they were both 18 years old things would be a little more better as they would have more freedom now that they were on their own. Johnathan had gotten his dad's 6'3", 180 pound build along with a caramel complexion, and he had his mother's eyes which were a light hazel color. He worked out to keep himself in tip top shape along with his studies which rarely led to time with the opposite sex so he would often masturbate to internet porn to ease his sexual urges.

As rosalie had gotten older, she had developed quite well. Her breasts grew to a 36DD size and she had a lovely ass that wiggled every time she walked. Her dark caramel skin, and gray eyes caught the eye of many guys but she was not the dating type. She hated to be tied down just by one man so she kept her options open.

Their mom and dad had put them up in an apartment not far from the university campus so they could be close to home. After moving in they had settled into a routine of studying, partying and drinking their asses off so the social life was great as Johnathan was getting to know the ladies and Rosalie had her share of dates but she was not ready for sex quite yet as she wanted to find the right guy.

One night after a wild party Johnathan had come home after a football game with his buddies. He was feeling pretty lit after going round for round with Patron. He had made it home and he was feeling tired and hungry. He walked in and saw that the TV was on. When he took his jacket off and went over to the couch he had noticed his sister Rosalie passed out wearing nothing but a short white robe, laying down sleeping.

Johnathan's eyes widened as he looked at her form head to toe. Her legs were slightly spread apart and she had on pink laced panties under the robe. The very sight of it made him instantly horny. He was tempted to do something about it but he did not want her to think that her brother was trying to rape her. So he took his cock out of his jeans and started to stroke it while sitting down on the love seat. He was barely past 5 minutes before he was shooting jet after jet of cum onto his shirt. He had gathered himself, put his cock back in his pants and went to his room to pass out from the alcohol he drank.

The next day, he woke up to the sound of cooking. Rosalie was making lunch and she had on that same robe from last night and his cock began to stir in his shorts.

"Hey Sis, what you got there?" He asked as his stomach growled.

"A couple steaks, I know you're hungry." She replied.

He was hungry alright, he wanted to rip her robe and panties off and fuck her right there but he stopped himself. Even though that was his adopted sister, he was imagining pounding his cock in and out of her pussy.

"How was your night?" He asked her.

"The same. One of those frat guys tried to fuck me last night but I told him no. He called me a cock teasing slut and dropped me off. I don't care, fucking loser anyway. And how was your night?" She replied.

"The usual, drunken debauchery and babysitting the boys." He said as his hangover subsided.

As she looked at him she saw the outlining of his cock bulging through his shorts. The thought quickly sent a buzz down to her clit. Her mouth was salivating at the sight of it and she kind of wondered how it would taste and feel. After looking at his cock, she finished the food and they both sat down to eat.

After eating, they showered, got dressed and headed off to their respective spots to hang out all day with friends and have some drinks at their houses saying they would meet up at the house to kick back and relax before going out on the strip.

When they met up later on, they were both pretty buzzed from the alcohol they had earlier that day and they sat down to relax. Surprisingly to Johnathan's chagrin, she sat on his lap which did not help matters at all. She could feel his cock rise in his shorts and Johnathan was pretty buzzed he did not care what Rosalie was doing as her perfume started to make his head spin.

"You're buzzed aren't you?" She asked.

"Yeah." He told her.

"I'll make something to eat shortly." She told him.

Right after she said that their eyes met and they looked at each other with passion that was totally unknown to them. Their lips were inches away from each other, and Johnathan started to lean in and attempt a kiss. Rosalie tried to stop him but he held her down on his lap. And Johnathan's animalistic nature took over.

He knew he felt something right then and there. He had seen that even though they were both still young, she was the woman that he wanted to be with. Even though he had not dated seriously growing up he could feel that Rosalie was the one he wanted and he would let nothing stop him from having that.

"Hey, let me up fucker!" She told him.

"Rosalie, wait I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me." He told her with a sincere look in his eyes. This statement had blown her away. She looked at him as a full blooded brother, not a boyfriend or a plaything. This had confused her and she wanted answers.

Wha-!" She tried to ask him what he was thinking but he gave her a deep kiss to show her he was truthful. She pushed him off and ran into her room. Johnathan was frozen on the couch and he sat there for over three hours. He wanted to say something, to at least apologize but he was scared to upset her.

Rosalie was just as freaked out by it. She was grossed out by it but in a weird way it had turned her on. Her head was spinning becasue she was his sister, but she was his adopted sister.

She went to the living room and saw him sitting on the couch.

"I'm sorry I ran off like that but that scared me. I'm your sister and I love you." She told him.

"I know but we are not blood related and I did not see the harm. To be honest I have grown attracted to you and I was always curious to see how we would be together." He said to her.

After that, they leaned in and began to kiss each other. He had pulled her on top of him so she can look at him. His hands carefully caressed her body and her hand softly touched his face. She had sat up and looked down at him.

"I don't see any problem with it if you don't." She told him. She grabbed his hand and took him to her room.

Once inside they continued to make out and they slowly took each others clothing off. Johnathan loved her breasts as they were nice and firm with large nipples and huge areolas. She in turn loved his muscular frame from all his exercising. Both of them wanted to explore and taste each other but they wanted to be right so they decided to take it slow......and easy.

To Be Continued.

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