tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMe and My Camera Ch. 02

Me and My Camera Ch. 02


Peter Green has his wish fulfilled when Lois, his daughter Alison's best friend, ends up spending the night.


Chapter One: Lois and my daughter.

I had planned on taking my wife Dawn out for dinner the following Saturday, and when I announced that as a special treat we would be spending the night at the inn we were dining at, Alison asked if we minded whether Lois came over to spend the night.

"Of course not," Dawn said. "That way you won't be alone."

"Sure," I added as calmly as I could, while my cock stiffened in my briefs.

It was what I had been hoping for, and with us out of the house I was confident that the two girls would feel free to do what they wanted in as relaxed an atmosphere as possible. Of course, they very well might just be friends, but for whatever perverted reason I hoped not.

The dinner at the inn was delicious, but all the while we ate, all I could think of was what Lois was doing with my baby. Was that busty redhead going down on her? Was she rubbing those massive jugs of hers into my daughter's tiny buds while they necked?

To spice up our conversation, I posed the question to my wife, suggesting over dessert that maybe the two of them were more than just friends, but Dawn poo-poohed it like always.

"Men," she said, shaking her head in disgust. "Is that all you ever think of? No, I doubt it, and besides, I think Alison may have a boy friend."

"Really?" I replied in shock, not having seen many of them around the house over the years.

"She was talking about some guy named Will who had called her up. Seems they met at the library last week and she seems pretty excited about it. Good for her. She's got to learn to me more open around people," Dawn declared.

I hoped that the sexual suggestions would light a fire in my beloved wife's pussy, but it hadn't. Despite my best efforts, I learned what I was going to get in return for this romantic getaway.

"Really not in the mood," Dawn declared, but out of pity decided to take care of me.

I got her to drop the shoulder off of her nightgown, exposing her full right breast to me. My hand cupped the doughy globe, which didn't seem as big as it used to, the result of having seen Lois Angelo's whoppers.

My wife's plump nipple didn't even come to life as I played with it briefly before I was told that it was sore, so I went back to massaging her tit gently while wondering about what size bra Lois wore. If Dawn wore a 38D, what ungodly size did that outrageously busty teen wear?

Dawn's mouth slid up and down my cock, performing what she probably considered her obligation, and she sucked my cock with just that kind of passion, obviously trying to get me off as fast as possible. When I didn't cum after a minute or so, she began using her fist, and when I still didn't cum she reached over for some hand lotion and greased my cock.

"You used to ejaculate right away when I did this," Dawn said - or was it a complaint, as her fist spun around my erection.

"Times change," I explained, not mentioning that she hadn't jerked me off since we dated decades ago, and while I was tempted to hold off as long as I could, I relented, letting an image of Alison cross my mind.

I thought I saw my wife shudder as I came, spurting cum all over myself as well as her hands and arms, and she quickly wiped off the offending spunk before kissing me goodnight and rolling over.

That's what I got for a five hundred dollar wining and dining weekend at a luxury inn. A hand job. I could have done that at home, and suspected I would when we returned back home and I took a look at the film.


Chapter Two: Father knows best.

The next day, the girls had already dressed and headed off to the mall, so while Dawn went outside and played around in the garden, I went downstairs and set up my entertainment. My original plan was to just take a peek to see what I had and then saving the rest for later that night, but that was like taking one cashew out of the jar and walking away.

"I knew it!" I exclaimed to myself as I scanned forward through various dull interludes of them coming and going before something good happened.

The two girls were now naked, walking around Alison's bedroom like it was a nudist colony, and with the sharper picture I got a much better look at Lois's tits, the enormity of which was truly spectacular. My daughter Alison must have agreed, because there she was, standing behind Lois, hunched over the much shorter girl with her arms reaching around the redhead.

Alison's hands found what they were looking for, and as she cradled the huge jugs Lois leaned back into Alison, their height difference accentuated by her head resting against Alison's collarbone.

My daughter was a lesbian. A hairy lesbian who was squeezing her lover's tits just like I would have if I had the chance. What did I think of that? My ejaculation told the story, as I barely got my cock out of my pants before I came, the mere contact of my fingers getting me off.

On the screen, Lois was reaching up over her head, grabbing Alison's head in her hand while thrusting her massive mammaries out even further. Two hairy lesbians, I suddenly noticed, when Alison's hands slid over and played with the little wisps of red hair under Lois's chubby arms, fur that was barely visible because of the color and sparseness.

This led to the two of them tickling and playing around with each other, wrestling on the bed before things got serious enough for my daughter to take off her horn-rimmed glasses. Soon my Alison was on her knees, her plump ass up high, and Lois was going down on her from behind, but her mouth wasn't working on her pussy.

No, Lois had Alison's vibrator busily working inside her pussy, while her mouth was somewhere else. The camera angle didn't give me a good look, but where her tongue was licking left no doubt that she was eating out Alison's asshole.

It didn't take my daughter as long to cum this time, and while she writhed and squirmed, the chubby redhead followed her with her mouth, jamming her face into that furry crevice as far as she could until Alison finally collapsed on the bed, and probably sending the vibrator deep into her pussy in the process.


Chapter Two: Alison as a man.

They rested on the bed for awhile before disappearing briefly. When they returned to the bedroom, Lois was holding a bottle of that revolting cheap wine, the kind that was so sickeningly sweet that it was something only young people could drink.

My Alison took a swig of the wine before going back to what she was doing. Lois helped her adjust it, and after she got it all hooked up she threw herself back on the bed and spread her legs wide.

What they had been doing was putting some kind of belt around Alison's hips, and sticking out from the front of it was a very realistic looking cock. Now Alison was rubbing the dildo with some kind of lubricant and looking down at her lover with a lewd grin.

"She looks just like a man," I heard myself saying as I looked at Alison with the camera looking from over her right side.

Her flat chest, her full butt and the hairs sticking out from the fold of her arm combined to make her look like a very skinny guy with long hair. Without the womanly nipples Alison could easily pass for a guy.

Alison sank to the floor and began going down on Lois's pussy, which had a very light dusting of red hair around the lips of her sex. Alison had Lois squirming almost instantly, her head bobbing between Lois's pale chubby thighs while her hands slid through my daughter's long hair.

Then Alison was climbing onto the bed, her hand wrapped around the thick cock that was held in the support over her pussy, and then slowly sank into Lois. Her mouth opened wide as she was impaled by my daughter.

The dildo was tough to keep attached, which took a little of the steam out of the coupling in the beginning, but when Alison got on her back and Lois straddled her, they did much better.

Lois humped Alison, her body writhing with each downward thrust, and as Lois moved, those gigantic tits rolled from side to side, the sheer volume of them causing her body to nearly topple over. That situation was corrected by Alison, who held onto Lois by the tits until she came, her mouth open in what had to be a scream of delight.

That was only the beginning, as the two of them cavorted like the wild and passionate lovers they were, and probably had been for some time. I stood there and watched for the longest time, and my viewing was only stopped by Dawn, who had come down to find me and tell me that dinner was ready.

"Pornography?" Dawn said with a sad voice and a shrug, not paying any attention to who was on the screen as she went back upstairs while I clumsily turned off the TV too late. "That's why you're always down there."

"Oh, the girls are back from shopping, and Lois is going to stay for dinner," Dawn added before returning to the kitchen.


Chapter Four: Lois goes home.

Lois finally went off to her own home after dinner, but her presence at the meal certainly made things more interesting for me. As we ate, I found myself looking at the two girls and was unable to see them any way other than nude.

Funny how that happens after you've seen somebody naked, or at least that's the case with me. Even though my Alison was wearing a dumpy old sweatshirt I could see right through it to those tiny titties.

Lois usually dressed in a similar drab manner as my daughter but today was wearing a yellow blouse that actually showed off her best features. It only made me recall those huge breasts rolling around on her as she humped that strap-on that Alison had worn.

I went to bed with Dawn, and planned on sneaking back downstairs to watch more of the antics of Lois and Alison, but my wife seemed to be in a very talkative mood.

"I swear," Dawn said as we looked up at the bedroom ceiling fan, the moon providing us with a small degree of illumination. "Every time I see Lois, her bust seems to get bigger and bigger."

"A growing girl," I suggested, surprised that my wife would be saying this to me.

"She just turned 19 so it isn't a case of puberty," Dawn said. "She's such a short thing too, but I think that her breasts must be as big as mine."

I rolled onto my side and looked over at Dawn, and when I put my hand on her breast over her nightie, to my surprise she didn't brush it off.

"Hard to believe that anybody could have breasts bigger than these," I suggested, resisting the urge to tell my wife that not only were Lois's breasts as large as hers, they were way bigger.

"Well, that girl in that dirty movie you were watching downstairs before sure did," Dawn informed me, not realizing that the girl in question was Lois herself. "We should get a DVD player in here. Maybe if you showed me some of those movies it would get me feeling like my old self again."

"That's a thought," I said, but I certainly wouldn't be bringing the surveillance footage up.

"I know I've been a wet blanket lately," Dawn said. "I don't mean to be. I mean, I still love you at all, it's just that..."

"I understand," I said, and felt Dawn's hand sliding over my thigh and finding my cock.

"You're hard, Peter," Dawn exclaimed, actually sounding shocked. "Was it for playing with my breast or from talking about Lois?"

"You, of course," I assured her.

"I don't know," Dawn said, unsnapping my pajamas and grabbing my cock. "I did notice you checking out Lois at the dinner table."

"She was sitting right in front of me," I reminded my wife.

"I don't mind," Dawn said, her hand sliding up and down my erection. "She's got a very big bosom. Besides, she's not a child anymore, and you are a man. A man who deserves better than he's been getting."

We didn't make love, but I was pleased when Dawn ducked under the covers and gave me head. A much better job of cock-sucking than she had done the night before at the inn, and after she swallowed every drop of my load, we ended up snuggling in bed until both of us fell asleep.


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